EL DESPERTAR SAI: Sukshma Baba Report 144 18- 11-15  Sathya27  Shah Sukshma Baba Report 144 18- 11-15  Sathya27  Shah - EL DESPERTAR SAI




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viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

Sukshma Baba Report 144 18- 11-15  Sathya27  Shah

Sukshma Baba Report 144 18- 11-15  Sathya27  Shah
Sukshma Baba Report 144  18- 11-15 Sathya 27 Shah

Sai Ram,

This is an official report.

Book Launch – A Life in Service – Indulal Shah and Sarla Shah

While much has been said and written about the chosen instruments of our beloved Swami, the story of love, sacrifice and service of this divine couple who dedicated their entire lives for His mission needed nothing less than a book.

"A Life in Service – Indulal Shah and Sarla Shah", authored by Ms Bhuvana Santhanam, was written at the behest of Swami. It essentially captures the lives of these two doyens in Sai service, and brings out many a nuances of what it is to live for God.


The book brings to light their monumental contribution to the birth of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation and the Bal Vikas movement, and therefore makes a must-read for anyone seeking to grow spiritually. Their untiring contributions and personal involvement in every facet of the organisation stand a testimony of their steadfast, indomitable and superlative devotion to Bhagawan. The book also offers a glimpse into the many not so well-known facets and incidents in the life of Bhagawan.

EXCERPT from the book 

Bhagawan visited Jamnagar and Bhavnagar in Saurashtra, Baroda and Navsari in Gujarat to bless multitudes of the gathered devotees. Gujarat was doubly blessed with Bhagawan's visit to Baroda. "We were a convoy of seven to eight cars, and drove all night from Mumbai to Baroda. My uncle Chandravadhan was driving Swami's car. To ensure he didn't fall asleep, the compassionate Lord engaged in conversation with him all night! I very vividly remember that Swami sent us to see the majestic Lakshmi Vilas Palace & Zoo", recalls Darshana.

When He visited Navsari there was a stampede, as thousands of eager devotees wanted to catch a glimpse of their beloved Bhagawan. "Huge crowds had gathered from the early hours and the situation got out of control. The public meeting was cancelled and a car approached the spot where Swami was standing. We requested Him to be seated in the car for fear of people falling on Him, and asked the driver to quickly leave the place, only to comprehend later that there was nobody in the car other than Swami and the driver! The moment we realized this, we panicked, got into another car and drove away, hoping to catch up with the car in which Bhagawan had sped off", recalls Indhubai. In the car, the driver asked Swami where He would like to go, while mentioning that the car needs fuel.

The Leela Nataka Suthradhari – the Divine Director, admitted to the driver that He didn't have any money nor had He a clue where to go! Swami requested the driver to park the car by the side of the road and assured people would come looking for them! "Imagine, the Lord of the Universe who shows us the path of life, and helps us cross the ocean of life and birth, and the one who blesses everyone with bountiful wealth, saying this! It is but the web of illusion which conceals the truth and we all get entangled in it. To this date, the people of Navsari remember this divine drama", narrates Da​rshana.

Be Good. Be Happy
Always Have Compassion
Sai Surya



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