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lunes, 19 de octubre de 2015

ARMY D6: Divine Discourse Notes Sunday 18th October 2015

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DISCOURSE - posted MONDAY 19th October 2015
ARMY D6: Divine Discourse Notes Sunday 18th October 2015

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. As we pray to Bhagavan to give His Divine message, on this very auspicious evening, I perceive Him seated in the chair in an orange robe. I repeat as He speaks. 

That son of Nanda has come back as Ananda Bala, the child of Bliss, in order to play with His playmates. It is the same Ramachandra that has come back as Aramachandra, without any care, without any worry, in order to recognise His soul mates. It is the same Sai Easwara of Parthi who has come here Muddenahalli Easwara, the God of Muddenahalli, in order to recognise His devotees. It is the same Maha Vishnu who has come back as Mahe Vishnu, the Vishnu on this earth. in order to His work with His instruments. 

Embodiments of Divine Love. Where is God ? Since times immemorial people have been searching for God, going to many centres, studying scriptures and looking for Him everywhere. Where ever he searches for Him he is not seen with these eyes. Is He in Vaikuntha? He is not there in Vaikuntha. If you think that He is in Kailasa, trully He is no there. Where is He really. This is the reply given by God Himself. I wont dwell in Vaikuntha. I will not reside in the hearts of the yogis. I install myself in their hearts where ever my devotees sing. Without God the devotees can not exist. Without the devotee God can not exist. When th child is born, a mother is also born. Before the child is born she is only a woman and not a mother. Only when a child is born woman is transformed into a mother. You can look for God everywhere and you wont find Him. He will be where the devotee is living. Wherever there is pure devotion Go also resides there. 

This evening, in the Bhagavatha exposition, we have learnt a little about the story of Krishna. Krishna means that which attracts, that is the Krishna principle. God is full of magnet power. Though magnet has complete magnetic power it will attract the iron piece only when the iron piece approaches the magnet. The iron filing will be attracted only if it does not have any impurity like ego or attachment or wicked qualities. If the iron piece is full of rust and dust, however much it may try, it will not be attracted by the magnet. The same God looking upon whom, Prahlada, worshipped and adored Him, looking at the same God, Hiranyakashipu hated Him. The same Lord Krishna whom Gopas and Gopikas loved and adored, looking at the same Krishna, Kamsa hated Him. Krishna is one and the same. Vishnu is one and the same. Everything depends on the feelings of the devotees. Only that piece of iron, which is free from rust and dust, will be attracted by the power of the magnet. A piece of iron, which is full of rust and dust, may get close to the magnet but there wont be any change in it. Seeing that this iron piece, with rust and dust, is not attracted it is foolish for us to think that the magnet has no power in it. Not at all. The magnet definitely has power. Due to the evil in the iron piece it will not get attracted. Similarly, in a human being, who is full of rust and dust of ego and attachment, even when that person comes to the Divine presence there wont be any transformation in him. Otherwise, the same Rama, who was worshiped and adored by even monkeys, why should Ravana looking at Him hate Him? This kind of perversion happened because of the evil within him. Even monkeys, because of their pure feelings, could see God in the personality of Rama. 

God is ever pure, sacred, blissful and always steady. Actually, its only your own reflection you see in the mirror and you dont find anything else there. When you talk to God with love God will also talk to you with love. When you hate God our own hatred gets reflected to us. Therefore, only when we give up our evil qualities will we be able to recognise God. Because of the rust and dust of ego and attachment even this magnetic power of God will not attract you. 

In Gopalas and Gopikas there was no rust and dust. They wanted only Krishna and nothing else. Krishna left Brindavan and went to Madhura. Everyone was grieving over it. Even after reaching Madhura Krishna was always thinking of the Gopalas. The Gopalas in Brindavan were so sorrowful. Because of His own regulation Krishna would never return to Brindavan and the Gopikas could not go to Madhura. Krishna would not go to Brindavan. All the time the Gopikas were looking for Krishna in Brindavan. There was a very good friend of Krishna called Uddava. Through Uddava Krishna sent a message to the Gopikas to show Uddava the deep devotion they had for Krishna. Uddava went to Brindavan with the purpose of removing the grief of the Gopikas. These Gopikas were always thinking of Krishna. There minds were immersed in the Krishna principle deriving Bliss. Uddava went to Radha. Even Uddava was having the colour of Krishna, the dark complexion. Looking at Uddava the Gopikas thought it was Krishna and they came running. Uddava got down from the chariot with the desire to hand the message of Krishna to her. Uddava was teaching her Krishna is everywhere, He is all pervasive. Radha asked him, "Which Krishna are you talking about?" Uddava answered, "Krishna who left Brindavan and reached Madhura, he has sent a message to you. This is why I am telling you." Radha laughed out loud, " Keep your philosophy with yourself ! My krishna is always in me ! I just close my eyes and I can see Him all the time. What went to Madhura was only an illusion and not Krishna. My Krishna is always within me. I am the shadow of Krishna. Where there is shadow there is the object. Where there is reflection the object should also be there. If you see Radha still living it is because Krishna is with her. It is not necessary to listen to your philosphy. Every moment I experience it and enjoy it!" 

If you look at Madhura you will see great jealousy there between the two wives Rukmini and Sathyabama. Rukmini and Sathyabama wanted Krishna to stay there only with them. Why? They thought that Krishna was a body and they desired His physical form. Radha knows that He is consciousness. He is the principle of energy. Knowing that she was always happy. Radha did not experience any sorrow. Where ever you go you find Radha Krishna temples. Very rarely you find Rukmini and Sathyabama Krishna temples. Many people without knowing the spiritual relationship between Radha and Krishna, at their level they think of that relationship. Their thinking is their own reaction, reflection and resound. A thief thinks that everybody is a thief. A devotee thinks that everybody is a devotee. Radha was thus never sad. She never ever thought that Krishna was the body. Krishna is the form of the Atma. He is God. He is Consciousness, He is Energy. Even when Sai Baba gave up His body many devotees were crying and shedding tears looking for Him here and there. The body is same and equal for everbody. The body made up of five elements is temporary. How ever much you may spend, whatever medicines you may consume, you can not protect the body from death. 

Dont be proud of your youth, money or man-power. It can be removed in a minute. In every school there will be rules and regulations. In a school, depending on a particular time-table, their will be class, prayer and lunch break. For this world their are the rules and regulations of place, time and causation. Even the principle who built the school has to go according to the rules and regulations. More important than others he has to practice that. Similarly, when God comes down as a Divine Incarnation in human form it is inescapable that he has to follow the rules of place, time and circumstances. anybody which is born has to die. But the indweller is permanently there. When you realise that Divinity then you get rid of all attachment and sorrow. That is why it is said wisdom is seeing the unity of all existence. There is no disease worse than greed. There is no enemy worse than your own anger. There is no sorrow higher than poverty. There is no happiness higher than wisdom. Wisdom is not just knowledge. Knowledge is what you study in a lesson - the theory part. Wisdom is really experience not knowledge. Only when you experience will you know the unity of all existence. 

Yesterday, Alike students put on various costumes and they played their roles on the stage. There was the role of Sathi also. Sathi was played by boy not a girl.. Only when he removes the costume and the dress he is wearing does he knows that he is a boy. Similarly, Siva and Daksha Prajapathi they were having different costumes. They looked different. When you put on the costume you have to act that role given. When they remove the costumes the boys realised that Shiva was only a role that I played in the drama. And all of us having various costumes on us and are moving around. There are some who are wearing the costumes of teachers, musicians, men and ladies. Putting on the various costumes called "bodies" we think we are different. But costume is not the truth. After the drama we have to give up the costume. Only when we give up the costume do we recognise the Truth and derive delight. 

All this show of life is nothing but a drama and fancy dress. The various people in the world behave differently as Malaysians, English, americans or Indians. It is because of the various costumes that they are wearing. When you look at the Atma principle in everybody, everybody is equal, one and the same. According to the role being given in a drama sometimes you have to cry, sometimes you have to laugh. Depending on the roles there will be various feelings. One day the drama will have to stop. After the drama you remove the costume and realise the Truth. Sometimes the director also comes down to the stage and tells, very sincerely, have you have to enact your roles. In fact the director has no role or real duty. In order to demonstrate the ideal he comes down. Sometimes the director Himself puts on a costume and comes as an actor in the drama. Similarly, in various Yugas, God comes down in human form to play His role. 

What is the meaning of God incarnating? With the love and affection for mankind God comes down to their level, along with individual and Divine consciousness. An Avatar has both individual and Divine consciousness. God, when He plays the role of an Avatar, He gets immersed in His role and He acts perfectly. Then you keep telling that is a kind of Yogamaya. But the Truth is the Avatar has Divine Consciousness. Divine consciousness is always there. Due to the individual consciousness He looks like an ordinary human being. Only then can you mix with Him and enjoy His company and learn lessons. At no time does an Avatar lose His Divine Consciouness. Depending on His individual consciousness, for you to think that He is also an ordinary human being, that He also has birth and death, is a mistake. It is not truth. He is only playing a role in the drama. In order to teach the principles Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Peace and Non Violence He plays a role. In this way God came down as Rama, Buddah, Jesus and Krishna in order to play and teach mankind. 

The conscious power is the Truth and nothing else but the Truth. It si said in the scriptures that God is Eternal and the world is an Illusion. Knowing that this world is nothing but an illusion you enter into Divine Consciousness. As long as there is illusion and you identify yourself with the roles that you play, ego and attachment are inescapable. Identifying yourself with the role in the drama, thinking that this is your personality, name and my world - not correct. Who were you before and after the drama? That Truth we have to find out. When you recognise that truth there is no scope for desire, sorrow or attachment. When you experience the oneness of all existence, where is attachment and where is sorrow ? There is only One Truth and the scholars speak of it in different ways. I have been organising all these programmes so that you get into Divine presence and Divine company so that you can recognise the Truth of getting rid of your ego and attachment. As is the feeling so does it happen. 

This world is based on your own mind. What is the mind? A bundle of thoughts ! Mind is nothing but a conglomeration of various thoughts. It is like a key. When you turn it right it opens. Turn it left it gets locked. When you turn your mind towards God you will enjoy God consciousness. When you focus your mind on this worldly life it is a bondage. That is why it is said that the mind is responsible fo your bondage and liberation. After having come here, residing in the Divine presence and hearing good talks, you should learn these lessons. Your effort is very important. 

There are many people like Kamsa who talk philosophy. Kamsa was telling Vaasudeva and Devaki that we dont really have birth and death whilst trying to assure them. After having killed so many children he is talking about philosophy. But all the time he is afraid of his own death ! Once it happened that there was a big landlord. He had alot of cows owned by him. There was a servant who looked after them. The servant had a bull too. When he took all the cattle and bull of the rich man, also his own, onto the same property, there was a fight between the two bulls. The bull of the servant killed the bull of the rich landlord. He was very frightened. With great fear he approached the landlord. Master there was a very bad incident today. There was a battle between your bull and my bull. The landlord said, "What is so special about this incident. Even human beings fight like that. It is ordinary for animals to fight." Due to confusion and fear the servant said that the landlords bull had died, in the reverse way. The landlord heard this and said, "What is great about this. Anything that is born has to die. That is why your bull has died. It is absoutely normal. Don't worry about it." The poor servant, after recognising that he had reported wrongly, said, " Actually, the story is my bull has killed your bull." The landlord got angry and told him, "How can your bull kill my bull! You have to pay all the money and onlt then you can go home from here." The landlord spoke great philosophy when he first heard that the servants bull was killed. 

Similarly many devotees come here and say that if really transformation has to happen in me it should be by God Himself. But in order to earn money and look after their families they will put in alot of effort. Yet, when it comes to transformation he will talk philosophy saying that only by Gods Grace can there be any transformation. Gods Grace is always there. Gods Grace is equal on everybody. In the same way as the suns rays shine equally on everybody Gods Grace shines on everybody equally. 

When you wash your clothes you have to put your clothes out in the sunshine for them to dry. That effort you have to make. Prohits do offer many offerings to the fire. What is it that you did sitting here? When you come and sit here you have to offer at least one of the six enemies into the fire place. At least to some extent if you get rid of your ego and attachment you can say that you made an effort. Just coming here, listening to talks, taking prasadam and walking away is not correct. At least one evil quality in you, you have to offer into the fire place. One by one, if you get rid of your evil qualities, you will become perfect. Selfishness is the cause. The root cause of selfishness is ego. When you give up ego you get rid of all evil qualities. Therefore, we have to reduce our ego and attachments and develop Divine Consciousness. 

Many Divine incarnations may come but it may not be useful for you. After having come to this sacred land, witness this sacred Yagna, you have to get rid of your ego and attachments and realise God within yourselves and derive Divine Bliss. 

Wherever there is name there is form also. There is an inseparable relationship between the two. When you utter the name of Krishna, Krishna is there. When you utter the name of Sai, Sai is there. Without name there is no form, without form there is no name. When you think of the form automatically you get the name. When you utter the name immediately the form will manifest there. Thus, there is no way God is not here or he is only there. In which ever place devotees with pure love think of Him God will manifest there. If you want to develop pure love you have to give up ego and attachment. There will be some impurities in the water that you get from the land. You cant drink water as it is. You get rid of the impurities from the water and drink only pure water. Only when you get rid of all the evil qualities in you and develop pure love for God, then you can really see God also. 

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings


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