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sábado, 31 de octubre de 2015

Sukshma Baba Report 134  23-10-15  Yagna Day 11,

Sukshma Baba Report 134  23-10-15  Yagna Day 11,
Sukshma Baba Report 134  23-10-15  Yagna Day 11

Sai Ram

This is the official report for Day 11.

Athi Rudra Maha Yagna, Navarathri Homa and Durga Puja

Friday, October 23, 2015 – Morning: The energy and vibrations in Muddenahalli, Sathya Sai Grama that have been built over the last ten days has reached a crescendo as the day breaks yet again to the most auspicious chants emanating from the Yagashala.

Swami arrived at the Hrudaya Mandiram close to 11 am and proceeded to the Durga Puja where the idols had been made ready for 'Visarjan' (Immersion). Swami instructed the devotees from West Bengal to ensure that the immersion of idols is completed before the evening session began. As per His instructions, the immersion was completed by late afternoon.


The idol of Goddess Durga being taken in a procession for immersion

After blessing all those gathered, Swami proceeded towards the Navaratri Homa where Gayatri Homa was being performed. Swami mentioned that the Gods and Goddesses themselves were seated in the midst of the 'Chakras', and were receiving all the offerings. Asking all the priests to return next year, Swami proceeded to the Yagashala where devotees eagerly awaited the Mahapoornahuthi which would welcome the Golden Age.


Offering to the Gods

Swami personally sanctified all the articles that were being offered into the sacred fire. He called upon Smt Girija Gopinath, whose family had played a major role in conducting the Maha Yagna, to offer the Mahapoornahuthi along with Himself. Swami mentioned that Rudra Himself had manifested in order to accept the offerings.


The Athi Rudra Maha Yagna draws to a close with the Poornahuti


Smt. Girija Gopinath participating in the Poornahuti offerings

Following the Mahapoornahuthi, Swami made His way to every nook and corner of the Yagashala and personally sprinkled the sacred water (Teertha) on all the devotees assembled. Aarthi was offered to Swami around 2 pm after which He retired for the afternoon.


The sacred Hiranyagarbha Linga shining effulgently after 11 days of worship

Friday, October 23, 2015 – Evening: As devotees waited with bated breath for a glimpse of their Lord in the new era, Swami arrived at a quarter past 5 pm, while melodious bhajans were being rendered by His students. The evening's proceedings began with veda chanting by the girls from Prasanthi Bala Mandir school. The audience witnessed another example of Swami's expansive love as they were greeted with the news of the construction of new residential blocks, christened by Swami as 'Sai Aashraya', in order to accommodate the ever growing number of devotees.


Veda chanting by students of Prashanti Bala Mandir

Hearts that were filled with devotion were treated to the final rendition of Bhagawatha. Sri Badri Narayanan resumed the enthralling tale of Krishna's life with His travel to Mathura from Brindavan, thereby separating Himself from the Gopikas, physically, so their love for Him could deepen. Sri Badri narrated Uddhava's encounter with the Gopikas, wherein he realised their intense love and devotion for Krishna and the principle of non-duality. This was followed by the mesmerising tale of Krishna's wedding with Rukmini and the pure love that bound the two together. The Bhagawatha concluded with the narration of Parikshit's liberation after the realisation set in that every spec in the universe is nothing other than Brahman. In the end, Sri Badri urged the audience to take a pledge to realise the divinity latent within, since one could never hope to get a better master than Sri Sathya Sai Baba to suide us along this path.


Bhagawatha Kathas coming to a close with the story of Parikshit Moksha

The Bhagawatha that enthralled the hearts of the devotees was followed by a musical programme by the trinity of Sri Kunal Ganjawala, Sri Sumeet Tappoo and Sri Prassana Rao that touched the soul. While blessing the trio before the start of the musical extravaganza, Swami asked them not to sing merely with their throats but with their hearts.


Sri Prasanna Rao


Sri Kunal Ganjawala


Sri Sumeet Tappoo

The first speaker of the day was Sri Issac Tigrett, fondly called 'Tiger' by Swami. Sri Tigrett recollected an incident from 20 years ago when Swami had not permitted live relay of His discourses and Darshan. He spoke about the significance of this Maha Yagna being the first event in Muddenahalli to have received Bhagawan's blessings to be streamed around the world enabling devotees who could not participate physically to feel involved in the celebrations. He reminded one and all that the transition into the Golden Age would not be instantaneous as we would have to make an effort to crawl out of the slumber of the previous Kali Age.


Sri Issac Tigrett talking about the mission of Swami

The second speaker was Sri BN Narasimha Murthy. Sri Murthy elaborated on how he has been the beneficiary by being the warden and caretaker of Swami's students, learning both from Swami and His children. He recollected the journey of the Muddenahalli campus from its inception to its current state, admitting that the divine master always has a plan that we are not aware of and are incapable of comprehending. He expounded that in the drama of life, Swami is the actor, narrator, script writer, director and audience.


Sri B N Narasimha Murthy taking the listeners on a journey of evolution of the Muddenahalli campus

The two talks were followed by Swami's Discourse.

Summary of Divine Discourse:

God shines forth in His Creation all the time and the world shines forth in God. The relationship between God and His Creation, between Purusha and Prakriti, between Shiva and Shakthi, between God and His devotees, is inseparable. Wherever there is God, there are His devotees.

If such a mammoth function had to happen here, it is because many devotees have got together, worked day and night and made it possible. It is not that you did; through your bodies, I did all My work. I did not do it for anybody else; I did it for Myself because everyone is Myself. This truth I know. But you have to know it and recognise it. I don't have a physical body. All your bodies are my bodies, all your hands are my hands, all your paths are my paths, and all your actions are my actions.

Earlier it was only one Sai Baba. Now many Sai Babas will manifest through you and demonstrate the truth of oneness of everyone. His true nature, truth, reality is only love and nothing else. When you develop that kind of selfless love, speak to everyone with love, serve everyone with love, then the whole world will see Me in everyone of you and realise the truth.

Develop love like Me, and become an embodiment of love. That is My desire. You should never swerve from the path I am laying down. Your responsibility is to experience, practice and propagate My principle of love. When you find a successful student, you will wonder how great the teacher would be. Similarly looking at all of you, others should wonder if this God has such devotees, how that God would be. Through your behaviour, through your conduct, through your life, you have to demonstrate Sai Baba to the world. All of you should become Sai Babas. That is My only desire.

At this moment, all of you should resolve within your hearts, "This body is not mine, the body belongs to Sai Baba; these hands are not mine, these hands belong to Sai Baba; these eyes are not mine, these eyes belong to Sai Baba; my life belongs to Sai Baba". Only when you do that, what I aspire can be achieved.

People keep calling me Sadguru, then you have to offer dakshina to the Guru also. I stretch My hands only to receive love. If you give Me your love, that is enough for Me. All of you develop selfless love, involve yourselves in selfless service, and demonstrate the principle of Sai Baba as love and service.

Take me with you wherever you go. I will be behind you. All the time, I will be with you, around you, in front of you, behind you, by your side, inside you, outside you. Only if you develop love, Sai Baba will come behind you; you need not come behind Sai Baba.

We have spoken is enough. You have to act and show.

Be Good - Be Happy
Always Have Compassion

Sai Surya


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