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miércoles, 16 de agosto de 2017



En un satsang que tuvo lugar en la presencia divina en Singapur, el 3 de febrero de 2017, un devoto solicita orientación sobre la mejora de la autoestima y de ser más positivo.

Y esto es lo que dijo Swami:

Pregunta: Swami, ¿Cómo puedo mejorar mi autoestima? ¿Qué hago para convencer a mí mismo para ser más positivo?

Swami: Mientras que otras culturas que llaman a un ser humano que nace, con el tiempo se hace viejo, se enferma y muere, nuestra cultura se llama divina: uno nacido de la divinidad y la inmortalidad. ¿Puede haber algo más estimado que esto? Recuerde que usted es divina. Usted nace como una imagen de la divinidad. Que podría haber sido un insecto o un animal, tal como otras decenas de millones de seres en este mundo, pero son humanos; por lo tanto, tiene una vida muy honorable y especial. Nunca pierde su autoestima. Si la gente en la escuela que llaman un burro, ¿significa que va a crecer una cola? El hecho de que de una declaración, no se conviertan en eso. Sabes quién eres.

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In a satsang held in the divine presence at Singapore, on 3 February, 2017, a devotee seeks guidance on improving self esteem and to be more positive.

And here is what Swami said:

Question: Swami, how do I improve my self-esteem? What do I do to convince myself to be more positive?

Swami: While other cultures call you a human that is born, eventually grows old, becomes sick and dies, our culture calls you divine: one born of divinity and immortality. Can there be anything more esteemed than this? Remind yourself that you are divine. You are born as an image of divinity. You could have been an insect or an animal, such as other crores of beings in this world, but you are human; hence, you have a very honourable and special life. Never lose your self-respect. If people in school call you a donkey, does that mean you will grow a tail? Just because of a statement, you do not become that. Know who you are.

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August 2017

Latest News from the Divine Will Foundation
Sairam All,
It has been quite an eventful time since we last wrote   As you probably know, we had the honor of traveling with Swami on His recent visit to North America which included time in Ottawa, Canada as well as Boston, the Bay area and southern California.  While these events have all been covered in detail, we wanted to share a few tidbits with you that are especially exciting.
David and Jennie
Swami's Visit to North America
New Ashram Sites
Boston is going to be the area wherein Swami has decreed that we will have our east coast center.  He told us that the USA is too large for one center to serve His mission.  We are securing a beautiful home located in a forest-like setting in an area outside of Boston called Carlisle.  This beautiful four-acre property includes a house that is perfectly suited to be a center both in size and in design and it is nestled in a wonderful wood-like setting.  It feels like the trees are "hugging" the house.  We will post more pictures of this property as this project progresses.
It had already been announced that we had secured a 20-acre property in Los Gatos, California which is in the heart of Silicon Valley.  The Bhoomi Puja was held, for this soon to be established center, on June 20th.  Swami materialized a beautiful white lingam that He directed be placed in the earth in a particular location on the property.  Swami told us that this center would see a lot of Seva activity and would serve the entire surrounding community, not only the Sai family.  Swami has also reviewed and approved the design
of the center.

Boston photos below and Los Gatos Bhoomi Puja above.

Sai Ashraya
Swami inaugurated the Sai Ashraya program on this trip.  For those of you unfamiliar with this project, it is aimed at helping homeless children by providing a permanent sustainable solution to the homeless issues.  In addition to providing housing, food, clothing, counseling and education, it also provides an opportunity for job training and placement.  This is quite an exciting   venture   and   is   a  collaborative   one
wherein we are working with a number of local  programs and  projects  in  a  joint  effort  to tackle this problem.  There are a number of locations in the USA where this program will be available in the future.
To visit the Sai Ashraya website click here:  Sai Ashraya
June Public Events
I am sure that you already know about the public programs.  Many of you watched the live stream. We are sharing the links below, if you would like to watch them click on the locations listed below:

USA Conferences
The two conferences that were held, one on Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and the other on the Ideal Village (IV) were very successful.  A number of those attending the first of our CSI conferences held in Boston have already committed to next year's conference and are working with our Boston team to help make good things happen in that community.  The Third Annual Ideal Village Conference (part of Science for Society Initiative) was again held at Stanford and was a wonderful collaborative effort with a number of committed individuals and organizations already working in the field.
One outcome of the IV Conference happened at a small meeting held in Silicon Valley afterwards with a small group of CEOs and other prominent community leaders.  In discussing the needs in India, a new program was planned which features a satellite clinic with vans going to local villages to do health screenings for children.  When necessary, these children will be referred to hospitals and doctors for follow-up care.  The group participants not only donated much of the screening equipment necessary but are also going to take up the task of making sure that a suitable location, as well as necessary vehicles and staff, are secured.

Photos: Stanford left, Harvard right
Nature Walks with Swami
There were two breath-taking nature walks with Swami.  One in the redwoods around Santa Rosa and the other during a sunset in Southern California.  Being with Him at these times was a real treat as we got to watch the Lord enjoy the beauty of His creation.  Among the number of special moments that happened during the Redwood walk, one occurred when the group became confused as to which way to go in order to return to the campsite where lunch would be served.   Swami took over and led us back to the picnic site.  

USA Trip to Muddenahalli
If you are interested in being part of the USA Group going to Muddenahalli for the Birthday Celebation in November, click on "USA Trip Information" below to download a document of information:
If you would like to join the USA Group, please sign up here:
Sign Up Here
International Hospital News
Raipur Hospital Expansion

Recently, a regrettable fact was brought to Swami's attention.  It is often the case that a child dies while waiting for necessary medical attention.  This is true even with those waiting for their surgeries at Swami's Sanjaveeni hospitals in Raipur and Delhi.  Recently we were informed of the death of a little girl awaiting a surgery which would have saved her life.  This has deeply touched all of us and, of course, our Lord most of all.
Many of us remember Swami talking to us after a mother committed suicide after poisoning her children because she had no food and they were starving to death.  The result of this tragedy was a directive from Swami for us to take on feeding projects for those in need.  Now Swami has presented us with another opportunity to serve those in dire straits.
Accordingly, Divine Will Foundation in collaboration with Sai Global Mission are participating in building another 4 operating theatres in Raipur.  We realize that this is but a small effort but we are grateful to Swami for a chance to play a small part in this aspect of His mission.  Please contact us if you want to be part of this effort.

 Nigeria Hospital Medical Supplies
Another Divine Will Foundation (DWF) project that is in its final phase is a collaborative with MAP International and Aruike Hospital in Nigeria. 
Many of you know that Swami has set up a hospital in Enugu, Nigeria (named Aruike Hospital) under the direction of our dear brother, Father Charles.  Inaugurated on July 26, 2016, this is the first of Swami's hospitals to be established outside of India.  An ongoing problem has been in securing the desperately needed medication for the poor they serve.  When Swami was apprised of this need, He said, "We will help".  Accordingly, DWF connected with an incredible service organization, MAP International.
MAP International is a Christian organization that provides lifesaving medicines and medical supplies to people living in conditions of poverty worldwide.  It has a history of serving those in need for over 60 years.  Basically, they help secure the medication needed in underserved parts of the world, which can then be shipped by other organizations to the appropriate facilities.  MAP has incredible contacts that provide high quality medicines for free. 

In addition to the efforts of the three NGOs; Map International, Aruike Hospital and Divine Will Foundation; it is also important to mention the cooperation of the government of Nigeria itself as the Health Ministry has been of tremendous help in facilitating the entry of the medicines into the country.
MAP International and Divine Will Foundation have arranged to send a 40-foot container of needed medicines totaling over seven million dollars to Aruike Hospital. The medicines are provided free through MAP International, so all DWF had to do was arrange and pay for shipping the container to Nigeria. With Swami's grace, all the various government requirements and paperwork which can be lengthy, went through without delays and for less cost. The doctors and staff of the hospital will insure that the medication reaches those who need it.  Again, as with all of Swami's efforts, this is done completely free of charge to the patients.
We thank our Lord for allowing us to be part of this worthwhile SEVA.  This will be an ongoing effort of DWF.
New Hospital in Mumbai
Swami shared with us that He plans to break ground for a new hospital to be located in Mumbai this November.  His healthcare mission is certainly moving at a high speed.  We will keep you up to date on that project as more details become available.
More International News
Mexico City Prepares for Swami's Visit in October
We just returned from a wonderful trip to visit and help the devotees in Mexico City who are preparing for Swami's upcoming October 15th visit for the first time in this beautiful city.  What a loving group. 

In addition to the "work" meetings, we also went on a wonderful tour of the city which included a visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  It was a particularly lovely "spiritual" spot as you can feel the devotion of the millions of people who have visited this holy shrine over the years.  Swami will also visit Argentina and Columbia.
Jorge and Rosanna Berra from Argentina visited Salta in northern Argentina to help the devotees prepare for the Divine Visit on October 10th.  Swami will also be in Bogota, Columbia on October 13th.
2017 International Christmas Choir Information
Below is a link to information about the 2017 International Christmas Choir at Muddenahalli.  If you are interested, be sure to read through it carefully.
Muddenahalli Christmas Choir

And Much More...
There is so much happening in the world of Sai that it is almost impossible to keep up with everything.  Below are a few links to sites that provide updated info, videos, summaries of talks and much more.  What a delight it is to be a part of Swami's ongoing mission of love and service.
  • Updates of events at the Muddenahalli Ashram/Campus:  Muddenahalli
  • Latest photos and summary articles about Swami's travels: Travels
  • Videos of events at Muddenahalli and around the world: Videos
  • Electronic Divine Booklets of Swami's international travels:  Divine Booklets
  • Subscribe to Muddenahalli Free Newsletter:  Ananda Vahini
  • Sign up for Divine Will Foundation periodic newsletters: DWF Newsletter
  • Information about local Satsangs in the USA:  USA Local Satsangs
  • US Academy for Human Excellence Newsletter:  USAHE Newsletter
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