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martes, 20 de octubre de 2015

EXPERIENCES A.R.M.Y: Day 2,3,4,5

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• posted 20th Oct - A.R.M.Y Experiences DAY5 Saturday 17th Oct 2015
• posted 20th Oct - A.R.M.Y Experiences DAY4 Friday 16th Oct 2015
• posted 20th Oct - A.R.M.Y Experiences DAY3 Thursday 15th Oct 2015
• posted 20th Oct - A.R.M.Y Experiences DAY2 Wednesday 14th Oct 2015


EXPERIENCES - posted TUESDAY 20th October 2015

♥ Navarathri marks the auspicious times when the earth pulsates with 'Shakthi' or the power of the female aspect of consciousness. The foremost puja for the Navarathri Homa is the Shaneeshwara Shanti puja, and the main theme involves invoking the Jnana or Wisdom represented by the sun's light, to dispel the darkness ie., ignorance represented by Shani. This puja was performed today, day five of the holy Athi Rudra Maha Yagna, Navarathri Homa and Durga Puja. Swami graced the venue of the Navarathri Homa and Durga Pujo, and sat through all the rituals for more than an hour. 

The priest explained about the science of astrology and the movement of planets. It is said there is a significant impact of these planets in our lives. He illustrated this by saying how there are many students in a class, but each responds to the teaching in a different way and have different capabilities and IQ. The priest explained the influence of the moon in human beings is quite significant. Vedic astrology considers moon as the governor of mind and thus the inner being itself -'Chadrama Manaso Jaatah'. Even Lord Rama had to go to the forest when he was supposed to ascend the throne due to the influence of his stars. He extolled the mother aspect of God in the form of Mother Bhoomi and how she bestowed the same benevolence on all without differentiating. Unfortunately, man has created divisions like religions, castes etc. 

Arathi was performed and Swami proceeded to the Yagna Shaala, where the regular proceedings of the Athi Rudra Maha Yagna, Panchamirtha Abishekam, Rudra Homa, Rudra Abhishekam, Rudra Parayanams etc., were in progress. The sparkling white 'Hiranyagarbha Lingam' glowed in the ethereal hue and every person basked in the divine vibrations of the sacred chants! After Maha Mangala arathi, Swami retired for the afternoon. 

Afternoon session started with Swami coming around 5.15 pm as the bhajans were going on. veda chanting was done by the students of alike who had come on Swami's invitation. After the Purushasuktham chants, Bhagwatha Parayanam was done by Sri Badri. People are looking forward to Bhagwatha Katha, not because the story is new but becaue the way it is being told is very interesting. Sri Badri has made Swami also want more of the story of Bhagawatham. As Sri Badri approached to take namaskar, Bhagawan commanded hi to recapitulate the story of Daksha Yajna that he had told on the previous day as there was going to be a Yaksha Gana performance by the students of Alike on the same story a while later. He promptly did so. Thereafter he narrated the story of Bali Chakravarthi was was the grandson of Prahalada himself. Misguided by his guru Shukracharya, he performed 100 ashwamedha yajnas to conquer the seat of Indra ( The Lord of heaven). Vamana - the dwarf Avataar of Vishnu born to Aditi and Kashyapa, came all the way to seek alms as a brahmin boy. Bali out of arrogance agreed to his request of 3 footsteps measure of space. Vamana grew bigger in size and gained the whole earth in one step, covered the other worlds in the second and the third step, He panted upon bali's head and sent him to netherworld. the significant thing to note is that, Bali's guru, the demonic sage Shukracharya cautions him yet the king says, " if the one who has come as a dwarf is Mahavishnu himself then what can be greater fortune then to give him whatever he asks, it is his compassion on me that he has come to ask, else he could have as well taken it all away by force by tearing me apart like my great grandfather Hiranyakashyapu". Bali was blessed then to rule the nether worlds and Vamana himself became the door keeper. Tears flowed from the eyas of Sri Badri as he wondered whether we are here to serve The Lord or The Lord is here to serve us. The atmosphere was filled with teh most sacred of all emotions - Devotion. Swami told Bro Badri that He feels like listening more of His story though him. 

The next speaker was the purohit from Sringeri, Sri Yajna Murthy Bhat, who is conducting the navarathri homa. He expressed his gratitude and felt blessed that Swami, Bhagawan himself asked him to conduct this yajna. He recollected incidents from his past where Bhagawan has been his saviour and guide. 

Sri Vijay Sai, a very popular alumnus was the next speaker, he had the good fortune of living with Swami in brindavan and belongs to a family that has been devoted to Swami. Brother recollected many sweet experiences and concluded that "Sai will take care" no matter what, we need to surrender and be fearless. 

Swami gave a short discourse, with the main emphasis being , the relation ship with God alone is the permanent one, rest are all temporary, we must develop this bond with God as all else is mere bondages. Swami said that before marriage one is not even bothered about the girl next door but after marriage one is extremely worried about her. Likewise the relationships of body are changing where as the Athmic relationship alone remains. 

Swami walked amidst the devotees while the stage was readied for Yaksha Gana. Swami enjoyed the performance and so did we. He specially blessed the, Bhagawatha or the narrator/singer of the yaksha gana as well the boy who acted as Shiva. Swami commented, see you have put on the make up and look different but once we remove the makeup and costumes we know our true self, like wise body is a costume and we are all playing our part, where as our true reality is atman. 

Swami gave clothes to all the students as HIs token of love and retired around 9.30 pm. 

As the evening programme concluded Brother Subhajit invited Swami for the Devi Bodhan. Swami graciously accepted the invitation and started to walk towards the Durga Puja Arch 

Witnessed by the vibrant idols of Goddess Durga, the drums reverberated amidst the enchanting Sanskrit slokas, bewitching all, as goddess Durga is welcomed , in grandeur and glory. Swami was greeted by the Bengal Dhakis experiencing a sparkling session of Devi Bodhan, in the presence of Bhagawan. 

To the delight of the devotees, the 'dhakis' of Bengal welcomed Bhagawan, making way by dancing to the rhythmic beat of the drums and the gong. Bhagawan blessed the offerings and permitted the initiation of 'pratima Puja' on the holy day of Maha-panchami. Bhagawan's presence and blessings enthused the purohit (priest) to chant the symphonic syllables of shama Veda, and Mark the initiation of Durga Puja. Hailing from West Bengal, India, the purohit was assisted by a companion of his clan. In addition to reciting the Sanskrit slokas, they skilfully supplied explanation of the same, but solely to soothe the ears of the Bengalis( since the explanation was in Bangla). Ocassional songs in Bangla, made the environment enthralling. Every song and sloka, was accompanied with hearty offerings, and soulful gestures by the purohit, which matched the rhythm of his chant. 

Bhagawan blessed the occasion and with the drums and dance of the dhskis , 'arati' was offered to Bhagawan and idols on dias. Bhagawan blessed the occasion and narrated the significance of mother Durga, he said that since his students have to stay 'here', he has lovingly arranged Durga Puja, 'here' itself. Later Swami enquired how many devotees have come from Bengal. As there were few more families are yet to arrive Bhagawan asked to inform Him once every one arrives !

EXPERIENCES - posted TUESDAY 20th October 2015

♥ The fourth day ( 16th October ) of Athi Rudra Maha Yagna began with Panchamrutha Abhisheka to the Hiranyagarbha Linga, followed by Rudra Parayana and Rudra Abhisheka at the Yagna Shaala. Simultaneously, a Chandika Homa and an elaborate Durga Pujo, by priests from West Bengal were in progress at the Sri Sathya Sai Hrudaya Mandiram. Swami spent about an hour watching the Durga Pujo and later the Purnahuthi of Chandika Homa. The grace filled face of the devotees who took part in the rituals was the proof of the effects of the positive vibrations emanating from the Homa and Yagna. Sri Badri Narayanan, an alumnus from the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning gave insights into the Chandika Homa and the significance of Devi Mahatmyam, also known as Chandi in West Bengal. It is the story of how the Devi killed Madhu and Kaidabha, killed Mahishasura as Lakshmi, and killed Shumbha and Nishumbha as Saraswathi. Sri Badri stressed, She ALONE exists. Everything else is just a manifestation of Her Leela. The feeling of 'I' and 'mine' is an illusion and she is responsible for creating this as well, but no one realizes it. Everything in this Universe is the Dance of the Shakthi. 

Rudra Homa and Sai Gayatri Homa were performed with full gusto at the Yagna Shaala. Ashtavadhana Seva was also offered to the Lord by the priests and students combined. The underlying meaning of Ashtavadhana Seva is to recognize God as the embodiment of knowledge. One has to recognize this fact by concentrating one's mind on the eight types of knowledge. Those who witness this Seva will be granted this knowledge as well as the knowledge of the Para Brahma.

Maha Mangalarathi brought to close the morning session. The devotees partook the lunch Prasadam. Tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner is being served to all the devotees attending the Yagna every single day. Sevadals have been tirelessly working day and night to make this event organised by Bhagawan a grand success! 

Thereafter Swami went to the construction site of Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutham Hall, which will be opened on 18th November. He gave them all the much needed motivation as only a month is left to complete the Herculean task. He blessed the Main Door frame which was fixed and was waiting for Him. The door is being very artistically carved by highly skilled craftsmen who are following the intricate designs of the Mysore palace doors. All this has been selected and guided by Bhagawan alone. Swami blessed an engineer profusely who has been working day and night coordinating so many activities at the site. After lunch Swami retired around 2 pm . 

In the afternoon, around 4.30 pm, Swami spoke to the team of architect, engineer and the landscape contractor for a few minutes about how he would like the work of the upcoming Bhajan Hall to be done in the coming days, given that it's less than a month to go. Swami envisaged a large garden with fountains on the western side from where Swami would enter the hall. 

Thereafter Swami came down the lift, two ministers with their families were waiting downstairs to receive Swami's blessings and guidance. Swami blessed both of them and guided them about their political future. They were overwhelmed by Swami's gracious blessings and followed Him to the Yajna Shala for the eve program. 

The program began around 5.30 pm with bhajans going on as Swami entered the hall. Veda was recited by lady devotees from 5 countries of America, India, Singapore, Malaysia and UK. Swami was so happy to see their respect and devotion for Vedas. He blessed a malaysian lady especially.

This was followed by a short program of devotional songs rendered by the girls of the Prashanti NIkethanam Campus of CHikballapur that started during June 2015. They made Swami proud by singing to Swami's satisfaction. Swami called them all and gave namaskar. Also said, " I dont have any gifts for you now but I will come to your campus and bless all of you specially". I still remember, when Swami visited the chikballapur school in November last year, He was disppointed with the Quality of music and bhajans, thereafter He sent musicians to train them and bring them up to this level in a short span of 6 months so that they could perform confidently in front of such a large gathering. For us it might have been a musical affair but for the young women it meant much more than that. 

After this Bhagawatha Parayanam was continued by Sri Badri, the story of Daksha Yajna was narrated. He pointed out that how a desire that arose in the heart of dakshayani to attend the yajana of daksha prajapathi despite not being invited lead to her separation from shiva himself. Sati lost her Pathi ( Husdand) due to a desire, later Swami commented. GOD + Desire = Man, Man- Desire = GOD, Swami added. As bro Badri finished and came to seek Swami's blessings, Swami said, " You speak so well that I feel like listening to you more", Badri ji Replied, " Swami you only speak through me", Swami said, " Yes! I love listening to myself through you". 

Has this whole world is not of His doing alone,? Does he not enjoy seeing himself perform through so many? Will He not rejoice when we let Him do His will through us by being completely surrendered! Once Swami told me that He created the whole world for His Pleasure, I understand what it means now. 

Next was a scintillating Mandolin performance by Sri U Rajesh, a mandolin maestro and younger brother and disciple of Late Sri U Srinivas. He played a few bhajans too that enthralled the audience. Swami blessed him and the team that accompanied him after the performance. 

Swami had blessed one of the central ministers, Sri K H Muniyappa who spoke about his experiences with Swami both when He was in physical frame and even now. He said, " we have heard of deva loka or seen some interpretation in films, but today we can experience it right here". His humility and devotion inspired all. 

This was followed by a talk by Dr. A R Manjunath, Director of Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence, the centre established by Swami two years ago for training men of character who would be the future leaders, teachers and administrators of Swami's institutions. He recollected how Late Rev Madiyala Narayana Bhat had a desire to have one institution in every district of Karnataka an now Swami is fulfilling that. Swami later corrected him, "Narayana Bhat was a great man and He had no desires, only Prayers. in Desire there is " I " ness whereas the prayers are all about " God". 

Swami gave a brief discourse thereafter, praising the land of India and reminding us of our great good fortune to have been born in this sacred land. He appealed to the devotees to protect its rich cultural and spiritual heritage. Once is thrice blessed if one gets a human birth, desire for liberation and company of great guru. We are having an additional blessing of having been born in India, the land divine. He roared that Education should not be sold in schools. 

After blessing all He left around 8.30 pm. Days are getting longer, but time stands still in the presence of the one beyond time.

EXPERIENCES - posted TUESDAY 20th October 2015

♥ Third day of Yajnam commenced at 8.00 am in the morning. Medha Dakshinamurthy Homa was performed as a part of Navarathri celebrations. This is to grant us the buddhi that helps us see our own divinity through the grace of the avatar Dakshinamurthy, a guru who speaks in the language of silence. Swami keeps saying that Prema sai would speak through silence, "if you can't understand my words how can you understand my silence?" This yajna seems to be extremely important to earn the grace to understand the language of silence. Chandi path was also going on as a part of the Durga Puja rituals. 

Swami came to bless the gathering around 10.30 am. He went straight to the Navarathri Homa venue and sat through the poornahuthi. Thereafter He went near the stage where Durga Puja was being done, guided them and came back saying that He will attend the Panchami Puja and Ashtami Puja. 

Thereafter Swami walked to the Rudra Homa Yajna Shala, the final part of the Homa was going on, Swami accepted arathi after Homa poornahuthi, walked amongst the devotees and blessed a devotee from Indonesia who takes care of a small ashram in Bali. 

Swami came back in the evening around 5 pm. After a few bhajans, the program began with Veda Chanting by the students of Alike. Swami was very impressed with their Veda recital when He had heard them during His last visit to Alike and had invited them to come and chant here. After blessing all the Veda students with Pada Namaskar as vibhuthi Parasadam, Swami invited Bro Badri Narayanan to speak on Bhagawatham. He spoke about Dhruva and pointed out the subtle difference between Dhruva and Prahalada. Dhruva went with a desire to Narayana, that of the boon to be seated on his father uttanapada's lap, however Prahalada was desire less. The highest of the devotee of the four kinds is the one who prays to God only for God's sake. Bro Badri was running a high fever yet he made it to the program. Swami blessed him with a gift and told him that this is the right way, despite illness Swami never stopped giving Darshan and blessing devotees because the body is meant only for service to the others. " paropakaram Idam Sariram". After Bhagawatha parayana, band students from all campuses of Swami including two alumni sisters from Anantapur, joined the students of Muddenehalli , Sai's Angels, to perform a few numbers. Bhajans like Om Namaha Shivaya, Ganga jatadhara and Manasa bhajare were beautifully set to the western notes and chords. Brass explosion was another piece that was Played. Swami was very happy that the students had picked it all up from scratch within a year and were able to play so well. He asked them to re-play Manasa Bhajare tune. A few senior band students played Hari Bhajan also. After blessing all with gifts and Namaskar Swami even granted them a group photo. 

The speaker for the day was chosen by Swami, a priest from Sringeri who spoke about the importance of the Navarathri Homa and also the details of the program. 

After which Swami granted His divine message. Swami said that when Krishna promised that He will look after the Yogah Kshemam of His devotees, he only meant the highest good which is self realisation. Seeking petty things is not the right way. Ask for God himself and you will have everything. Swami said that many people doubt as to why Swami is offering such precious things in to the sacrificial fire and wasting them! Swami lamented that He too feels so sad when He sees people wasting away the precious human birth in pursuit of worldly wishes. All that is offered in to fire is converted from Sthula ( gross) form in to Sookshma ( energy ) form so that the gods who are in Sookshma ( subtle or energy) form may accept them and bless us. Like the fire in our stomach converts all the gross food that we eat in to ( Rasa) subtle energy that sustains us, the yajna fire too converts all gross in to subtle. Fire is like a postman which delivers our prayers to the address in the form the mantras specific to the dieties. However if the postage stamp of Love is missing the letter of prayers can't be delivered. We ought to realise our divinity by giving up the three deviations of Mala ( impurity of desires), Vikshepa ( darkness of ignorance which causes duality) and avarnana ( body consciousness). We must seek self realisation As the only gain from this yajna. Happiness is union with God and therefore when we pray that the whole world should be happy, it can happen only if all unite with God, their true identity. All other joys are temporary and we Should not hanker after them. This is the right time to undertake such sacred activities as after one becomes old, doing all this will be impossible. Do not procrastinate and postpone spiritual deeds. 

After taking arathi and blessing all, swami retired around 8.15 PM . 

P.S: While halving dinner Swami said something very wonderful. He said that purest form of communication is Feelings, lower than that is thoughts, lower than thoughts is Words, lowest is actions. First the feeling of devotion arose in sages, which made them think of God and His attributes, then came out the words in the form of Vedas and finally the rituals to please him. Since all can't understand feelings, according to their capacities we need to conduct such activities. He said that He has been speaking for 90 years now about the same thing, because we still do the same old things and do not change. We aren't tired of old habits so he has to speak the same thing time and again. Should we not change and spare Him the efforts of speaking again and again the same things? 

Something to seriously consider, isn't it?

EXPERIENCES - posted TUESDAY 20th October 2015

♥ Day two of the Yajnam was divine! This morning Swami spoke to the people involved in webcasting the proceedings. It was a Herculean task to quickly lay the optical fibre line and make the event available for all to see through out this world using Internet ( considering the other world beings have direct access through inner net!) Swami guided them at length about the need for preaching and propagating Sanathana Dharma ( the religion of love ) through various media including Internet. Swami's talk left everyone in the interview room spellbound! More will unfold during birthday, I shall not let the cat out of the bag too soon! Thereafter Swami left for the yajna shala, first He went to the venue of Devi Homa where today Pavamana Homa was performed, after blessing the poornahuthi, swami walked up to the priest who was telling about the importance of Pavamana Homa and spoke to him briefly revealing to him things that left the priest speechless. After blessing him profusely Swami went to the Ati Rudra Homa yajna Shala where the Rudra homa was going on, Swami walked amongst the priests and sat through the Yajnam. He blessed the managalarathi and instructed the head priest Sri Nanjunda Dixit to speak in the eve about the importance and significance of yajna. As Swami walked towards the ladies side, a few ladies from abroad thanked Swami for conducting the Yajna to which He said, this is for world peace. " I WANT PEACE", is what all say, but when we remove "I" which is ego and " WANT" which is desire, what is left is "PEACE". So simple yet so profound! 

Swami noticed the devotees had Come from many countries like malaysia, singapore, Italy, Croatia, australia, Canada, U.K., Usa apart from various parts of India. To a resident of Chikbalapur Swami said, " all these people are now coming to your Chikbalapur town which was not visited by any one, because I am here". Swami came for the evening session around 5 pm. After a few bhajans the program started with Vedic chants by the girls of prashanthi nikethanam campus, Swami was proud of them. This was followed by the most interesting and powerful discourse on the story of Prahalada from Bhagawatham by Bro Badri Narayanan. His narration left all in tears as we understood the significance of Prahalada's devotion who when asked by the Lord Narasimha to seek a boon, after initial refusal finally agrees to ask only one boon that, " let him be granted a boon that he Should never ask any boon from God". Such was the faith of the 5 year old, who though was born to an atheist demonic father, was ultimately crowned the " emperor of the empire of all the devotees " ( Bhakthi Samrajya Chakravarthi). 

This was followed by a brief music program by the ladies accompanied by a few musicians. Prof Nanjund Dixit spoke next about the guidance that he has received from Swami about the Ati Rudra Homa earlier and recollected the pristine moments when Swami called and blessed all the 150 priests. He briefly mentioned about the importance of Yajnas. Swami's discourse followed where He emphasised that we are born pure, seeking our identity as we cry " koham" ( who am I) however unfortunately we are told the untruth that we are the body and the mind. Though the right answer is " Soham" ( I am that divine principle). Our breath reminds us of this divine nature all the time. He narrated a story from the Upanishads where in a lion cub gets separate from its mother and is rescued by a flock of sheep. Due to the company of sheep , it starts believing that it's a sheep, till a real majestic lion roars and shows it, it's true face in the reflection of the river. Like the little lost cub we have forgotten our true identity, however we can find our true divine reflection in the pure and still water of our mind. A mind that is steady and free from all desires alone can help us realise our divinity! Swami said that all these programs are to give us an opportunity to participate in Satsangha ( good company) so that we may change and become divine. Listening, contemplating and more importantly practicing is required to truly benefit from This. Swami praised the family that sold their property to conduct this Yajnam and also Prof Nanjund Dixit, who despite having a health issue of his daughter, is conducting the Yajnam. Swami blessed that his daughter's heart issue will be cured. "Bypass has been passed", said Swami. After blessing all Swami returned back around 8.30 pm. Sairam.

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