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martes, 27 de octubre de 2015


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DISCOURSE - posted TUESDAY 27th October 2015
A.R.M.Y: Divine Discourse Notes 23rd October 2015 FINAL

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. As we all pray to Bhagavan, I perceive Him seated in His chair in a white robe. I repeat as He speaks. 

God shines forth in His creation all the time. The world shines forth in God. The relationship between God and His creation is inseparable. 

Embodiments of the Divine Atma. The relationship between God and His creation, between Purusha and Prakriti, between Shiva and Shakthi, between God and His devotees is inseparable. Wherever there is an object naturally there will be a reflection. Similarly, wherever there is God there are His devotees. All of you have gathered in such wonderful congregation. For all that there is only one reason. I am the reason. It is not anybody else who called all of you here. I called each and everyone of you here. 

Whatever has happened here is filling every heart with so much of amazing and unimaginable Bliss. In the same way as a mothers heart is filled with love when she sees her children my heart is over flowing with love looking at all of you here. I don't want to speak much now. Such a mammoth function has happen here because many many devotees got together, worked day and night, to make it possible. 

I want to tell you the truth. It is not that you did this. Through your bodies I did My work. I did not do this for anybody else. I did it for myself. Because everyone is Myself - MySelf ! This Truth I know but you have to recognise it. Now, I do not have a body made up of five elements. In this world, which is made up of five elements, if somebody wants to do anything a body made of these five elements is required. But today I don't have such a physical body. All your bodies are my bodies. All your hands are my hands. All your eyes are my eyes. All your paths are my paths. All your actions are my actions. Earlier it was only one Sai Baba. Now, many many Sai Baba's will manifest through you and demonstrate the Truth of Oneness of everyone. Truly Sai Baba has no name, no form. This Truth, this reality is love and nothing else. When you develop that kind of selfless love, speak to everyone with love, serve everyone with love then the whole world will see me in everyone of you and realise the Truth. I don't have any desires. Yet, there is only one desire for which I keep working. The only one thing is to develop love like me and you also become an embodiment of love. That is my desire. 

All the words that are spoken by Swami are words of Truth. All the time I am addressing you as embodiments of love, embodiments of Atma. All of you have one great responsibility and that is to never swerve from the path that I am laying down through my words. Your responsibility is to experience, practice and propagate my principle of love. When all the people of the world are looking at the devotees of Sai Baba, they should be surprised when Sai Baba's devotees are so full of love. They will think how good Sai Baba was. When you find a successful, brilliant and talented student you will wonder how great the teacher would be. If there is a good son, then looking at the son they will think how great the parents would be. Similarly looking at all of you, if this God has such devotees how would be that God? 

If you want to give Sai Baba to the world today, taking photographs is not enough. Not by lecturing or speaking but only through your behaviour, through your conduct, through your life can you demonstrate Sai Baba to the world. All of you should become Sai Baba's ! That is my only desire. I don't have any other desires. You have to fill your hearts with love. Use your hands to serve others. Speak to everybody with love. Demonstrate the principle of love and service of Sai Baba to the world. At this moment all of us should resolve within our hearts that this body is not mine. This body belongs to Sai Baba. These hands are not mine, they belong to Sai Baba. These eyes are not mine, they belong to Sai Baba. My life belongs to Sai Baba. Only when you do that what I aspire can be achieved. 

At this very auspicious and sacred junction with have to achieve things with great determination. If you do that, that is the Guru Dakshina. People keep calling me Sad Guru. But you have to offer the dakshina to the Guru also. I don't stretch my hand for the taking, only for the giving. I stretch my hand to only receive love. If you give me your love that is enough for me. All of you develop selfless love. Involve yourselves in selfless service. Demonstrate the principles of Sai Baba as love and service. 

Now that all the functions are all over here you have to return to your places. You are going from here with a very sacred and pure mind. You have filled your hearts with Divine Love and going from here. Never ever lose this purity and love. You take me with you wherever you go. I will be behind you wherever you go. All the time I will be with you, around you, behind you , beside you, above you, in front of you, outside of you and inside you. Only if you develop love Sai Baba will come behind you, you need not come behind Sai Baba. What we have spoken is enough. You have to act and show. 

I am only speaking in order to express my infinite gratitude. Our students and devotees, as soon as I called they came and worked very hard. All the volunteers I will talk to them and bless them on Sunday morning. That is all I can do. They have been doing so much for me. But what I can do is just call you, talk to you and give you a meal. Because whatever I do I do it with love. It is very precious and invaluable. All of you come and I will be able to speak to you. My Blessings and Grace are there in abundant quantities. May you make use of this Grace and Blessings and find fulfillment in your lives. 

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

DISCOURSE - posted MONDAY 26th October 2015
Divine Discourse Notes: Seva Dal Talk 25th October 2015

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. As we all pray to Bhagavan to grant us His message, I perceive Him seated in His throne, in an orange robe, and I repeat as He speaks. 

There are only two words which summarise the essence of all the 18 Puranas as told by Vyasa. Punya means to help others. Papa means to hurt others. 

Embodiments of Love, devotees, students boys and girls. If you just ask the question "What is the reason for our performing any action" you will get the answer "That we are doing it in the quest of happiness or joy". It is the natural instinct of every human being that we would like to invite those things which gives us joy and bliss and also get rid of those things that cause pain and hurt. The root cause of even this instinct is because the basic nature of human beings which is bliss. Without that kind of joy man can not live for even a moment. 

The quality of fire is warmth. The quality of water is coolness. The suns quality is to shine and give light. Similarly, mans real nature is bliss. As long as you don't find Bliss you will find yourself involved in all kinds of activity subjected to all kinds difficulties and sorrows. 

From where is this bliss hidden? Is it there in the sensual objects. Is it in the objects of comfort and luxury? Not at all ! If the real joy was there, in the objects, why is it that we are not really joyful? This world is temporary and full of sorrows. In a place which is temporary and full of misery to get eternal happiness is impossible. It is available, yet, can be obtained only where it is available. You may look for it here and there but definitely you wont find it there. That is why I say that mans real nature is bliss. But bliss is not outside, it is inside. Whatever is available inside you must look for it inside only. You cant find it anywhere outside yourself. Therefore, in order to look for bliss you need to put in some effort. 

Suppose we want water. You must sink a bore well. But where is the water? It is inside the earth. If you want to get the water out of the earth definitely you must put in effort. You have to sink a bore well, have a pump, a pipe line and a motor and pump the water to obtain it. In fact, water is not coming from anywhere else. It is inside the earth. We are taking it out and enjoying it. Thus, in order to find bliss, which is within ourselves, this kind of sadhana is required. What is this spiritual sadhana? There are different kinds of spiritual practices like penance, study of scriptures and going on pilgrimages etc. etc. But the best sadhana, spiritual practice, required to cross over the ocean of samsara is service. If we depend on the word for our own happiness, it is not permanent, it comes and goes. If we find happiness within ourselves that happiness is permanently available to us whenever we want. 

For obtaining water, in the bowels of the earth, we need to sink a bore well. To get happiness within yourself you have to go inside. The happiness is at a great depth within yourself. When the water is available in the depths of the earth above the water there are many layers of other things like stone and soil. Only when we pierce through layers of earth and stone do we get to the water. Similarly, the three qualities of sattva, rajas and tamas are like these kinds of layers of stone and earth that cover the water. Tamas is our ignorance and laziness. It is inertness. Stones and rocks are tamas. All the time they are staying in one place. They wont move from one place to another. So tamas, inertia, is an obstacle for anyone. The tamas can be conquered through raja. Even a piece of stone, when continuously hit with water, will become mud. Therefore, we have to break and eliminate the quality of tamas, which is a rock, through the jet of water of rajas. It will finally be removed. But rajas is not the right quality to remove tamas. Rajas is the kind of capacity to do work. Even rajas has to utilised in the right way. Ravana had a lot of rajasic power and he used it in the wrong way and ruined himself. Rama had great rajasic power which he utilised for protecting good people. With rajas we can become great but not good. For becoming good sathwic power is very much essential. 

[Narasimhamurthy has to stop speaking due to coughing so much. Madhusudan speaks in English.] 

Due to the dust in the air it is causing infection for everybody. What can we do? No pain, no gain. If we want to gain something we have to go undergo some pain. if we expect everything to come to us in an easy way then we only become lazy. Easy means lazy. Some effort, rajas, is important. If there is too much water in the river it will lead to a flood. If there is less water in the river, it is of no use - it wont flow. Thus, there are dams built to control the flow of water so that the water becomes becomes constructive and not destructive. Likewise, to have the ability to have control over ones mind is important to control ones energies. Energies that are used in the rightful way alone will lead to salvation. However, in todays youth you see tremendous amount of energy which is not being utilised properly. Suddenly there is a flood of one particular energy, they are found all over the place doing something or other and then nobody is seen the next few days. That is not the way energy should be utilised. It should be constantly channeled through the power of Sattva. Sattva, or the Divine qualities - selfless qualities, should control the energy of the person or to destroy the laziness and inertia. It should help the person come out of animal qualities into human qualities and from human to Divine. 

All tamas is animal quality. They only want to eat and sleep. They do not want to do anything. Whereas human beings want to do many things. They want to travel around the world. They want to go to the moon, mars and all places in the universe. This is all rajas. However, Sattva will tell you "There is no point in going outside so far. Go Within !" Going to the moon is not so important. Going deep into ones own heart is more important. All the activities that we do is only for sake of attaining the Divine Bliss. Physical bliss will last only as long as the body lasts. Mental bliss will last only as long as the mind is at peace. However, spiritual bliss will remains forever. It is the source of all joy. 

Para Upa Kara. Do you know the meaning written on your scarves? You think it is to help someone else. That is not the perfect meaning. Para means "that which is beyond - Divine". Upa mean "near". Kara means "to make you". "The one that makes you near to your own Divinity" is Paraupakara. For that sake the body has been given so that by using this body we can become closer to our Divine nature. Body is Tamas, Mind is rajas but Atma Tattwam is the Sattva. Through the tamas we must break the layers of tamas, break through the layers of rocks, and go down deep into our atmic nature, from where we can derive our Divine Bliss, the source of that water which remains forever with you. 

All these opportunities are created not because there is something to be done for Swami or there is something to be done for the others. It is only created for the sake of your own Divine progress. Progress to your own Divinity. Therefore, it is a grave mistake to think you are doing anything for everybody else's sake. Always think that you are doing it only for yourself. You are not different from the others. It is the same atma which is residing in all the people. Therefore, whom ever you feed, you are feeding yourself. Whomever you greet, you greet yourself. Whoever you malign, you malign yourself. That also is to yourself. There is no difference. 

I did not call you here to listen to words of gratitude from all of you. I called you here so that I can express my gratitude to all of you ! Many people say "Swami, Thank you for giving the opportunity." But I must tell you, "Thank you. Thank you for taking the opportunity - using the opportunity." I give opportunity. Not always everybody is able to take it. But the one takes it, uses it, will redeem himself. It is not for the sake of the others. You all have always prayed to be close to me, to be of service to me, to be able to use all of your abilities and energies, all your life, in my service. As and when the time comes I am going to draw you near and nearer to me and fill your hands, head and heart only with my thoughts, my words and my actions. Nothing else will exist other than me. You and I will become one. The readiness that you come with, I can only give you so much. For the first standard student you cant teach the fifth standard syllabus. You have to teach second standard then third, like that. The boy and girl needs to gradually learn and grow. 

All of you are like travellers, like passengers. You all are coming closer to me. Every single act of selflessness takes you one more step nearer to me. The moment you take one step I take one hundred steps to come nearer to you. One step of selfishness takes you one step behind. Therefore, it only distances you from me. Every single act should take you closer to your Divinity which is what is my true nature. 

The other day I told, "What is the purpose of all that we are doing? It is to become like Swami." We should have only one prayer, "Make me like you. Make me you ! Not even like you. Make me you !" Because you and are I are the same. You are not able to know that because there are layers and layers of ajnana, the soot that is covering the Divine Flame the is glowing within. Therefore, there is no brightness. 

"Clean me of all this tamas ! Let this Divine qualities manifest. Let the light of my wisdom and love give light to others as well, and light up their paths too." 

The lamp that was lit, on the doorstep, not only brightens the outside of the house but also the brightens the inside of the house. Always keeping the name of the Lord on your tongue let us give joy to others that hear it and also joy to you who says it. Name on the lips. Work of Lord in the hands. This is all that we have to pray. The more you do for me the more you become like me. All these are just opportunities for you to get back to your own Divine nature. Never fool yourselves with the thought that we are doing anything for anyone else's sake. Even for Swami's sake. Swami is not somewhere. He is right inside you - He is you and you are Him ! So you are doing it for your own sake. 

Did you all enjoy ? There is no greater joy. The closest to Divine joy is joy yourselves. There is no joy which comes from anywhere but from within you. Even if you remember these days after 10 years it will again fill you with the same joy and bliss. It will not fade. It will not become stale. It will always remain fresh. 

Things are only going to grow. You have no idea of what you have undertaken. Fifteen minutes past twelve noon, I was trying to make the poorna arthi happen around that time. But it really doesn't matter, as long as I am there. The next cycle of time has begun. Therefore, it is the right time to do all kinds of sadhana. The day is divided into three parts - 8 hours, 8 hours, 8 hours. Morning from 4am to 8am is sathwa. That is Sathwic time. Again 4pm -8pm is satwic time. During the satwic time if you undertake satwic activities, spiritual activities, you will benefit the most. Certain crops grow in certain seasons. If you grow in those seasons they will grow the best. Likewise, doing spiritual activities during satwic times yield the best results. 8am to 4pm are the rajasic periods. You must engage in actions using your body and mind. If you don't do that, if you sleep through that time, you will not be able to achieve success. in the night 8pm to 4am is tamasic time. According to the time and situation one must act. 

This is like a rajasic time. Kali Yuga is over. Sathya Yuga is here. It is the time of rajas but that should be controlled by sathwa. Earlier rajas was under the influence of tamas. Now rajas should be under the influence of sathwa. You can not escape actions because this world is defined by actions. Therefore, engaging in pure, positive actions, which are guided and influence by the Divine qualities within you, it will help you utilise this new age, new time, appropriately. 

Is there anything that you want to ask? How do you know that you have really served well? Have we done the service in the right way?
Answer from audience: that people are happy.
Swami: But how can you measure their happiness? There is no way that you can.
Answer from audience: you can see the smile on their face.
Swami: that is one way. 
Self satisfaction. The more you are satisfied with yourself that is the proof of your service. You should be satisfied. Your heart should tell you that you are satisfied with the way you served. You should become more and more humble, more and more peaceful and more and more equaniminous. These are the results of service. If service is only leading to ego, loss of peace, restlessness and creating no satisfaction within then something has gone wrong with this service. You should work not for anybody else's satisfaction. You work for your own satisfaction. Your own Atma should be your witness. Nobody needs to praise you. Nobody needs to pat you. Nobody needs to give you certificates on how good you worked. You should give certificate to yourself. If you are satisfied and your heart is happy then it is a matter of quality of service. All service should bring you closer to your Divine nature. 

What is your Divine nature? Divine nature is peace. Divine nature is humility. Divine nature is love. If you are developing these divine qualities through service then you are moving closer to your divine nature. With some people water will come when drilling a little. With other people they have to really drill deep to get water. But do not stop unless you have got the water. For that is the purpose for which you have started drilling. 

I don't have hands, legs or eyes. All your bodies are my body. Through all of you I can act. The universe, which is governed by this law, it needs a gross body to do any action. Even to move this chair from one place to the other a body will be required to do it. Chair is gross so gross body alone can do it. It wont walk on its own. Likewise, to do seva for people in this world, I need physical bodies. Because I don't have one I have to use all your bodies. Just be available to me. That is enough. If you are available to do I will do everything for you. I know many of you haven't slept. Many of you haven't taken any rest - not even eaten in time. Some haven't even had time to enquire about the welfare of your own family members. But, when I say that I express my gratitude, I just don't express it to you who are seated here. I also convey this to all those who have allowed you to be here and do this service. Your husbands, wives, children and family members. To everybody my blessings and my gratitude is to be conveyed. For somebody has taken your responsibility and allowed you to do things here. 

You are only seeing what has happened in this physical world, how things have got organised. But there is so much more that has happened in the world which is beyond our physical vision to make this Yagna happen. You will not have an idea of what you have undertaken now. But after a few years you will realise what has happened, what was the impact of what has happened. 

Every year we will have a Yagna. Once in 5 years we will have an Athi Rudra. With the opening of the new prayer hall, which is on the 18th, the Hiranyagarbha Linga will find the right place - it will be installed there. Daily abhisheka will be performed. Over a period of time you will have more responsibility, as the time comes. If you share the responsibility all will get an opportunity and nobody will feel the burden. Therefore you organise yourself in teams for not only coming to a Yagna ,or such activities, but also on how to run the ashram or to look after the welfare of the devotees. These people are running hostels and schools, they only know that. That is the responsibility I have given them for which they need to fulfill. But running the ashram and looking after the people, it is the responsibility of my devotees, my youth and my alumni. If we all do our duty properly everybody will be happy. More accommodation will be coming up. We are continuously trying to improve the facilities. It will take a little time. In a short while everything will be in place. 

What else can I do for you? I can only convey my blessings. I have nothing to give other than myself. Take me with you wherever you may go. When are you going to come again? Come Soon. Come soon. 

The 90th birthday is the first birthday of this new age. It is the most significant event in this whole cosmos. This opportunity is given to you and not anyone else. Make best of use this opportunity. I will be standing behind you. I will protect and help you. Just do your duty. Think of me and fight the battle. That is do your duty. Be an instrument, Oh Arjuna, that is all that I expect of you. I will do everything through you. 

Very very happy. I wanted to talk to you all and convey my happiness. My happiness is nothing. It is the collective happiness of all the people who have come. I am continuously getting messages from all around the world that how happy they are for having given the opportunity to witness this function. I am continuously getting messages from all around the world. You have given joy to so many people. Very happy. 

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

DISCOURSE - posted SATURDAY 24th October 2015
ARMY D9: Divine Discourse Notes Wednesday 21st October 2015

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. As we pray to Bhagavan to give His Divine message this evening, I perceive Him to be seated in this chair, in an ochre robe, and I repeat as He speaks. 

If you lose your wealth you can regain it. If you lose your friend you can regain him. Possibly, if you lose your wife you can regain her. If you lose your land it is possible you can get it back. Yet, once you lose your body you can never get it back. 

Embodiments of Divine Love. The body is the basis of all noble and charitable activity. We should know why we have been given the body. This human body is not just a machine made up of five elements and many organs. It is an instrument. Without knowing the purpose of knowing why we have this body, we are spoiling it with many worldly and sensual pleasures. For any vehicle there needs to be a driver. Similarly, for the vehicle of the human body there needs to be a driver. If you get a good driver the driver will take you to the destination, after taking you there, very smoothly and correctly. The right driver follows all the rules of the traffic and he will see to it that he will not meet with any accident or danger. Finally, he will lead you to the destination. If you have a good driver, the master of the vehicle can sit in the car and even sleep, reaching the destination safely. If the master wants to reach a particular destination it is not enough that he makes a wish, a car is needed. Even if the car is there a good driver is required. That is why I keep saying you are not one but three. 

The body is what you think you are. You think that you are the body with a particular human name and form. You imagine that that is the Truth. Not at all ! Body belongs to you, but you are not the body. The car belongs to you, but you are not the car. 

The second is what others think you are. When people look at you and how you conduct yourself. They look at your behaviour and listen to your words. Then they develop a particular image of you . Even that is untrue. It is inescapable that we behave according to the place, time and circumstances. In one situation you will behave in one way, in another another way. In a particular situation people will look at you and develop an opinion. In a different situation, when they will once again watch, they will again develop a different opinion about you. When a teacher goes to the classroom and teaches, then we can think he is a teacher. Just because he is doing the job of a teacher, teaching kids in a classroom, we call him a teacher. When he goes back home, and plays with his children, we then call him a father. When he meets a friend, he wont behave like a teacher or father, he behaves like a friend. When people look at him in the school they call him a teacher. Those who look at him at home call him a father. Those who look at him as a friend call him a friend. The behaviour depends on the situation. But you cant call it the Truth. Then who is he? 

What you think you are is only the body. What others think you are is your mind. What you really are is the Divine Nature. When you consider your human body as the car, the driver is the mind and the master is the Atma itself. When Atma is the master naturally the mind has to obey the master, that is the Atma. It is not right for the mind to take up mastership. As the master says, the driver has to drive the car. Driver can not be disobedient to the master. That is why "Master the mind. Be mastermind". The driver has to do the service to the owner by listening to him and obeying him. It is not right that the driver commands the master. Just because mind is the driver, for the car of the body, we are able to do so many things. As long as the driver drives the car in a righteous way, in a proper way, there wont be any accidents. As long as the driver obeys the masters command, and drives the car properly, there wont be any accidents. When you have a bad driver many kinds of accidents can take place. Thus, it is very essential that you clean up the mind in the right way. We have to see to it that our mind is a good driver and not a bad driver. When the driver, that is the mind, keeps listening to the master, that is the Atma, then the body will become the means for all righteous activity. It is not right for us to accuse the body. When a car meets with an accident the responsibility is with the driver. The car can not go anywhere on its own. The car is inert. Only when the driver starts the car, and drives it, then the car can move. Thus, the mind is the basis of all creation. When you make the mind pure, sacred and noble then the mind will also drive the body in the right way and take it to the right destination. 

The mind has some impurities also. The first is the ego. When there is an egoist driver he wont listen to the master. Only when he listens to the master he pretends to obey, but he doesn't. When the master sleeps in the car, the driver goes his own way, driving his own way. When you forget God for even a moment the mind takes over the mastership. Even when you gain a lot of wealth, ride horses or elephants, when people praise you to the skies, never ever forget the name of God for a moment. Accidents happens when we forget God. 

In the epic of the Mahabharata a very atrocious incident of Droupadi took place. Many people ask a question, "Droupadi was a great devotee of Krishna. Also the Pandavas had a very sweet relationship with Krishna. Why did Krishna not see to it that they did not play the game of dice and that Droupadi was not subjected to such humiliation?" Duryodana invited Dharmaraja for a game of dice. It was not as if Dharmaraja did not know. The maternal uncle of Duryodana, Shakuni, was a very wicked man. He also knew that this Shakuni could play a game of dice without losing it. Some people keep touting, "Even after know the wickedness of Shakuni, why did Dharmaraja go for the game of dice? Why did Krishna not stop him? If Krishna really loved the Pandavas why did he not stop them from playing dice? Why did he not stop them from this humiliation?" Dharmaraja did not invite Krishna to find out what Krishna felt about this. In the same way Duryodana consulted Shakuni on the game of dice, if Dharmaraja had consulted Krishna definitely Dharmaraja would have won the game. Ultimately in the battle of Mahabharata five brothers won over the hundred brothers. If that could happen could not Krishna make Dharmaraja win a game of dice? Since Dharmaraja forgot Krishna, he did not seek Krishna's advice, he played the game of dice and lost everything. Droupadi is a great devotee of Krishna. At that time she did not think of Krishna for even a moment. She first prayed to Dharmaraja and all the Pandavas to rescue her. When Dharmaraja and the other Pandavas did not come to her rescue she prayed to Bhisma and other elders in the court. When even the elders did not come to her rescue she tried to protect herself and rescue herself. But she could not rescue herself. Finally, when she lost all hope, she thought of Krishna. Then spontaneously a miracle took place. The sari became inexhaustible. If having lost everything then what is the use of thinking of Krishna? If only the Pandavas had thought of Krishna before and sought His advice, whilst being invited for the game of dice. Just because they did not think of Krishna at that point in time they had to undergo all these difficulties and humiliation. 

When we meet with difficulties we naturally think of God. Even when times of happiness we think of God then why will the difficulties come to us? In our happiness we forget God and think of God during our difficulties, that is why our life becomes a combination of happiness and sorrow. If the driver drives the car in his own way, then meets with an accident and asks the help of the master, what is the use? If the driver listens to the master, who advises him to drive slowly and does drive slowly, then there with not be an accident. Similarly, mind full of ego does not listen the heart. When the heart talks to the mind the mind just pretends to listen to the heart, but it does not. 

Mind is a good servant but bad master. It is highly dangerous to make our mind the master. Our true master is our own Atma. That is our heart. That is the residence of God. If you want to lead a very righteous life use the body well and use the senses well. You have to see to it that you master the mind first. It is not that you can master the mind at one time. You need to practice it continuously. You could not walk, talk or eat when you are just born. By gradual practice we are able to do all of this. At first, the mind will not listen to the heart. 

The son of Kunti could control the mind with practice and detachment. When you keep using your discrimination as to what is true, what is untrue, what is permanent and what is temporary then you make your mind follow the truth. Finally, you will be able to control the mind. When you use your right hand always your right hand becomes strong. For those who use the left hand only the left hand becomes strong. For people who use only their minds, their minds become stronger. For those who use their heart, the heart becomes stronger. 

When you listen to the heart, to the voice of the Atma, naturally your spiritual power increases. The mind is always external and goes outwards always. The mind always keeps on struggling for that which is pleasant and makes it happy. The mind will never discriminate if this is good or bad, truth or untruth. All the time the mind struggles to attain temporary, momentary happiness. Heart is not like that. Heart always tells us what is good for us and what will bring us good name and fame. Even the heart of Ravana advised him, but he did not listen to his heart only to his mind. That is why he met with such a grave downfall. Not only himself but his family, progeny and the whole of his kingdom. Vibhishana was not like that. Vibhishana used his discrimination, found out what right and what was wrong, and took to the right side. When Vibhishana found out that his elder brother Ravana was on the wrong path he gave him up and join Rama on the other side. 

In the Mahabharata we have a character called Bhishma, the grand sire. Even after knowing what was right and what was wrong, Bhishma was on the wrong side. Because he followed his mind he was subjected to a very gruesome death. Thus, for all of us it is necessary for us to know what is talking to us, the heart or the mind, and then follow the heart. 

How do you know whether your heart is talking to you or your mind is talking to you? The mind goes after only those pleasant things. Heart always tells you to follow the right, the good path. Mind always tells you things that are very selfish. All the time it is thinking of "I" and "mine". But heart has the broadmindedness of "we" and "ours". Mind does everything for selfishness and self-interest. The heart does everything with broadmindedness that everybody should be happy and all the people in all the worlds be happy. When you follow the mind you don't get peace of mind. When you listen to the heart and follows its advice immediately you will gain peace. Peace, you can only gain through the heart. If you follow the mind you will only get into pieces and pieces. The Gopikas, the cow herd girls, loved Krishna with all their heart thus He blessed them. The Yadavas only followed their minds. They thought Krishna was their grandfather or a father or uncle and that is why all of them were ultimately ruined. Just because a proud thought came into the minds of the Gopis, Krishna also went away from them for a while. But when they cried for Krishna and surrendered completely to Krishna, Krishna again manifested for them. But He is not the external Krishna. They saw Krishna within themselves. In the same way, sometimes, God will not manifest and you wont be able to see Him. His purpose is not to punish His devotees. He has only one aspiration and that is devotees should look for Him inside and not outside. Even now that is the drama I am playing. 

When you go and look for God outside you cant get Him. When you purify your heart Sai manifests there as the resident of your heart. God will manifest only in that heart which does not have a trace of selfishness and self-interest and only has selflessness. Therefore, you have to develop that pure heart. Other things come and go. Jagath means things that come and go. The tree which is born in soil will become soil one day or another. The creation, which has come from Brahma, will ultimately become Brahma. From your vision it may look different. 

Oh, Brave son of Bharath, listen to this wisdom. Everything is One and One. Only when you base your life on Atma you will only see Atma everywhere. It is highly essential that you purify your minds. Mind is full of selfishness and self-interest. Heart always looks for selflessness and God. A lot of people come here and tell me, "Swami, You are here. We also want to see you." Its a great thing that the formless God manifested with a form. This Divine incarnation, after leaving the physical body, came back in the subtle body. Such a thing has never happened in the history of mankind. If you want to experience this wonderful phenomenon, how much pure your heart should be. 

When I was in the physical body, even very ignorant students I kept passing them. Even when they came with very little devotion I granted them with my darshan and blessed them. Now, for those people with absolutely pure hearts, they can have darshan, sparshan and sambhashan. When the Gopikas prayed to Krishna, "We want you and nothing else." Only then could they get Krishna. They did not say "We want You also" they said "We want ONLY you". When you want this world, you want everything in this world, then you want God also, you cant get God. Only when you feel "I want only God" definitely you will get God and everything else. The mind thinks that when you get God you will lose everything else. That is not the Truth at all. When you get God you will get everything. Thus, you should pray "I want only God". You should not pray "I want also God". "I want only God ! Only God! Only God! Only God." When, wholeheartedly, you pray like that God will always be behind you. If you remove everything else from the mind, fill your mind only with the thoughts of God, when you pray "I Only want God", definitely you be able to attain God. 

Those people who are managing these institutions are men of great merit and punya. They don't have any narrow mindedness. They only want Swami and nothing else. That is why they found Swami. I always keep telling "Yes, Yes, Yes" for everything. If you want money "Yes". If you want children "Yes". If you want name and fame "Yes". If people tell me "Swami I want only you" even for that I tell them "Yes". Thus, if you want only God you will definitely get God. 

Badri is coming here and expounding the wonderful love of Gopi's for Krishna. But, nobody can understand their love. That is an absolutely pure love. They wanted only Krishna. Their minds were full of Krishna and bereft of anything else. Just because the Gopikas loved Krishna so dearly they didn't have any worldly wealth or worldly glory. Even today we are talking of them due to their great devotion. 

My dear students, tomorrow, you will become very educated people, get big jobs and become big people. Many engineers, lawyers, doctors and rich people have come and gone. All of them have just joined the dust bin of history. Only the devotees are remembered today. Only Truth and good name are remembered. If you want to become a part and parcel of Swami's life it is not enough that you just become engineers and doctors. You have to develop devotion and become great devotees. Even today we do not know the number of relatives that Rama had. We remember the monkeys that helped build the bridge across the ocean. Nobody knows how many wives Krishna had, who were the children and who were his grandchildren. Yet, even today, we remember the cowherd boys and girls who were dearest to Krishna. 

Swami has many children, innumerable devotees. But only those devotees and children who walk in the footsteps of Swami will be remembered forever. My footsteps are love and service. You walk in my footsteps and come behind me. Utilise the body, mind and senses very well. With the only desire for Swami, you walk behind me. This kind of opportunity is not given to everybody. Therefore, the opportunity that you have got, use it well ! You have attained Sai don't lose Him again. Make your path smooth. Nobody will get this opportunity again. Thus, all of you run ! Dash ! For the service to the feet of Sai. Wake up from ignorance! 

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

DISCOURSE - posted WEDNESDAY 21st October 2015
ARMY D8: Divine Discourse Notes Tuesday 20th October 2015

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. As we pray to Bhagavan to give His Divine message, this evening, I perceive Him seated in this chair in a white robe. I repeat as He speaks. 

I am not a man. I am not an angel. I am not a Demi-God. I am not a Brahmana, Kshatriya or Vaishnavite. I am not a Brahmachari. I am not a Grihastha or a hermit. I am truly a teacher of Eternal Truth, an embodiment of Truth, Goodness and Beauty. 

He is the embodiment of Eternal Bliss, the very personification of perfect wisdom. He is the Ultimate happiness. He is beyond the dualities and the eternal witness to everything. He is the only One, ever pure. He is the destination of all philosophical investigations. 

God is Formless. It's a kind of ignorance to say God has such and such a name and such and such a form. He's always in the state of formlessness without any particular form. He incarnates on the earth with four objectives: safe guarding the good people, educating the evil people, establishment of Dharma and teaching of eternal Truth 

Embodiments of Love. Out of all these four objectives the most important is the teaching of eternal Truth. If we get rid of duality, by knowing the Truth, we will be able to experience great Divine Bliss. Many times He has incarnated on this earth but first and foremost His objective is to teach the Truth. He is really the embodiment of Wisdom. What is wisdom and truth. Seeing unity of all existence that is wisdom. He is beyond the dualities and the three gunas or attributes. The whole world is full of duality. The first is positive and the second negative. Wherever there is day there is also the night. Wherever there is birth death is inescapable. Wherever there is victory there is also defeat. Wherever there is good name many times it could happen that there is ill reputation. In order to teach us how we can remain equaniminous, in this world of dualities, that is why God incarnates. It is said Yoga is equanimity. As long as we lead a life in the darkness of ignorance it is not possible for us to attain equanimity. 

In order to teach us this Truth God incarnates on earth. When Rama incarnated He taught the Truth in three ways. He had three pledges. One Wife, one word, one arrow. During those times these were the human values. Krishna said, "That when you surrender from me I will release you from all sins." When Sai incarnated He also had three pledges. What were these three pledges? Conferring joy on all of all humanity and protecting them. Through His love he granted them what they lacked. Sai Baba pledged to catch those hands that swerve from the path of Dharma and bring them back to the path of Dharma. From my birth to now I have been leading my life in order to fulfill these three pledges. As was told by the previous speaker, "My life is My message." The path I show is the path of Truth. The life that I demonstrate is a life of Truth. Every word I teach is a word of Truth. Truth is my word. Dharma is my path. Love is the principle that I teach. If you want to develop love it is necessary to recognise that Truth. 

As long as we continue to have the sense of difference between myself and others definitely we will be in the darkness of ignorance. Only when we experience the oneness of all creation that is the time we get rid of all sorrows, attachments and anguish. We have been listening to very good expositions to the Krishna leelas. It is not only the Krishna leelas, those days many Sai leelas happened also. When I was 14 years old, on the invitation of the municipal commissioner, I went to Hampe. Seshama Raju also came there with his wife. The deity in Hampe is Virupaksha. Manu people prayed to me that I should go into the temple. I said that I would stay outside. Seshama Raju had a wrong opinion about me, not exactly hatred, it was because he thought I was not listening to him or obeying him. Instead of serving inside the house I was always helping others outside the house. His desire was that because he was the older brother, and I was the younger brother, that I should listen to him. As the commissioner invited me I had to go there. They went inside the temple to offer worship. But all of them saw me there standing inside the sanctum. Seshama was very angry, "I call him and he did not come and now he is standing there inside the sanctum. He is very arrogant." But that was not true. When he then went outside he also saw that I was sitting outside. He was amazed to see me inside the sanctum then outside too. Both the commissioner and he saw this. Commissioner, because of his devotion to me, shed tears of joy and went on praising me, "Sathya, you are not an ordinary person." That was the first Leela. The same Sathya who is inside was also outside. What happened at that point in time is also happening now. God is all pervasive. He is outside and inside. He is everywhere. The commissioner was so delighted that he wanted to give a gift to me. He decided to stich some clothes and give it to Swami. But I told him that I didn't want to accept any gifts from anyone, I don't want anything. And even if people prayed to me any amount of times I said that I was not going to accept. In those days to have a coloured pin was in fashion. The commissioners wife prayed to Swami, "Even if you don't accept clothes from us please accept this coloured pin from me." Because she went on praying even Seshama Raju was angry. He spoke to me harshly, "Such a big commissioner is telling you and you are not listening to him." As they all put pressure on me I accepted. I came back with the coloured pin, on my shirt collar, to Uravakonda. As I was going from home to school it happened that the pin fell somewhere. I was not sad that I lost the pin. Keeping that pin from the commissioner was a big job. I really didn't care for it. I thought the coloured pin was a big burden because the commissioner would come and ask me where it was. But the coloured pin was lost. Illusion was lost. I called everybody and called the commissioner and sat on a rock. There were the earliest devotees Hanumantha and Anjaneyulu. All of them prayed to me, "Instead of staying in the garden come to our house." I dont have any relationships, attachments or family. I came for my devotees. On the 20th October 1940 I told this Truth. Hanumantha and Anjaneyulu came and sat at my feet and sang the song Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam whilst sitting there. 

The first 16 years there were a lot of leelas. The next 16 years there were a lot of miracles. During the period of the leelas only the people around me knew about me. In the next 16 years, during the period of miracles, a lot of people came from all around including the King of Mysore and the Queen of Chincholi. Now you are to see the programs here, all over the world, due to the streaming facilities. In those days this kind of technology was not there. Just in the same way as I appeared in the temple I manifested in many houses of my devotees and called all of them to me. They didn't know of Puttaparthi. Those days buses were very rare. From Dharmavaram there was only one bus to Karnataka Nagapalli. If you wanted to cross over the Chitravathi river from Karnataka Nagapalli you had to use a bullock cart or walk. Even the Queen of Mysore came to Karnataka Nagapalli by car then had to walk all the distance. The people came from outside were trusting me and not the people of the village. They were always doubting and saying, "This boy, who was born in our village, they are saying he is God. Is it possible?" People from outside came with great devotion. They wanted to build a temple for Swami. First and foremost Subbamma gave me one acre of land. In front of Sathyabama temple she gave me one acre of land and there they put a tin shed and called it a mandir. Even when I was in that mandir and the number of devotees were rising. Because of the rise in the number of devotees many devotees from around, like Bangalore, purchased ten acres of land and Prashanthi Nilayam was built. It started in a small way but now it is known all over the world. Even when I told my sisters they never believed me. When I started telling them that people from all over the world will visit Puttaparthi, and this will become big a pilgrimage center, they thought that I was mad. Just because just ten or fifteen people are coming, Sathya is feeling very proud and he is already telling us that we need to move from the old mandir to the new mandir. Not only that he is purchasing land around Prashanthi Nilayam and building big mansions. None of them believed what I said. One day I was sitting on the chair of my brother Seshama Raju. He came with a stick and beat me up. He was a school teacher. He was very angry, "I am a school teacher. You are just a small boy. How dare you come and sit on my chair!" Then I told him, "A time will come when you will get a silver chair for me and I will sit in it majestically and you will come and see that." Even that happened ! Whatever I said people are not able to believe. Easwarama also was very hasty and she came and told me, " Sathya I don't know how great you are but you are my son. There are a lot of people coming and inviting you to outside places. You should stay here only." I told Easwarama, "As long as this body is there I will not leave Puttaparthi and go." She was pacified and happy to hear that. Whether it is was Easwarama or any body else they were al very fortunate people. Due to their devotion to God and the kinds of offerings of worship they did they got God Himself as the son of their family. To think that their family was a very ordinary family is a mistake. 

Why am I telling all this to the audience now it is because many students have come from many campuses and they don't know about this. I am telling my own story to them. When I built the mandir nobody believed me. They asked me, " Why are you building such a big mandir?" You are becoming more and more arrogant and spending more and more money. I told them that not only this mandir but a very huge mandir will come up. Even that will not be enough. What ever happened at that point in time now is also happening. Three years back, when I came to Muddenahalli, I told Narasimhamurthy, "Don't think that this is a small educational institution. It is going to be transformed into a big ashram. People from all over the world will come to this ashram. Huge programs will happen here. We are going to build a huge auditorium and bhajan hall. In the same way as those people did not believe me at that point in time he did not also believe me. Now he has got faith. I have been telling him, "You have been here for 40 years and the same buildings are there. Why are so many people coming now and not before? They are not coming here for your sake. It is because Sai Baba is here they are coming !" Due to the magnetic attraction of God all the devotees are coming here. There is no need to tell the bees where the flower is blossoming. There is no need to invite a bee to a flower. Wherever there is a flower bees will swarm there. Nobody need tell the ants where the sugar is. Ants will come to where the sugar is. Nobody need tell others that God is here. Devotees will definitely go to where God is. 

I said yesterday also, "The magnetic power of God is here." Because of the rust and dust of ego and attachment we are not getting attracted to God. When we get rid of ego and attachment and develop devotion automatically we will get attracted to God. Cowherd boys and girls said, "Krishna is not ours. We belong to Krishna !" But the Yadhavas said with the voice of authority that Krishna belongs to us ! One side is self surrender. The other side is authority and ego. God will never be won by either ego and austentation. Wherever there is self surrender God will go there. You may not believe it but this place is a very meritorious place. It is a land of penance. All this area was there in the Vishwamitra ashram in Threta Yuga. Rama and Lakshmana fought Tataka and killed many demons here. It is not right to think that this place is a very ordinary place. To think that people here are very ordinary is a big mistake. In the same way as same Rama came as Krishna and Krishna came as Sai, the people around Him and who loved and adored Him they will also be born again and again. Even before Rama was born the Seven Rishiris came to Ayodhya. A lot of people were surprised to find that great sages were coming to Ayodhya, even though nothing was happening. Even King Dasaratha was surprised to see the sages coming there even though nothing was there. They knew that God would come there. 

In future you are going to see the whole place full of saints and sages. Wherever you look there will be ochre robes and orange robes. A lot of great saints and devotees will come here. People holding high positions like presidents and ministers will all come here. Therefore our students should not think that they are studying in a small educational school. It is a sacred and noble ashram. Where there is love there is no trouble. When you develop love you will not have any trouble. All of you should invite and welcome all those people who come here with great love and sincerity. Subbamma was getting up at four o'clock in the morning preparing food for those that came. In those days there were no hotels. Earlier morning she would get up to prepare food doing that until eleven at night. "Why are you taking so much trouble?" I asked. She replied, "This is no trouble. This is Bliss ! You have given me this great opportunity. What else do I need? I am doing it out of my joy. Don't think that I am troubled." Thus, whoever comes to this ashram all of you should receive them and welcome them with love and devotion. The devotees do not come here for gaining respect. They come here for love. 

I don't have a physical body now. Through your bodies I work. All your hands, legs, eyes and ears belong to God. He envelops everything. All your hands, eyes, ears are mine. You should know that your body does not belong to you and you should keep it sacred and pure. Arthi Rudra Maha Yagna is a scared time. It is a time of transition. Kali Yuga is ending and Sathya Yuga is beginning. It is not Sathya Yuga it is PREMA Yuga. When we know the Truth that everybody belongs to us then we naturally develop love. When you look at your own reflection in the mirror you love it and take great delight. You know that the reflection is your own self. If you think, whilst looking at others, "They are different, I am different" then you can not develop love. 

There is only one Truth and people speak it in many ways. Only when you know that Sai is in everybody and everybody is in Sai, then you will develop love. When you develop love you will experience Bliss. Everything is Love Love Love. Only if you develop love can you understand this Sai principle. Swami has come here. Thousands of people have come here and they are regarding us, thinking that we should not develop pride. A tree with fruits will always be lying low. Humility is very important. With humility and obedience you have to love everyone. 

Here lodging facilities are not enough. I am going to build more and more houses to accommodate devotees. Also I will create all the facilities for them. Next year all kinds of canteens will start here. Apart from canteens a hospital will also be start. For people staying here all types of facilities will be available for them. We can go and see a big hall is being built. To think that this hall is being built for Swami is not the complete truth. In the future Prema Sai is going to come and give darshan in that hall. Narasimhamurthy was asking, "Swami, do we need such a big hall?" "If you were to give darshan a hall is not required. If I am to give darshan a big hall is required." You have to do it for my sake. I am giving them a lot of work. Only when I give a lot of work they think of me. When they think the task is impossible then they think of God. Small projects they can do without thinking of me. When I give them big projects naturally they will come to me, pray to me say, "Swami you have to help us and grant us strength." Among all devotees this kind of fear leads to devotion. That is fear and devotion. 

Architects and engineers are working very hard in order to finish these projects on time. All of you are sitting here listening to talks, enjoying prasadam and seeing the Yagna. Those engineers and architects have not come here for one day. All the time they are working. Even our boys are joining them in their work. Even the engineers and students are thinking that this is not just work this is Swami's work thus they are working with love. When I went saw the hall, a few days back, even I could not believe that it could happen. Now, I have gained complete faith that because our students are working it will be complete. They think it is the sacred work of Swami, we should do it with love. 

Children have very great faith. When Krishna wanted to lift up the hill of Govardhana all the cowherds came saying, "We will also help you Krishna. We will help you in your work." Even a small stone children can no lift. Yet, when a small child Krishna told them that He was going to lift up the whole mountain all of them came without doubting, with complete faith. Nobody questioned me, "You are a small boy. How can we help you lift it? If by any chance we can lift it up and it falls .. what to do? " Nobody questioned. There were no doubts at all. Krishna has said that it is going to happen therefore we should all join that work. When I tell my students there is a lot of work, all of them are coming and saying that definitely we will join in with your work. The boys in the other campuses are feeling bad. We should also join the work and have the opportunity of doing service.

When Rama built the huge bridge a squirrel came to help. It was filling its body with sand, carrying it and putting it on the bridge. The squirrel also thought, "When such a great task is happening I should not keep quiet. I should also do the service." When such great tasks are being achieved for you to simply sit is not correct. Not delighting at just looking at it, do the thing and take delight. When you offer all the work that you do for the love of God then you can recognise the Truth. 

Sathya Sai Avatar will continue to be here for some years. After some time I will come back as Prema Sai. I will stay in this ashram and even teach Truth. Even before the rains come a farmer will prepare the land. In the same way I am preparing the place. Not only am I getting the place ready I am tilling your hearts. I am waiting to remove self-interest and selfishness from your hearts and sow the seeds of love. When the rain comes then it will be useful. Taking a part in this huge task you will also find fulfillment in your lives. 

Earlier that was the declaration.Today this is the declaration. 

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

DISCOURSE - posted TUESDAY 20th October 2015
ARMY D7: Divine Discourse Notes Monday 19th October 2015

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. As we all pray to Bhagavan to guide us through His Divine message, I perceive Him seated in the chair in an orange robe and I repeat as He speaks. 

The Lord is the embodiment of peace and goodness. All names and forms are His. He is the very personification of Sath Chit Anandam - Being, Awareness and Bliss, and Sathyam Shivam Sundaram - Truth, Beauty and Goodness. 

Embodiments of Divine Love. On this very sacred day, after having listened to the exposition of the leelas of Lord Krishna and having enjoyed the music of the very well known couple. After partaking of listening to the devotional songs, my heart is filled with Bliss. After listening to that sweet story of the Lord, and the sweet music, we have to forget our body consciousness and enjoy Divine consciousness. It is not true to think that Bliss is something which we can attain sometime later in our life. At all times, wherever you are, you can experience this Bliss. This Bliss is not connected with the physical body. That moment, when our minds turn away from the body and focus on God, immediately we experience Bliss. All the time I have been addressing you as Embodiments of Divine Love, Atma and Divinity itself. All of you are really the embodiments of Divinity enjoying the wonderful Bliss, which is the Ultimate Truth. You also the embodiments of Truth, Goodness and Beauty. When you focus the mind, not on the body but on the Divine Principle immediately we can attain Divine Bliss. This Divine Bliss is eternal and permanent and is not transient. Transient pleasures come today and go tomorrow. 

Food that we eat today satIsfies us only for today and tomorrow again we feel hungry and we like to eat food. The joy that we derive through eating food is not permanent. When you eat food, in order to satisfy hunger, definitely you will get some temporary joy and happiness. But after sometime, after the food is digested, there will be hunger in the stomach and you feel that you should look for food. You may have any number of worldy desires. When you fullfill one desire for a temporary period you will have some happiness. But the Divine Bliss of the experience of God is there at all times and all places, it is Eternal. We have to put in effort and struggle to attain that Divine Bliss. Even the cowherd boys and girls of Brindavan, after having understood the Divine principle of Krishna, they enjoyed loving Krishna. Once they heard the uttering of the name of Krishna they would forget their body consciousness and enjoy Bliss. All the time they prayed to Krishna, "Lord, in the loveless desserts of our hearts plant the seeds of love in our hearts, rain love in our heart, resulting in rivers of love in our hearts and take us to the ocean of Bliss. Oh Lord please play on your flute." Krishna means one who cultivates our hearts is Krishna. With the plow of discrimination please till our hearts, remove the weeds of worldly desires, plant the seeds of love and lead us to yourself in Divine Bliss. 

After having come to God, aspiring for the little things of life is not correct. Once upon a time there was a temple of Krishna in Brindavan. The great Emporer Krishnadevaraya went to Brindavan, to the Krishna Temple, to have the darshan of Krishna. That region was being ruled by a Sultan at that time. The Sultan felt that this great Emporer, from South India, has come to my place without meeting me and was going there to meet someone else in Brindavan. Since there is somebody greater than me, he is going to meet that person and not me. He wa curious to know who that person was. He also sent his messenger to see where Krishnadevaraya was going. In disguise his messengers went there and came back. They reported to the Sultan, "There is a big temple there." The sultan asked who was residing in the mandir. The messengers said, "There are two people. The great King Gopal Krishna and His Queen Radharani." The Sultan thought, "I never ever knew that there was such a great King and Queen in Brindavan. I should go and see them. Krishnadevaraya comes all the way from South India and goes first to that temple. Definitely that King and Queen are very great." With great sincerity and devotion the Sultan also went to temple. He was very innocent. He went to Brindavan with the only desire to see the great King and Queen there. When he went there and the temple doors were closed. The priests had gone to their homes. He lamented, "Because I came late I could not get His darshan. Unless I have His darshan I will not return. I will wait here for Him to come and grant me darshan." 
It was night. He had come all alone and sat there. He was sitting there and praying, " Who is this great King and Queen. I need to see them." He did not sleep the whole night. All the time he was chanting the name of Gopal Maharaja and Radha Maharani. It was morning and dawn occurred. He heard some sound and looked up to see Krishna and Radha coming out of the temple. Looking at them he derived great delight. He lost his body consciousness and immersed himself in Divine Bliss. Then Krishna asked the Sultan whether he could do a little thing for Him, " I am going to Yamuna to bathe. Until I return please keep all my jewels with you." The Sultan obeyed His command and sat there with all the jewels. Both Krishna Maharaja and Radharani blessed him abundantly and left. He was sitting there. After sometime the priests came there. The priests saw the gentleman, sitting outside the temple, with his hands full of jewels. They did not know that he was the Sultan. They thought he was a thief. They immeditately made out that the jewels belonged to Krishna and started going off at him. But this gentleman was full of Bliss. After having seen Krishna he had lost his body consciousness and was immersed in Divine consciousness. They ridiculed him and even beat him up. He was not moved by these actions. One of the priests noticed that the temple was locked up and thought, "How did he get these jewels?" They then came to know. The priest easily realised, that because of his great devotion, that Krishna and Radha had came out of the temple, blessed him, and in order to demonstrate to the world that he had their darshan they also left their jewels with him. The Sultan did not know of Krishna. He had not heard of Bhagavatham. He had never heard of the leelas of Krishna nor sang Bhajans. But with great love he waited for Krishna and that is why he received Krishna's darshan. We also should never stop until we have Gods darshan. But how can we have His darshan? What ever you may do, study scriptures, go on pilgrimages, do great penance these wont get you darshan of God. 

If you just develop love God is there in Love itself ! 

If you want to get hold of something, till you get it dont give up. If you have desired something dont give up your desire until that desire finds fullfillment. If you ask for something, dont give up asking until it is given to you. If you have thought of something dont give up on that thought until that thought finds fullfillment. Without being able to resist your pull of love God should manifest for you. Or, you have to collapse without body consciousness, that is the right thing. Going back in the middle is not the hall mark of a devotee. When we say that we want God. It is not just saying through lips. Until you get God dont let up your hold ! 

Whatever difficulties and obstacles you encounter with great courage and determination get over them and obtain God. A sincere person will get wisdom. Shabda is having both Faith and Love. Among the six types of spiritual treasures the most important is Shabda. This arises from the heart and not from the mind. Only when you aspire for God whole heartedly, only then you will find God. Therefore, the easiest and subtlest path to attain God is through devotion. If you have true devotion there wont be any other emotions. All the negative qualities like sorrow, misery and anguish, everything you will forget when you have devotion. Inspite of all the obstacles and hardships Mira was all the time singing of Krishna. Her husband wanted her to give up devotion to Krishna and he wanted her to be devoted to him. She never gave up her devotion to Krishna. Like our Badri she also carries the memories of Krishna. She said that my only is Krishna, Gopala and nobody else. My husband is Krishna who has the crown of the peacock feather. Rana is not my husband and my Lord is Krishna Himself. She gave up her palace and went to Bridavan singing of Krishna. What was she singing? "Oh Mind, let us go to the shores of the Ganga and Yamuna." The tears of Bliss from the two eyes are Ganga and Yamuna. When you sing with devotion the tears of Bliss role down your cheeks that is Ganga and Yamuna. The place of Krishna is the center between the two eye brows. She went on singing and finally reached Brindavan. She looked for Krishna but didnt find Him. She was so very miserable that she was not able to see Krishna but she went on singing and went onto Brindavan. She had great determination and thought, "I will not give up until I get the darshan of Krishna." She went there and was so tired that she collapsed and knocked her head on the Krishna's temple doors. Immediately she had the darshan of Krishna. So then she realised that Krishna is not somewhere else to look for. Krishna is within me ! He is my Divine Consciousness, He is my Divine Atma. He is within me ! Wherever I look for Krishna finally I see Him there in myself. She loved and adored Krishna so much that is why she could attain Krishna. She did nothave any attachments. She had no attachment to family life. She had only one attachment. That is attachment to Krishna. 

Yesterday, the expounder of Bhagavatham said that the nine planets will not harm us if we have the Krishna planet. Krishnagraha or anugraha means Divine Grace. If you have divine grace no graha's (planets) can hinder you. Therefore, you have to always pray for Divine Grace. Until we realise God our whole life is a waste. What ever we think, do, hear or say, if we dont find God our life is a waste. You have to put in your effort to realise God within yourself. He is thirsty after love. Where ever there is love he comes running there. When Krishna stole butter, ate it and ran away Yashoda could not find him anywhere. But on the floor she saw the footprints of Krishna. On the floor was the left and right foot print of Krishna. When she followed the left and right footprints of Krishna she could get Him. When I left this world I left my left and right footprints on this earth. What is this left and right foot print. The left footprint is love and the right is service. If you follow my footprints of love and service definitely you will reach me. Therefore love everyone and serve everyone. Then you will merge in me. 

God is not anywhere else. He is within you. In order to reach Him you need to follow His teachings and His footprints of Love and Service. That is Love and Service, Love and Service and nothing else. Help ever Hurt never. Love All Serve All. Can we walk on one foot? Not at all. Along with the right foot the left foot should join. Wherever there is love service will follow. When we practice love and service in our life we will reach Krishna. Following this path of love and service you will realise God within yourself and enjoy the Bliss. The embodiment of Sat Chit Ananda is not anywhere else. It is your real nature Sat Chit Ananda. I am not the mind, the sub-conscious mind, the ego nor the five senses. I am Chit Ananda the Bliss of Consciousness. When you chant the mantra I am not the body, I am the Atma. Immediately you will realise your True Nature. 

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

DISCOURSE - posted MONDAY 19th October 2015
ARMY D6: Divine Discourse Notes Sunday 18th October 2015

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. As we pray to Bhagavan to give His Divine message, on this very auspicious evening, I perceive Him seated in the chair in an orange robe. I repeat as He speaks. 

That son of Nanda has come back as Ananda Bala, the child of Bliss, in order to play with His playmates. It is the same Ramachandra that has come back as Aramachandra, without any care, without any worry, in order to recognise His soul mates. It is the same Sai Easwara of Parthi who has come here Muddenahalli Easwara, the God of Muddenahalli, in order to recognise His devotees. It is the same Maha Vishnu who has come back as Mahe Vishnu, the Vishnu on this earth. in order to His work with His instruments. 

Embodiments of Divine Love. Where is God ? Since times immemorial people have been searching for God, going to many centres, studying scriptures and looking for Him everywhere. Where ever he searches for Him he is not seen with these eyes. Is He in Vaikuntha? He is not there in Vaikuntha. If you think that He is in Kailasa, trully He is no there. Where is He really. This is the reply given by God Himself. I wont dwell in Vaikuntha. I will not reside in the hearts of the yogis. I install myself in their hearts where ever my devotees sing. Without God the devotees can not exist. Without the devotee God can not exist. When th child is born, a mother is also born. Before the child is born she is only a woman and not a mother. Only when a child is born woman is transformed into a mother. You can look for God everywhere and you wont find Him. He will be where the devotee is living. Wherever there is pure devotion Go also resides there. 

This evening, in the Bhagavatha exposition, we have learnt a little about the story of Krishna. Krishna means that which attracts, that is the Krishna principle. God is full of magnet power. Though magnet has complete magnetic power it will attract the iron piece only when the iron piece approaches the magnet. The iron filing will be attracted only if it does not have any impurity like ego or attachment or wicked qualities. If the iron piece is full of rust and dust, however much it may try, it will not be attracted by the magnet. The same God looking upon whom, Prahlada, worshipped and adored Him, looking at the same God, Hiranyakashipu hated Him. The same Lord Krishna whom Gopas and Gopikas loved and adored, looking at the same Krishna, Kamsa hated Him. Krishna is one and the same. Vishnu is one and the same. Everything depends on the feelings of the devotees. Only that piece of iron, which is free from rust and dust, will be attracted by the power of the magnet. A piece of iron, which is full of rust and dust, may get close to the magnet but there wont be any change in it. Seeing that this iron piece, with rust and dust, is not attracted it is foolish for us to think that the magnet has no power in it. Not at all. The magnet definitely has power. Due to the evil in the iron piece it will not get attracted. Similarly, in a human being, who is full of rust and dust of ego and attachment, even when that person comes to the Divine presence there wont be any transformation in him. Otherwise, the same Rama, who was worshiped and adored by even monkeys, why should Ravana looking at Him hate Him? This kind of perversion happened because of the evil within him. Even monkeys, because of their pure feelings, could see God in the personality of Rama. 

God is ever pure, sacred, blissful and always steady. Actually, its only your own reflection you see in the mirror and you dont find anything else there. When you talk to God with love God will also talk to you with love. When you hate God our own hatred gets reflected to us. Therefore, only when we give up our evil qualities will we be able to recognise God. Because of the rust and dust of ego and attachment even this magnetic power of God will not attract you. 

In Gopalas and Gopikas there was no rust and dust. They wanted only Krishna and nothing else. Krishna left Brindavan and went to Madhura. Everyone was grieving over it. Even after reaching Madhura Krishna was always thinking of the Gopalas. The Gopalas in Brindavan were so sorrowful. Because of His own regulation Krishna would never return to Brindavan and the Gopikas could not go to Madhura. Krishna would not go to Brindavan. All the time the Gopikas were looking for Krishna in Brindavan. There was a very good friend of Krishna called Uddava. Through Uddava Krishna sent a message to the Gopikas to show Uddava the deep devotion they had for Krishna. Uddava went to Brindavan with the purpose of removing the grief of the Gopikas. These Gopikas were always thinking of Krishna. There minds were immersed in the Krishna principle deriving Bliss. Uddava went to Radha. Even Uddava was having the colour of Krishna, the dark complexion. Looking at Uddava the Gopikas thought it was Krishna and they came running. Uddava got down from the chariot with the desire to hand the message of Krishna to her. Uddava was teaching her Krishna is everywhere, He is all pervasive. Radha asked him, "Which Krishna are you talking about?" Uddava answered, "Krishna who left Brindavan and reached Madhura, he has sent a message to you. This is why I am telling you." Radha laughed out loud, " Keep your philosophy with yourself ! My krishna is always in me ! I just close my eyes and I can see Him all the time. What went to Madhura was only an illusion and not Krishna. My Krishna is always within me. I am the shadow of Krishna. Where there is shadow there is the object. Where there is reflection the object should also be there. If you see Radha still living it is because Krishna is with her. It is not necessary to listen to your philosphy. Every moment I experience it and enjoy it!" 

If you look at Madhura you will see great jealousy there between the two wives Rukmini and Sathyabama. Rukmini and Sathyabama wanted Krishna to stay there only with them. Why? They thought that Krishna was a body and they desired His physical form. Radha knows that He is consciousness. He is the principle of energy. Knowing that she was always happy. Radha did not experience any sorrow. Where ever you go you find Radha Krishna temples. Very rarely you find Rukmini and Sathyabama Krishna temples. Many people without knowing the spiritual relationship between Radha and Krishna, at their level they think of that relationship. Their thinking is their own reaction, reflection and resound. A thief thinks that everybody is a thief. A devotee thinks that everybody is a devotee. Radha was thus never sad. She never ever thought that Krishna was the body. Krishna is the form of the Atma. He is God. He is Consciousness, He is Energy. Even when Sai Baba gave up His body many devotees were crying and shedding tears looking for Him here and there. The body is same and equal for everbody. The body made up of five elements is temporary. How ever much you may spend, whatever medicines you may consume, you can not protect the body from death. 

Dont be proud of your youth, money or man-power. It can be removed in a minute. In every school there will be rules and regulations. In a school, depending on a particular time-table, their will be class, prayer and lunch break. For this world their are the rules and regulations of place, time and causation. Even the principle who built the school has to go according to the rules and regulations. More important than others he has to practice that. Similarly, when God comes down as a Divine Incarnation in human form it is inescapable that he has to follow the rules of place, time and circumstances. anybody which is born has to die. But the indweller is permanently there. When you realise that Divinity then you get rid of all attachment and sorrow. That is why it is said wisdom is seeing the unity of all existence. There is no disease worse than greed. There is no enemy worse than your own anger. There is no sorrow higher than poverty. There is no happiness higher than wisdom. Wisdom is not just knowledge. Knowledge is what you study in a lesson - the theory part. Wisdom is really experience not knowledge. Only when you experience will you know the unity of all existence. 

Yesterday, Alike students put on various costumes and they played their roles on the stage. There was the role of Sathi also. Sathi was played by boy not a girl.. Only when he removes the costume and the dress he is wearing does he knows that he is a boy. Similarly, Siva and Daksha Prajapathi they were having different costumes. They looked different. When you put on the costume you have to act that role given. When they remove the costumes the boys realised that Shiva was only a role that I played in the drama. And all of us having various costumes on us and are moving around. There are some who are wearing the costumes of teachers, musicians, men and ladies. Putting on the various costumes called "bodies" we think we are different. But costume is not the truth. After the drama we have to give up the costume. Only when we give up the costume do we recognise the Truth and derive delight. 

All this show of life is nothing but a drama and fancy dress. The various people in the world behave differently as Malaysians, English, americans or Indians. It is because of the various costumes that they are wearing. When you look at the Atma principle in everybody, everybody is equal, one and the same. According to the role being given in a drama sometimes you have to cry, sometimes you have to laugh. Depending on the roles there will be various feelings. One day the drama will have to stop. After the drama you remove the costume and realise the Truth. Sometimes the director also comes down to the stage and tells, very sincerely, have you have to enact your roles. In fact the director has no role or real duty. In order to demonstrate the ideal he comes down. Sometimes the director Himself puts on a costume and comes as an actor in the drama. Similarly, in various Yugas, God comes down in human form to play His role. 

What is the meaning of God incarnating? With the love and affection for mankind God comes down to their level, along with individual and Divine consciousness. An Avatar has both individual and Divine consciousness. God, when He plays the role of an Avatar, He gets immersed in His role and He acts perfectly. Then you keep telling that is a kind of Yogamaya. But the Truth is the Avatar has Divine Consciousness. Divine consciousness is always there. Due to the individual consciousness He looks like an ordinary human being. Only then can you mix with Him and enjoy His company and learn lessons. At no time does an Avatar lose His Divine Consciouness. Depending on His individual consciousness, for you to think that He is also an ordinary human being, that He also has birth and death, is a mistake. It is not truth. He is only playing a role in the drama. In order to teach the principles Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Peace and Non Violence He plays a role. In this way God came down as Rama, Buddah, Jesus and Krishna in order to play and teach mankind. 

The conscious power is the Truth and nothing else but the Truth. It si said in the scriptures that God is Eternal and the world is an Illusion. Knowing that this world is nothing but an illusion you enter into Divine Consciousness. As long as there is illusion and you identify yourself with the roles that you play, ego and attachment are inescapable. Identifying yourself with the role in the drama, thinking that this is your personality, name and my world - not correct. Who were you before and after the drama? That Truth we have to find out. When you recognise that truth there is no scope for desire, sorrow or attachment. When you experience the oneness of all existence, where is attachment and where is sorrow ? There is only One Truth and the scholars speak of it in different ways. I have been organising all these programmes so that you get into Divine presence and Divine company so that you can recognise the Truth of getting rid of your ego and attachment. As is the feeling so does it happen. 

This world is based on your own mind. What is the mind? A bundle of thoughts ! Mind is nothing but a conglomeration of various thoughts. It is like a key. When you turn it right it opens. Turn it left it gets locked. When you turn your mind towards God you will enjoy God consciousness. When you focus your mind on this worldly life it is a bondage. That is why it is said that the mind is responsible fo your bondage and liberation. After having come here, residing in the Divine presence and hearing good talks, you should learn these lessons. Your effort is very important. 

There are many people like Kamsa who talk philosophy. Kamsa was telling Vaasudeva and Devaki that we dont really have birth and death whilst trying to assure them. After having killed so many children he is talking about philosophy. But all the time he is afraid of his own death ! Once it happened that there was a big landlord. He had alot of cows owned by him. There was a servant who looked after them. The servant had a bull too. When he took all the cattle and bull of the rich man, also his own, onto the same property, there was a fight between the two bulls. The bull of the servant killed the bull of the rich landlord. He was very frightened. With great fear he approached the landlord. Master there was a very bad incident today. There was a battle between your bull and my bull. The landlord said, "What is so special about this incident. Even human beings fight like that. It is ordinary for animals to fight." Due to confusion and fear the servant said that the landlords bull had died, in the reverse way. The landlord heard this and said, "What is great about this. Anything that is born has to die. That is why your bull has died. It is absoutely normal. Don't worry about it." The poor servant, after recognising that he had reported wrongly, said, " Actually, the story is my bull has killed your bull." The landlord got angry and told him, "How can your bull kill my bull! You have to pay all the money and onlt then you can go home from here." The landlord spoke great philosophy when he first heard that the servants bull was killed. 

Similarly many devotees come here and say that if really transformation has to happen in me it should be by God Himself. But in order to earn money and look after their families they will put in alot of effort. Yet, when it comes to transformation he will talk philosophy saying that only by Gods Grace can there be any transformation. Gods Grace is always there. Gods Grace is equal on everybody. In the same way as the suns rays shine equally on everybody Gods Grace shines on everybody equally. 

When you wash your clothes you have to put your clothes out in the sunshine for them to dry. That effort you have to make. Prohits do offer many offerings to the fire. What is it that you did sitting here? When you come and sit here you have to offer at least one of the six enemies into the fire place. At least to some extent if you get rid of your ego and attachment you can say that you made an effort. Just coming here, listening to talks, taking prasadam and walking away is not correct. At least one evil quality in you, you have to offer into the fire place. One by one, if you get rid of your evil qualities, you will become perfect. Selfishness is the cause. The root cause of selfishness is ego. When you give up ego you get rid of all evil qualities. Therefore, we have to reduce our ego and attachments and develop Divine Consciousness. 

Many Divine incarnations may come but it may not be useful for you. After having come to this sacred land, witness this sacred Yagna, you have to get rid of your ego and attachments and realise God within yourselves and derive Divine Bliss. 

Wherever there is name there is form also. There is an inseparable relationship between the two. When you utter the name of Krishna, Krishna is there. When you utter the name of Sai, Sai is there. Without name there is no form, without form there is no name. When you think of the form automatically you get the name. When you utter the name immediately the form will manifest there. Thus, there is no way God is not here or he is only there. In which ever place devotees with pure love think of Him God will manifest there. If you want to develop pure love you have to give up ego and attachment. There will be some impurities in the water that you get from the land. You cant drink water as it is. You get rid of the impurities from the water and drink only pure water. Only when you get rid of all the evil qualities in you and develop pure love for God, then you can really see God also. 

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

DISCOURSE - posted SUNDAY 18th October 2015
ARMY D5: Divine Discourse Notes Saturday 17th October 2015

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. As we pray to Bhagavan to give His message, on the very auspicious evening, I perceive Him to be seated in a yellow robe and I repeat as He speaks. 

Embodiments of Divine Love. Every person has six relatives. Truth is the mother. Wisdom is the father. Righteousness is the brother. Compassion is the friend. Peace is the daughter. Forgiveness is the son. These are the six relatives of every person. Everyone who is born in this world will be born in a family. In the family there will many relatives like Father, Mother, Wife, Children, Brothers and Sisters. But all these relationships last as long as only this body is there. As soon as the body is lost we also lose all relationships. So who is the wife, the father, the mother or the son ? Before you get married, the girl whom you are going to get married to, you have no knowledge on who she is, the only thing you know is she is the daughter of somebody. You will not even think that she is your wife. As soon as you get married you enjoy all her happiness and you also share her burden of sorrow. Before the marriage, if the girl gets a fever, you dont bother about it and just think that somebody just has a fever. Once you get married, before you even ask her, you go here and there and meet a doctor to get some medicines for your wife. Before marriage who is she and who are you ? You are just separate human beings. Because of the marriage there comes the bondage. Once you give up the body there is neither wife or husband. 

Again and again you are born. Again and again you die. Again and again you live in the womb of your mother. Therefore, all the kind of relationships, that you develop on this earth, they are only bondages, they are not real relationships. But there is only one true relationship, that is the relationship with the Atma. There is only one atma who is the indweller in all the beings. Ony One God dwells in the hearts of everyone. 

Only when you live for God you can know that everyone is your brother and everyone is your sister. When you come to the stage you address everyone as brothers and sisters. You only just say that. Are you experiencing it or behaving like that in your life ? You talk so many things. Do you put it into practice? All these things are a kind of mere mindedness. For the broadminded people the whole world is there family. True devotion is to think that everyone in the world is belonging to you. Whom ever we salute we are saluting God Himself. We should know that whom ever we ridicule we are ridiculing God Himself. Our true relationship should be with God who is the resident in the heart of everyone. All over relationships are kind of bondage. 

Once upon a time there lived a couple who loved each other very intensely. The husband had a feeling. For the sake of my wife I am ready to give up my life. The wife was very loyal to the husband and was ready to do anything for him. With so much love and affection between them they led their family life. One day, a very noble soul. came to that village. All the people of the village joined the satsangh and the couple also went there. In that satsangh the noble soul taught that life, youth, wealth, wife and children are tempoary. Only Truth and good name are permanent. This world is called Jagath because everything comes and goes. Therefore, all the relationships that we develop, amongst ourselves, are temporary and not permanent. But this husband did not like the words of the Mahatma. He said, "My wife is ready to do anything for my sake ! To call my relationship between me and my wife is wrong. We have a very deep relationship of love and fellowship. Not just attachment." Because he was arguing that way the saint called him to the stage. He called him aside and talked to him separately. "If you want to know the Truth you just do what I tell you to do. Pretend to be dead. I will teach you a mantra which will make you look dead. What ever is happening around you will be able to listen to everything." It is a state of meditation. Then you will understand the truth. He gave the mantra and sent the husband home. In those days the houses were very small. Houses were small and doors smaller. The door was so small that only one person could pass through it. Always it was a kind of one way traffic. You cant walk straight into the house without bending your head. This man was living in such a small house. So, he staged the drama of being dead. He was lying down on the cot looking dead after repeating the mantra. Now all the people got ready to perform the cremation rites of this man. Wife also was shedding tears of sorrow and was feeling miserable. Finally it was decided that the body should be taken outside of the home. As he was in a state of meditation the body became very stiff and the legs and hands could not be moved. Thus they decided that they would take the body, along with the cot, outside. But the door was so small. However much they tried the cot could not be taken out the door. Everybody thought, seeing ad though he is dead, better we smash the door to take out the cot. Young men started breaking down the door. The wife came running. "What are you doing?" They said, "This body can not be taken out this small door. we are breaking down the door so we can take the body out." The wife replied, "Why do you want to break down the door. He is dead ! Chop off his limbs and take him out ! He is dead. At least the door we can save." Immediately the mans meditation was broken. He got up and said, " I thought you loved me so much. But today I now know how much you love me." Then he thought that this bondage of family is no good for me. 

I am not telling you that everybody will be like that. All worldly relationships are selfish in nature. It is only the selfish relationship of give and take. Nobody wants to live selflessly. Only God is Selfless. All the time He puts in an effort to make you happy. Yet, all the time you are worrying without thinking of God. You are making your life a funeral pyre. You are struggling so much to attain things which are temporary. You dont do anything to attain something which is pemament. Be born is a worry. Living on earth is a worry. Family life is a worry. Wealth is a kind of worry. Friendship is a kind of worry. Death is a worry. Happiness is a worry. All actions lead to worry. Difficulties are a worry. Oh my dear people, at least from now onwards think of one worry which will remove all your worries. If you worry to attain Gods Grace that is enough. When you contemplate on God you will get rid of all the worries. 

Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? What is the destiny of our lives? Only once when we have enquired into this Truth, and we find out the Truth, will we be very happy. There is no happiness equal to wisdom. When you get true wisdom that I am God Himself, I am the Atma, then you will get rid of all worries. Wealthfare does not mean that you have to struggle for your family earning money. It means that you have to put in the effort to attain the highest happiness or bliss. Happiness is union with God. Union with God will give you permanent happiness. Until then you will get only temporary pleasure. Thus we have to give up everything that is temporary and put in effort to attain that which is permanent - God. 

Bali was born in a demons family. But he only had the feelings of a great devotee. We are born in a human family but we dont develop that kind of devotion. Our life is not reflected in our lineage but in our actions. Not by money, progeny or activity will you find immortality. Only by sacrifice will you find immortality. If you are the child of immortality you should know where you get immortality. Not by action, progeny or money ! Only by sacrifice. We have to sacrifice our selfishness, self-interest, ego and attachments. We came here empty handed. We will die empty handed. It is a waste of your effort if you want to attain all things in this world that are very temporary. 

My dears, all of you should try to cultivate a good relationship with God which is permanent. All of us are temporary. The Emporer Bali sacrificed the empire itself. Till today we remember him for his nobility, sacrifice and great name. Only two things are permanent: Truth and good name. We have to put in effort and struggle for good name. 

Many students desire to be engineers or doctors. That is good. There is nothing wrong in those desires. It depends upon on what you do after you become an engineer or doctor. If you become an engineer you should struggle not only to just fill your stomach but to serve the society. After becoming a doctor you should not just think about earning alot of money or good name and fame. Most importantly you should become a good person. 

All the devotees, who are seated here, are enjoying listening to stories of God and many talks. But in the background many people are struggling hard to provide you with this opportunity. What kind of people are there ? Among the volunteers, there are from Bangalore, many engineers, doctors, businessmen and lawyers. You may think when they are doing ordinary service, becoming volunteers here, you may think that they are ordinary people. All those who running around here and there wearing scarves, they are serving you with great humility and obediance. All of you are servants and none of you are leaders. Even God is born to serve everyone. God becomes a Divine Incarnation with the objective of loving and serving everyone. When God himself is involved in service activities, you should also be involved in service and find fullfillment in your lives. 

In order to organise a programme like this we do need the services of a lot of people. We need all kinds of people like cooks, decorators, sound system people, lighting people and drivers. In order to provide this wonderful programme prohits are not enough ! Greater than the Yagna being performed by prohits, greater still is the service being done by the volunteers. All these people are doing everything for the love of Swami. There is no selfishness, there is no ego, there is no attachment in there activities. You are all coming here and going away from here. You may not know this that is why I am telling you what is happening here in the background. I am not praising the people. They are not doing it for a good name. They have only one desire to satisfy Swami in all ways. There are many officers in high positions. They want to do service. They dont get leave but still they are doing both, their office work and service. All night they are working from home. They dont eat food or sleep. We are able to run this wonderful programme because of their good service. We have to offer our gratitude to those people. (applause). 

All of you should become servants. True servants are true leaders. One who puts into practice is the real teacher. Therefore, a true servant is a true leader. When all of us become servants our ego and arrogance will be eliminated. Sometimes when we involve ourselves in service activities there may be some differences of opinion. They are not spiritual differences. They are differences in the activity. Five fingers are different in their shape and size. When all of them get together the work happens. Only when you work with unity can you achieve anything. I am conducting this programmes with the only purpose of purifying you and eliminating your ego. You have to not only do service here but back home. When someone asks for a tumbler of water here you run and give them the water. However a big officer you may be you are doing the service of giving water. But when you go back home and order your wife, "Go and get me coffee or go get me water" is not correct. What service you do here you should do there also. In fact, the service should be done at home. When you do service at home and set an ideal for your children they will also join the service activities. Children will not learn from what you speak. They will learn from your actions. It is not just speaking, you have to practice what you speak and develop a good image for yourself then everybody will look up to you. 
(lights turn on and off over 30 seconds) 
They are putting off the lights. Probably I have to finish my discourse. (laughter). Thee are some people, you give them a mic and they will never leave it (laughter). They keep ooonn talking. Once it happened somebody was giving a speech like that. Everybody got up and went away. There was only one person who stayed back. The speaker was very happy. At least there was one person appreciating what he was saying. He asked the man, "Even after everybody has left, you are staying back. What have you understood of my talk?" The man said, " I am not here to listen to your philosphy. All these lights and tent belong to me ! I am just waiting for you to stop talking so that I can wind up all these mics and put everything away" We dont want to become such speakers. But all those that spoke here spoke very well. Their words emanated from their hearts, not from their lips. That is the language of the heart - one language. 

Students have come all the way from Alike to put on a performance. We will witnessed that now and derive delight. 

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

DISCOURSE - posted SATURDAY 17th October 2015
ARMY D4: Divine Discourse Notes Friday 16th October 2015

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. As we all pray to Bhagavan to give His Divine message, I perceive Him seated in this chair in an orange robe. I repeat as He Speaks. 

This sacred land of Bharat has given birth to many great men and woman that have won international fame. This land of Bharat is the battle ground from where the western heros were thrown out by our Indian leaders. This land of Bharat is a land of great scholarship and also expertise in music, literature and fine arts. Having been born in this great country, Oh My devotees and children, it is your responsibility to uphold and safe guard the treasure and wealth of dharma of this great country. 

Embodiments of Love, devotees, students, boys and girls. For any human being it is very difficult to gain three things which leads us to attaining Divine Grace. The first is the human birth. The second is the desire for liberation. The third is the great company of realised souls or men of wisdom. Its a great opportunity for us to be born as human beings among 84 lahks of species of life on this earth. It is not enough that we are just born as human beings. It is highly essential that we conduct ourselves as human beings. 

The great goal of human life is nothing but developing aspiration for liberation - nothing else. The right path of dharma is the path on which you will aspire to realise God. There are four goals of human life: Dharma - right conduct, Artha - earning wealth and treasure, Kama - fullfilling our physical desires and Moksha - liberation. What this actually means is that you have to earn money through righteous means and then utilise it to move forward on the spiritual path and attain liberation. That is the real human life. 

It is a big mistake to think that we will gain liberation only after we drop this physical body. Even when you are living, if you can give up attachment to this world and worldly desires, that is liberation. If, by any chance, in our heart arises a desire for liberation we should know that it is a great fortune conferred on us. Even if you get the human birth and also develop the desire for liberation, suppose you dont get the guidance and company of a great soul then life will become useless. When we make good use of the opportunity to be with great and noble souls, and learn the lessons taught by them, then our lives will find fullfillment. 

We have another great good fortune conferred on us ! Apart from having the human birth and apart from developing desire for liberation, apart from having attained the company of God Himself, the greatest fortune is that we are born in this sacred land of Bharat. This is a Divine, sacred and glorious land. A land in which we can attain the highest goal. Even the great Divine incarnations are born in the womb of this great mother Bharat and not anywhere else. Bharat means one with the right feeling of devotion and also the right tune and rhythm. You adore God and gain Divine experience. Who is a Bharathiar? He is one who derives great joy and bliss in God. It is not the quality of an Indian, a person born in the sacred land of Bharat, to only struggle to attain worldy wealth, treasure pleasures and all the means by which we can attain essential pleasures and also name and fame. It is very unfortunate that we are born as Indians but we dont behave as Indians. A Bharathiar is one who takes delight only in God. My dear children you very very fortunate that you are born in this great land of Bharat, that you have developed the desire for liberation and also you have won the Divine presence of God Himself. You should never lose this opportunity. Having obtained the Grace of Sai dont lose it ! Make good use of it ! Once you lose it you will never get it again. It is your primary duty to see that you make good use of the opportunity given to you. 

So many number of children are getting admitted to our educational institutions. It is not just enough if a boy or girl develops the desire to become a student. You need to have the right kind of educational institutions also. Apart from the right kind of educational institutions also you need the right kind of teachers. These three things are the human birth, desire for liberation and the company of the great souls. In this country of Bharat today all the education institutions should become Saraswathi Mandirs. When you ask any student, "What are you doing?" They will say, "I am purchasing education." They dont say, "I am studying education.' The boy, after after having purchased education with money, once he gets educated, what is he going to do with his education ? He will only sell what he has purchased. Nothing beyond that. When a boy, or girl, purchases their education, spending 1 lahk of rupess, the only desires they will have is to earn lahks of rupees. They will never think of the welfare of the world and service to society. 

What is the use of earning that kind of useless education that leads you to only logic and argumentation, an education that does not confer upon you good wisdom. What is the use of learning an education which ultimately leads you to death. The kind of education that you should learn is the one that leads you to immortality. 

Narayan Bhatt had no desires at all. He had only prayer. In a desire there is a feeling of "I" and "mine". In a prayer the feeling is "you" and "us". He always said, "Gods Will will be done and not mine." Today the educational institutions that are coming up fast in both his name and Swami's name are because of the prayers done by Narayan Bhatt. Bhagiratha prayed so that, the celestial Ganga, the Ganga in the heavens would come down to earth to quench the thirst of the people on earth. He was given that Grace by Lord Ishwara. Bhagiratha, very selflessly, in order to quench the thirst of the human beings, prayed to Lord Ishwara. Iswara Himself took upon that Celestial Ganga on His matted head. Because of the selfless prayer of Bhagiratha, even Iswara, took the Ganga on His matted head. Similarly, because of the selfless prayers of Narayan Bhatt, today God Himself has taken upon Himself the fullfillment of Narayan Bhatts desire. Thought there are crores and crores of people in the world, how many people are praying selflessly for others. It could be one or two people. Not all people. Narayan Bhatt, with great prayer of world welfare, offered all his wealth properties at the lotus feet of God. They are finding fullfillment because of the Divine Grace today. He did not even keep a single rupee for himself. He thought that if he keeps even a single rupee he will not get Divine Grace and that if he kept even one rupee with him that he didnt have faith in God. He thought, "He will give everything and he will look after me. God is looking after such a vast creation. Will he not look after me?" For crossing over the ocean of samsara, you can not do it by penance, you can not do it by going on pilgrimages and you can not do it by studying scriptures. Only by service to noble souls can you attain liberation. 

Yagnas are apart of our Indian culture. Therefore we are performing this Yagna. Yagna has another name - sacrifice. True yagna is full of sacrifice. Even if you dont have the sacrificial fire it is good enough that you have a selfless thought in your mind. There is no greater sacrifice than offering ones own body, mind and soul to the service of society. Sacrifice is not giving up wife and children and going away into the forrest. Real sacrifice is sacrifice of the selfishness in your own mind. That beomes Yoga. 

Today, because of lack of time I will not tell you many things, but what I have told you you have to understand it, contemplate on it and practice it. That is good enough for me. For 85 years I went on giving discourses. But how many people are there who have absorbed the teachings of Swami and have demonstrated these teachings in their own lives. Thus, I would like to tell you that just listening is not enough. You must contemplate on my teachings and practice them in your lives. Otherwise, like holding a sive to catch the water that comes from above, it will be useless. I conclude my discourse by blessing you that all of you will cleanse the vessels of your heart and fill it with pure and sacred feelings and lead a very noble life. 

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

DISCOURSE - posted Friday 16th October 2015
ARMY D3: Divine Discourse Notes Thursday 15th October 2015

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. As we all pray to Bhagavan for His Divine message this evening, I perceive Him seated in this chair in an orchre robe and I repeat as He speaks. 

Who ever thinks of me, without thinking of anything else, such people who are always devoted to me I will always look after their welfare. 

Embodiments of Divine Love. Sri Krishna gave us His Word that who ever thinks of me, without thinking of anything else, I will always look after everyday of their welfare. Who ever thinks of me all the time, at all places I will grant him all the gifts of this world and also the other world. Welfare does not mean that God gives us all wealth and treasures, name and fame which are only worldy. All of them are related to activity and not to union with God. I will drive away all the darkness of ignorance from my devotee, grant him the experience of the Divine Self granting him the Divine Bliss. 

When there is the wish fullfilling tree right in front of your home why should you look for an ordinary tree in your back yard? When you have the wish fullfilling cow, which grants you milk when ever you ask it, why should you purchase milk? When you have, right in front of you, the Meru Mountain shining with gold and silver why should you purchase gold and silver from a market? When you have God right in front of you, granting you both devotion and liberation, why should you go after worldly pleasures and experiences. 

It is total ignorance to go to the wish fullfilling tree or cow and ask for coffee powder. Similarly, to go after the reflection, shadow or illusion forsaking the object, shows no wisdom. We need to put in effort and work hard to attain that which is permanent, eternal and grants us everything. Bhagavad Gita says that this world is full of sorrow and is also temporary. If worldy pleasures can give complete happiness then why is it that again and again we get subjected to sorrows. With great effort you obtain one thing and for sometime you are happy. Then that happiness disappears and you become miserable. Again, you go after something else, which you think will give you complete happiness. You attain it but even then this shows to be transient and temporary and you get subjected to sorrow. In this dual world which is full of happiness and sorrow, profit and loss, gain and pain you cannot get something that will give you complete happiness. You have to look for total infinite bliss only in a place where it is exisiting and not in a place that it is not existing. 

A dog, which was hungry, found a small bone and became very happy. It was a dry bone. He thought that he was going to derive great joy from the bone and went on chewing that bone. When he was chewing that bone a small piece of bone hurt its jaw. It never experienced that its gum was hurting and went on chewing. Bleeding started from the wound in the gums. But the dog was enjoying, thinking that the blood was coming from the bone he continued to chew. It so happened that the dog thought the blood was coming from the bone not from the gums. It is total ignorance for the dog to think that the blood was coming from somewhere else when the blood was coming from the wound in his mouth. Similarly, man goes in search of joy and bliss in many places. But his very form is the embodiment of bliss. Being himself the embodiment of bliss he looks for joy and bliss elsewhere. He puts in great effort to attain that joy and all his life is wasted in that kind of effort. It is all a useless activity when you look for something not knowing where exactly it is available. There was an old woman who lost her needle. She searched for it everywhere. When the sun set she went outside and started looking for the needle outside the house. Where ever she searched she could not find it. There was a good person who saw this and asked her what she was searching for. The old woman said, "My dear son, I have lost my needle that's why I am searching." That person said that he would help her and started searching for the needle. Both of them searched for a very long time. Another very intelligent person came there and asked them, "What is it that you are searching for?" That gentleman said, "This woman has lost her needle. I am helping her find her needle." Then the intelligent person asked them, "Where did you lose your needle?" The woman replied, "I lost it in my house."
"You have lost your needle in your home and now you are looking for it on the street, how can you find it?"
"There is complete darkness in my house and under the street light I have light that is why I am looking here under the light."
"Is it right that if you have lost your needle inside your home then you go out to the street to look for it ? You will get it only when you look for it where it is."
It is total ignorance for you to look for happiness somewhere outside yourself when bliss is within you. There are alot of people that are looking for things which they have kept on their own head. It is complete ignorance to look for something that is not there. You are the embodiment of Bliss. You are the embodiment of Atma. Find it within yourself. Is it possible to find it somewhere else? We study all the scriptures and listen to alot of lectures and inspite of having all this knowledge why is it that we are unable to find it. There are three obstacles: Mala, Vikshepa, Avarana. 

Mala means impurities. Selfish desires are the impurities within us. Being enveloped in body consciousness, always thinking of I and mine and developing selfish desires, that is impurity or mala. Because of impurities you are not able to see what is really existing. In a room there is a mirror. If you want to look at your reflection in the mirror first you have to remove the dust from the mirror. Only when you remove that dust from the mirror will you be able to see your reflection. Due to the dust of impurities you are not able to see your own reflection in the mirror. You are looking for your reflection elsewhere, in all different places. 

The second is Vikshepa. In darkness you look at a rope and become afraid that it is a serpent. Due to the darkness you dont see what really exists. You think something exists that is not really there. When you light the lamp of wisdom in your heart you can see what temporary and what is permanent. Wisdom is seeing the unity of all creation. When you put on the light of wisdom in the room you can see your reflection in the mirror. But because there is no light you think that you see somebody elses reflection and become scared. When you put on the light and see your own reflection you feel very happy. You have removed the dust from the mirror and put on the light but still you cannot see your reflection because of the cover on the mirror. This cover over the mirror stops you from seeing your own reflection. When you remove the cover, remove the dust and put on the light you will see your reflection in the mirror and derive great joy. Ego is that impurity. Attachment is the darkness. When you get rid of body consciousness by removing ego and attachment then you will know your own truth. If we think that when we get old we can then get into good company, listen to lectures on the Truth and learn, that is a mistake. Many young people think that youth is the time to earn money, create a family and enjoy the pleasures of the world and that it is only when you get old that then it is time to get into satsanghs. Young people also say that now they are busy with their duties and activities when I get old and retired then I will get into satsanghs. But when you get old you cant see or hear properly, you cant sit straight, and because of all this you just sit at home. 

There was a miserly person like this. He did not do anything at home. The roof on the house was ruined. During the rain the water leaked inside and he couldnt stand anywhere. He was in a corner sitting. Many friends came to him and told him, "Why dont you spend some money and repair the roof so that there is no leakage." He replied, "It is now the rainy season. Let me repair the roof when the rain stops." When the rainy season stopped the friends came and said, "Now that the rainy season has stopped better you now repair the roof so that you will be happy during the rainy season." But he is a miser and said, "Now that there are no rains. What is the use of repairing the roof now." When you are children you enjoy playing games. When you are young you go after worldly pleasures. When you are old nobody is interested in God. When you are young and your head, heart and hands are very strong you should utilise the time well and get into satsanghs, learn good things and derive great joy. 

Many people are asking why is Swami wasting so much money on Yagnas. Should he not use that same money on service projects? Also they say that many valuable, precious things are going into the fire and wasting them. He is not giving them to the poor people. The kind of people who say that, looking at their lives Swami says, "The way you are looking at my Yagna and sorrowing over it, I feel very sad about your own lives." After having got this precious human birth and living like animals it is not the right thing. 

Among all species of life human birth is very rare. Out of 84 lahks of species of life human life is the greatest and the highest. After knowing this truth you are behaving like animals and not living like humans. Food, sleep, procreation and fear are both common to animals and humans. Only wisdom separates human beings and animals. Human beings without wisdom are equal to animals. When somebody asks you the question "Who are You" and to reply with "I am Man" is only a half truth. This is not the complete truth. The complete truth is "I am Man. I am not an animal." All the animal instincts are also there in human beings like desire, anger, infatuation and jealousy. Living our lives for the sake of fullfilling these desires is animal life not human life. 

In the word "manava" there is the meaning that you are not new. You are the ancient one. You dont have any beginning, middle or end. The body is born and the body dies. How can it be permanent? When you realise the Atma principle, knowing that everything else is transient and temporary, only then can you enjoy true bliss in your lives. For all the sorrows and attachments the root cause is having the sense of difference - I am different, he is different. This is a kind of ignorance. It is also a mistake to think that I am serving somebody else. Alot of students, young men and woman are here serving. To think that we are serving someone else is a mistake. The right thing to consider is that I am serving God who is in everybody - I am serving God who is in myself. When your hand puts water into your mouth that is not service. If the mouth sends the water to the stomach that is not service. It is only a duty not a service. We should know that when we do our duty, thinking that we are doing service, and become very proud and arrogant this is not correct. 

Why are we serving? We are doing service to get rid of ego and attachment within us. If you develop your ego whilst doing service this is not correct. How can you judge whether you are doing this service correctly or not? We should know that only when your ego and attachment are on the decline then you are doing service properly. The prohits, who have come here, with great sincerity they are performing all these yagnas. They are not prohits. They should become paramithas - those who help others. This body is given to us to serve others. The purpose of the body is to help others. The body is the basis of all noble activities. Use the body only for service. Using it for anything else is a waste of time. 

When some people think that Swami is wasting resources, putting them into the fire, looking at you I feel very sad that you are wasting your precious life. I feel very sad that when you have got the precious human birth, leading an animal life and wasting it is a matter of sorrow for me. I am arranging all these satsanghs so that you can give up all these evil thoughts and feelings and develop noble thoughts and feelings. From good company you develop detachment. From detachment you can get over bondage. When you get over bondage you can become steady then you get liberation. 

What ever you do offer it to God for the Love of God. Today you listen to the story of Bhagavatha. This young man had a very high temperature this morning. He was feeling bad as to whether he could deliver his talk this evening. But only one thing he thought about was that when Swami was many times very ill and undergoing alot of pain too, Swami never said no to anybody. When alot of people did padnamaskar they were surprised at the heat and asked, "When you have such high fever why do you come and grant darshan?" I have only one answer for them. That this body has come to remove the ills of mankind. The body is the basis for all good activity. This body is given for helping others. Using the body for any other activity is not right. Having got the precious human birth it is very necessary that you put it to good use. It is also a mistake to think that even if I lose this body that I will get another body in the next life. 

The body has five sheaths. Annamaya Kosha - Food sheath, Pranamaya kosha - Life sheath, Manamaya kosha - Mind Sheath, Vijnanamaya kosha - Wisdom sheath and Anandamaya kosha - Bliss sheath. The gross body is the food sheath of the human personality. Only when the life gets into this the inert becomes full of life. Otherwise it is inert and is not conscious. Because of the life sheath the food sheath can also move around. When the electric current flows the lights will turn on and the fan will move around. Similarly, when the light principle enters the body it starts working. But at death the light principle leaves the inert body and goes away. You have lost only the gross body and not the mind. The subtle body is having this Light principle, Mind principle and Intelligence principle. Even this subtle body has ego and attachments. At death what you leave is only the physical gross body. Only when you get over the gross and physical body you can look for liberation. If you want to cross an ocean you need a boat. In order to cross over this samsara you need this body. Both can move in water but water should not get into the boat. If water gets into the boat the boat will sink. You can live in samsara but samsara should not get into you. You will be happy and secure as long as this worldiness does not get into your mind. 

There are 84 lahks species of life but there are many things that are invisible that you can not see with your eyes. They are subtle energy forms. You think that Shiva and Parvathi are in Kailasa. If you go to Kailasa can you see Shiva and Parvathi. They are all in subtle bodies. When you want to offer something to Shiva and Parvathi, who are in subtle forms, you also have to convert the material into subtle form. When you put gross offerings into the fire the fire converts this gross form into subtle form. Subtle will get into the subtle. The gross will get into the gross. The fruit that we eat today will tomorrow become excreta. But inbetween we get this subtle strength from the food into our body. Therefore, in food there is this subtle strength. Since ancient times we have been worshipping God and offering Him food. Why are you offering food to God who is not seen in the body? Are you able to see whether the God has a mouth or stomach? Can you see the food go into the stomach? The fire of hunger, in our stomach, digests the food and takes this subtle strength of the food. Similarly when you offer gross objects into the fire it transforms them into subtle energy and sends it to the subtle forms of God. He is the very form of Essence. He is actually taking up that subtle energy from every gross thing. 

When you write a letter, put an address on the postal envelop, and hand it to the postman he will take it to the address on the envelop. Similarly, the fire acts as the postman. When you utter a mantra and offer a gross offering the fire takes it to the address of the God and delivers it there. What ever you offer, chanting the mantra Om Namaha Shivayah, it will reach Shiva. When you chant the mantra Om Namo Narayanaya, it will reach Narayana. These mantras are nothing but various addresses of Gods. Fire is nothing but the postman. When you utter the mantra and give the gross offering to the fire the fire transforms the offering, into the subtle essence, and delivers it to the subtle form of god. Even if you write the address on the cover, and there is no stamp, it will not be delivered to the addressee. Similarly, if you utter a mantra and you dont have love in your heart it will not reach the subtle form of God. Therefore, Love is most essential. Whatever you offer, with love, God will receive with great joy. There should not be any scope for austentation. When you offer everything with humilty and love God will definitely receive them. To think that it is getting wasted is big ignorance. All the offerings are reaching the subtle form of God. There are five kinds of Yagnas. First, the offering made to human beings, to the parents. 

Secondly, the yagnas that you perform in order to please various angels and demi gods. There are Yagnas that are performed in order to please the parents that have died or the forefathers that have died. The other is Bhoota and Manushya Yagnas. Helping other human beings, birds, beasts, insect and worms is Manushya Yagna. We should perform all these Yagnas. The highest is Brahma Yagna. That Yagna we do in order to realise ourselves as Brahma and Atma. 

Why are you performing all these Yagnas. It is because there is no happiness in the world. When we talk "let all the beings in all the worlds be happy", what is this happiness that we are talking about? It is not like a dog chewing a bone and getting happiness. We are not performing this yagna for the sake of worldly happiness. We are doing it for the Eternal Bliss of God. When we pray that everybody be happy, this is not worldy happiness. We are doing it for spiritual happiness. Where is spiritual happiness? Where ever it is there you can find it. You have to find Bliss within your self. Union with God is called Yoga. Merging in God is called Yoga. Ga means to go, Yo means that God. Going to Him is Yoga. Happiness is union with God. When you find union with God then you will find permanent happiness. We are performing these yagnas for the sake of attaining that spiritual permanent happiness. When you pray for the welfare of everybody, it is for the ultimate permanent spiritual welfare and not the wordly welfare. 

We will find true happiness only when we get rid of body consciousness and selfishness. True happiness will come to us then. I conclude this discourse aspiring that all of you will find that kind of eternal happiness and joy. 

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

DISCOURSE - posted THURSDAY 15th October 2015
ARMY D2: Divine Discourse Notes Wednesday 14th October 2015

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. As we pray to Bhagavan to grant His Divine message today I perceive him seated in the chair in an orchre robe. I repeat as He speaks. 

One may attain complete scholarship over many subjects and conquer the audience whilst orating. One may be a great warrior fighting battles and winning them. One may be born as a king and rule over kingdoms. One may give 1000 crores in charity. One can count 1000's of stars in the sky. One may also name all the species in life. One may even go to the moon but can anyone control his mind and senses and become totally selfless and stay Blissful in oneself ? 

Embodiments of Divine Love. Man is able to conquer external things to a certain extent. Even man has set his foot on the moon. But is he able to go at least one inch within himself. No ! It is not possible for him. Without knowing the truth all the time he is going outwards to conquer things in the world which are absolutely temporary. But he doesnt even investigate what is permanent and try to do that. 

Run away from bad company. Get into good company. All the time involve yourself in discriminating between what is permanent and what is temporary. Day and night involve yourself in noble and sacred activities. Giving up those things which are eternal and permanent, all the time he is using up all his energies to go after things in the outside world that are transient and temporary. 

What is the cause of this kind of total ignorance? The root cause of all ignorance is body consciousness. When one thinks that he is this body and mind he is subjected to the misery of things in the external world. Man is born into the world crying. Even when he leaves the world he goes out crying. All the time he is grieving and never enjoying. When he is born he asks the question, "Koham? Who Am I?" When you listen to the cry of new born babies they are crying "Who Am I ?" The baby is born with that question "Who Am I ?" The parents tell their child that you are "so and so" and we are your parents. They do not tell him that he is already liberated and all the time the very emobodiment of Bliss and Purity. All the time the child is being told that you are this body and that this is your family and telling all kinds of untruths, making him believe that those are the truths. The child hears these untruths so many times thus he then also thinks that these untruths are the truth. God is cautioning man all the time through his inhilation and exhilations. God is giving the answer to the question "Who am I?", that you are "Sohum - I am He". Kohum means "Who am I?" Sohum means "I am Himself". 

It is said wisdom itself is God. This world itself is Atma. Tattwamasi - You are That ! Aham Brahmasmi - I Am God ! In the Vedas these great declarations are found called Mahavakyas. We dont tell our children these great declarations. Instead we tell them you are this body, this is your name, you belong to this family and this is what you have to achieve in the world. By telling these untruths we are spoiling their minds. The child is born absolutely pure and sacred but we people make the choildren unsacred and impure by speaking all these untruths. The Truth is the You are Not the body, the body is yours ! You are not the mind the mind is yours ! You are the Atma. In the Veda they declare, "I Am Atma". Even in english you can say "I Am Atma, I Am Atma". Whichever language you speak the Truth is one and the same. Since we involve ourselves with the body and the senses we are wasting out lives always believing the untruth. 

There is a simple story in the Upanishads. A lion cub, at birth, was separated from its mother. It was roaming around in a forrest. Finally it found a flock of sheep and started living with them. Though it was a lion, and becuase it was in the company of the sheep, this lion cub started behaving like a sheep. Sheep are always full of fear and they move around in a group due to this. One day, when this lion cub was moving around with the sheep, it heard the roaring of a lion. Once the sheep heard the roaring of the lion the sheep started running away. The lion cub was curious to know where that roar was coming from. It had never heard such an amazing wonderful voice. It thought to itself, "I should know where that roar is coming from." Therefore he ran in the opposite direction of the sheep. The sheep had a leader. The leader of the sheep called the lion cub and asked, "Where are you going?" The lion responded, "Such a wonderful roar I have never heard. I want to know where it is coming from."
"That is the roar of a lion ! You should not go there. It is dangerous for you. Come back with us." The lion cub said, " I am not going to come with you. I want to know the source of this roar." The cub started off in the opposite direction. The sheep left lion cub to itself. After sometime the lion cub saw the lion. That big lion looked at the lion cub and was amazed to see it there. "What are you doing with the sheep?"
"I am also a lamb. I am moving around with the sheep."
The lion said, "You are a lion cub !"
"I bleat like a sheep and eat like a sheep. I am also a sheep."
The lion then told him, "It is because of the mistake of the company of the sheep that you are mistaking yourself for a sheep."
Tell me your company I will tell you who you are. If you are in the company of fools you will also become a fool. Therefore, we should get into the company of scholars and good and sacred people. That is why you should run away from bad company and get into good company. From good company you get into detachment. When the big lion met the lion cub the lion told him, "You are also a lion. Because you dont see yourself therefore you are not able to realise who you are." The big lion took the cub to a river and showed him his form. The lion cub saw its own reflection in clear water and was surprised. With little effort the cub could also roar. The lion cub then realised that it truly was a lion and not a sheep. Because we believe that we are the body, for the sake of the body we keep doing everything. In such a situation God manifests as an Avatar or an incarnation as a lion and remainds the human beings that they are also Divine. 

There is only one Atma and it is resides in the hearts of all beings. This whole world is enveloped in God. All that you see and do is Divine, that is what the Divine incarnation teaches. As is the feeling so does it happen. Dust you think, dust you are. God you think, God you are. When dust gets into the company of water it sinks. It cant come up. But dust in the company of wind goes upwards. When you have good company you also have good thoughts. Thus the ABC of life is Avoid Bad Company and Always be Careful. If you are always careful you will Always be Cheerful. Therefore good company is important. I have organised such a big function so that all of you will be in good company. From good company you develop detachment. From detachment you give up all bondage to the world. When you give up all bondage to the world you will be steady in your mind. From there you gain liberation. But my dears, just giving up bad company is not enough. It is not enough if you just listen and get into good company. It is necessary that you contemplate on what you have heard. Your contemplation is not enough. You must also practice and experience. If you dont practice it is useless. I have been always been telling you that You are the Embodiment of God, You are the Embodiment of Love, You are the Embodiment of Peace. Only when you develop love for God can you control your body and sense.

In a satsangh a man was expounding Bhagavantham. All the people, hearing the stories, were very delighted. An old woman was shedding tears. Looking at the tears of this old lady the man who was expounding the Bhagavantham was very happy. He saw the old lady crying and thought that she was a great devotee who was shedding tears of joy listening to his exposition of the Bhagavantham. In those days books were different. The Bhagavantham was written on palm leaves and tired with black thread. This Bhagavatha went to the old lady and ask her about her tears of joy for the Bhagavantham. That old lady said, "Master, I dont know what is Bhagavantham or the stories of Bhagavantham. I have lost my husband recently. When I saw the black thread on the palm leaves I remembered the black thread on the waist of my husband. That is why I am crying." 

What is the use of going to such satsanghs. Satsangh means not just listening and forgetting what we have listened to we need to contemplate and practice what is heard. Starting with good company we can reach the ultimate destination of liberation. When you change your company your thoughts will also change. Whether it is Athi Rudra Maha Yagna, Navarathri Homa or Duga Puja all of them are responsible for giving you satsangh or good company, there is no other purpose. All the five sense should merge into the programme. When all five senses are focused in this programme they will also get merged into Divinity.
1. Listening: you are listening to the sounds of Veda chanting and talks.
2. Touch: the kinds of offerings you put into the fire or doing prostrations all this leads to sense of touch
3. Seeing: looking at such a beautiful Yagna itself is vision.
4. Tasting and Tongue: enjoying the taste of Bhakthi Rasa (taste), not just of the prasad that are given, and drinking the nectar of devotion.
5. Smell: fragrance. The fragrance that arises from the Yagna gets into our body and purifies our mind and body.

It is my purpose, when you come to a yagna, that all the senses get purified and become sactified as all the focus is on Divinity. Therefore, you come here to enjoy the preence of the yagna butkeeping your mind somewhere else is not correct. Where ever the body is there also should be the mind and heart that is what is concentration. From concentration you go to contemplation. Finally we go from contemplation to meditation. When you make your mind steady and purify it only then you can see God. Where there is clear and steady water you can see your reflection very well. But in moving dirty water you can not see anything. The big lion took the cub and showed him his own reflection in the clear waters, then he realised the truth. The mind is like the water. When the mind is steady and pure even the sky gets reflected in that. Only in that reflection can you realise that you are not this body. You are Atma. Due to worldly desires the clear waters are getting polluted. The body is also is moving hither and thither thus the mind becomes fickle - you cant see your own reflection. In the muddy waters, that are always moving, you can not see your own reflection. 

Everyone is all the time asking me that they should be able to see and talk to me. What is the effort that you are putting in to realise your desire? In the same way as the sky gets reflected in pure and steady waters, in a pure and steady mind God gets reflected. The whole world may be there but a blind person can not see anything. Due to worldly desires mind becomes blind. Dual mind becomes half blind. If you want both world and God together it is impossible. When somebody like Prahlada prayed to God "I want only God" he obtained the world also. If we get God it is good enough. God is object. God is real. The world is its shadow. Depending on the position of the sun the shadow keeps diminishing or growing but the object remains the same. Subjected to the constraints of space, time and causation the world keeps changing all the time. Only God is eternal and permanent. 

Suppose I come here and call all the people to listen to my discourse. How many people will come ? When we perform Athi Rudra Maha Yagna people want to see and enjoy. That is why nobody joins here. We are doing this Athi Rudra Maha Yagna to get rid of this misery. Body consciousness is responsible for attachments. We are arranging this programme so you can get rid of attachment and develop devotion. Attachment to God is good. Attachment to world is not good. One who destroys this misery is Rudram. Where is this misery? It is in our attachment. Attachment is responsible for all our sorrows. Mind has to get attached to something or the other. If the mind gets attached to the world it cant get attached to God. In a dessert there can be water and air both can not coexist. When your mind is filled with God you will not have body consciousness. When you have body consciousness you cant have Divine consciousness. 

All of us have gathered here in order to learn the art of how to control the body and the senses and make the mind steady and pure. In a steady pure mind God will manifest. When you offer all your selfishness and desires into the sacred fire and develop devotion that is the goal of this Yagna. There are eleven rudras, 10 senses and 1 mind. We have to offer all of this into the sacred fires of the Athi Rudra Maha Yagna. Only then can we get rid of body consciousness and develop Divine consciousness. We all should utilise this opportunity and derive Bliss. 

My blessings are there bountifully on everyone. Even for arranging this Yagna one family has sacrificed so much, they are selling their properties. One must understand this sacredness and purity of this action. They dont want any properties, they want only proper ties! They are doing all of this to develop the proper relationship with God. The main priest of this Yagna, his daughters heart surgery is taking place. Even the surgeons are waiting because of the blood pressure. It is a by-pass surgery. Now what I have done is passed the surgery itself ! (applause). Because of the sacred he has made, and the merit that has been earned, his daughter will gain good health. Due to the sacrifice that he has done he will get Yoga - union with God. Happiness is Union with God. Because of service and sacrifice definitely the Yagna will find its fullfillment. 

We are participating in this Yagna and we should know that we are very fortunate. We need to realise that the one who is doing this offering is Brahma, sacrificial fire is Brahma, the one who enjoys this is also Brahma - everything is God. I bring the discourse to a close by blessing you that all of you should realise only God is the eternal Truth and this world is an illusion and derive Divine Bliss. 

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

DISCOURSE - posted WEDNESDAY 14th October 2015
ARMY D1: Divine Discourse Notes Tuesday 13th October 2015

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. As we all pray to Bhagavan to give His Divine Message I perceive Him seated in the chair, in an orange robe, and I repeat as He speaks. 

In the same way as the reflection does not stick to the mirror, in the same way that the drops of water do not stick to the lotus leaves, sins will not stick to a man or woman with devotion. Both birth and death are behind you all the time. This heart of creation, vehicle of creation, runs on the two wheels of birth and death. If one of these wheels falls away the creation itself would stop. That is the secret of this creation. 

Embodiments of Divine Atma. For every man who is born on this earth death is inescapable. Birth and death live together and that is what drives this universe. In the same way as night follows the day and day follows the night, death follows birth and birth follows death. 

The world is nothing but reflection, reaction and resound. For every action there is a reaction. Whatever we think, say and do definitely there will a reaction for that. If you want to cross over this law of karma, action and reaction, you have to transform all your actions as yagna. Oh man, is it possible for you to cross over this action and reaction? Whether you study many scriptures, or go to the forrest to do penance, is it possible for you to cross over this law ? If you take a vessel, a small well or the ocean the quantity of water you can carry is limited. Is it possible for us to cross over this law of karma ? Definitely there is a consequence for every action that we are involved in. In this land of action we do keep involving ourselves in many kinds of activities. If you want to attain liberation is it possible? Because action and reaction come one after the other, all the time, it is very difficult for us to cross over this law. Because of one action there is one reaction. Because of the reaction another action starts. The whole life we lead is because of this action and reaction. 

If we dont want any reaction for our action what is that that we have to do? When you transform all your actions into karma yoga only then the actions will not earn reactions. Yoga is perfection in action. Whatever you do, if you do it perfectly, that action will not create any reaction. 

What is Karma Yoga? If you perform all your actions for the love of God all your actions will turn into karma yoga. Whatever actions you are involved in, whatever yagna you are perform, whatever you eat when you offer everything to me then the Karma Yoga will come - if you offer it to me ! When we do all our actions with love for God then our actions will not haunt us. 

What do you mean by Yagna? Is it just an offering into the fire? They are only external activities that you involve yourself in. In fact, they can not cleanse your heart. If the activies, that we undertake, do not cleanse our heart then it becomes useless. Purity of mind is important. It is Yoga which grants us purity of mind. Therefore, whatever we think, say and do when we offer it with love for God that will become Karma Yoga. Spirituality is not complex or complicated, it is very very easy. Whatever you do you offer it for with love to God and give up the desire for the result of the action. That becomes Karma Yoga. On one hand you offer all the activities with love for God and on the other hand you just sacrifice the desire for the result of action. When you do all this sincerely the actions will not end in reaction. Whatever we want to offer to God naturally we want that activity to be perfect. We are not going to offer rotten things to God. We offer to God only that which is very pure. When you write an address on a letter the postman will only deliver it to that address similarly on all your actions you address them to God, Krishna, it goes to Krishna. But many people, who are narrow minded, the try to escape from the reaction when they do wrong things. When they do good things they take the credit saying "I am doing it" yet, when they do wrong they offer it to God. 

Once there was an argument between a husband and wife. Their son, having obtained great expertise in sports, won some awards from a match and brought the prize home. The father came home from the office. The son went to tell him that he won a prize. The mother also followed him. With great pride the son told the father that he had won a great prize. The husband said very proudly, "Look at this, my son has won a great prize. Because he is my son he was able to win all these prizes!" The wife told the husband, "You are telling that the boy has won prizes in sports because he is your son. Have you looked at his progress report? He has secured zeros's in every subject!" Then the husband told the wife, "It is because he is your son that he has secured zeros in his subjects! You dont have a brain and your son doesnt have a brain !" 

Look at how, because of selfishness, a person changes his voice. If somebody does good things and achieves good results they tell I have done this good act. But when they do something wrong they say it is Gods will that this has happened. It is a kind of treachery. Only a sincere person will get wisdom. When you do something with insincerity and austenation God will not accept your offering. When you make all your actions sacred and offer them with love to God then Karma becomes Karma Yoga. 

These Yagnas are very essential. It is our culture. Even if a boy has a birthday he will go to the parents seeking blessings. Parents will bless their son with gifts which he likes. They do this in order to demonstrate their love for the son. Such customs and traditions we do practice. In Indian culture Yagnas are very noble activities. What we think exists really does not exist. What we think does not exists really exists. What exists is God everywhere at all times. This is the word of Sai, the path of Truth. 

Energy becomes matter and matter becomes energy. It is written in an Upanishad that from Space came the Wind, from Wind cam Fire, from Fire came Earth. All these five have subtle relationships. Akasha does not get translated properly when you call it "space". It is not "space", it is vibration. The primordial vibration that eminated is called "AUM". It is also referred to as the Nada Brahma. Due to the vibration of the sound of God, that is AUM, the breeze started blowing. 

We have seen a music programme here with a veena. The melodious music that comes forth is due to the vibrations. When the vibrations happen in the akasha there comes the wind. There is an inseparable relationship between wind and fire. If there is no wind there can not be any fire. If you see a fire that means wind is also there. That is why fire came from the wind. From fire came water. When you heat water it gives up its form and becomes vapour. When the water vapour loses its heat then it becomes water again. Because of fire water becomes vapour and vapour becomes water. That it is why it is said that water emanated from fire. Fire means heat. When water became still cooler it became earth. That is how from Akasha earth evolved. In every human being there are these five elements therefore whatever happens in the akasha that will effect the other four elements too. Akasha is full of vibrations. When you chant a mantra the whole akasha will be filled with vibrations. These vibrations pervade everyone present there and make the sacred feelings emanate in their personalities. 

Vibrations do not have any weight or mass. Heavy matter can move only a little distance then it stops. But vibrations that do not have any weight they can move anywhere. We chant the mantras here and the vibrations will pervade the whole universe. Veda mantra has such power. Todays Indians have forgotten their own culture. We are rejecting our own culture. We are not trying to protect this sacred culture except we are acccepting alien cultures into our country. All cultures are no doubt good. We have to accept only good things in our culture and reject the bad things. In our culture the place of God is very very high and important. Its is also a mistake on our part to say that God has a name and a form. He is Formless ! The Formless God manifests with many names and forms to move amongst His devotees. 

Sweets are different but sugar is one and the same. Some children might like mysore pak and some children like gulab jamum. All these sweets may have different forms but the sweetness is one and the same. Whether you worship Rama or Krishna or Shiva, all are equal. In the same way as there is sweetness in all the sweets One Divine principle is there within all the names and forms of God. We cant call it a religion. It is a way of life. That is the ancient Dharma. 

Sanathana Dharma does not have a beginning, middle or end. Sanathana Dharma is the Atma dharma. Atma is the eternal that is never born or dies. But we are sacrificing, giving up, this oneness of all creation and we are dividing ourselves into religions castes and languages. God manifest again and again in order to restore dharma. That is why I aspire that we will have this Yagna and also teach you the basics of Sanathana Dharma. 

Ramayana and Bhagavatha are very sacred scriptures. Our children should learn all of them. Bhagavathamu means we will become good. If you study Bhagavatha you will become good. Bha means Bhakthi, ga means widsdom, va means detachment, tha means the fundamental principle Tatwa, mu means mukthi. When you study Bhagavatha you will get all these five. Children should listen to all this with sincerity, contemplate and practice. When you try to understand these divine principles your efforts will find fullfillment. Our school children are very very sincere. Whatever is said to them, with great sincerity they will try to understand and practice. In another school a teacher was teaching the Ramayana to the children. The school inspector came into the classroom. He asked the children what they were studying. All of them said together, "The Ramayana." The inspector asked, "Who wrote the Ramayana ?" A boy was frightened and said, "Sir, I did not write the Ramayana. Maybe the teacher knows." Teacher was also afraid and said, "I did not write the Ramayana. Principle commanded me to teach the Ramayana. Probably he wrote the Ramayana." All the three of them approached the principle and asked the question. He replied, "I did not write the Ramayana. It was probably the education depatment that did." We have forgot the great scriptures of our own land and are subjected to total ignorance. But our children are not like that. The students and teachers are getting together in order to rejunvenate the Indian culture.

From Kali Yuga we are getting ready for Sathya Yuga. What is this Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is selfishness. Selflessness is Sathya Yuga. When you give up your selfishness and self interest then Kali Yuga will change into Sathya Yuga. Sacrifice is not giving up your wife and children and going into the forrest. Real sacrifice is giving up your selfishness. We when give up selfishness and self interest we ourselves are getting transformed into men and woman of sacrifice. Due to the obtacles of Kali Yuga practicing spirituality is a problem. In Sathya Yuga, if you want to practice spirituality it will become very easy for you. In a classroom all the children are very quiet and disciplined and the teacher will be able to his work perfectly. But on the other hand if the students are moving here and there without concentration then the teacher can not help. In the Kali Yuga there are alot of disturbances. What ever is said the students can not follow. Even if they wish to practice correctly there are many obstacles on the path. When the Kali Yuga ends, and Sathya Yuga, comes everybody will be able to develop and practice spirituality very easily and derive Divine Bliss. The programme has been developed to End Kali Yuga and bring in Sathya Yuga. Only when you give up your selfishness and self interest you can definitely enjoy the benefits of Sathya Yuga. There may be sunrise but if you are still sleeping there is still night for you. Even if Sathya comes and you do not give up selfishness and self interest you will still continue to live in the Kali Yuga. I bring my discourse to a close aspiring that all of you will develop sacred feelings, give up wrong feelings, and welcome this Sathya Yuga and enjoy the benefits. 

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

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