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miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2015

oro en polvo - discurso de Swami al grupo de traductores del Uvacha



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Asunto: oro en polvo - discurso de Swami al grupo de traductores del Uvacha


Queridos hermanos,

Comparto con ustedes este brochure con el Discurso de Swami al grupo de traductores del Uvacha. Es realmente amor puro manifestado y sabiduría divina.

Los discursos de Narasimha Murthy y de Isaac Tigrett nos permiten conocer la historia de los últimos años de la forma sutil de manifestación de Sai.

Está en inglés; esperemos que pronto pueda estar disponible también en castellano

Abrazos a todos,

Feliz Navidad con Dios presente en la tierra y en nuestros corazones

Sai ram





A Gift for the Holidays



A Loving Sai Ram to the members of Sri Sathya Sai Premamruta Prakashana, our global family of transcriptionists, translators, editors and creators of the Uvacha series of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's divine discourse!


Also, to the organisers, technical staff and all devotees creating and distributing Sri Sathya Sai Premamruta Prakashana's Booklets of the Master's Voice in the countries He has graced with His visits in the divine Subtle Body in 2015.

Following our desire to share endless love and respect, we now come together at the close of 2015, and celebrate the new beginning of 2016: the auspicious, sacred number 9 of the Divine Teacher.


What an extraordinary journey it has begun for all of us, and for the ever-growing international family the Cosmic Master has brought together as the global messengers of His message to the world.


We have learned so much from our successes and failures in the creation, by His will, of His Publishing House, Sri Sathya Sai Premamruta Prakashana.


Still only in its infancy, in the coming year, we must strive together to further mature into a more perfect union as we set aside human frailties and evolve into the realisation of our divine nature, which we share with all living beings.


We are now, though His choice, collectively and individually, a brotherhood and sisterhood, created under the fatherhood of the Grace of Sai.


We share a unique, but daunting opportunity to represent to all people, unity, mutual respect, selfless love and service the prime message and command to those devoted to this Avatar, the Avatars that came before Him, and those yet to come.

As a thankful gift of His love to our global family, through the grace of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, we are enclosing for you to share with all devotees, a historical extraordinary discourse given to the Sri Sathya Sai Premamruta Prakashana family during the 90th birthday celebrations at Muddenahalli.


60+ members, including families and friends of the global translation team, gathered at the Master's call at Premdeep Mandir in Muddenahalli on 24th November, 2015 for this memorable session.


The discourse by the Master revealed, for the first time, the precise history of the arrival of God's word on this planet; from the beginning of time, and its journey through the ages.


Our heartfelt hope is that the mental transformation we have received from it will also be with you.


We, the  young administration  of Sri  Sathya Sai Premamruta Prakashana, are honoured to serve you on the Master's behalf, in spreading His message during this Divine Advent, to transform mankind for the soon- approaching New Age.



With great love and respect,





Your servants in Sai.



(This message to be attached permanently to the divine discourse, which follows)

Note: At the start of the New Year 2016, we will make available for all, at one location online, the divine discourses of Bhagawan Baba's global visits in 2015, created at His command by the devotees of Italy, Croatia, the USA, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Malaysia, Singapore and Macau, Australia, and the UK.


All that wish to receive the divine global discourses during Swami's travels in 2015 and the upcoming visits in 2016, please join the Sri Sathya Sai Premamruta Prakashana Email Subscription List by sending your email address to bhagawanpeaksglobal@gmail.com.










24 NOVEMBER, 2015







Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Exclusive Interview


With the Global Translators of SSS Premamruta Prakashana


24th November, 2015 Premdeep, Muddenahalli



Divine Discourse by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba In the Subtle Body





Copyright © Sri Sathya Sai Premamruta Prakashana (R), Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli, Chikkaballapur Taluk and District 562101, Karnataka, India.


This Booklet contains material protected under Union and International Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorised reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this booklet may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, in the original language or by translation, by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the Publisher. Please contact bhagawanspeaks@gmail.com for more information.


All rights reserved.




December 2015.






In March 2015, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba called Brother Isaac Tigrett for an Interview at Muddenahalli. A year earlier, He had appointed Brother Isaac as head of His newly established Publishing House, which would be responsible for collecting, archiving, transcribing, translating, and eventually publishing all the divine words of the Subtle Form for posterity.


In the Interview, Bhagawan spoke to Brother Isaac at length about the divine mission and imparted additional guidelines for the publication of His books, the Sri Sathya Sai Uvacha series. At the end of the Interview, out of His boundless compassion, Swami said, "Inform all the members of the Uvacha global translation group that I am personally inviting all of them to attend My 90th Birthday Celebrations at Muddenahalli."


From the 15th to the 25th of November, 2015, 50 members of the Uvacha translation team and their families from all over the world attended the 90th Birthday. The Birthday coincided with a World Youth Meet, which saw distinguished speakers, a myriad of dramatic presentations, and beautiful musical offerings. However, the icing on the cake was a group interview which Swami blessed the members of the Uvacha Team with on Tuesday, 24th November, 2015 in the afternoon in Premdeep Mandir at Muddenahalli.


First, Swami asked Brother Narasimha Murthy speak, followed by Brother Isaac, and then He imparted His divine discourse. At the end of the session, Bhagawan distributed gifts to all the members present. Each and every heart overflowed with joy and gratitude to Swami, for this act of kindness.


While attending the Birthday celebrations and participating in the Interview are blessed moments to be remembered and cherished, the true and lasting prasadam given by the Lord is His divine message, which, when read, serves to inspire and uplift, clarify and guide, and ultimately, transform our consciousness.


The divine message is truly Swami's everlasting gift to all of us and the global translators of Sri Sathya Sai Premamruta Prakashana. However, we should not only read the words, but understand His message clearly, meditate upon it, and put it into practise.

Talk by Sri Narasimha Murthy




Aum Sri Sai Ram. With salutations at the lotus feet of our most beloved Bhagawan. Esteemed Mr. Isaac Tigrett, brothers and sisters.


You have been a part of the great mission of Bhagawan; each and every one of you has been chosen. You have been doing a very great job in the divine mission, especially in spreading the good word of God.


The first time I had the great fortune of interacting with Bhagawan in the Subtle Form was in July 2011. At that time, He was talking to but a few individuals. Mr. Isaac Tigrett was one of the first ones to be called to Muddenahalli. I still remember, Swami told me, "Call Tiger."


At that time, He was speaking only to a few individuals. He prepared us for almost three years before He gave His first public discourse. For that, He had to prepare Madhusudhan as well, because he was not fluent in Telugu.


Madhusudhan was very hesitant and diffident, although Swami told him many times, "You must be My Telugu communicator for My discourses."


There was great hesitation on his part, because his Telugu was very poor. He grew up in the Northern part of India, so he knew Hindi well, but he did not know Telugu. Sanskrit was also not his cup of tea. Many times, as we all know, Swami will quote Sanskrit verses, and Madhusudhan has to exactly replicate the verses. He was finding this very difficult. Perhaps you know that the communication of Swami when He starts speaking is from mind-to-mind. It is not that Madhusudhan listens to the sounds, but it is from mind-to-mind. Real communication happens from heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind. That is what Swami has taught us, and He prepared Madhusudhan, as well. He also taught him the simple verses in Telugu, which He chants before He gives His discourses.


Baba gave His first public discourse here, in Sri Sathya Sai Anandam, on 11th May, 2014. So, you can imagine, that from July 2011 to May 2014, He prepared all of us to understand that such a thing is possible that He can address us. Moreover, it was before the smallest gathering of students and teachers who were going to Kodaikanal the next day. This would be the first Kodaikanal trip in the Subtle Form.


I was very surprised when Swami told me, in March 2014, that we would take some boys and teachers to Kodaikanal, like we used to do earlier.

In fact, I asked Swami, "Where will we stay there?" All of you know that in Kodaikanal, Swami stayed in the Lakeside Mandir, 'Sai Shruti'. Swami also had a hilltop bungalow, at the highest point in Kodaikanal, which was offered to Him by an industrial magnate from India, and Swami would visit once in a while. It so happened that, when Swami was still in the physical body, He sold that bungalow to a devotee. Then, in 2014, Swami said, "We are going to stay in the hilltop bungalow."


I said, "Swami, it doesn't belong to us anymore."


Swami said, "I have already made arrangements. That is why I sold it. I sold it so that it would come back to us."


We approached the owner of the bungalow, who was a devotee, and surprisingly, he readily agreed. "Whatever Swami says; it belongs to Swami," was his reaction.


There were regular discourses, both in the mornings and evenings, and unique question and answer sessions. Mr. Tigrett knew the value of those discourses. He recorded all of them on his mobile phone.


We did not have a good recording system at the time. When we returned from Kodaikanal, without seeking Swami's permission, Mr. Tigrett sent the discourses and photographs, which he had taken, by an anonymous email address. Soon after, devotees realised that it was Mr. Tigrett who had sent out these historical divine discourses by the Subtle Form. For that act of true benevolence to devotees everywhere, he received both bouquets and bricks. Many people congratulated him, saying, "We are grateful that you have shared Swami's discourses with us," but at the same time, others questioned, "What are you doing? This cannot be true!"


I remember, Swami called both of us and He told him, "You have made a lot of enemies, apart from friends, as a result of this act."


Then, Mr. Tigrett asked Swami, "Swami, did I commit a mistake?" Swami did not say whether it was a mistake or the right thing. He said, "Stop for now."


That was how, in 2014, Swami's first discourses in Kodaikanal in the Subtle Form reached the corners of the world, and people felt happy that He is still with us.


Swami waited another four months, and in the month of October, He said, "Let us hold bhajans every Thursday and Sunday, and I will also give a discourse." That is how the regular Thursday and Sunday discourses started. Thereafter, wherever He went, especially on His visits to our new educational campuses, He gave discourses, which were collected.

Then, Swami started His unprecedented trips abroad and gave discourses. They were also collected. Swami entrusted this very sacred job of recording, maintaining the recordings, preserving them, and getting them translated into the right kind of English, and into all foreign languages to Mr. Tigrett. He has been doing a wonderful job of great importance to the divine mission.


Today, we read the Holy Bible. We all know that the Bible – the four Gospels – were written almost 15-20 years after Jesus was crucified. Each of the four people who wrote the Gospels depended on their memory. In those days, modern means of recording did not exist. So they just wrote what they remembered from memory. That is why, when you read the four Gospels, when the four disciples write about the same incident, you find differences. Actually, we don't know which is true. However, it is the passion of Mr. Tigrett, that God's word should be preserved in the absolutely purest form. We should not reconcile to any kind of distortions. We should not compromise on the quality of God's word. He stuck to it, in spite of a lot of resistance from many people. That is how he formed this wonderful global team of men and women, devoted to thie mission of propagating Swami's message to the world in the absolutely purest form.


Mr. Tigrett does not understand Sanskrit. He always has the Sanskrit and Swami's references to scriptures verified by me, as to whether what is written is correct. Whenever a volume is published, he and his team send me about 100 questions. If I am unable to find the right answers, I refer to Bhagawan, and whatever He says alone is followed. That is how three volumes of Sri Sathya Sai Uvacha the Uvacha series have been published. Swami has said, ultimately, there are going to be 30 volumes.


Yesterday, Mr. Tigrett was telling me that the 3rd volume contains discourses given by Swami over a period of just one month. At this pace, seven years means, there are going to be 84 volumes! However, Swami has said there will be only 30 volumes, plus a new series of discourses on Education.


I must commend you all. You have been doing a very good job.


I congratulate you and express my gratitude to all of you for doing this work, as a labour of love and seva for Swami's divine mission. What is important, is that all of you adore Swami and His teachings. You are doing this as an act of sadhana, a spiritual effort, and not for material gains or rewards, therefore, you are all very blessed. I once again congratulate all of you and express my deepest gratitude.


Thank you. Sai Ram. (Applause)

Talk by Mr. Isaac Tigrett




I have to thank Swami for giving us this extraordinary opportunity.


(Addressing Swami) What has been so wonderful, Swami, is that none of these people knew each other. We have all been corresponding by email. Our entire family the Global Uvacha family of so many languages and countries, has been working so hard for You, tirelessly. We have now finally come together for the first time at this 90th Birthday and have gotten to know each other. It is a wonderful gift from Swami for all of us just to be here as one family.


The Global Translation Family is growing fast. Today, we are now taking in the Greek and Russian devotees, initiating them into the group. There is also an Indonesian group in formation. As time goes on, we hope to have 20-30 global languages in translation.


I cannot express enough how much they all have really kept the idea of purity, which You gave us, Swami. These are historical documents. I am a Christian. Today, there are some 10 different versions of the New Testament. No one knows which is the pure truth given by Christ and His disciples. So now, here we are, with the Master, who is giving these amazing discourses, which we are purifying and translating, with His blessings and guidance.


These are historical documents. They are for souls that haven't even arrived on the planet yet. It is for them, their great grand-children and great-great- grandchildren. I hope all of you understand that these are gifts for the ages, for which you have all been called by the Master to document at His very feet.


Swami, we were very stimulated when You brought our attention to a wonderful book about transcription and translations of discourses given during the life of Yogananda. As you are now doing, Swami, he also did lots of public speaking, and wrote a few books. He had his devotees at the time, as we are doing now, transcribe his recorded discourses, edit them, and translate them, purifying his words with his blessings and guidance, as we are now doing here, with Your blessings and guidance.


It's an extraordinary thing to realise that this work is not only for the people of today, but for those who will appear during the time of Your next incarnation as Prema Sai, and beyond. The purity that these people are working on; the purity of Your message to the world, will continue to be available to devotees forever.


I am so grateful that I could play a very small role with these beautiful souls you have brought together here today . I adore them all.


Thank you all, and thank You, Swami.

Divine Discourse




Vedahametam Purusham mahantam Adityavarnam tamasastu pare


(I have experienced the great Lord, who is the Embodiment of total light and effulgence, and who is beyond the land of all darkness.)




The Vedas declare that God shines forth with great effulgence, as divine light. God manifested Himself, first and foremost, in the form of light. It was not an external light, but an internal, divine light, an effulgence. Light is a metaphor for wisdom. Wherever there is wisdom, we say there is light. When you pray to God, "Lead me from darkness to light," it is not referring to just physical darkness, but the darkness of ignorance, or the quality of Tamas (indifference, ignorance, and delusion). Unless you give up the Tamasic quality, you cannot recognise the Truth. You cannot attain devotion without relinquishing the quality of Rajas (passion and activity). Only when you develop the Satwic quality (purity and goodness), will you be able to acquire devotion to God. Tamas is ignorance; ignorance is darkness. Only when you have light, can you drive away the darkness of ignorance.


God manifested Himself as light; the light of complete, perfect wisdom. This wisdom was heard for the first time as sound. What was that sound? The first, primordial sound was 'Aumkar' (the sound of 'Aum'). The sound of Aumkar pervades every atom of the universe. When you ring a bell or play a musical instrument in a temple, the sound itself conveys Aumkar. Finally, the sound dies down in the form of 'Aum'. For this Aumkar, there is no beginning, middle, or end.


God's wisdom was imparted to man for the first time in the form of shabda (the divine word). Even this word was not external, but internal. When you undertake spiritual practices and make ardent efforts, you will hear this sound of wisdom. The sound of wisdom arises from within, and not from outside; that is why it is called shruti, which means, 'that which is heard'. What is heard (shruti), is Veda. The Vedas (the Mother of all divine scriptures) were not composed and written down by people. The wisdom embedded in the Universe was intuitively experienced by sages and saints. However, what they heard was from inside; it was intuitive.

The sages, who heard these sounds internally, first spoke about them. Eventually, much later, books came about. In the beginning, wisdom was communicated from master to disciple only by word-of-mouth; for thousands of years, it was never written down. Gradually, as time passed, it so happened that the spiritual thirst in men went on decreasing. They forgot to listen to the divine 'Voice' inside; they only heard the 'noise' of the mind. This noise is nothing but the noise created by the six enemies of man; Desire, Anger, Greed, Pride, Infatuation and Jealousy. They were unable to hear the pure, divine voice from within because of this noise. Their minds became very weak, and, as a result, they could not chant the Vedas in the proper way. The power of concentration also decreased in them.


There are three stages of mental evolution: Concentration, Contemplation and Meditation. In earlier times, through the practice of meditation, saints and sages heard the divine voice from within; the divine word. As they had led sacred lives and had very pure habits, meditation was spontaneous and natural for them.


With the change of Yugas (ages), from the Krita Yuga, to the Treta Yuga, the power to meditate decreased in men. Due to worldly desires, they developed the Rajasic quality of activity and forgot the Satwic quality of purity. Ruled by the Rajasic quality, they could not meditate; they could only achieve a level of contemplation. Contemplation is also a kind of listening, but it is not an experience. Meditation is experience. From experience, it came down to a level of conversation. The Vedas were propagated by conversation one person speaking, and the other person listening, because it was not possible for everyone to meditate, experience and receive the divine wisdom themselves. As the power of the mind diminished, men resorted to contemplation and conversation.


When the Treta Yuga changed to Dwarapa Yuga, the power of contemplation was further reduced. Ultimately, it came down to just concentration. When the divine wisdom was imparted, men could only listen, but they didn't remember it, contemplate it, or practise it. Because they could not remember, they started writing it down. That is how the art of writing books emerged. Because they wrote books, they could preserve the knowledge and wisdom. Books are required only for weaker minds. People with strong minds are able to comprehend wisdom upon being told just once. For people with pure and sacred minds, nobody need tell them; through intuitive experience, they can gain all wisdom from within. For such people, no school or college is required. They are able to know by themselves, intuitively. All wisdom and knowledge is within you, not outside you. Through meditation, you can know for yourself what lies inside you as divine wisdom.

In the present Age of Kali, confusion increased because of weakness of the mind, and there were distortions even in books. Changes and misrepresentations were made to books out of selfish interests. Where it was written in books, "There is only one God," people of certain religions started saying, "Only our God is true, not other gods. Our God is the only God; other gods are not God." They did not utter the truth; out of selfish interests, they uttered such untruths. Consequently, there are distortions in all the scriptures of all religions.


Tigrett said, there are many versions of the Bible, and we don't know which version is the true version. If you want to know true knowledge and wisdom, you do not have to refer to books; you can experience it from within. Neither books, nor lectures, nor talks are required. If you can concentrate and focus your mind internally, you can gain all knowledge and wisdom. However, this is not possible for everyone. Some people require books, others require lectures, and yet others can attain wisdom on their own.


From age to age, the literature and grammar of languages has also changed. In order to make it simpler and easier for people to understand books, many alterations and distortions were made. Tigrett says, "Man's mind is fickle and it cannot be changed." Whatever I am telling you today, may be distorted and misunderstood by people tomorrow.


When a patient visits a doctor, he asks him, "How am I?" The doctor, although he knows the patient is suffering from a deadly disease, won't tell him that he is suffering from the disease, but will say, instead, "You are fine. You will become better." The doctor will never tell the patient, "You are in bad shape; you are hopeless!" The patient, however, will feel that he is disease-free, and wonder why he should go to a doctor in the first place, if he is fine. This is because he depends literally on the words and not on the spirit of what the doctor is trying to tell him.


There was a person named Joga Rao. Many people think that when others say 'Sai Ram' to them, they are doing so out of love. However, there is a way of saying 'Sai Ram'. When you gently and lovingly say 'Sai Ram', it means there is love in your heart. When someone utters 'Sai Ram!' very harshly, you know that he is angry. When Joga Rao used to shout, "Sai Ram!" people used to be afraid and nobody would approach him; they would run away from him! He was losing the sweetness of the name 'Sai Ram' by uttering it harshly. When he wanted to call someone, instead of saying, "Please come here," he would shout, "Sai Ram!" That 'Sai Ram' is not equivalent to namasmarana (chanting the name of God). When you utter the name of God very angrily, it cannot be namasmarana. The value of the word is preserved when you know its meaning and utter it in a way that is in accordance with its meaning.

When Swami speaks, there is a particular language in which He speaks. However, when you want to write it down in a book, some modifications will certainly arise. Perhaps some changes are needed in the written language, but the sweetness, the true inner-meaning, and the wisdom in the teaching should not be lost when you write it down. In your own language, when you write in a particular way, it is not wrong. However, you have to ensure that the truth of the teaching is not lost. You should never lose this 'truth aspect' of the teaching. For that, you must focus properly and write in a way so that the original meaning is not distorted.


Due to the weakening of the human mind, meditation degenerated into contemplation, contemplation into concentration, and now it has come down only to listening. However, by reading books, the reverse process should occur. It is our objective to ensure that when people read these books, they rise from the level of listening to concentration, from concentration to contemplation, and finally meditation. If you confine yourself only to reading, you will derive only bookish knowledge, not practical knowledge. Many people who read books think they are deriving knowledge. Suppose I speak in Telugu and Narasimha Murthy does not translate into English; you will not be able to understand a thing! Therefore, translation is very essential.


You have come here from all over the world. The kind of food people eat in the State of Karnataka is different from the rest of India and the world. Because all of you were coming here, I told the Italian devotees to set up a Western canteen. Many people have also come from North India. I decided that we should also cook food separately for the North Indians. Hunger is the same for everyone, but eating that which gives you complete satisfaction is different. Western people eat Western food and are happy; similarly, North Indian people want to eat North Indian food.


However, if you give Westerners, North Indian food, North Indians, South Indian food, and South Indians, North Indian food, no one will be happy! All people can eat and satisfy their hunger with such food, but they will not be happy.


Therefore, when you translate Swami's teachings into another language and express it in the proper way, people will read, study and derive tremendous happiness. Just as we give Western food to Westerners, which they like, we have to give Italians, the teachings in the Italian language, the people of Greece, in the Greek language, English-speaking people, in the English language, and for Telugu-speaking people, in the Telugu language. It is not just about quantity; the quality should not be lost. That is why I have told Tigrett, "Don't be hasty in publishing the books. Take your time; see that purity and quality are maintained."

Tigrett is looking after purity and quality very well. He likes purity and quality, but by nature, he is a 'tiger'. When dealing with a tiger, you should keep a safe distance; you should not go very close. But he is a good tiger; not a jungle tiger. He is a circus tiger. I have personally trained him. When you talk to him with love, naturally, he will react with love. When you give love, you receive love.


You are doing great work in propagating My message to My devotees in various languages. All of you should act with love, harmony and unity. Recording and writing Swami's words is like sowing a seed today; as time passes, it will become a big tree and yield sweet fruits. Don't think that you are doing a small task of just sowing a seed. With one seed, a plant will grow and develop into a big tree. That tree will bear many fruits. In every fruit, there will be many seeds. In each of those seeds, there will be another tree. When you sow one seed, you should understand that you are, in fact, sowing millions of seeds. Do not think this is a small task. This is not work; it is worship. By reading what you write today; you cannot imagine the transformation that will take place in people.


All this has been given by God. Just because you are transcribing or translating the Voice of God, the Word of God, don't think you are doing it it belongs to God.


An engineer builds a big mansion and gets name and fame. For constructing a building, wherefrom does he get the earth, water, and space? He did not create all these. God created the elements and the engineer used the elements to build the mansion. Similarly, a doctor performs surgeries well and gets a good reputation as a surgeon. He is only a surgeon conducting surgeries; he did not create the human body. However great a doctor may be, can he create an organ or a limb? He utilises what was created by God and attains name and fame. Likewise, all this knowledge and wisdom is emerging from Swami and coming to you. It belongs to Swami and is not yours. You should never develop ego. Because you are communicating the word of God to others, you should become more and more humble, day by day.


There is water in a tank. People want to drink water. However, due to a blockage in the pipe, the water is not reaching the people. Rust and dust within the pipe may also pollute the purity of the water. A pipe should always be hollow. There should not be any rust or dust. Then, the pure and sweet water in the tank will reach the people and quench their thirst. I am the tank and My wisdom is the water. You are all like pipelines. My wisdom flows through the pipes and reaches the people. Therefore, the pipes should be pure, without the rust and dust of ego and attachment. Then, the pure water will reach the people.

The work you are doing today will not just give joy to people today, but will continue for many years, even centuries. Hence, you have to do it with a great sense of purity, a sense of surrender, and with complete unity.


You are all very fortunate people. You are communicating God's word to all the people in the world. When water passes through the pipe, the pipe also gains – when hot water flows through a pipe, the pipe becomes hot; when cold water passes through a pipe, the pipe becomes cold. When you translate the teachings of Swami, first, good things will happen to you before happening to others. You listen to it, read it, and understand it, and there will be great transformation in you. Thus, when you do your work, think that you are doing it for your own transformation. First, you should understand the inner significance of every word properly and practise; then, there will be good transformation in you. When you are transformed, others will also be transformed. You are doing one work, but there is a lot of benefit from that. You have to put all the benefits to good use.


My grace and blessings are there on every one of you in great abundance. You have taken a lot of trouble to come here. Maybe some facilities have been lacking; there may not have been some comforts, but you should focus on the divine joy which you are deriving after coming here. You came here with love for the Divine, not for the love of comforts. You may return, having enjoying great bliss and contentment. My grace is there on every one of you. Keep coming here again and again, and when I come to your respective countries, I will also speak to you there. I am very, very happy with the work.


Very happy.




After the memorable divine satsang, Swami lovingly distributed prasadam to all the global translators of Sri Sathya Sai Premamruta Prakashana.






We are seeking full-time Professional Transcriptionists, Translators and Editors for all languages. Transcriptionists and Translators must be contracted through the Publisher, Sri Sathya Sai Premamruta Prakashana (R). Applicants may send their CV with photograph, samples of their earlier translation work, and recommendations to: bhagawanspeaks@gmail.com.










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