EL DESPERTAR SAI: Day 7 (evening) proceedings of Athi Rudra Maha Yagna, Navarathri Homa and Durga Puja Day 7 (evening) proceedings of Athi Rudra Maha Yagna, Navarathri Homa and Durga Puja - EL DESPERTAR SAI




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jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

Day 7 (evening) proceedings of Athi Rudra Maha Yagna, Navarathri Homa and Durga Puja


Day 7 (evening) proceedings of Athi Rudra Maha Yagna, Navarathri Homa and Durga Puja

Monday, October 19, 2015 – Evening: The evening of day seven of the spectacular Triveni Sangama of Athi Rudram, Navrathri Homa and Durga Puja commenced with the Vedic chants followed by Sai Gayathri.

All the devotees seated in the Yaaga Shaala were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Swami. Swami arrived at 5.30 PM from Premdeep. There were a few soulful bhajans after which the main programme began. Swami blessed Sri Badri Narayan before he commenced his narration of the Bhagavatam.

Sri Badri began by emphasising how HE and HIS glory alone will confer Ananda on us. Garga Maharishi was the one whom Yashoda had called to name her two sons. She wished to keep it a very low-key affair. Garga Maharishi being a renowned scholar himself was quite adept in naming both the children of Yashoda. The elder son was named Rama – the one who delights others.  To make it unique – he named him Balarama. Garga then turned towards the second child and told Nanda how fortunate he was to have begotten his second son. He named him Krishna – the one who is dark. In fact, there are many Krishnas – Vyasa, Arjuna, Draupadi since all of them were dark in complexion. The name Krishna also signifies a few other meanings – He that ploughs the fields of our hearts, the one who attracts all hearts. Balarama grew up to be a sober boy whereas Krishna proved to be a very mischievous kid. Being the Chittachora , Krishna left no stone unturned to make sure that His mother thought of him all the time. Yashoda was very fortunate since Lord Krishna yearned for her love. He would tell her that all the fun and joy of experiencing his divine leelas would only last for eleven years after which He would be move to Mathura.


Sri Badri Narayanan narrating sweet tales of Lord Krishna's childhood

Krishna's mischievousness knew no bounds. Even Yashoda was not spared; every other day, she had to hear complaints of all sorts about her son Krishna from different people of the village, irrespective of age. A few examples of Krishna's mischief were pelting stones at pots and breaking them when the women from the village came to the river to fetch water, stealing butter and curds from people's houses, letting the calves loose just when the cows had to be milked.

Sri Badri went on to explain how this special privilege was conferred on Yashoda and Nanda as an answer to their prayers to Lord Brahma. Yashoda was so full of devotion and was so simple minded that despite all the servants in the village working for the family, she was particular about preparing butter for Krishna with her own hands to feed him. Krishna used to reveal his Divinity only in parts, deluding everyone to mistake the Lord for the little boy of Brindavan!

Explaining the Tat Tvam Asi priniciple , it is only Asi (being) that is important. For God is Bhaavapriya, it is not efforts; it is simple devotion that can capture His Heart. It is good enough if we learn to savour Divinity and not realize Divinity.


Subhendra Rao giving a scintillating performance on the Sitar

The narration on the Bhagawata was followed by two musical renditions, which were ethereal – by Sitar artists Subhendra Rao and Sashya Rao. This was followed by a wonderful performance by the Lamhe music group, which is constituted of alumni of Swami's institutions.


Members of an alumni band called Lamhe in concert

The evening programme concluded with Bhagawan's Discourse.

Summary of Divine Discourse:

The Lord is the embodiment of peace and goodness; all names are His, all forms are His; He is the personification of Sat, Chit, and Ananda – Being, Awareness, and Bliss, and Sathyam Shivam Sundaram – Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

It is not true to think that bliss is something which we can attain sometime later in our life. At all times wherever you are, you can experience bliss. But this bliss is not connected with the physical body. The moment our mind gets away from the body and focuses on God we experience bliss that is eternal and permanent.

Krishna means 'Krishatheethi Krishna' – the One who cultivates our hearts. Krishna, "with the flow of discrimination please till our hearts, remove the weeds of worldly desires, plant the seeds of love and lead us to yourself in divine bliss".

It is not enough if we just say we want God. You should not give the thought up until to get God. Whatever difficulties and obstacles you encounter, with great courage and determination you should get over them and find God. Going back in the middle is not the hallmark of a devotee.  'Shraddha' is a combination of love and faith. One side is love, the other side is faith. Only when we aspire for God wholeheartedly, will you find God. If you have true devotion there won't be any other emotions. You will forget all negative qualities like sorrow and misery. In spite of all hardships, Meera was all the time singing of Krishna. She gave up her palace and went to Brindavan. She looked for Krishna there but she did not find Krishna. However she had great determination. She collapsed hitting her head on the door of the temple. Immediately she had the darshan of Krishna. She then realised, "Krishna is not somewhere else; He is within me; He is my divine consciousness; He is my atma". She adored Krishna with so much of love and devotion; that's why she could get Krishna. She had only one attachment – attachment to Krishna. If you enjoy divine grace, no grahas or planets can hinder you. Therefore you have to always pray for divine grace. Till we realise God, our whole life is a waste. You should put in effort to realise God within yourself. He is thirsty for love. Wherever there is love, He comes running there.

When I left this world, I left my footprints – left and right- on this earth. What is this left and right? The left foot print is love and the right one is service. If you follow my footprints of love and service, you will definitely reach Me. Therefore, Love everyone, and serve everyone. And then you will merge in Me. God is not anywhere else, He is within you. In order to reach Him, we have to follow his teachings and follow His footprints of love and service. Wherever there is love, service will follow.

I am not the subsconscious mind, I am not the intelligence, I am not the ego, I am not any of the five senses; I am myself Chidananda – the bliss of consciousness. When you always chant the mantra, 'I am not the body, I am the atma', immediately you will be able to realise your true nature.

After Mangala Aarti, Swami went to Hrudaya Madiram where aarti was performed to Mother Durga after which Swami retired to Premdeep.

Watch the proceedings below:

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