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martes, 23 de junio de 2015



Health Food Snacks From Sukshma Baba Discourses - TUESDAY 16-06-2015

♥ The Lord has His eyes and ears everywhere, His hands and legs everywhere, His head everywhere He envelopes everything. The Universe shines forth in the Lord. THe Lord shines forth in That Universe. The sweet relationship between God and the World is inseparable this is the word of Sai the word of Truth. Devotees, Embodiments of Love ..... God is mingled in this Universe and in God the Universe shines forth. Where there is an object there only you can see its reflection also. Therefore when you see the world you should know that God is somewhere here. For the object God this world is a reflection. We should understand the truth wherever there is reflection there is the object. There cannot be a reflection without the object. Therefore on the object that is God world is the Shadow. Where is Shadow? Though He cannot be seen with physical eyes or heard with physical ears though we cannot know Him with our physical senses the fact that world exists is enough proof of the existence of God. There is no place without God. He is like the wind or air which is omnipresent. He is everywhere, though you cannot see it or listen to it.
All these people have come from India to America. It is utter foolishness for anyone to think that Indians breathe different air and Americans breathe different air. The air in both India and America is one and the same. All beings inhale and exhale the air and that is why they live. The air does not know any difference. It benefits everyone equally. The air keeps blowing selflessly to benefit everyone the old and strong and even the birds and bees. The rivers also flow selflessly to benefit others. No river drinks its own water for itself.The water floews selflessly giving pure drinking water to quench. No tree eats its own fruit for itself. The trees give fruits to satisfy the hunger of others. Based on these simple facts the scriptures say the human body is given to help and serve others. For the selfless nature of God, the selfless nature of mother nature is proof. Therefore wherever there is God there exists nature. And man lives in the nature. Understand the relationship between Man God Nature. This nature is a limb of God. Man is a limb of Nature. Man is apart of nature, nature is apart of God. That is why all the three co-exist and live within one another. To the extent that man behaves in a selfless way nature outside of him will apear selfless.
As is the vision so is the world. When man is filled with ego and attachment the same things get reflected in nature. The kind of external catastrophes that we see in Nature today the root cause is mans mind/selfishnees. Nature is nothing but reflection, reaction, resound of what happens in man. The external world also reflect the selfishness within man. When Divinity emerges within mans Heart the whole world will become Divine. God is Divine, God is Selfless, Nature is Divine, Nature is Selfless. Because man is not acting Divine man is not acting selfless all kinds of catastrophe is hitting mankind. There will be peace only when man is in harmony, within man and outside. The peace will spread all over the world when mans nature and natures nature and Gods nature become selfless. Everything has to become selfless. Until then the world will be filled with catastrophes. All the kinds of dangers that man faces is because of man not God. When man fills his mind with Love his heart with purity then the reflection of God will be seen everywhere. Because of mans selfishness thinks everybody around is selfish.
Krishna told duryodhana to find one good man and bring him here. Duryodhana bowed down to Krishna and assured Him that he would go round and find someone. Krishna commanded Dharmaraja to go and get one bad person. Immediately they both went out. After some time they both came to Krishna. Duryodhana said I went round the whole world and couldnt find a good person. Dharmaraja said he went round the world and couldnt find one bad person. In the same world one couldnt find a good person and another couldnt find a good person. How is this possible. Wat was inside Duryodhana and Dharmaraja got reflected, it came as a reaction and resound from outside world. If we have love in ourself we will find love everywhere. People come and tell Swami there is no love in the world. They keep telling Swami that only He has love. It is true that I have love with me. If you come and tell me there is no love in the world that is because there is no love in yourself. When you develop love in yourself you will find love everywhere. It is the same sun that gets reflected in all the lakes. There are not different suns. One sun shines everywhere. Maybe you may think that there are different suns because you see them in different waters, It is the same Divine Love which pervades and reflected in every human. But in dirty water you dont find reflection clearly. In our water you can see the suns reflection clearly. The reflection depends on the water not the sun. When you say that the world is full of negative things it is just your reflection being reflected in the world. But a great person, saintly person, every person looks saintly and through a wicked person every person is wicked. Only when you develop love within yourself the whole world will transform into love. All the time I address the devotees as the embodiments of Love and embodiments of Atma. Did you question yourselves why is it that we do not experience the glory, the Divine principle within ourselves. What Swami says is Truth. Even after He is telling us the Truth and we are not able to experience it. We are the reason. Only when we develop pure love within our hearts will we experience the love everywhere. Divinitity is not coming into ourselves from somehere else. It is a part of ourselves.
Here is an example: In every iron piece there is the power of magnetism. Even when the piece of iron is kept near a magnet the magnetism does not appear in the iron because of the rust and dust. The rust and dust of ego and attachment keep the iron away from magnetism. It is foolishness to think that magnetism does not have the power. Similarly for a man, because of his own wrong qualities, he says that God does not exist and this is a big mistake. Krishna was loved by all the Gopikas and at the same time dislike by Kamsa. The reason why Kamsa hated Krishna was because of the ego and attachment of Kamsa. But Gopikas with their pure heart could recognise God within Krishna. When we have purity within ourselves we also see God as pure. Similarly the nature which is a reflection of God also looks pure to us. If you experience all around you negativity it is because of the negativity in you. First and foremost you must transform your thougths into positive thoughts. I am man is Half Truth. Complete Truth is I AM God. I AM not animal. Only when we get rid of qualities of ego and attachment we can find humaness within ourselves. When you take the human being to the Divine incarnation which is the magnet the same magnet will enter into the human. One who knows God becomes God. Because of the proximity to the magnet, Magnetism emerges in the piece of iron. Based on this fact the first step is Satsangh - good company. When you get into good company you become good. That is why it is said good company leads us to detachment. When an iron piece mingles with air and water it will be full of rust and dust. But when the same iron piece gains the proximity of the magnet it also becomes a magnet. When man is in this worldliness which is air and water there is selfishness. When man get into the company of good people and attains the company of the Avatar he also experiences the Divinity by getting rid of all his negativity. Why are all of you gathered here. You are all like the pieces of iron. The Divinity of magnetism is latent in you it is not potent. This God who has come here as a magnet has attracted all these iron pieces here. If many people did not come here it is because of the rust and dust within them. The magnet is nothing but the Love principle in the heart. Ego and attachment emerges from the human mind. Thats why i tell you not to follow the body the body is a water bubble. Today it is here tomorrow it becomes a part of the wave. Mind is full of selfishness and self interest. Dont not follow the mind. Mind is a mad monkey. But follow the heart as Heart is God. When we unerstand the truth of these statements then we will get proximity to God.
In America the people bring soup. The equal of soup is Rasam. If you ask for Rasam nobody will give you. If you want to drink the soup you need a spoon. You cant drink soup with a fork. Maybe with the help of the fork you can eat rice. For drinking soup you need spoon. In the same way if you want to understand God the mind can not understand. The words can not describe God the mind can not comprehend God. However much you talk about God or listen about God you will never experience God with external means. The same way as you cannot drink soup with a fork you cannot experience God with your mind. You can experience God with the spoon of your Heart. Water mixes water, air mixes air, fire mixes with fire, only love can mingle with love. When your love and My love combine together then the whole world will be full of love. All rain that comes down from the skies will join the ocean. The rain comes as drops but all the drops come together to become a river to merge into the ocean. As long as you become a river the water cannot merge in the ocean. A single drop gets soaked up by the earth and cannot get to the ocean. When all drops of water get together in unity the power of unity takes it to the ocean. Through good company we have to develop unity. I know that there will be alot of unity in bad company. In unity they steal things. If all of them work in Unity, one breaks the door the other brings things, other fellow puts in bags and other fellow takes and runs. ALL wrong things are done in Unity. But generally unity does not happen amongst good people. And when some good work happens and some service happens each asking for acts of service. The so call leaders and because of their arrogance they rule over others. Such service is not service at all. I dont need such people. I want those people who work with humility, devotion and faith. These days people serve for 20 minute and their reports and presentations last for more than 1 hour. Such kinds of service is usless. Service done with recognition, name and fame as the goal is not service at all. We have to do selfless service. Only when you have selfless love can you do selfless service. Theefore you have to develop selfless love. Selfless love is the object. Selfless service is its reflection. If selfless service is happening then you should know that selfless love is happening also. There is no need for me to demonstrate my presence or give any proof of my existence. In fact i did not come down for my sake only for yours.
When I was in the physical body i did everything for the devotees and today I do everything for the devotee. The body had deteriorated that it was like a bad old car. There is no way that we can undertake a long journey ina bad old car therefore i had given up that car and took up a new car. Now I can travel really fast and reach really fast. I dont have body consciousness. These days people keep living on in their body through medications - they want to prolong their life. Because of body consciousness / attachement they dont want to give up the body. But Swami doesnt have any attachment to the body. Therefore I gave up that body and took up this body and can do all kinds of tasks. My work has become very easy and I am doing it everywhere. I AM very very happy. Wherever there is selfless service I will install myself there. Therefore all of you should think that all of your bodies hands eyes are Gods and everything is Divine. Prashanthi Nilayam is not somewhere else it is in your heart. Involve yourself in selfless service with selfless love. Only when we involve ourselves in selfless service with selfless love we can understand We ARE God.
One boy asked me Who are You ? I AM GOD ! What is God? God is Selflessness. God is Purity. How to know You? You want to know me ? BECOME ME ! If you want to know you also have to become Swami. Only when you become me you will trully know me. KNOW ME. How to become Swami. Become Selfless and you will become Swami. S.A.I - Service Adoration Illumination. First is Service. That is the path of action. Adoration is the path of devotion. Illumination is the path of wisdom. Only through the path of action can you attain devotion and wisdom. SAI. First do selfless service. Only then you can understand SAI.

1.Person is asking that there are many miracles happening in Chennai and different places. If Swami does more miracles then the devotion will also go up (chuckle). So swamis answer is this ...
Is it because of the miracles devotion is going up or because of devotion that miracles is going up? You mus ask that question first. It is the devotion that is manisfesting the miracles not the miracles manifesting the devotion. But what is devotion ? It is not only singing bhajans and engaging in all kinds of discussions. It is acting. Action in selfless service.

2.Future of America. Is there a special mission for Americans?
Swami: What is future. Future is inside the present. Present is the seed Future is the tree. It is the seed that I am leaving behind today to be sown well in the soil of your hearts to be watered with love and protected with care and is allowed to grow under my grace it will definitly grow into a huge tree for the future producing many many fruits to be shared with those who need. America definitly has a big role to play in Swami's mission. What is America ? AMerica is not this land mass or water or air that flows. America is about Americans. It is the people who define a country. If all of your become loving and selfless you will change the destiny of not only America but the whole world. America is a powerful nation with many people and much intellect but if it is not channelled properly it will lead to destruction. If channeled well the mighty river can be controlled as a dam and used for good work. AMerica power, knowledge and intellect has to be channeled by the way of selfless service. That is the responsability i Leave behind. How can you bring about this transformation? It will happen when you start doing and being what Swami is asking you. You Be, you Do, you See, you Tell that is way you can bring transformation in attitude to your fellow Americans. If Americans change it will bring alot of good to the rest of the world. America is very very powerful and this power is not used in the right way for the right purpose can be destructive. To the devotee's of America this is my command/will/wish that they all should live their lives in accordance to swamis principle of selfless service and love. Seeing u people as ideal examples the others will change the whole nation will change and if america changes it will do a whole good for the rest of the world. I need not tell you, you are all aware that as America is capable of making the rest of the world peaceful so is it also capable of taking peace from other people and leaving them in pieces. It is up to you as to what you want to do with this seed that I leave behind. Seed, if kept in the cupboard and will become useless yet if put in soil and nurtured will give fruits tomorrow. Practice selfless love and service and you can change your destiny of the nation and the world.

3. How do we develop our inner voice so that we can receive clear guidance from you?
The inner voice is always there. It is the noise around it that is too much that drowns the voice. Mind is the one that makes all the noise. Desires attachments are the noise. In the noise of the mind the voice of the heart is not heard. Otherwise i am always speaking to you. But as you are not paying attention to what I AM saying you are listenting to the mind, you are not able to hear me. If you can control your desires and change your selfish desires to selfless desires and make your mind pure, calm , full of silence, you will hear the voice that comes from your heart. In a room if everyone is silent you can hear the speaker. If everybody is talking you cannot hear the speaker. Reduce the noise of your mind you do not have to work on increasing the voice of the heart just reduce the noise of the mind. The voice is always there. The more you become selfless the more you become silent. The more you are silent the more you can hear the SAI within.

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