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Research papers on the cult of Skanda-Murukan

Entire books on Skanda-Murukan by eminent scholars

  1. The Smile of Murugan on Tamil Literature of South India by Kamil Zvelebil 
  2. The Many Faces of Murukan by Fred W. Clothey 
  3. Papers presented at the First International Conference on Skanda-Murukan

  4. "Murugan in the Indus Script" by Iravatham Mahadevan
  5. "Murukan In Cankam Literature: Veriyattu - A Tribal Worship" by M. Shanmugam Pillai
  6. "Mayilam: A Murukan temple at the crossroads of myth and local culture" by François L' Hernault
  7. "Iconography of Skanda-Murukan: Flashes of Insight" by Raju Kalidos
  8. "Karttikeya in Early Indian Coinage" by S. Suresh
  9. "Tai Pucam in Malaysia" by Carl Vadivella Belle
  10. "Karttikeya worship in Bengal" by Seethalakshmi Viswanath
  11. "Vel Worship in Sri Lanka" by Vimala Krishnapillai
  12. "The Guardian Deities of Lanka: Skanda-Murukan and Kataragama" by S. Pathmanathan
  13. "Skanda-Murukan cult in Eastern Sri Lanka: Continuity and Change" by N. Shanmugalingam
  14. "The Murukan cult in Mauritius: Essence of Tamil ethnic identity" by Khesaven Sornum
  15. "Tiruppukal in the cult of Murukan" by Ponnaih Jeyālaki Arunagirinathan
  16. "Arunagirinathar's Views on Wealth by S.R.S. Ayyar
  17. "Murukan, Tamil God of Justice" by Marudhamuthu
  18. "Swarupa Vel: Skanda's Sister Jyoti" by A. Alagarappan
  19. "The Development of Muruku-Muruka-Velan and Ce-Ey-Ceyon in Cankam Literature" by K.V. Ramakrishna Rao
  20. "The Iconography of Somāskanda Mūrti" by S. Suthanthiran
  21. "Shanmuka Kavacam and the Kavacam genre" by S.P. Sabharathnam
  22. "Cult of Skanda-Murukan in Ancient Tamil Nadu" by Ambikai Velmurugu
  23. "Publication of Tiruppukal a Century Ago by V.T. Subramania Pillai: The Man and His Mission" by Gnanapurani Madhvanath
  24. "Palani icon: A scientific analysis" by M.S. Saravanan
  25. "Skanda in ancient North India" by R.K. Seth
  26. "Cannittiyan: Celva Cannitti Murukan" by Kandiah Neelakandan
  27. "Skanda-Subrahmanya in Sanskrit Tradition" by S.S. Janaki
  28. "The Skanda cult in India: Sanskrit sources" by K.V. Sarma
  29. "In the Footsteps of Saint Arunagirinathar: Pilgrimage to the sacred places in the Tiruppukal" by Valayapettai Ra. Krishnan
  30. "Antiquity of Murukan Cult in Ancient Sri Lanka: A Historical Perspective" by S. Kailash Sitrampalam
  31. "Skanda Legends in the Puranas" by N. Gangadharan
  32. "Murukan worship in Fiji" by R. Ponnu S. Goundar
  33. "My experience with Vallimalai Saccindananda Swami" by P.S. Krishna Iyer
  34. "Karttikeya in the folk life of Orissa" by Kailash Pattaniak
  35. "Murukan Cult in Cilappatikaram" by S. Kanmani
  36. "Discovery of an early sculpture of Murukan" by C. Veeraraghavan
  37. "Significance of Kaumara Icons" by P. Suyambu
  38. "Murukan Worship through Musical Forms" by N. Jayavidhya
  39. "Viralimalai Murukan as described by Arunagirinathar" by D. Chandrasekaran, I.A.S.
  40. "Following Murukan: Tai Pucam in Singapore" by Gauri Parimoo Krishnan
  41. "Lord Murukan, the embodiment of beauty and love" by Padmaja Anantharaman
  42. "Skanda-Murukan: Time and Nature associations" by Alexander Dubianski
  43. "Pilgrimage and Mystical Practice" by T. Senthilwerl
  44. "Pāda Yātrā to Palani Murukan Temple: A folk tradition" by R. Kannan (13 kb)
  45. "The Worship of God Murukan in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka" by Amirthalingam Selliah
  46. "Tamil Language and Murukan Worship in South Africa" by Prof. S. Subramaniyan
  47. Papers presented at the Second International Conference in Mauritius

  48. "Murugan Devotion among Tamil Diaspora" by Patrick Harrigan
  49. "Legends of Karttikeya in Puruliya Chau" by Malati Agniswaran
  50. "Tirumurukarruppatai's place in the Saiva Canon" by Ponnaih Jeyālaki Arunagirinathan
  51. "Distinctive features of Tirumurukarruppatai" by Ponnaih Jeyālaki Arunagirinathan
  52. "Murukan Temples In Australia" by Dr. Arumugam Kandiah
  53. "Guha Jñāna Bodham" by Dr. P. Pandian, IAS (retd)
  54. "Kanta Shasti Vratam" by T. Senthilwerl
  55. "Murukan Worship in Melbourne" by Sivasupramaniam Sitsabesan
  56. "God Murukan as viewed by the ancient Tamils" by P. Thiagarajan
  57. "Facets of Murukan" by V. Balambal
  58. "Vallakkottai Murukan Temple" by Giridharilal Moorchand
  59. "The Hexagram and its Parallel in the Indus Valley Graffiti" by N.S. Valluvan
  60. Papers presented at the Third International Conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2003

  61. "Representations of Bala Murukan in Kunrutoradal Temples, Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu" by Malati Agneswaran
  62. "The Worship of Murukan and the Zodiac" by K. V. Ramakrishna Rao
  63. "Murukap Perumanin Virathankalum Vizhakkalum" by Santhi Navukarasan
  64. "Murukan, The Protector and Healer" by Prof. Mrs. V. Balambal
  65. "Devaraya Swamigal's contribution to 'Murukanism'" by Sivagami Paramasivam
  66. Papers presented at the First International Muruga Bhakti Conference in Kuala Lumpur 9-12 August 2012

  67. "Murugan Bhakti: A User's Manual" by Patrick Harrigan 
  68. "Viswarupa of Skanda" by P.N. Kannan 
  69. Other research articles about Skanda-Murukan:

  70. "Skanda: The Alexander Romance in India" by N. Gopala Pillai
  71. Introduction to Tamil Traditions on Subrahmanya-Murugan by Kamil Zvelebil
  72. "Murugan and Valli" by Kamil Zvelebil
  73. "Skandakumara and Kataragama: An Aspect of the Relation of Hinduism and Buddhism in Sri Lanka" by Heinz Bechert
  74. "Murugan in Kurinci Poetry" by Alexander Dubiansky (15 kb)
  75. "Dionysus and Kataragama: Parallel Mystery Cults" by Patrick Harrigan
  76. "Kailasa to Kataragama: Sacred Geography in the cult of Skanda-Murukan" by Patrick Harrigan
  77. "Devotion to Murukan" by by J.I. McGrath
  78. "Iranian Sraosa and Indian Skanda" by Sukumar Sen
  79. "Note on Karttikeya in ancient Java" by Hayati Soebadio
  80. "Skanda-Karttikeya in ancient Cambodia" by Mahesh Kumar Sharan
  81. "Past and Future Trends in Contemporary Hinduism" by Swami Agehananda Bharati
  82. "Rare Images of Brahmasāsta and Varāhasamhāra" by R.K.K. Rajarajan
  83. "Iconographic Contact between Karttikeya and Manjuśrī in China" by B.N. Mukherjee
  84. Bodhisattva Skanda in China illustrated research note
  85. "Cosmography of Lanka Down the Ages" by Patrick Harrigan
  86. "Islamic Traditions of Kataragama" by Patrick Harrigan
  87. "Kinetic Iconography of Murukan" by Malati Agniswaran
  88. "Arunagirinathar: Was he a Shakta?" by Sadhu Ram
  89. "Lord Kataragama's Two Wives" by Paul Younger
  90. "Trimurti Orientation in Medieval South Indian Temples" by Raju Kalidos
  91. "Summa Iru in Tamil Scriptures" by S.R. Jayavelu
  92. "Skanda, the elegant war-god son of Shiva" by Rohit Pillai
  93. "The Iconography of Murugan" by Raju Kalidos
  94. "Murukan Worship in Sri Lanka: New Archaeological Evidence" by P. Pushparatnam
  95. "Skanda Cult in South India" by K.R. Venkataraman
  96. "Aspects of Karttikeya's Character" by Asim Kumar Chatterjee
  97. "Vaikasi Visakam and Lord Murukan" by Sivanandini Duraiswamy
  98. "Tiruppukazh: The Human Interface between Polytheism and Absolute Reality" by C.R. Krishnamurti and P. Rathanaswami
  99. "Indus Graffiti as Rock Art and their Astronomical Implications" by N.S. Valluvan
  100. "The Hexagram, Symbol of God Murukan, and its parallel in the Indus Sign denoting Space and Time" by N.S. Valluvan
  101. "Evolution of the Asian Deity Murukan from the Indus Valley Prototype Ahmuvan and his Role as a Mediator" by N.S. Valluvan
  102. A Note on the Muruku Sign of the Indus Script in light of the Mayiladuthurai Stone Axe Discovery by Iravatham Mahadevan
  103. "Sacred Trees in Murukan Temples" by V. Balambal
  104. "The Story of Skanda as told in the Northern and Southern Recensions" by P.R. Kannan
  105. "Skanda the Merciful and His Devotees " by P.R. Kannan
  106. "Murugan and the Vel: The Individual Implications" by Carl Vadivella Belle
  107. "Painting of Murugan, Subrahmanya or Karthikeyan" by Prof. P.C. Jain and Dr Daljeet
  108. Skanda Shashti message by Swami Sivananda (1946)
  109. "Malaysian Hindu Pilgrimage: Kavadi Worship at Batu Caves" by Carl Vadivella Belle
  110. "Somaskanda: Royal and Divine" by Lakshmi Viswanathan
  111. Reviews of the First Conference

    For accounts of the First International Conference on Skanda-Murukan, see these published reviews:

  112. "How the Murukan Conference Series began" by Patrick Harrigan, First Murukan Conference Secretary
  113. "Cult of the Child-God Crosses a Millennial Milestone"
  114. Hinduism Today May 1999 feature article
  115. Review published in the International Institute of Asian Studies Newsletter
  116. Review of the Third Murukan Conference in Kuala Lumpur Nov 2003

  117. "Third Murukan Conference: Whither the Murukan Conference Series?"
  Research articles in Tamil translation translated by Santhipriya 
 • "Murugan and Valli by Kamil V. Zvelebil 
• "Legends of Tirupparankunram" by R.K. Das 
• "The Iconography of Somāskanda Mūrti" by S. Suthanthiran 
• "Murukan worship in Fiji" by R. Ponnu S. Goundar 
• "Skanda-Kārttikeya in ancient Cambodia" by Mahesh Kumar Sharan 
• "Discovery of an early sculpture of Murukan" by C. Veeraraghavan 
• "Murukan Worship in Sri Lanka: New Archaeological Evidence" by P. Pushparatnam 
• "The Murukan Cult in Mauritius: Essence of Tamil Ethnic Identity" by Khesaven Sornum 
• "Kārttikeya in the folk life of Orissa" by Kailash Pattaniak 
• "Skanda Legends in the Puranas" by N. Gangadaran 
• "Kārttikeya worship in Bengal" by Seethalakshmi Viswanath 
• "Lord Kataragama's Two Wives" by Paul Younger 
• "Note on Kārttikeya in ancient Java" by Hayati Soebadio 
• "Vallakkottai Murukan Temple" by Giridharilal Moorchand 
• "An Illustration of Iconographic Contact between Kārttikeya and Manjusrī in China" by B. N. Mukerjee 
• "Bodhisattva Skanda in China" illustrated research note 
• "Palani Icon: A Scientific Analysis" by M.S. Saravanan 
• "Swarupa Vel - Skanda's Sister Jothi" by Dr. Alagappa Alagappan 
• "The Guardian Deities of Lanka" by S. Padmanathan 
• "Mailam: A Murukan temple at the crossroads of myth and local culture" by François L' Hernault 
• "Pāda Yātrā to Palani Murukan Temple: A Folk Tradition" by K. Kannan 
• "Pazham Nee -- The story of how Murugan became Palani Āndavar" 
• "Pazham Nee The illustrated story of Lord Murugan" 
• "The Murukan Cult in Mauritius: Essence of Tamil Ethnic Identity" by Khesaven Sornum 
• "God Murukan as viewed by the ancient Tamils" by P. Thiagarajan 
• "Murugan Devotion among Tamil Diaspora" by Patrick Harrigan 
• "Murukan Temples In Australia" by Dr. Arumugam Kandiah 
• "Sacred Trees in Murukan Temples" by V. Balambal 
• "Skanda Cult in South India" by K.R. Venkataraman 
• "Vaikasi Visakam and Lord Murukan" by Sivanandini Duraiswamy 
• "Significance of Kaumara Icons" by P. Suyambu 
• "The Iconography of Murugan" by Raju Kalidos 
• "Islamic Traditions of Kataragama" by Patrick Harrigan 
• "Tai Pucam in Malaysia" by Carl Vadivella Belle 
• "My experience with Vallimalai Saccindananda Swami" by P.S. Krishna Iyer 
• "Publication of Tiruppukal a Century Ago by V.T. Subramania Pillai: The Man and His Mission" by Gnanapurani Madhvanath 
• "Tamil Language and Murukan Worship in South Africa" by Prof. S. Subramaniyan 
• "Murukan Worship in Melbourne" by Sivasupramaniam Sitsabesan 
• "Facets of Murukan" by V. Balambal 
• "Skanda in ancient North India" by R.K. Seth 
• "The Worship of God Murukan in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka" by Amirthalingam Selliah 
• "In the Footsteps of Saint Arunagirinathar: Pilgrimage to the sacred places in the Tiruppukal" by Valayapettai Ra. Krishnan

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Other articles about Kaumara Iconography and Art History:

  • Iconography of Skanda-Murukan
  • 'Iconography of Murugan' by Raju Kalidos
  • "Trimurti in Medieval South India"
  • "Iconography of Somaskanda"
  • "Palani Andavar Idol: A Scientific Study"
  • "Rare Image of Brahmasasta"
  • "Kinetic Iconography of Murukan"
  • The Iconography of Goddess Kaumārī
  • "Painting of Murugan, Subrahmanya or Karthikeyan"
  • "Significance of Kaumara Icons"
  • "Mailam Murukan temple"
  • "7th cent. Murukan image discovered"
  • "Vallakkottai Murukan Temple"
  • "Karttikeya Images of Ancient Java"
  • "Skanda Images in Ancient Cambodia"
  • "17 Iconographical Aspects of Subrahmanya"
  • 19th Century Bengali Watercolor of Karttikeya
  • Skanda upon Peacock, 11th-12th Cent Chola Granite
  • Galleries of Kaumara Iconography

  • Gallery One: Tiruvavaduthurai Adheenam
  • Gallery Two: 1920's - 40's collection
  • Gallery Three: early to late 20th century
  • Gallery Four: 1930-50 lithographs
  • Aru Padai Veedu paintings
  • Paintings of famous temple moolavars
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