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miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2015


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• posted 14th Oct - ARMY: Divine Discourse Notes Tuesday 13th Oct 2015
• posted 14th Oct - Divine Discourse Notes EVENING Sunday 11th Oct 2015
• posted 13th Oct - Swami Speaks to Seva Dals: KALI YUGA ENDS with Yagna. Sunday 11th Oct 2015
• posted 9th Oct - Divine Discourse Notes Thursday 8th Oct 2015
• posted 5th Oct - Divine Discourse Notes - Ashrams across the World Sunday 4th Oct 2015


DISCOURSE - posted WEDNESDAY 14th October 2015
ARMY: Divine Discourse Notes Tuesday 13th October 2015

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. As we all pray to Bhagavan to give His Divine Message I perceive Him seated in the chair, in an orange robe, and I repeat as He speaks. 

In the same way as the reflection does not stick to the mirror, in the same way that the drops of water do not stick to the lotus leaves, sins will not stick to a man or woman with devotion. Both birth and death are behind you all the time. This heart of creation, vehicle of creation, runs on the two wheels of birth and death. If one of these wheels falls away the creation itself would stop. That is the secret of this creation. 

Embodiments of Divine Atma. For every man who is born on this earth death is inescapable. Birth and death live together and that is what drives this universe. In the same way as night follows the day and day follows the night, death follows birth and birth follows death. 

The world is nothing but reflection, reaction and resound. For every action there is a reaction. Whatever we think, say and do definitely there will a reaction for that. If you want to cross over this law of karma, action and reaction, you have to transform all your actions as yagna. Oh man, is it possible for you to cross over this action and reaction? Whether you study many scriptures, or go to the forrest to do penance, is it possible for you to cross over this law ? If you take a vessel, a small well or the ocean the quantity of water you can carry is limited. Is it possible for us to cross over this law of karma ? Definitely there is a consequence for every action that we are involved in. In this land of action we do keep involving ourselves in many kinds of activities. If you want to attain liberation is it possible? Because action and reaction come one after the other, all the time, it is very difficult for us to cross over this law. Because of one action there is one reaction. Because of the reaction another action starts. The whole life we lead is because of this action and reaction. 

If we dont want any reaction for our action what is that that we have to do? When you transform all your actions into karma yoga only then the actions will not earn reactions. Yoga is perfection in action. Whatever you do, if you do it perfectly, that action will not create any reaction. 

What is Karma Yoga? If you perform all your actions for the love of God all your actions will turn into karma yoga. Whatever actions you are involved in, whatever yagna you are perform, whatever you eat when you offer everything to me then the Karma Yoga will come - if you offer it to me ! When we do all our actions with love for God then our actions will not haunt us. 

What do you mean by Yagna? Is it just an offering into the fire? They are only external activities that you involve yourself in. In fact, they can not cleanse your heart. If the activies, that we undertake, do not cleanse our heart then it becomes useless. Purity of mind is important. It is Yoga which grants us purity of mind. Therefore, whatever we think, say and do when we offer it with love for God that will become Karma Yoga. Spirituality is not complex or complicated, it is very very easy. Whatever you do you offer it for with love to God and give up the desire for the result of the action. That becomes Karma Yoga. On one hand you offer all the activities with love for God and on the other hand you just sacrifice the desire for the result of action. When you do all this sincerely the actions will not end in reaction. Whatever we want to offer to God naturally we want that activity to be perfect. We are not going to offer rotten things to God. We offer to God only that which is very pure. When you write an address on a letter the postman will only deliver it to that address similarly on all your actions you address them to God, Krishna, it goes to Krishna. But many people, who are narrow minded, the try to escape from the reaction when they do wrong things. When they do good things they take the credit saying "I am doing it" yet, when they do wrong they offer it to God. 

Once there was an argument between a husband and wife. Their son, having obtained great expertise in sports, won some awards from a match and brought the prize home. The father came home from the office. The son went to tell him that he won a prize. The mother also followed him. With great pride the son told the father that he had won a great prize. The husband said very proudly, "Look at this, my son has won a great prize. Because he is my son he was able to win all these prizes!" The wife told the husband, "You are telling that the boy has won prizes in sports because he is your son. Have you looked at his progress report? He has secured zeros's in every subject!" Then the husband told the wife, "It is because he is your son that he has secured zeros in his subjects! You dont have a brain and your son doesnt have a brain !" 

Look at how, because of selfishness, a person changes his voice. If somebody does good things and achieves good results they tell I have done this good act. But when they do something wrong they say it is Gods will that this has happened. It is a kind of treachery. Only a sincere person will get wisdom. When you do something with insincerity and austenation God will not accept your offering. When you make all your actions sacred and offer them with love to God then Karma becomes Karma Yoga. 

These Yagnas are very essential. It is our culture. Even if a boy has a birthday he will go to the parents seeking blessings. Parents will bless their son with gifts which he likes. They do this in order to demonstrate their love for the son. Such customs and traditions we do practice. In Indian culture Yagnas are very noble activities. What we think exists really does not exist. What we think does not exists really exists. What exists is God everywhere at all times. This is the word of Sai, the path of Truth. 

Energy becomes matter and matter becomes energy. It is written in an Upanishad that from Space came the Wind, from Wind cam Fire, from Fire came Earth. All these five have subtle relationships. Akasha does not get translated properly when you call it "space". It is not "space", it is vibration. The primordial vibration that eminated is called "AUM". It is also referred to as the Nada Brahma. Due to the vibration of the sound of God, that is AUM, the breeze started blowing. 

We have seen a music programme here with a veena. The melodious music that comes forth is due to the vibrations. When the vibrations happen in the akasha there comes the wind. There is an inseparable relationship between wind and fire. If there is no wind there can not be any fire. If you see a fire that means wind is also there. That is why fire came from the wind. From fire came water. When you heat water it gives up its form and becomes vapour. When the water vapour loses its heat then it becomes water again. Because of fire water becomes vapour and vapour becomes water. That it is why it is said that water emanated from fire. Fire means heat. When water became still cooler it became earth. That is how from Akasha earth evolved. In every human being there are these five elements therefore whatever happens in the akasha that will effect the other four elements too. Akasha is full of vibrations. When you chant a mantra the whole akasha will be filled with vibrations. These vibrations pervade everyone present there and make the sacred feelings emanate in their personalities. 

Vibrations do not have any weight or mass. Heavy matter can move only a little distance then it stops. But vibrations that do not have any weight they can move anywhere. We chant the mantras here and the vibrations will pervade the whole universe. Veda mantra has such power. Todays Indians have forgotten their own culture. We are rejecting our own culture. We are not trying to protect this sacred culture except we are acccepting alien cultures into our country. All cultures are no doubt good. We have to accept only good things in our culture and reject the bad things. In our culture the place of God is very very high and important. Its is also a mistake on our part to say that God has a name and a form. He is Formless ! The Formless God manifests with many names and forms to move amongst His devotees. 

Sweets are different but sugar is one and the same. Some children might like mysore pak and some children like gulab jamum. All these sweets may have different forms but the sweetness is one and the same. Whether you worship Rama or Krishna or Shiva, all are equal. In the same way as there is sweetness in all the sweets One Divine principle is there within all the names and forms of God. We cant call it a religion. It is a way of life. That is the ancient Dharma. 

Sanathana Dharma does not have a beginning, middle or end. Sanathana Dharma is the Atma dharma. Atma is the eternal that is never born or dies. But we are sacrificing, giving up, this oneness of all creation and we are dividing ourselves into religions castes and languages. God manifest again and again in order to restore dharma. That is why I aspire that we will have this Yagna and also teach you the basics of Sanathana Dharma. 

Ramayana and Bhagavatha are very sacred scriptures. Our children should learn all of them. Bhagavathamu means we will become good. If you study Bhagavatha you will become good. Bha means Bhakthi, ga means widsdom, va means detachment, tha means the fundamental principle Tatwa, mu means mukthi. When you study Bhagavatha you will get all these five. Children should listen to all this with sincerity, contemplate and practice. When you try to understand these divine principles your efforts will find fullfillment. Our school children are very very sincere. Whatever is said to them, with great sincerity they will try to understand and practice. In another school a teacher was teaching the Ramayana to the children. The school inspector came into the classroom. He asked the children what they were studying. All of them said together, "The Ramayana." The inspector asked, "Who wrote the Ramayana ?" A boy was frightened and said, "Sir, I did not write the Ramayana. Maybe the teacher knows." Teacher was also afraid and said, "I did not write the Ramayana. Principle commanded me to teach the Ramayana. Probably he wrote the Ramayana." All the three of them approached the principle and asked the question. He replied, "I did not write the Ramayana. It was probably the education depatment that did." We have forgot the great scriptures of our own land and are subjected to total ignorance. But our children are not like that. The students and teachers are getting together in order to rejunvenate the Indian culture.

From Kali Yuga we are getting ready for Sathya Yuga. What is this Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is selfishness. Selflessness is Sathya Yuga. When you give up your selfishness and self interest then Kali Yuga will change into Sathya Yuga. Sacrifice is not giving up your wife and children and going into the forrest. Real sacrifice is giving up your selfishness. We when give up selfishness and self interest we ourselves are getting transformed into men and woman of sacrifice. Due to the obtacles of Kali Yuga practicing spirituality is a problem. In Sathya Yuga, if you want to practice spirituality it will become very easy for you. In a classroom all the children are very quiet and disciplined and the teacher will be able to his work perfectly. But on the other hand if the students are moving here and there without concentration then the teacher can not help. In the Kali Yuga there are alot of disturbances. What ever is said the students can not follow. Even if they wish to practice correctly there are many obstacles on the path. When the Kali Yuga ends, and Sathya Yuga, comes everybody will be able to develop and practice spirituality very easily and derive Divine Bliss. The programme has been developed to End Kali Yuga and bring in Sathya Yuga. Only when you give up your selfishness and self interest you can definitely enjoy the benefits of Sathya Yuga. There may be sunrise but if you are still sleeping there is still night for you. Even if Sathya comes and you do not give up selfishness and self interest you will still continue to live in the Kali Yuga. I bring my discourse to a close aspiring that all of you will develop sacred feelings, give up wrong feelings, and welcome this Sathya Yuga and enjoy the benefits.

DISCOURSE - posted TUESDAY 13th October 2015
Divine Discourse Notes Sunday EVENING speech 11th October 2015

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. Swami is seated in His chair in an orange robe and I repeat as He speaks. 

When their is the wish fullfilling tree in your yard why should you look for an ordinary tree in your back yard? When you have the wish fullfilling cow with you why should you purchase milk? When you have, right in front of you, the Meru Mountain shining with gold and silver why should you look for gold and silver elsewhere? When you have God with you, conferring on you both devotion and liberation, why should you enter into the worldly plains. 

Embodiments of Divine Love. Man is an aspirant of Bliss. From birth to death man involves himself in so many activities with the sole objective of experiencing bliss. When people eat very delicious food they say that they experience Brahma Ananda. All these pleasures are very limited and they are not infinite like Divine Bliss. When man is hungry he eats food he becomes satisfied and then experiences some kind of joy. When he eats tasty food he will experience some kind of Joy. But all of this is temporary. After the food that he eats is digested then he wont be joyful anymore. When hunger arises in the stomach you lose your joy and you are subjected to hunger which is sorrowful. In order to get rid of hunger again you eat food. Only after eating food do you experience a temporary joy again. After sometime again you feel hungry and lose all joy. This joy is a temporary pleasure and not permanent bliss. Thats why I keep saying that pleasure is an interval between two pains. When pleasure goes you get pain. When pain goes you get pleasure. It would be a huge mistake on our part if we struggle for pleasures. 

Four kinds of devotees come to God. First is Arthi, the one who has bodily kinds of afflictions or other kinds of afflictions he prays to God. Also, people perform yagnas and any other kinds of adorations in order to gain good health and wealth. For getting longevity, a longer span of life, people perform isha homas. All these things are done for the body and not for the Atma. 

The second is Artharthi. Definitely there is some kind of solution for people from afflictions but for the artharthi, who are greedy for getting more wealth, there is no solution at all. If you want to make a peaceful man restless just give him 99 rupees. Then for the sake of only one more rupee he'll be subjected to all kinds of difficulties. He will not be happy having 99 rupees as he will be thinking about how to make one more rupee to make it one hundred. For such people there is no solution at all. 

The third is a spiritual aspirant - Jijnasu who has questions. The spiritual aspirant prays with the intention of knowing something which will grant him permanent joy and not temporary pleasure. In order to know the Truth many sadhanas are performed. He only does to know more and more things. 

But the highest kind of devotee is the Jnani, a man of wisdom. He believes that God exists. He knows that God exists in everyone - One Atma in all the beings. He has only one desire, that he wants to experience and realise only God. He wont have ego and attachments. Like a lotus flower, though it is born in water, it is not immersed in water. Similarly man lives in the world but out of it. He cultivates descrimination and detachement. His sole desire is to experience God. All these devotees come to God and God gives them whatever they ask for. "Yes, yes, yes" God tells to those who believe in Him. He says "No" to those who dont believe in Him. 

God is always ready to satisfy all your desires for whatever you ask. But all these desires should be confined to the four goals of life. Life is to aspire to attain realisation, earn money through Dharma and utilise it for service and attain liberation. There is no mistake in earning money through dharma. To the extent that it is possible for us we can earn money. But it is a sin to earn money whilst giving up the path of Truth and righteousness. Swami keeps telling us that what we need He will give us but He will not satisfy our greed as greed has no limit. More and more your greed will keep growing. When you go to God and ask for material things it is like going to the wish fullfilling tree and asking for coffee powder. One day a wife told her husband that his mother and father-inlaw were coming home so go and get some good coffee. He went to every shop and they were closed. He was frightened to go back home without the coffee. He did not want to make his wife upset. Then he prayed to the Lord to solve his problem saying , "If I can not get the coffee powder my wife will get very upset with me. What greater problem could there be for me !" See, when there is problem you think of God. He went on praying sitting. Then he saw a great sage walking by. The sage asked the gentleman, "Why are you praying? What is the problem?" He explained, "My wife asked me for coffee powder but all the shops are closed. I dont know what will happen to me if I go back home without the coffee powder. " The sage said, "My dear, I do understand your problem. Good wife is life. Bad wife is knife. Because of this I developed vairagya. I did not became a sanyasi because of love for God but for detatchment from these kind of worldly ambitions." The hermit told the husband that you are very fortunate as you are sitting under The Kalpavriksha Tree - the Wish Fullfilling Tree. "What ever you desire and ask for the Kalpavriksha will give you." The man was very happy. The husband then asked the tree that if you are really the Kalpavriksha Tree please give me 1 kg of coffee powder. Immediately 1 kg of coffee powder fell into his hands and he was very joyful. This is what the present situation of man is. People go near God and dont ask for God, they ask for the world only. When you attain God himself will you not get the whole world ? Gaining the proximity of God, who can grant you anything, and just asking for worldly desires is not correct. We are not performing this Yagna for selfish purposes. With the desire for the welfare of everybody in all the worlds we perform this Yagna. People involve themselves in all kinds of adorations to the Gods for selfish purposes. But very rarely you find people who aspire to attain the world welfare. 

The peace has disappeared, Truth has vanished and the fear of weapons is on the rise. The cause for this trajedy is greed and selfishness. This is the Truth that I am telling you. People generally pray for their own selfishness, they dont pray for everybody. They are all Bhogi's. A yogi is one who prays for everybody. He's knows that everybody is God. He wont have any sense of difference between himself and others. There is space in a pot and outside the pot, you may think that they are different. When the pot of the selfishness breaks both the spaces become one. A yogi prays for the welfare of everybody because he knows that they belong to him, are one with him. 

What is the difference between Kali Yuga and Sathya Yuga ? Kali Yuga is full of selfishness. Selfless time is Sathya Yuga. We pray to God to lead us from untruth to Truth. The greatest untruth is to think that this body and selfishness are the truth. When you pray for everybody that is Sathya Yuga. Asath means Kali Yuga. Sath means Sathya Yuga. When you get rid of body consciousness and attain Divine consciousness then only Kali Yuga ends and Satya Yuga starts. Moving from selfishness to selflessness is moving from Kali Yuga to Sathya Yuga. When all of us come together and perform this Yagna, with praise to God and for all the people in all the worlds to be happy, that is when Kali Yuga will end. 

Where is happiness? Happiness in not in worldly pleasures. They are only pleasures not happiness. Happiness is union with God. True happiness occurs when everybody attains their Divine nature and attains bliss. That is why we are performing this Yagna. All of you come and participate with broadmindedness and enjoy divine bliss. 


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