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lunes, 12 de octubre de 2015


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• posted 13th Oct - Swami Speaks to Seva Dals: KALI YUGA ENDS with Yagna. Sunday 11th Oct 2015
• posted 9th Oct - Divine Discourse Notes Thursday 8th Oct 2015
• posted 5th Oct - Divine Discourse Notes - Ashrams across the World Sunday 4th Oct 2015


DISCOURSE - posted TUESDAY 13th October 2015
Divine Discourse Notes Sunday 11th October 2015

Om Sri Sai Ram. As we all pray to Bhagavan for His Divine message and guidance, I perceive Him to be seated in an orange robe. I repeat as He speaks.

God and nature are always together. Their relationship is inseparable and of Oneness. This is the word of Sai, the path of Truth.

Embodiments of Divine Love. The relationship that exists between creator and the creation is something which can never be separated. Where ever there is an object there is a reflection also. Where ever there is an action there is also a reaction. Where ever there is a sound there is also an echo. God is the object. Nature is the reflection of God. Therefore, there are only two things that exist. The first is the Truth, that is the object - God, and His reflection which is His creation.

The world exists because of the combination of God and Nature. Originally God is Formless. In order to start the work of creation God separated His power and strength into the form of a Goddess. This Goddess is the consort of God. This creation happened because of the combination of God and this Goddess. In the same way as a child is born from the womb of a mother, in the same way God and Goddess get together to give birth to this creation in the form of Hiranyagarbha.

The relationship between God and Goddess is not physical but spiritual and subtle. God and Goddess created the Hiranyagarbha and from there emerged this universe. The Hiranyagarbha is also know as the Golden Linga. There is also meaning with the shape of the Linga. This Hiranyagarbha Linga is nothing but One which has no beginning, no middle or end. The Hiranyagarbha Linga looks the same from any angle or direction that you look at it. Therefore, you can call it the perect shape. From that perfect Linga the Hiranyagarbha has originated all this universe. Scientist have conducted many investigations in order to find the origins of this universe. The truth is that it has emerged from the Hiranyagarbha Linga. It is only a kind of energy. It is not physical. It is unseen, without a shape or form. That energy gets into the Hiranyagarbha Linga.

Depending on that we do worship to God and creation, Purusha and Prakrithi. Shiva Shakthi gave birth to this Hiranyagarbha and hence the universe. The universe also has the shape of a Linga. That is why human beings keep worshipping the Linga. To think Shiva is only there in the Linga is a mistake. In the lingam there are both Shiva and Shakthi. This Yagna is that about Shiva Shakthi.

In the same way that there are various departments in the Government like roads, electricty and water department, God has created many departments in order to run this vast universe. There are three main areas of importance: creation, sustenance and destruction. We name these three functional heads as Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. In the same way as the primordial God created His power, the formless into a formless aspect of the Goddesses, similarly Brahma, Vishnu and Parameshwara also had separated their powers into the feminine forms. In order to manifest this physical universe from the subtle fundamental basis the same thing happened.

Suppose you want to build a building first you have to call an architect and plan the building. The architect knows the requirements of the building. The first creation happened in the mind of the architect. That is the subtle form. Similarly, if you want to transform this subtle Hiranyagarbha in the physical universe you also need people like engineers and others.

First, Brahma, who is the creator. The creator should have great intelligence and wisdom. He should know exactly what he is going to create. That intelligence was transformed into Saraswathi. That is the power of intelligence. We imagine that Brahma had a spouse by the name of Saraswathi but actually it is the power of Brahman Himself. The power of knowledge, of Brahma, is Saraswathi.

Vishnu is one who sustains. He has to manage. First comes Generation, creation, then organisation or management. For that the power of illusion is also required. The power of illusion makes you see what is not there and has you forget what is really there. The power of Vishnu is therefore manifested as Lakshmi. Its a kind of ignorance to think that Vishnu and Lakshmi live in Vaikuntha. In fact, Lakshmi is nothing but the power of Vishnu. That is the power of Illusion.

The third is the destroyer, that is destruction. Therefore G.O.D is generation, organisation and destruction. All three together lead to creation, sustenance and anhilation. That which is born has to die. Therefore, the final function is Lord Shiva. To think that Maheswara is the ultimate God is also ignorance. When we say Shiva Shakthi they are referred to as the primordial God and His power and not Shiva and Parvathi. Shiva and Parvathi are only departmental heads. They are not the primordial God and Goddess. The primordial God is the formless God. In order to carry on the function of destruction you need Shiva and Parvathi. In fact the power of Shiva is Parvathi.

In an office their is an officer who has a secretary. The secretary is more powerful than the one who she is working for. If you want to meet the officer you need to meet the secretary to make the appointment. If you want to worship God you first go to the priest. Therefore, in order to obtain parameshwara first you need to go to parameshwari or the Goddess. Apart from Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara their powers manifest themselves as Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Parvathi. These relationships are inseparable and are subtle, spiritual and not physical. Thus, the primordial Formless God created these three functional heads and gave them the necessary powers in order to do their functions.

The worship and adoration, that we are going to do now, is for the primordial God and Goddess, that is Shiva and Shakthi, not the Shiva and Parvathi that are of the deparment of destruction.

God is not born, does not die and is there as Atma in everybody. The worship that we do to the linga is to the original Hiranyagarbha. In the Arthi Rudra Maha Yagna also we worshipping that primordial Hiranyagarbha. Along with that we are also doing Navarathri Homa. For the sake of this world this physical, mental and spiritual power is very important. When all the three powers come together you can achieve anything. In order to do a small task all these three powers are required. The physical power, prowess, is Durga. The mental power is Saraswathi. The spiritual power is Lakshmi. In order to know our real nature their Grace is very important as well. That's why I keep telling you .... Bend the body, Mend the senses, End the mind ! In order to move these three things you need the three powers. Even if you want to do good things like service you need energy and good health. It is not enough to have physical strength, you also need mental strength.

A king had a servant. What kind of servant was he? He looked very strong yet had no brain. One day the king told the servant, "I am going to have a sleep. Make sure no one disturbs me." The serant took a stick and stood guard. Yet, it wasn't a stick but a sword. He was having a sword to frighten people away. One fly came to the room. It was going here and there. With the sword he wanted to drive it away. Finally, the fly landed on the nose of the king. In order to kill the fly he cut off the nose of the king. When you have such a brainless servant that is what is going to happen. With physical strength one needs also mental strength. Therefore intellect is also important. Saraswathi grants us that mental power. Saraswathi represents the wisdom of God. Physical strength is not enough even wisdom is required. In order to do any kind of service you need intelligence.

What for are you doing this service? If you think that you are serving somebody else this is a mistake. God is there in everyone. We have to think that when we serve others we are serving God Himself. God is there within you. We should not think we are serving someone else and thereby develop our ego and attachment. If you need to have that kind of discrimination you need to have spiritual power also.

There is only one Atma who is the indweller in everybody. There is only one Truth and scholars call It by different names. So in order to develop that kind of discrimination we also need the Grace of that which grants Moksha over Illusion. In order to remove the illusion we have to pray to Lakshmi. Only god is Truth. In order to get out of illusion in this creation we have to pray to the Goddess Lakshmi. We are worshipping the Hiranyagarbha and we going to identify ourselves with the same primordial Hiranyagarbha but that is NOT enough. Only when we have to gotten rid of the ego and attachment then we can realise God. Also we need to do selfless service to get rid of ego and attachment. In order to do service all the three forms, physical, mental and spiritual are required. Thus, it is necessary to worship all these Goddesses. We are performing all these Yagnas so everybody can have the opportunity of doing service, know the ultimate Truth and identify themselves with God. With the Grace of the Goddess we should gain all these three powers and finally realise our Onesness with the Hiranyagarbha.

The body is given to us to help others. It is our duty to do service. That is our very nature. Helping others is our real nature. "Para" means God. "Upa" means near. "kara" to go in the proximity. That which makes you nearer to God is Paraupakara. Where is God? God is within you. That which takes you nearer to your own Real Self that is Paraupakara. That is merit. The sin is that which takes us away from our true nature. That is why it is said that helping others is merit and hurting others is sin.

All of you have gathered here with great enthusiasm to do service. Just enthusiasm is not enough you should have the requisite strength also. Definitely it is good merit for you to take part in the service activity. If I had not willed none of you would have come here. You should know that because of My Will all of you have come here ! Coming here you have to put the opportunity to good use. Look after everybody with great love. After having spoken soo much philosophy about the Hiranyagarbha being God you criticise others by your side, that is not correct. This is only theorectical knowledge not practical knowledge. If you can not love the people around you how can you love God who is "far" away. Therefore, you have to love God who is in everybody and that loving salutation goes to God. If you hate anybody that also goes to God. Sometimes you may get into some difficult situations. The mind also may also trouble you at that point in time. In those situations you have to remember what Swami has told you and do what Swami has told you. A.B.C - Always Be Careful. A.B.C also means always be cheerful. If you are careful you can be cheerful. If you love everybody and serve everybody with love they will also be cheerful and so you will be too. Everybody has ego and attachment. In order to give it up we have gathered here. We should not develop our ego and attachment. The three departments God created in order to carry out the three functions. Even today we find people who worship Shiva and hate people who worship Vishnu and vice versa. Similarly those people who work in the transport department should not hate people who work in other departments. All of us are here together to carry out the Will of God and not our own wishes. So, what ever you do follow your heart. Heart is same and equal for everybody. The heart is always selfless. The mind thinks in different ways in different situations. We should give up the mind and follow the heart.

ARMY is there to fight with external things and not within. The enemy is our own attachments, likes and dislikes. Shiva has the snake. Parvathi has the cow. Easwara has the bull. Gowri has the cow. That is why she is called gow-ri. The Karthigeya has the peacock. Ganapathi has the very small rat. The Shakthi has the lion. Various kinds of animals are there associated with the family. If you dont look after the snake properly it will swallow the rat, the peacock will kill the snake, the lion will kill the peacock. They are all enemies if you look at them separately. Yet, together, in Gods family, they are all friends. The kind of ego and attachment we have is the animal quality. In order to give up our animal qualities and develop Divine qualities we getting this opportunity. In days gone by animals were being sacrificed. It is a great mistake to think that by sacrificing animals you will get the Grace of God. We have to sacrice our own animal qualities. Yagna means sacrifice. We have to first sacrifice our ego and attachment.

I am very happy that all of you have come here with great enthusiasm but you have to share your joy with everyone. You are the limbs and organs of the God with one body. Sometimes the hand may create trouble with the eye. And may times because of the teeth the tongue may be hurt. Just because the hand created some trouble with the eye, are you going to cut off you hand? The same hand you apply the medicine you require for the eye. When you eat sometimes the teeth may hurt the tongue. Should we break our teeth because of that ? When we know that everybody is the limb and organ of the same body we are not going to hurt anybody. Sometimes there may be some minor differences, but when we know that we are all the children of God we can forget those differences. We do not know how much delight others may derive out of this yagna but first we must derive delight. What ever you do do it delightedly and with pure faith. Dont have narrow minded differences amognst yourselves. To think that this is my department and I am confined to this department is wrong. Where ever necessary you can go anywhere and do the service. Accept your responsibilities properly and depending on your capacities you disharge your services.

The day on which Shirdi Baba shed His mortal body was Vijayadashami. This Vijayadashami is the transition from Sathya Sai to Prema Sai Avatara. Through Prema Sai Avatar the Golden Age will come. This is the first ray of the Golden Age. Kali Yuga full of darkness and ignorance will end. Sathyayuga which will be effulgent and will start. In a short time there will be many changes in the world. In the same way when the seasons change some plants will die and new plants will come up. When this transition happens between the Kali yuga and Sathya Yuga only those people who are worthy of the Sathya Yuga will continue to live, others will have to go.

Many people are asking when will Sathya Yuga begin. I want to tell you from this Vijayadashami Sathya yuga will begin. It is not just enough that the Golden Age dawns, your heart must also transform into Sathya Yuga. Teachers may teach many lessons yet if the students sleep in the class it is of no use. It is not right for you to think that when the Sathya Yuga dawns your heart will be full of love. In Sathya Yuga if you want to develop noble and good feelings then it will be easy for you. Negativity will reduce and positivity will increase. When you give up bad company and get into company it will be easy for us to develop good feelings. Thus, in Sathya Yuga it will be easy for us to attain our Divinity. Your own effort is still required. If you put in your effort, and My Grace also joins that, then you will acheive your goal. You were born for this purpose. The ultimate goal is Self Realisation. When the road is good you can go fast. When the road is bad you go slowly. During the day you can go fast. In the night only slowly. In Kali Yuga the road is bad and in the dark. Sathya Yuga means light, with a good road. With these two you can go very fast DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

DISCOURSE - posted FRIDAY 9th October 2015
Divine Discourse Notes Thursday 8th October 2015

Om Sri Sai Ram. As we pray to Bhagavan for His Divine Message I percieve Him seated in this chair in an orange robe. I repeat as He speaks.

The Lord is the embodiment of all the names of God. He is the personification of Peace. All the forms that we ascribe to God are His. He is the embodiment of Goodness. His nature is Awareness, Eternal Truth and Bliss. He is the embodiment of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

Embodiments of the Divine Atma. Since many ages man has been trying to describe the nature of God. Some people say that God has a form. Some of us say that God is formless. Some people say that he is attributeless while many believe that He has many great and good qualities. Many people try to understand God but none of them can fathom Him. It is said, in the Upanishads, that the mind can not comprehend Him nor can the tongue describe Him. With a sieve can you take water ? If you put water into a sieve the water will leak away. Therefore it is impossible for us to understand God through our minds. But God who is the resident of our heart, we can only find Him in our heart. God is always full of these 3 qualities - Truth Goodness and Beauty.

What is Sathyam? Sathya is Truth which is changeless - That which will never change. From birth to death alot of changes take place in our bodies. Our forms keep changing from a child to a youth to a man then to an old man. That which changes can not be the Truth. Truth is that which never changes. That is the nature of the Atma. God, who is the resident and the indweller in everybody, is the one who is not subjected to any change. Therefore, we can say God is That which never changes.

Second Shivam - that is auspiciousness. Shivam is that which grants auspiciousness to everyone. That is merit. Helping others is merit. Hurting others is sin. That principal that confers auspiciousness, joy and bliss on everyone, that is Shivam.

Third is Sundaram. When you see something which is very beautiful immediately bliss arises in our heart. Therefore, that which is blissful that is beautiful. If you want to describe God you can describe him as Truth, Beauty and Goodness. The ever changless Truth is God. That which confers good, welfare and bliss on everyone that is God.

In every age the Lord comes down as an Avatar in the human form and teaches the truth about the goodness of life but If you want to understand the formless God then you can only describe Him as Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

Schools may be different and the instructions may be different but the lessons taught in every school are the same. One may be an English medium school another may be a Telgu or Hindi medium school but the lesson taught are one and the same. Teachers may also be different if you go to a christian school. Somebody there may have the attire of a Priest or a Father. If you go to another school somebody can dress up like a Hindu Priest but the lessons taught by them are one and the same. All religions and all philosphies may be different but the lessons taught are one and the same. That is Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

God is Eternal. It is never born and never dies. It is always in everybody as the form of Bliss. He will always help others and never hurt others. He always confers Bliss on everyone and never sorrow. Where ever you find these three attributes or qualities there you will find God. Any human being who adheres to Truth, who confers Joy on everybody and helps everybody, he himself is God. Depending on various religions and teachings if you have narrow mindedness and think that God is different in different religions, that is absolutely a mistake. Forms may be different but the essence is one and the same. Even in our hostels we provide all kinds of sweets to our students. Some people eat Jamun. There may be different sweets but sugar, which gives sweetness, is one and the same.

If you want to understand That God then you need to understand the principle underlining Him. Name and Form may be different but the principle is one and the same. That is Truth, Goodness and Beauty. Those people who practice and learn these qualities they will get all the wisdom.

We should always adhere to Truth. What is Truth? Body is a water bubble. Today it is there tomorrow it isn't. As long as the water bubble exists you can see all kinds of pictures on the reflections of the water but this is untruth because once the water bubble bursts all pictures will disappear. Similarly, the body made up of 5 elements is also temporary and we will lose it. What is temporary is not God. God is Eternal. Therefore, the nature of the atma is permanent and eternal. Body is a water bubble do not follow the body. Mind is a mad monkey. The mind tells us something today and something else tomorrow. Because mind also keeps changing it can not be Truth. But the heart always tells you the same thing. Therefore, when you follow the heart you can eperience God.

Where is the Heart? The heart is not the machine that works in the body. That is only the physical heart, that is very temporary. The true heart is the spiritual heart. That which is filled with compassion is the heart. Where there is compassion there is the spiritual heart. When you have compassion you can see God. You can see a reflection in clear water in a well. Therefore, if the well does not have water you can not see the reflection. In pure clear water in a well you can also see your reflection. Therefore, only in those hearts where there is the sacred water of love there you can see God. In a body which is full of sacred love there you can see God - not is a dessert. Fill your hearts with selfless love then you will see God in your own hearts.

God is everywhere - omnipresent. But you cant see Him. You cant listen to Him. Why? Because you have filled your sight with worldliness. Your ears are filled with worldliness. When you can give up worldliness and contemplate on God you can definitely know God. Where there is "I" there is no SAI. Where there is SAI there is no "I". "I" is ego, selfishness and attachment. Where there is selfishness there is no God. It is a dessert like heart and can not hold the sacred water. If you see why this world is full of unrighteousness and injustice it is because of selfishness. Everybody is living in the confinement of "I" and "mine". Because of ego and attachment we are not able to realise God. When we give up selfishness and develop selflessness then we can see God. However much you try you will not be able to find God outside. God has installed Himself as the resident of your heart. If you search for Him there you will find Him there.

One rich man went on a pilgramage. As there were no normal transport or hotels he had to spend his time in a chowdry. Along with the richman there was a servant that followed him. The servant had his eye cast on his wealth and not to serve him. Today, everywhere, you can find banks and you can put your money there. Those days no banks existed. Whatever was required you had to take with you on a pilgrammage. The man put his money in a trunk box and locked it up and took it along. One evening they were in a chowdry. The servant, all time, had his mind set on that box. The servant was thinking to get the key and take away all the money. It was night and both of them were sleeping. The rich man slept but the servant pretended to sleep. When the rich man was snoring the servant searched for the key. First under the bed, then under the rich mans pillow. Finally, he was tired, after a lot of effort, and fell asleep. The rich man got up in the morning and asked the servant to get his clothes from the box. The servant asked him how to open the box without the key. The rich man said that the whole night you were searching for it and why he did not get it ! He said he searched but couldnt find it ! The rich man said to him that it was under his pillow ! Similarly, man is going around searching for God in places where He is not, He doesnt look for Him where He is ! God is not in the external space. He is inside us. He is the indweller in everyone. The formless God has come down with a human form and moved around with you. It is a mistake to think that it is the ultimate Truth.

What is the meaning of God Incarnating? With love and compassion for humanity God comes down into the world and along with individual consciousness He also enjoys Divine consciousness. The formless God comes down, in every age, as the Divine Incarnate as an Avatar. The God who is inscribed in the principles of Truth, Goodness and Beauty, He can not be found outside. The body comes and goes. But God is not the body. Therefore, it is a BIG lie to say that Sai Baba came and Sai Baba went. You can tell the Truth that Sai Baba came with a body and the body left. He is demonstrating the real nature of the Atma ! He is always Eternal.

If you wan to listen to the songs from a radio you have to tune the radio. The various radio stations broadcast different songs. If you want to listen to the songs you have to tune it to the right station and then only can you listen to the songs. Mind is the radio. Thoughts are the tuning. When you keep all our thoughts on the world then only those things relating to the world you will hear. When you tune your thoughts to the Divine thoughts then everythng looks Divine. If you want to enjoy both American and Indian radio stations at the same time then there is only going to be confusion. There will only be noise and no voice. If you want both God and the world you will only get into confusion, you cant get both. When you get God you wont get the world. When you get the world you wont get God. You should understand the inner meaning of this.


Only God is real the world is a mirage. For every object there is a shadow. The world is nothing but Reflection, Reaction and Resound. The real object is God Himself. If you get the object will you not get the shadow along with it ?

One day a person wanted a coconut and he climbed a tree. The tree is very long and somebody else who was watching told him, "Why are you struggling? There is a shadow coconut tree there. You can easily get the coconut. " Maybe you can get the shadow coconut easily but it will not quench your thirst. Only when you get under the real coconut tree will you get the shadow also. You will get the real coconut and also the shadow together. It is enough if you get God. In God there is the world. God is creation sustenance and destruction. All the time I have been telling the students if somebody asks you what do you want, just say "God Himself !"

A rich man had three wives. All the time the wives were asking for things. One wife asked for saris. Second loves jewels. When those two wives asked for the sari's or jewels he would give them money. He asked the third wife why she was not asking for anything. She asked would he give her what she wanted. He responded that he surely would seeing as though he was giving the other two wives what they asked for. She said, "Give me the key to the safe with which you are giving the money from, to the other wives. That is enough." Similarly, if you get God, that is enough. If you get God you will get everything because everything is in God. So, if you keep asking, "I want God, I want God !" That is enough.

You are God ! But you do not understand this and that is why you are suffering. You are God, I am God, everyone is God. I know I am God, you do not know that you are God. Know that you are God and you will become God. One who knows God will become God. Therefore, God is Truth, Beauty and Goodness. When you follow the Truth and give joy and happiness by helping others you will also become God. Love All Serve All and through that you will attain Divinity and enjoy Bliss.
DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

DISCOURSE - posted MONDAY 5th October 2015
Divine Discourse Notes SUNDAY 4th October 2015

Om Sri Sai Ram. We pray to Bhagavan to give his Divine Message. Swami is seated in his chair in an orange robe. I repeat as He speaks.

Narasimha Murthy has started a new job ! He has become a newsreader. He keeps on telling you things that are happening in many places. All these things are happening in the outside world. But he did not talk about the kinds of transformations that are taking place in human beings. I have not come in order to go around the world. I want transformation inside not outside. It is for this inner transformation of human beings that I am going around the world now.

What is Inner Transformation? It is not that you have to go away into the forrest and give up hearth and home, do penance or japa and meditation, in order to attain God. Staying where you are living presently, give up evil feelings and develop noble feelings. That is when the transformation takes place. Sacrifice is not giving up wife and children and going away into the forrest. It is actually giving up all bad feelings and developing good feelings - that is true sacrifice. That is the Truth and the Word of Sai.

Head in the Forrest and hands in society - that is the ideal ! Only when we live accordingly to this ideal real inner transformation takes place. Alot of people attend satsanghs and listen to Swami's messages but when they go back they dont even practice a little bit of what they have listened to. (Swami: Husband and wife come here then quarrel when they go back to the city) Why should we go to such a far off distance to here when people are going back fighting with each other. What for ? The discussion is about where to have dinner ! They keep fighting over and over as to where to have dinner such as in Muddenahalli, home or somewhere in between. After having listened to such very high idealisms here then you fight over little things, that is not the right thing to do. These discourses will find fullfillment only when you practice one little thing when Swami tells you for your life and experience Divine Joy.

JOY means Jesus first, Others next, Yourself last. On the other hand, if you give to yourself first, others next, Jesus last JOY will be replaced with SORROW. For true humility you need to develop selfless feelings. For all the difficulties, miseries and conflicts in the world what is the root cause? The cause is nothing but selfishness.

The country of India is a very spiritual country. If you look at the history of India the people did not struggle with selfishness. They lived very contented and happy lives and gave great happiness to others too. But today our people are becoming very greedy, comparing our selves with other people and developing desires and greed. When Alexander the Great invaded India he went to the villages to observe what was happening. He saw that members of two families were fighting with each other. Alexander wanted to know why they were fighting. He thought they were fighting over land. When one man sold the land to the other the original owner was not aware of a treasure being on the land. He was given money only for the land only and not the treasure. The other man's attitude was that I only paid for the land not the treasure, you keep the treasure - take it back! The original owner said that seeing as though he did not know about the treasure the new buyer should keep the treasure. Thus they were arguing between themselves. Today, the owner of the land wants their neighbors land too and will show all kinds of documents to claim the neighbours land. Therefore, all the time I keep telling Narasimha Murthy to check all the documents properly when purchasing land. But those days were not like this. People were selfless. Because they were fighting amongst themselves they went to the elders to get the justice. Elders means the eldest man in the village. Based on his experience he told them a solution. Neither party knew about the treasure. Now you are fighting saying that the treasure belongs to the other person. Each of the owners had a child. One had a daughter and the other a son. The elder said that their two children should marry and that the treasure should be given as a wedding gift. That is how a solution was found.

If you study the history of India you will find that India never invaded any external country. Because of the prosperity of India people from abroad came and invaded this country. People in India led a contented life with whatever they had. Indians were internally very prosperous. Their treasure was a spiritual treasure.

The purpose of going abroad for me is to teach and share spiritual treasures and teach selflessness. All the countries are like compartments of a train. India is like the engine. If there is an engine it can take the train any distance. But because we do not find a good driver the engine has come to a standstill. Now, the engine has started again. Today you find the people of India taking this spiritual treasure abroad, teaching people everywhere and spreading Joy everywhere. Many sages and saints, from India, also went to many countries to propogate spiritual messages. Shirdi Baba was born in the state of Maharastra. Prema Sai is born in the state of Kanartaka. He will go all over the world and propogate spiritual messages. Shirdi Baba was confined to Mahrastra and he lived there and taught spiritual messages only there. Sathya Sai Baba went all over India and established many centres and institutions taught people spirituality. But when Prema Sai makes His advent he will go to all the countries and spread the message of spirituality.

The first avatar was only for the state. The second avatar for the whole of the nation. The third avatar will go over the whole world. What I am doing now is setting the foundation for this moment of Prema Sai. For any big building there is a strong foundation required. Now, laying the foundation is required. All this will become a huge mansion in the future. In 17 countries ashrams will come up. I will enthuse and inspire the people to take to the spiritual path. Already people from 10 countries have started ashrams. In a very short time I will visit 7 other countries to start ashrams there.

Why am I starting all these ashrams and schools? For all people to come here it is very difficult, so therefore I am going to where the people are. My purpose is to go to those countries and enthuse them to take to the spiritual path in their own countries. They should follow their own religions and cultures. I have not come to establish any new religion. In every religion there are two principles - love and sacrifce. They have to understand the principles of their religion and practice them. In all religions: Hinduism, Sikhism, Taoism, etc. there is the love principle. People can give up their narrow mindedness if they develop the principle of love. In all our ashrams we have to see to it that people of every religion, cast and creed get entrance. We have to see to it that we synthesise the teachings of all religions for all people who come there. This is what I am telling all the devotees. We should not preach narrow mindedly only one religion, give the essence of all religions. Any ashram that we start should be open to anybody. People of any religion can pray there. It should be a synthesis of all religions. Many devotees are selling their properties to do this work. What they are doing is giving tithes. Happiness is unity with God. The kind of relationship between God and his devotees is the atmic relationship.

The coming times are great and glorious. Many of you are thinking that you are sitting in a small hall listening to Swami, thinking that it will continue this way. Not at all. There are going to be great changes. The whole world will come to this place. Things will keep on growing. Where there is God all things will follow. If you want God you should become good. Therefore you have to give up your narrow mindedness, selfishness and self-interest and develop broad mindedness and selflessness. All things should be done for the love of God. Ask the question whether God would like what you are doing. If He likes that do it, otherwise dont! No point in repenting after committing a mistake. Think before you do things. If you think before you take action that will be the right thing. . You should do actions that are good and you should have words that are good.

Alot of devotees are feeling bad that Swami is going on long trips outside and that nobody is there to care for us here. To think that Swami is outside is a big mistake. All of you have a radio. When you tune the radio properly you can listen to the songs. What is that radio? Mind is the radio. Tuning is making thought word and deed one and the same. When you involve yourself in good words thoughts and actions then there is proper tuning. When you have that kind of unity there will be purity. Purity is what leads to propert tuning. When you attain perfect purity you will also attain Divinity. When you develop that kind of goodness in you you will be able to see God everywhere at all times. Tune your own radio and listen to the Divine songs.

How often should we depend on others radios? I have created everyone equally. I am always telling that you are the embodiment of the Divine. You have to draw out the Divinity within you and experience it. You have to put in effort. Nobody can eat, drink or speak for you. Similarly, you have to attain your own Divinity. All of you have the Divinity within you. Just put in the effort. With true effort you can attain anything.

Now it is raining. In a short time the big hall will be ready. Over 10,000 people can sit there. The hall wil be inaugurated on the 18th November. All of you can attend on the 18th November ! If you go and see there you will have a doubt that it will be finished by then ! All the people are toiling day and night in order to get it ready for the day of inauguration. The 19th Morning will be the World Youth meet. Alot of young men and woman will come here. There also will be a western canteen for the western people. There will be a Western canteen and North Indian canteen. There will be a program for 5 days. On the birthday there will be functions and alot of important dignitaries will be there and participate. When such good work is happening you should not sit idle with your hands together. Through hands you have to do service. To your extent possible do service. It is not right for you to sit and enjoy the function. Only those coming from other countries are guests. All of us are hosts ! Because the whole world is coming here we have to look after them. For 90th Birthday onwards all the programs will happen in that hall. When I was planning this Narasimha Murthy was doubting. If your mind is small and your intelligence is small that is why you will think in a very small way. I think in a broad way. The whole world is going to come so therefore I need a big hall. People are not coming for you they are coming for me. From all nations people will come for me. Even this hall will not be enough. When Prema Sai makes his advent alot of programmes will happen in this hall. This big hall is required. Alot of devotees are putting in hard work in order to complete it in time. If you want to make such a big hall you will need to take over three years to build it. It is only Divine Will which is able to complete this hall in over 9 months. All of you should involve yourself in some service activities.
DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

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