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jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

Divine Declarations on October 20, 2015

The resplendent Hiranyagarbha Lingam

Divine Declarations on October 20, 2015

October 20, 2015, Athi Rudra Maha Yagnam, Muddenahalli

God is formless. He incarnates on the earth with four objectives: first is 'shistarakshana', safeguarding the good people; 'dushtasikshana', educating the evil people; 'dharmasthaapana', establishment of dharma; and 'satyabodhana', teaching of eternal Truth.Of all these four objectives, the most important is the teaching of the eternal Truth. If we get rid of the duality by knowing the Truth, we will be able to experience great divine bliss. When Sai incarnated, He had three pledges; conferring joy on whole of humanity and protecting them, to remove the sufferings of the poor people, to handhold those who swerve from the path of dharma and bring them back on to the righteous path. Truth is My word, dharma is My path and prema or love is My principle which I teach.

If you want to develop love, it is necessary that you first recognise the Truth. As long as we continue to have the sense of difference between myself and others, we will be in the darkness of ignorance. On 20 October 1940, for the first time I taught this Truth – "I don't have any relationships. I don't have any attachments. I don't have any family. I came for My devotees."

When I built the mandir, nobody believed me. They asked me, "Why are you building such a big mandir?" I told them, "Not only this mandir but a very huge mandir will come up. Even that will not be enough." Whatever happened at that point of time, now also is happening.  Three years back when I came to Muddenahalli, I told Narasimhamurthy, "Don't think this is a small educational institution. It is going to be transformed into a big ashram. And people from all over the world would come to this ashram. We are going to build a huge auditorium and a bhajan hall." Because of the magnetic attraction of God, all the devotees are coming here. God will never be won by either ego or ostentation. Wherever there is self surrender, God will go there. I said yesterday also, "The magnetic power of God is here. Because of the rust and dust of ego and attachment, we are not getting attracted to God. When we get rid of ego and attachment and develop devotion, automatically we will be attracted to God."

This place is a very meritorious place. It is a land of penance. All this area was there in the Vishwamitra ashrama in Treta yuga. Rama and Lakshmana came here, fought against Thataki, and killed lot of demons. In future you are going to see, the whole place will be full of saints and sages. Not only that, people adorning high positions of authority like Presidents and ministers will come here. Therefore our students should not think that we are studying in a small educational institution. It is a sacred and noble ashrama. Wherever there is no 'shrama' or labour, that is ashrama. Where there is love, there is no trouble. When you develop love, you will not have any trouble. I don't have a physical body now, but through your bodies, I work. You should know that your body does not really belong to you; it is Swami's body, keep it sacred and pure.

Athi Rudra Maha Yajna is a sacred time. It is a time of transition. Kali yuga is ending and Sathya yuga is beginning. It is not Sathya yuga; it is Prema yuga, yuga of love. When we know the truth everybody belongs to us, we naturally develop love. When you develop love, you also experience bliss. Everything is love, love and love. Therefore only if you develop love, you can understand the Sai principle.

Swami has come here, thousands of people are coming here; they are regarding us, respecting us; thinking that way, you should not develop pride. With humility and obedience, you have to love everyone. To think that this hall is being built for Swami, is not complete truth. Only when I give lot of work, people think of Me. When they think the task is impossible, then they think of God.

I am going to build more houses here to accommodate the devotees. Next year all kinds of canteens will start here. Apart from canteens a hospital also will come here. For people staying here, all kinds of comforts and facilities will be available here itself. When I went and saw the hall a few days back, even I could not believe whether it could happen. Now I have gained complete faith that because our students are working, it will be complete.

Sathya Sai avatar will continue to be there for some years. But after some time, I will come back as Prema Sai, stay in this ashram and grant my darshan and even teach the Truth. A farmer, before the rains come, tills the land and keeps it ready; in the same way I am preparing this place. Not only I am getting the place ready, I am also cultivating your hearts. I am waiting to remove selfishness and self-interest from your hearts and sow the seeds of love.  Earlier that was the Declaration; today this is the Declaration.

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