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miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2015

Sai Surya - Yagna Overview

Sai Surya - Yagna Overview


We finished the eleven day yagnas and living in a hotel for 13 days. Was it worth it? We have been through the Ati Rudram Maha Yagna 4 other times. We knew what would happen. We waited eagerly for ARMY knowing that it would help cleanse me further and help bring us closer to world peace.


But this time there would also be the Navarathri Homa and Durga Puja at the same time. Although some people managed to go to both, we were unable to work our schedule so that we could do it.


We were partial to ARMY as we were familiar with it and liked it. The chanting and other prayers were soothing and comforting. They resonated within me. The smoke didn't bother me as it was not as bad as it had been in other places. Although it did effect me more near the end and afterwards.


The highlight of the morning rituals was the presence of Swami. He came every morning walking from the Navarathi Homa and Durga Puja to where we were in a special constructed tent that could hold about 2,000 people. Swami would walk down the men's side coming to his seat and up the ladies as he left for his car after arathi.


His presence made a difference. Some rituals needed God to bless the items. Even as we watched the movements of those with Swami leading them, it still seemed strange. Although we could not physically see him, we knew he was there by the vibration and energies that accompanied him.


As he sat in the Chair, we wished to see him. The mind wanting satisfaction but the heart was happy. There was no doubt that the one sitting in the Chair was beyond the creator and was creation itself.


My heart knew it. My body knew it. My soul knew. This was the case for other people there. We heard stories from people who saw some part of Swami. We saw some pictures of what was supposed to be Sai Baba sitting in the Chair.


Other people's opinions, experiences and stories that are not mine were not needed although we enjoy hearing them. We knew for certain of the existence of Sukshma Baba and his presence throughout the yagnas.


The most remarkable events in the history of mankind was taking place in which the yagnas are playing a part. It was the greatest time to ever be alive. What will happen will defy description.


The yagnas were used to signal the end the Kali Yuga and usher in the Sathya Yuga. A new age is here. Not just a new age but one where a Poorna Avatar made it happened.


And to be sure the Sathya Yuga will be cemented so that it will last, that which is Sathya Sai Baba will return as Prema Sai Baba to put the finishing touches.


At the front end where the main homa (fire) was there was a tall foam of white Shiva sitting in the Himalayas. On the first day we saw a gigantic blue Shiva in the sitting position overshadowing everything. This was expected but we have not seen that form before. His boss was running the show so it was nice that he made the appearance which he would have done anyway as it was dedicated to him.


It goes without saying that there were many devas and other worldly beings there.

One night we saw devas and goddesses walk down the steps outside to go to where Durga was.


The change in the people was a miracle in itself. They were more loving and caring. People who had never worked together found harmony in overcoming the unexpected challenges. Returning home after it was over was a different person.


Lives have been changed. The world had been changed. Forever.


For the next several years hang on. The ride will be smooth and bumpy. In the end the promised world will arise unlike anything you ever dreamed.


As long as we keep our hearts opened, remember God all the time and do selfless service, we will be fine. We are responsible for ourselves. Swami is responsible for the world.


The speeches were incredible as were the discourses by Swami and his storytelling through an alumni who became a scriptural expert. The music program were as thought the devas themselves descended to perform. A chance to perform for the One and Only.


Joy was ours as we were lifted to other levels.


To the ones who worked so hard to cover every aspect of this event, they were blessed in ways that they are not aware of yet.


The new kingdom has been launched and we helped do the launching.


Sai Surya

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