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domingo, 18 de octubre de 2015

Sukshma Baba Report 124 18-10-15 Yagna  Vibration

Sukshma Baba Report 124 18-10-15 Yagna  Vibration
Sukshma Baba Report 124  18-10-15  Yagna Vibration 

Sai Ram,
We have been attending the yagnas in Muddenahalli. There is the Ati Rudram Maha Yagna as well as the Navarathi and Durga Puja. Sathya Sai Baba and others have delivered wonderful discourses and talks. These will eventually come out in some book form. We will eventually write about all of them. But for now when we have limited time which we are going to write a bit differently.
We realized from the beginning that there was something special about what is going on and will be going on.
Before the Yagnas are over we would have entered the Sathya Yuga. The 22 of October 2015 will be the last day of the Kali Yuga. The 23 of October 2015 will be the first day of the Sathya Yuga. 
This is for the planet as a whole and for many people. However, there will still be people who will continue to think and behave like it was the Kali Yuga. Eventually, they will be separated from the enlighten ones.
A new enlightened planet and people will run this place. It will be the time that we all have been waiting for.
Swami has been preparing us for many decades. The intensity of the preparation has drastically increased. Now as we are reaching the climax of Sai avatarship amazing things will happen. Things that many people are not prepared for. Giving birth is a labor intensive process.
The new world will defy description. As it should. It is a world that came about as the result of intensive inner cleansing and purification. It is a world within us which is the whole universe. While our bodies will undergo the trauma of being in a physical world, our spirit, soul. Atma will have advance in its process of cleansing.
We will begin to see the world as it really is. A beautiful place filled with God everywhere. All in Peace and Harmony. We will rejoice every moment in our Lord, our God, our Sai. We will begin to experience the universe as though we are the creator and the creation.
As we experienced the yagnas, we came to realize that everything was about vibration. Every act taking during the yagnas whether it is the chanting, singing, putting stuff in the fire and more is done because it would be pleasing to God. 
The only way for this to happen is for the vibrations of all the different items to be pleasing to God. It is the vibrations that reach God not the physical smell, taste or music. Everything is about vibrations.
It is all about the vibrations of everything. Color, sound, smell, taste are all about vibrations. The senses send a vibration that travels instantly in the nonphysical world and beyond. When items are used in the yagna fire, it is that the vibration of the items that are in harmony with God.

God does not have nose, mouth, etc. So how could God smell anything, or taste food, or get feedback from any of the senses. When God takes a human form, it comes equipped with the mechanism to receive and interpret this world through the senses. The senses besides producing physical world sensations also gives off vibrations that travels through all of creation.

The yagna is like making a meal. The appetizers, soup, main meal and desert are all made differently. They serve a special purpose. The chanting, pouring items into the fire and over the lingam each serve a particular purpose. In the end, it was like a meal.

A special meal was prepared for everyone to enjoy and benefit.

All the vibrations from the items will mix as it travels through you, around Muddenahalli, around India and the world as well as throughout the universe. In the process your physical and non-physical bodies will be cleansed as well as everything else in creation which of course, includes this planet.

Impurities will be eliminated and replaced with purity. It will remain pure unless we reclaim the old behavior. The same is true with this planet. In places where there are fires, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, tidal waves, starvation, drought, etc., the process may seem to be painful. But it is all leading to a better place and a better world but most importantly a better you.

It may lead to behavior that may surprise you. Anger, frustrations, illnesses and many more may surface to express itself as it leaves your form. It is important to replace it with spiritual energy such as Love, Peace, Harmony, Bliss and whatever leads you closer to knowing that you are God.

Danger comes at this point. If you do not fill up that emptiness with positive values, the old ones will come back. They are not completely gone until their seeds within you burn up completely. Otherwise, they can germinate again to manifest as your old habits.

At the moment of liberation this process happens. They are gone forever. You can never again be any of the previous ways. Until this moment, you must guard your every action so that germination doesn't happen. The dormant seed must remain asleep.

The lectures, discourses and yagnas are only important if they produce changes in you. The knowledge you hear accumulates in you but what good is any of it unless it makes a difference. The worlds are full of beings that know the Truth but they do not practice it. The knowledge becomes of no value.

When you are at a yagna, surgery has begun. Waste, garbage, negativities are removed bit by bit but you have to do the filling. Of course, singing, bhajans, service, motivational speeches and other positive action help to fill the gap.

We have had several experiences that could had been overwhelming if Baba didn't help. We experienced one case of extreme negativity with a small amount of physical action, said something to someone we wished we hadn't, the computer went bad, the mobile phone got damaged, and a portable clock stopped working. This is all part of the cleansing process speeded up.

The challenges have been taken in stride. It became easier to deal with when we realized what was occurring. However, at the same time we experienced positive feedback from many people. Also, we felt as though we reached a new level within which will slowly manifest in the world.

We feel closer to Swami that we ever did. At times we feel so close that we do not even want to hear him speak or even look at him but bath in his bliss without physical distraction.

What is happening with the manifestation of Sukshma Baba is beyond words. Do Selfless Service and be Selfless Love. Express your true self. Come to Muddenahalli, to Swami visits in your neighborhood, assist in the many projects going on in the world while you still have the opportunity.

The greatest moment in the history of the world is happening now. You have the opportunity to be part of it. You can assist the transition.

Experience the glory of the creator's presence in your midst. Events are happening and greater events will occur all over. Be prepared. Move forward on all levels.

These events are beyond your imagination. The wonders of what will be done in our presence in many ways boggles the mind. The glory of Sai will resound throughout the world. Not for his benefit but for ours. Many will finally get the message and will move to his level beyond the Sukshma Baba level.

Ultimately, you will realize the that subtle form that everyone wants to see is nothing more than cosmic clothing hiding the real subtle form of a higher level. We cannot see it with any physical senses. Even what we feel is a toned down version of the lower level of the manifestation.

Swami will raise us to where we can get a taste of it to motivate us to work harder. The goal is for us to get to that level and be able to stay there so we can move on to greater and more wondrous glories of creation. Eventually to get to the creator.
Do not waste time. Now is the time to get busy. It is the time to make sacrifices such as giving up meat, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, television, parties and any activity that does not benefit society. Any activity that does not raise the elevation of individuals, society and the planet.

It is the time of action. Change your life NOW. Do not wait until tomorrow. It never comes. Time is short for those who want to be part of the transformation and for those who want to help make it possible.

Take action NOW. Many people are already engaged in all sorts of activities and projects. Everyone has to do more. Eliminate or at least reduce the bad habits. Do one step at a time. Then you will be successful.

Remember God all the time. Talk to Swami about anything and everything. Your problems, your fears, your needs, things that you can't even talk to others about.

Talk to Sai Baba always no matter what you are doing. He is always listening. He will help you with your needs. He will definitely help with your transition – your crossover.

It is up to you. God does not force himself on others. You must take the first step. Swami will help with the rest.

This is your moment of eternity.

Be Good – Be Happy
Always Have Compassion

Sai Surya



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