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miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2015


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• posted 22nd Sep - Q & A from Early Years in Prashanthi Nilayam
• posted 15th Sep - SWAMI at Bijapur and Bagalkot Campus
• posted 14th Sep - SWAMI at Gulbarga Campus
• posted 2nd Sep - London Sukshma Sai Experience No3 Monday 31st Aug 2015
• posted 1st Sep - Subtle Form Experiences since 1974 Tuesday 1st Sep 2015
• posted 1st Sep - London Sukshma Sai Experience No2 Sunday 30th Aug 2015
• posted 1st Sep - London Sukshma Sai Experience No1 Saturday 29th Aug 2015


Past Conversations - posted TUESDAY 22nd September 2015
Swami answers questions in Prashanthi Nilayam

♥ The following conversation between a devotee and Swami took place in Prasanthi Nilayam many years ago and was first published in an early issue of the Sanathana Sarathi: 
Swami! The world is very cruel to me. 
Swami : That is its nature. The purpose of the world is frustration; it has to engender need. When the need is strong enough, the individual seeks fulfilment. 
Devotee: And fails! 
Swami : Only when he seeks fulfilment without! Within him, he can get it. The within is accessible always; it is ever responsible. There is pain only so long as attachment for outer forms remains. Ultimate relief from pain can come only with the loss of ego, the neutralisation of that which reacts to something as pain and something else as pleasure, whose memory, whose conditioning, helps to recognise the dualities of joy and grief. 
Devotee: But the world, Swami? 
Swami : The world is pain. Expect nothing from the world but that. I willed the totality of your conditioned existence to be pain, in order to draw you to me. 
Devotee: Which I can, at best, only hope to attain. 
Swami : God asks for neither hope nor despair. They are subject to relativity. Universal Being is beyond both hope and despair, both certainty and doubt. It knows no lingering in its conclusions. It is ever flowing, in all directions, and in none of them. 
Devotee: What then shall be my direction? 
Swami : Take what works today for today. What works tomorrow for tomorrow. One day at a time, each day for itself, each moment for itself, without a past, without memory, without conclusions. 
Devotee: Conclusions? 
Swami : Yes. Conclusions bind; they press on the mind. The newborn baby is not confined to conclusions. All conclusions enslave. Most men are slaves to the conclusions into which they have fallen. 
Devotee: Does that mean I have to give up my practice of concentration? 
Swami: The question that bothers you is one of fixity. You tried to fix your thought and attention on a word and later on a form, but you discovered that nothing lasts, that everything has to change. But I tell you; awareness can remain, even when form subsides, even when the word melts away.. 
Devotee: I find it difficult to hold my attention on form or word. 
Swami : Because when you try to meditate, the very trial invites the success-failure conflict onto the scene. You say to yourself, it is good to meditate on this and not that, or to meditate on that is wrong or foolish.. Practise choicelessness; no objective, no intention. Be yourself. Choose no particular form, for all are equally His. Choose no particular word or sound, for all are His. 
Devotee: I am often tossed between contradictory beliefs. 
Swami : Contradictions are inevitable. It is the very nature of this world and of the mind. But you can choose, either to be buffeted endlessly by the apparent contradictions or to remain in the calm centre of the cyclone. This is the problem of all problems, the problem of peripheral or central being. 
Devotee: The circumference or the centre, the rim or the hub of the wheel? 
Swami : Yes. The hub is calm, steady, unmoved. But the mind will be drawn along the spokes, the objective desires, to revolve over mud and stone, sand and thorns. It will not believe that it can get bliss from the centre, rather than from the circumference, without undergoing a rough journey over turbulent terrain. 
Devotee: Ultimately, it means the conquest of the mind? 
Swami: Learn to let all the conflicts spawned by the mind play themselves out, and cancel each other out. Be the witness to the holocaust. The ultimate solution to the conflict is not decision or even choice, but passive being. Dare to remain inconclusive. See the endless quandaries of the mind as a divine leela, God's sport, as the natural function of the bundle of desires called mind. Do not believe in mind; do not rally to its assertions and appetites. Watch the mind from a distance; do not get involved in its tumblings and turnings. Then everything becomes insignificant. When everything recedes into meaninglessness, you are in the hub, in equanimity. 
Devotee: Swami, you are the hub, the spokes and the rim. 
Swami : Do not be concerned with who I am! Concern yourself with who you are and how you can be ever aware of that truth. Do not be a willing captive of the endless stratagems of the mind. Abstain from all that draws you into its web. I will lead you, if you rely on me. The alternatives of the world will not bring you happiness, for the mind, which revels in alternatives, is but a will-of-the-wisp, flitting before your vision. I do not judge you for what is never yours, really. Your imperfection is no obstacle for me. 
Devotee: I confess that I have not always observed the rules of conduct of the Sathya Sai Organisation. 
Swami : Your mind keeps asking for rules. But when you get the rules, you find you cannot keep them. Rules engender rigidity, they force. They do not bloom out of love or spread love. There is always a way of doing a thing without the strain of a rule. See how unperturbed I am with your restlessness! I live thus, so that I may afford a lesson for you to learn. 
Devotee: I am restless, Swami, because I yearn for rest and do not get it. 
Swami : It is your reaction to restlessness that is bad, not the restlessness itself. Restlessness is only the rise and fall of a wave on the ocean that you are. Nothing matters, so long as the depths are secure. Success is not important: failure does not matter. The river of eternity is flowing ever into the ocean of the Supreme Will. 
Devotee: How long am I to be torn apart from that Supreme Will? 
Swami : You are a fraction of that Supreme Will. That is why you are afflicted with the hunger to seek It and to merge in It and to find fulfilment and bliss thereby. Turning to the world for solace and sustenance to appease that hunger has been tried by countless generations, including your own, but the hunger is gnawing still. 
Devotee: What then is the proper reaction to the attractions of the world? 
Swami : Let go. Don't cling. Be still. Establish yourself in the homelessness of the mind; physical homelessness will not earn the victory. There are many spiritual aspirants still caught in the coils of greed, envy, pride and power seeking. They have not escaped from their homes. They have built prisons around themselves. I describe homelessness of the mind as mind abiding nowhere. 
Devotee: And wandering everywhere? 
Swami : Do not exclude anything. Be the witness of everything. The exclusive cannot endure. God is all. Your restlessness came from exclusion, the pressure exerted by the excluded into the area from which it was excluded. All is God; how can you push God out of His Domain? Your mind concludes that the cause for the restlessness is whatever concerns it at the time. The actual cause is not that. You limit God by your assumptions, hence the restlessness. For you too are divine, and your reality protests against that limitation. 
Devotee: Swami! Sometimes I feel so sad that I am so strange, so different in habits from the rest of those that come to you for succour. 
Swami : If your path contrasts entirely with those around you, believe that it is my will for you. Every way is my way and ways seemingly indirect may be the most direct for some spiritual seekers. For me there are no impossible cases, no incorrigible cases. Practise choicelessness as hitherto prescribed. Choicelessness is constant contentment. 
Devotee: I have yet much to learn. 
Swami : You wish to learn from me. Well, if you are preoccupied by the body's needs, by the arrangements for its travelling, its accommodation and the food it demands, time will fly. That student learns best and fastest who does not spend his time constantly shifting from one classroom to the next. You will learn everything worth knowing in my classroom. I will expose you to all states of being, so that you may learn to rest in me in all of them. There are no insurmountable obstacles to me; there are no pre-requisites for me. I am unconditional. 
Devotee: But you are absent so often and away for so long at your headquarters. 
Swami : Always, at every time, at every place, I am where you need me. All things without are subject to the limitation of time and space, to the material laws of Nature. My outer form is no exception! If you would perceive my physical form, it must come within the range of your gaze, so position yourself so that you can see it. And even then, it may not gaze at you.. But, I am omnipresent! The limitations of the body and the outer senses do not hold for the inner vision. 
Therein, you can see me at any time and any place and receive darshan. The outer vision is purposely insufficient, instantaneous, transitory, casual, so that you may crave for and accomplish the inner darshan. If I have separated you from my physical image off and on, it was only to bring you to me and to establish my presence within you. That alone will replenish you and refresh you, I know. None of my absences was a rejection or rebuke. So far as you are concerned, I intended them all. And, always, I willed that you return to me. 

What is Vaikunta? Bhagawan explains beautifully:
Vaikuntha means, without any trace of grief or pain; the place where perfect peace reigns, and there is no flutter of fear. Ekaadhashi means the eleventh day of the lunar fortnight. 
The phases of the moon are numbered, and the day after the tenth, Dhashami, is referred to as the Ekaa-dhashi! But the real meaning of Ekaadhashi, the eleventh, is this: When the ten senses - the five senses of action and the five through which knowledge of the objective world is gained - are all co-ordinated and turned in the direction of God, the eleventh, then it becomes genuine Ekaadhashi! - Swami's Vaikunta Ekadasi Discourse on 7th December'1971.

EXPERIENCES - posted TUESDAY 15th September 2015
Bijapur and Bagalkot Campus. 13-15th Sept 2015

♥ For the last four days Swami's love has been pouring in torrents on the children and elders alike, in the campuses of North Karnataka, namely Bijapur, Gulbarga and Bagalkot. 

You had received the last update on the programs in Gulbarga on 11th and 12th. Here is an update on Bijapur and Bagalkot. 

On 13th morning we started from Gulbarga and came to our latest campus of Bijapur, around noon. Spread on a vast land of 50 acres this campus redefines the architecture of Swami's institutions. The dome of the prayer hall that is a little shy of the famous Gol Gumbaz world heritage site of Bijapur, is being constructed swiftly. Tough Engineering challenges are being carefully executed only through divine Grace. Swami had mentioned that this will become one of the most vibrant spiritual centres of North Karnataka in times to come. Do not treat is as a prayer hall for a school. 

The Bijapur school was started last June with when tiny tots were admitted in to the 6th class. While the building is under construction the guest house serves as their residence and a temporary school building with dining hall and kitchen have been set up to serve them presently. 

The innocent enthusiasm in the air was infectious. Little Children who had been admitted only three months ago had learnt Vedas and received Swami with traditional Vedic chants. Swami proceeded to the guest house where a room has been reserved for Him till the mandir comes up. 

After speaking to the elders and administrators who gave up the comforts of Muddenahalli after decades of service and were Re-Tyred by Swami after formal retirements from their teaching career to start this campus in the middle of no where, He proceeded to the Bhajan hall where the children, parents and devotees had gathered to receive Him. 

High Octane Bhajans were on as the children let their hearts out as songs in His praise. The high notes from those tender vocal chords energised all of us. Loud rhythmic claps only made them more vibrant. Children have no hesitations when it comes to singing for their Lord! 

After a brief talk by the chairman and headmaster Sri Ramamoorthy, Sri Narasimhamurthy spoke to the children conveying Swami's bountiful blessings on them. This was followed by the much awaited divine message which Swami delivered with such simplicity and love that we all were reminded about what He has said about Himself, " I AM A CHILD AMONG THE CHILDREN". 

Swami praised the selfless sacrifices of the elders who came all the way at one command of Swami to serve His children at a new place without any hesitation and fears. "They are true Thyagajeevis as they have given up everything for the sake of Swami's mission. Swami is truly not just educating little children but is building the nation itself. He urged the parents and devotees to cooperate well in bringing up their children through these institutions by changing themselves too. After all when many selfless people have taken up the responsibility of looking after their children's welfare Should they not cooperate and complement their efforts?", Swami said. 

To the children He said that at times teachers do scold them but that's for their good only. A responsible mother takes the child for vaccination despite his unwillingness and tantrums only for the child's highest good. The pain of the prick now, will save them sorrow of disasters in the future, He explained. 

Swami lovingly enquired about the food, sports and studies of the children. He said for children, " AATA ( games), OOTA ( Food) and PAATHA ( Studies) all are equally important. 

When He asked them what else they wanted, it wasn't too difficult to guess the answer, "YOU SWAMI"!

After lunch we all rested for a while before the evening function that began around 5 pm. 

After Sri Dwarakanth, the person incharge of such massive constructions activities welcomed the gathering and reminded them of their fortune to have the Lord amongst themselves, Sri Narasimhamurthy Spoke to them. This was followed by Swami's discourse where in He mentioned that how many years ago the devotees of Anjutagi village had walked all the way to Puttaparthi ( 650 kms away) to invite Swami to their village which has been fulfilled today. He urged them to lead meaningful lives as human birth is a rare opportunity and must be spent well to realise the true goal of divinity within and without. He said children have innocent hearts and have faith to believe in God. Prahlada, Markandeya, Dhruva were little children but they attained the highest due to their innocent faith. He praised His children for having learnt Vedam, Bhajans and good manners in a few months. He advised children to treat their Parents and teachers as God, respect and revere them. Lead good lives and be an asset to the nation. 

After the discourse Swami walked in between devotees responding to their prayers. All were served dinner Prasadam. 

Swami spoke to the teachers privately and surprised the new comers with revelations from their past and assurance of a bright and blissful future. Blessed one of the young workers with a ring as he remembered how as an orphan he had suffered disease and hunger all alone. Declaring He is the mother and father He blessed him with a ring, just the same as He blessed the chairman with. His love knows no distinctions! The day ended with blissful memories of the divine grace on this tiny Hamlet. 

The dawn of 14th September saw us off from Bijapur to the next campus of Bagalkot. Situated around 180 kms away from Bijapur school, this campus which started a year ago is in Chilkur village near Mudhol is Known for an ancient hanuman temple which dates back to a few centuries, the place has its own divine saga. 

Presently the 10th standard boys are studying here and the construction of the crescent shaped building is on. We reached the campus around noon and headed straight to Swami's room in the present school building. Again Vedic chants from Rudram by the students, welcomed Swami. 

After a brief talk with the elders Swami quickly hastened towards the boys who were waiting for Him in the hall. As He entered the hall His eyes fell upon a student seated on the chair who had injured his leg while playing Volley ball. Swami was concerned and Asked him to be careful. He innocently wondered as to how did he injure his leg in a game that is played with hands. 

He sat on the throne placed on a make shift stage as the bhajans were being sung by the boys. The chairman Sri Narayan Ji welcomed Swami and the guests, after which Sri Narasimhamurthy Spoke to the students and staff. This was followed by Swami's discourse. Swami enquired about the welfare of the students and adviced elders to look after them lovingly as Swami's own children. He said that the true relations are relations with God. Truth is Mother, Wisdom is father, Righteousness is brother and compassion is friend, peace is spouse and forbearance is child. These 6 are yeh true relations. Invite one good relative and all other good relatives will come. Stay away from bad relatives like anger, greed, jealousy etc. Swami urged them to Study well for the public exams and earn a good name. When Swami asked them what did they want, they unanimously replied, stay with us here only. Swami said, yes He is staying here all the time. When boys prayed that they should know have food with Swami, he willingly conceded to the request and changed the venue for lunch in order to be with the boys longer. The previous evening itself Swami had instructed a devotee to prepare lunch for Him and the students, needless to say the devotee gave her best to make all happy. As Swami finished His lunch and walked past this lady, Swami with His heart filled with gratitude told her, " Thank you very much for cooking and serving all of us, especially my children"! 

The evening session began at 5 pm. Around 400 devotees had gathered from nearby towns and villages. After a brief talk by Sri Govind Reddy, Chairman Gulbarga campus and a talk by Sri Narasimhamurthy, Swami condescended to address the gathering. He emphasised on the need for selfless service and sacrifice that's a must to change oneself and the society. Service must be done silently and should be for ones own upliftment. Narrating the story of Krishna and Karna Swami said that we should immediately act upon a noble thought for our minds are fickle and may decide not to act upon the good thought later. He also said that we must act upon what we hear during satsanghs and not simply hear and forget. Again urged the devotees to participate in such noble tasks and sanctify their lives. After blessing the devotees and students Swami went back to His room. 

This morning ( 15 September) we started for Dharwad- Hubli at the day break as devotees had gathered there to pray to Bhagawan to bless them with another school in their district. They had identified a couple of lands for us to see and seek Bhagawan's blessings. As we drove through the remote bumpy roads of the villages the rain Gods blessed all with their love. Undeterred by Sun or Rain their enthusiasm to propagate this mission of education in their district touched our hearts. We pray that Swami blesses them all soon. Now we are still on our way back to Muddenahalli. Truly life has been a wonderful journey with the Lord! 


EXPERIENCES - posted MONDAY 14th September 2015
Gulbarga Campus. 11-12th Sept 2015

♥ Sai Ram All. Here is an update on Swami's visit to Gulbarga Campus on 11-12 Sept. Thanks to Satyanarayana Sir, the warden, for sending it. 

A report of Swami's visit to Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Niketanam, Gulbarga. 

The days of preparations by boys to receive The Lord had fulfilment on 11th and 12th when we had the coveted chance of rejoicing in His presence after a long year of pining. 

Ananda Nilayam is His residence always. Residing here , He is the one who motivated the boys to crave, to hear Him speak also. Then he made the ones , who could convey His voice and enable us to feel His presence, also to come here. 

Madhu brother, MurthyAnna and their team reached SATHYA SAI VIDYA NIKETANAM at 5.40pm . A warm welcome was extended by all boys standing in guard of honour right from arch gate till Guest house. After a brief rest, all of them had supper with boys and then retired for the night. 

Next morning all 425 boys filled the air with the melodious song...'Banadaana aaha Bandaana..' ( He has come!)...a new song in Karnataka folk style, rejoicing on His arrival and voiced out their heart together in the form of musical rendering of songs, for half an hour. Swami listened to them so lovingly. He cares for the feeling more than anything else! Two boys expressed the feelings on behalf of the other boys in their talks, which was followed by the ever inspiring talk of Murthyanna and the most awaited Divine Discourse of Swami. Swami was so concerned that the first he said is that the boys could go for a short break to relieve themselves before the discourse starts as they had been sitting for more than 2 hours already. But boys surprised us by not getting up or move, in spite of Swami repeating the instructions. 

In the midst of His discourse , HE asked boys "What do you want?" ...."You Swami" was the answer in unison. Swami said if boys develop this kind of yearning for Swami in our schools, the purpose of starting the schools is well served. The program ended with Arati as Swami blessed the Prasadam and also a few pens to be gifted away to all. 

Upgraded computer room was opened and blessed by Swami for the boys, with a formal inauguration after the morning programm. Sachin Sutar, the Teacher incharge was blessed with a chain as Swami told everyone how the teacher joined here despite his parents not being too happy. However Swami also assured him Swami will bring them all together soon. 

Afternoon there was an exclusive session in HIS ROOM for all the teachers. Some teachers, new to the fold, were stunned when Swami mentioned things that were personal to their lives, things of the past and gave them a glimpse of His omniscience. Teachers are now motivated more then ever to play their roles well as enlightening teachers , affectionate brothers and caring parents to the students. 

The Ananda Nilayam hall was packed to its capacity and many were sitting outside the hall too as the devotees from surroundings also were permitted to join for the afternoon program. 

After a few cultural programmes and talk by a staff , MurthyAnna spoke, remembering the initial days of this campus and then prayed to Swami to bless all with His Divine discourse. The translation was into Kannada. Swami advised teachers to play their role well. He told "look after my students well, I will take care of your well-being and all your responsibilities". 

He asked boys "when should I come again?" Boys in unison said " be here only Swami". Swami said," ok, I am here always, what about NarasimhaMurthy, he has lot of work in all places. So , soon after Birthday They will come here, then the new hostel can be inaugurated". Again He asked "what do you want?"Boys said "you Swami". Swami was very happy and asked anything else? " boys said "Padanamaskar Swami". 

"Come in line and have it", was the most spontaneous response of Swami. (Madhu brother indicated that they may place their heads on the foot rest of Swami's chair ). This was an opportunity not only for boys but also for devotees. One devotee who had been the construction contractor, here 3 years back , was blessed with a gift. 

Swami sat patiently for an hour blessing each individual young and old, speaking a word here and there, for about an hour after Aarathi. Love is patience! 

This morning Swami's Team started their journey from here to Bijapur campus leaving behind Swami and the sweet moments in the hearts of all here.

Campus de Bijapur y Bagalkot. 13 al 15 de Septiembre 2015



Durante los últimos cuatro días, el amor de Swami se ha estado vertiendo en torrentes por igual sobre los niños y ancianos en los campus del norte de Karnataka, a saber: Bijapur, Gulbarga y Bagalkot.

Ustedes habían recibido las últimas actualizaciones de los programas en Gulbarga del 11 y 12. Aquí está la actualización de Bijapur y Bagalkot.

En la mañana del 13 partimos de Gulbarga y llegamos a nuestro último campus de Bijapur alrededor del mediodía. Diseminado en una vasto territorio de 50 acres, este campus redefine la arquitectura de las instituciones de Swami. La cúpula de la sala de oración, que es una pequeña replica del famoso sitio Gol Gumbaz de Bijapur, un patrimonio mundial, se está construyendo con rapidez. Desafíos difíciles de ingeniería están siendo ejecutados cuidadosamente sólo a través de la Gracia divina. Swami había mencionado que esto se convertirá en una de los más vibrantes centros espirituales del Norte de Karnataka en los tiempos por venir. No debe ser considerado como una sala de oración para una escuela.

La escuela Bijapur se inició el pasado mes de junio cuando los más pequeños fueron admitidos en el sexto grado. Mientras el edificio está en construcción, la casa de huéspedes sirve como Su residencia, y para su servicio por el momento, se han creado una escuela temporal con un salón comedor y cocina .

El entusiasmo inocente en el aire era contagioso. Niños pequeños que habían sido admitidos hace sólo tres meses, habían aprendido los Vedas y recibieron a Swami con cantos védicos tradicionales. Swami se dirigió a la casa de huéspedes donde se había reservado una habitación para El hasta que el Mandir esté terminado.

Después de hablar con los ancianos y los administradores quienes habían abandonado las comodidades de Muddenahalli después de décadas de servicio, (Ellos fueron "retirados" por Swami después de recibir sus jubilaciones formales en sus carreras docentes para que iniciaran este campus en el medio de la nada), Él entró a la sala Bhajans donde los niños, los padres y los devotos se habían reunido para recibirle.

Bhajans de alto octanaje se estaban llevando a cabo mientras los niños dejaban ver sus corazones con canciones de alabanza hacia El. Las notas altas de esas tiernas cuerdas vocales nos energizaron a todos nosotros. Las fuertes palmadas rítmicas solo lograron hacerlo más vibrante. Los niños no tienen dudas a la hora de cantar para su Señor!

Después de una breve charla del presidente y director Sri Ramamoorthy, Sri Narasimhamurthy habló a los niños transmitiéndoles abundantes bendiciones de Swami para ellos. Esto fue seguido por el muy esperado mensaje divino que Swami entrega con tanta sencillez y amor, y que a todos nos recordó lo que El ha dicho acerca de mismo: "Soy un niño entre los niños".

Swami elogió el sacrificio desinteresado de los ancianos que recorrieron todo el camino bajo las directrices de Swami para servir a Sus hijos en un nuevo lugar, sin ninguna duda o temor. Swami dijo, "Ellos son verdaderos Thyagajeevis ya que lo han dejado todo por el bien de la misión de Swami. Swami es realmente, no sólo la educación de los niños pequeños, sino también, la construcción de la nación misma. Instó a los padres y a los devotos a cooperar de esta manera en la educación de sus hijos a través de estas instituciones, transformandose a mismos también. Después de todo, cuando tantas personas altruistas han asumido la responsabilidad de velar por el bienestar de sus hijos ¿No deberían todos cooperar y complementar sus esfuerzos?".

Dijo que a veces los profesores les regañan a los niños, pero eso es sólo para su bien. Una madre responsable lleva al niño a la vacunación a pesar de su falta de voluntad y rabietas, sólo por el mas alto bien del niño. Explicó que el dolor del pinchazo ahora, le ahorrará el tener que lamentar desastres en el futuro.

Swami amorosamente preguntó acerca de los alimentos, el deporte y los estudios de los niños. Dijo que para los niños ", AATA (juegos), OOTA (Alimentación) y PAATHA (Estudios) son todos igualmente importantes.

Cuando Él les preguntó qué más querían, no fue demasiado difícil adivinar la respuesta, ¡"A TI SWAMI"!

Después del almuerzo todos descansamos un rato antes de la función de la tarde, que comenzó a las 5 pm.

Luego, Sri Dwarakanth, la persona a cargo de tales construcciones masivas, dio la bienvenida a la reunión y les recordó la fortuna que tenían de que el Señor este entre ellos. Sri Narasimhamurthy les habló a ellos. Esto fue seguido por el discurso de Swami donde El mencionó que  durante muchos años, los devotos del pueblo Anjutagi habían recorrido todo el camino hasta Puttaparthi (650 kms), para invitar a Swami a su pueblo, algo que se ha cumplido hoy. Los instó a llevar vidas significativas ya que el nacimiento humano es una oportunidad única y debe ser utilizada bien para darse cuenta de la verdadera meta, que es nuestra divinidad dentro y  fuera. Dijo que los niños tienen corazones inocentes y tienen fe para creer en Dios. Prahlada, Markandeya, Dhruva eran niños pequeños, pero alcanzaron lo más elevado debido a su fe inocente. Elogió a sus niños por haber aprendido Vedam, bhajans y buenos modales en unos pocos meses. Aconsejó a los niños  que traten a sus padres y maestros como Dios, respetenlos y reveréncienlos. Lleven buenas vidas y sean un ejemplo para la nación.

Después del discurso, Swami caminó entre los devotos respondiendo a sus plegarias. A todos se les sirvió Prasadam para la cena.

Swami habló a los maestros en privado y sorprendió a los recién llegados con revelaciones de sus pasados y la garantía de un futuro brillante y feliz. Bendijo a uno de los jóvenes trabajadores con un anillo, recordando la manera en que, siendo el un huérfano, había sufrido en soledad la enfermedad y el hambre. Declarando que Él es la madre y el padre, lo bendijo con un anillo, del mismo modo en que Él bendijo al presidente.¡ Su amor no conoce distinciones! El día terminó con recuerdos felices de la gracia divina en esta pequeña aldea.

La madrugada del 14 de septiembre nos encontró saliendo de Bijapur hacia el siguiente campus de Bagalkot, situado a 180 kilómetros de distancia aproximadamente de la escuela Bijapur, este campus que comenzó hace un año está en Chilkur, un pueblo cerca de Mudhol y que es conocido por un antiguo templo de Hanuman que se remonta a varios siglos, el lugar tiene su propia saga divina.

Actualmente los chicos de alrededor de 10 años están estudiando aquí y en estos momentos está en construcción un edificio en forma de media luna. Llegamos a la escuela alrededor del mediodía y nos dirigimos directamente a la habitación de Swami en el actual edificio de la escuela.

Nuevamente se escuchaban los Cantos védicos del Rudram por los estudiantes dándole la bienvenida a Swami.

Después de una breve charla con los ancianos, Swami se dirigió rápidamente hacia los chicos que estaban esperando en el pasillo. Al entrar en la sala, Sus ojos se posaron en un estudiante sentado en una silla que se había lesionado la pierna mientras jugaba voleibol. Swami estaba preocupado y le pidió que tuviera cuidado. Él preguntó inocentemente sobre cómo pudo lesionarse su pierna en un juego que se juega con las manos.

Se sentó en el trono colocado en un escenario mientras los bhajans eran cantados por los chicos. El presidente, Sri Narayan Ji dio la bienvenida a Swami y a los invitados, después de lo cual Sri Narasimhamurthy habló a los estudiantes y al personal. Esto fue seguido por el discurso de Swami. Swami preguntó por el bienestar de los estudiantes y les aconsejo a los mayores que cuiden amorosamente de ellos como hijos de Swami. Dijo que las verdaderas relaciones son las relaciones con Dios. La Verdad es la madre, la Sabiduría es el padre, la Rectitud es el hermano y la Compasión es el amigo, la paz es el cónyuge y la paciencia el hijo. Estos 6 son los verdaderos parientes. Invita a un pariente bueno, y todos los otros buenos parientes vendrán. Manténgase alejado de los malos parientes como la ira, la codicia, los celos, etc. Swami les instó a estudiar bien para los exámenes públicos y asi ganarse un buen nombre. Cuando Swami les preguntó qué querían, respondieron unánimemente, solamente quédate aquí con nosotros. Swami dijo, Si, Él se está quedando aquí todo el tiempo. Cuando los niños oraron que querían tener a Swami con ellos para la comida, El de buena gana concedió a la solicitud y se cambió el lugar para el almuerzo con el fin de estar con los chicos más tiempo. La misma tarde anterior Swami había instruido a una devota para que

preparara el almuerzo para El y los estudiantes, no hace falta decir que ella puso su mayor empeño para lograr que todos estén contentos. Cuando Swami terminó Su almuerzo, pasó por delante de esta señora, Swami con Su corazón lleno de gratitud le dijo: "¡Muchas gracias por cocinar y servir a todos, especialmente a Mis hijos"!

La sesión de la tarde se inició a las 17:00. Alrededor de 400 devotos  de las ciudades y pueblos cercanos se habían reunido. Después de una breve charla de Sri Govind Reddy, Presidente del campus de Gulbarga y una charla de Sri Narasimhamurthy, Swami condescendió en abordar la reunión. Hizo hincapié en la necesidad del servicio desinteresado y el sacrificio, en la necesidad de transformarse a uno mismo y la sociedad. El servicio debe ser hecho en silencio y debe ser para la propia elevación. Narrando la historia de Krishna y Karna, Swami dijo que debemos actuar inmediatamente después de un pensamiento noble ya que nuestras mentes son volubles, y pueden decidir no actuar con posterioridad a un buen pensamiento. También dijo que debemos actuar sobre lo que oímos durante los satsanghs y no simplemente escuchar y olvidar. Una vez más instó a los devotos a participar en este tipo de tareas nobles y santificar sus vidas. Después de bendecir a los devotos y estudiantes, Swami regresó a su habitación.

Esta mañana (15 de septiembre) partimos hacia Dharwad- Hubli en el amanecer ya que los devotos se habían reunido allí a orar para que Bhagavan los bendiga con otra escuela en su distrito. Se habían localizado un par de terrenos para que nosotros los viéramos y fueran bendecidos por Bhagavan. Mientras nos dirigíamos a través de los caminos de las aldeas, llenos de baches, Dios nos bendijo con la lluvia de su amor. Sin dejarse intimidar por el sol o la lluvia, su entusiasmo por propagar esta misión de educación en su distrito, tocó nuestros corazones.

Oramos para que Swami los bendiga pronto a todos. Ahora todavía estamos en nuestro camino de regreso a Muddenahalli. Verdaderamente la vida ha sido un viaje maravilloso con el Señor!



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