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jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2015

Sukshma Baba Report 149 21-11-15 Sathya 30 WYM 3

Sukshma Baba Report 149 21-11-15 Sathya 30 WYM 3
Sukshma Baba Report 149  21-11-15 Sathya 30 WYM 3

Sai Ram

The official report for 21 November 2015 World Youth Meet Day 3

Morning Session

As the sun rose on third day of the World Youth Meet, Muddenahalli was charged with divine energy and vibrations. It appeared as though the rain gods had decided to stay, participate and revel in the festivities.

The day's session was flagged off with a talk by Prof Shivaram Malavalli, an ardent and direct disciple of the great Himalayan master Swami Rama. Prof Shivaram has 35 years of industrial, technical education and research experience in the establishment, sustenance and growth of technical entrepreneurs. Sri Shivaram stressed on the singular purpose of all leaders and gurus, which is to serve mankind and lead it along the path of self-realisation. He introduced the audience to the philanthropic and humanitarian endeavours of his master and the founder of the Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust, Swami Rama. Sri Shivaram emphasised that individual transformation, together with collective united action, is the foundation on which a new, improved and peaceful world can be envisioned. He beautifully articulated the influence of Yoga on stilling the mind, yielding lasting inner peace and happiness. He concluded by recollecting a famous quote, "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

21 11 2015 MORNING (17)

The next speaker was Swami Hamsananda, a long standing member of the Chinmaya Mission, who has been instrumental in establishing and propagating the cause of Chinmaya Mission in Hubli, Karnataka. Swami Hamsananda's humorous, vibrant and energetic talk was aimed at journeying from the illusion of 'wanting to become happy' to the realisation of 'being happiness'. The audience was invited to participate in a thought provoking interactive session to transcend the body, mind and intellect. Swami Hamsananda elaborated that just as the same electrical energy powers various gadgets such as the fan, light and air conditioner, the same 'presence' or life energy expresses itself as various life forms. He revealed that one cannot explain or see the unity of creation; it can only be experienced.

The two scintillating talks were followed by a mesmerising dance performance by Ms Nemani Sai Gargi from Nigeria. Ms Gargi has trained extensively under the tutelage of Smt Balaa Kondala Rao in Kuchipudi, a traditional dance form from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

The final speaker for the day was Sister Giovanna, an 81 year old nun from Assisi, Italy. Sister Giovanna spoke of her fondness for the youth and of her spiritual connection with India. She stressed that killing the ego gives birth to everlasting life. Her talk was centred around realising the unity in diversity and overcoming barriers that separate mankind in order to restore peace. Quoting from the life of Saint Francis, Sister Giovanna spoke of the unreal body that we have adorned that we must be willing to shed without a second thought.  The morning session concluded with a multi-religious prayer.

21 11 2015 MORNING (131)

All the delegates and participants of the World youth meet reconvened in the Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutham auditorium, the air buzzing with energy and excitement as all eagerly awaited the arrival of Bhagawan.

Evening Session

The first activity for the afternoon was an interactive session conducted by brother Sriram Sreekumar and brother Vijay Sai, alumni of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. A continuation of the session held on the 20th of November, the theme was "Love in Action". The session focused on the effect of thoughts and actions on the sub-conscious mind and the energy waves that surround us. Stating that practice is the only tool which will help us move from the stage of 'conscious competence' to 'unconscious competence', they helped the delegates practice the power of positive thoughts through simple, yet effective activities. The session ended with the video of a 'gratitude song', which added to the positive and joyful atmosphere.

Swami arrived at 5:15 P.M to the soulful, sacred sound of bhajans and vedam chants.

The first performance for the evening was a music programme by a conglomeration of the international delegates. The performance of three powerful songs (Russian, English and Latvian) enthralled and mesmerized the audience. All the songs had the same message – the only way to reach God is through selfless love. So pleased was Bhagawan with the performance, that he asked them to sing yet another song.

                                                21 11 2015 EVE (1)21 11 2015 EVE (2)

After this, two students of Swami from the Muddenahalli campus, on Bhagawan's command, rendered the "Sai Katha"- the story of Swami through a musical video presentation. They were accompanied by a team of musicians, comprising of students and alumni from all the Sathya Sai educational institutions.

                                                 21 11 2015 EVE (13) 21 11 2015 EVE (3)

The musical rendition was accompanied by a video presentation, spruced with photos and caricatures depicting the inspirational life of our Lord. This tribute to our Lord was met with a thunderous applause from the audience.

Sister Marita Lozano from Argentina was the first delegate speaker for the evening. Quitting her job and devoting her life completely for Seva, she set an example for all the youth delegates attending the meet. Quoting instances from her life, she urged the audience to put into practice all of Swami's teachings and become role models for the rest of the world to follow.

Sri Roshan Baig, Minister of Infrastructure, Karnataka addressed the gathering next. In his speech, he appealed the youth to follow the principles and examples set by Mahatma Gandhi and Buddha. "In today's world, despite the fast pace of wealth accumulation by the youth, they are not truly satisfied. There is no peace due to increase in non-violence and this can only be changed if each of us become the change ourselves."

The second delegate speaker for the day was brother Rishi Patel from London. Blessed to be born in a family of Sai devotees, in his speech he focussed on the need to transform the world by transforming ourselves first. He said that the two things which have the most impact on an individual are the books they read and the company they keep. Urging all his fellow delegates to become lions in Swami's mission, he ended his speech saying that anything was possible with the grace of Bhagawan.

To the delight of all those present, the last speaker for the day was Sri Badri Narayan, an alumnus of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. He had recently conducted the Bhagavatham reading at the Athi Rudra Maha Yagna held in Muddenahalli. Interspersing his speech with humour and anecdotes, he had the audience gripped right from the word go. At Swami's behest, his speech revolved around his experiences with Bhagawan and the importance of God in all our lives. He urged all those present to contemplate and wonder the reason for existence. "Our only goal in life" he said, "is to be the Truth that we are". One need not do anything great to realize this Truth. All that is to be done is to "choose God". The minute we choose God, God will choose us. He concluded his impactful talk by re-assuring all those present that it is Swami's duty to worry about us and it is our duty to merely surrender to him.

21 11 2015 EVE (7)

Following Sri Badri Narayan's speech was a play depicting the teachings and the life of the great St. Francis of Assisi performed by the delegates from Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. Setting the context to the current day turmoil in Europe, the play artfully delivered the message that the only way to peace was through selfless love and service. The story of St. Francis, a great role model for the youth, a great devotee of the Lord, inspired all present to follow the teachings of Bhagawan and transform their lives to one of selfless sacrifice.

The last cultural programme for the day was an Indian fusion musical led by Sri Mandolin U Rajesh, brother of the legendary mandolin U Srinivas. Also part of this musical were other popular musicians Sri Harmeet Manseta, a Jazz keyboard artist, Sri George Brooks, a saxophonist and composer, Sri Dimitris Lambrianos, a Greek musician and composer who plays the piano and the bouzouki amongst a variety of other instruments and Sri B Praveen and Sri Sunil Narang on the table.

Be Good. Be Happy
Always Have Compassion
Sai Surya


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