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sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2015

Sukshma Baba Report 137  1-11-15  Sathya 10  Faith

Sukshma Baba Report 137  1-11-15  Sathya 10  Faith
Sukshma Baba Report 137  1-11-15  Sathya 10   Faith

Sai Ram,
A new month arrived. The 10th day of the Sathya Yuga, All is well.
The weather is cloudy and cool. There are few students as it is vacation time.
The rains came which were heavy at times. Most people went inside PremDeep because of the weather.
It was a strange day as the vibrations were mixed. There was a lot of construction continuing with the staff being very busy
My heart is aching for Swami. Sometimes we feel like we are in the twilight zone.
We are feeling better just sitting here. As the rain became very heavy, we felt "Rain beautiful Rain". We think the rain was because water is needed for the upcoming festivities.
My Lord, My Love. The mysteries of you are endless into the oneness.
As Rudram was chanted followed by bhajans, the thunder in the background added to the feeling that we were not here.
When Swami entered, there was an increase of energy.
V. Kumar was the first speaker. He spoke about how Sai Baba had always blessed his family with vihbuti coming from his photo. He wondered how it was done. His mother's response that Swami was doing it, didn't satisfy him. He had asked Swami to explain it to him but got no response. He thought his mother might be throwing vihbuti on to the picture.
One day while his parents were away, he wiped the picture clean for all traces of vihbuti. He knew his parents would come back soon. He pleaded with Baba to produce vihbuti. There was only 15 minutes before his parents would be home. He pleaded with Baba as he knew he would get into trouble if there weren't any.
He sweated the 15 minutes. Suddenly the photo was full of vihbuti even more than before. "Now I know. You are here."
The story was told about an executive vice president of a bank in Singapore who had an agreement with car importers that whenever a new car comes it would be brought to him so he could drive it. One time he was having an important business meeting on the 16th floor, when he was told about a new red BMW waiting for him downstairs.
When he saw it from the window, he postponed the meeting. As he went to inspect the car, the interior was completely filled with vihbuti. He criticized the person who brought it but the guy said that he just drove here and it had been clean.
He read the Man of Miracles book. He developed the urge to see Sai Baba. He flew to Bangalore and went to Prasanthi Nilayam. He sat in the 3rd or 4th row. He looked at Swami and thought, "I am sure you know". As he looked, the man saw his 3 year old son sitting on Swami shoulder. His son died 6 months earlier. Baba gave him vihbuti.
Whenever there was an occasion where Sai Baba sprinkled water on devotees as part of a special religious occasion, he always made sure that Kumar got some. On the 11th day of the yagna which was just completed, Swami went everywhere sprinkling water. He asked him twice, "Did I sprinkle you?"
Do all your work as though you are a flute. Let Swami come through.
Narasimha was next. He mentioned that he used to come to meet Swami when he came downstairs from his room in Brindavan at 4:00. He would make it a point to come at 3:00.  One time he came and there was complete silence. Swami had come down already. He closed his eyes and meditated. No one talked. But what was more amazing was that when this happened, no one ever knocked on the door.
His mother had 11 children. Of all the children, his mother prayed to Swami about him. She wanted Swami to pick him as he was the worst of the bunch and made many mistakes. Let him serve you. He was close to Swami because of his mothers' prayer.
They had just gone to Mysore to a small family gathering because of their devotion and the prayer of a vice chancellor of Baba's university. It was a wonderful experience with the singing of bhajans.
There was also a public function which was well organized. It was a powerful morning. He spoke to each of the family members privately
Sai Baba Discourse which was communicated to Madhu was translated by Narasimha into English
Devotees are very dear to me who do not hate, loves everybody, are always happy and are single pointed on me.
Devotion is inward. Most people look outward in search of God.
Be in the world with your mind on God.
External acts get you answers from outside. The world always has its ups and downs.
Why do all that? All you got to do is love God.
Turn to the divinity within us.
To get to water, you have to dig a well. You keep digging and digging until
you reach water. Along the way you have to break the earth crust, stones and overcome other barriers before you reach the water.
Reaching God is the same.
All spirituality is to reach divinity. The experience is in the heart.
Layers of ego have to be broken through along with the inertia and laziness within us as well as anger, greed and pride.
Do pure action.
We tend to do selfish action which become bondage.
Only action that is selfless with the Love for God should be done.
Selfless activity.
Do all with Divinity and Love.
Have Devotion and great Faith.
A man went to a temple to express his gratitude to god. He was going to donate a lot of money. He needed to climb a lot of steps. As he did so, he forgot God. By the time he reached the top, he decided not to give any money to God. On the way down, he had an accident which required medical treatment. The cost of the treatment was the same as to what he had promised God. You cannot cheat God.
God will always give you what you need at the right time to those
that have complete faith in God.
The mind tends to be full of selfishness.
Do everything for the sake of Love.
Such faith gets great results.
The father was a great devotee of Allah. His daughter has the same tendencies. He decided that he would find a pious man for her to marry. He looked and looked but couldn't find anyone. At the mosque, he heard a man continuing his prayers afterwards. He though that this must be the person. He was single.
He decided to give his daughter to him in marriage. He seemed to have a wealth of devotion to God.
He made the marriage. It was a small wedding. The daughter gave up a mansion to move in with her husband. She was highly devotional. The husband was always thinking of God and praying.
One day when wife was cleaning, she found some bread hidden. He told her that he was keeping it for tomorrow. The wife got very angry with him. Where is your great faith in God? You have no faith in God that he will give you food tomorrow. She went away.
Those who have faith in God are satisfied with whatever they get today.
The future is always unknown. Past is Past.
When you have Faith, you have no Fear.
Always be Happy, Loving and Kind.
Have complete Faith in God.
Only such a person can be considered a devotee of God.
Devotee faith gets rid of fear.
Faith No Fear.
Fear No Faith.
Where there is Faith, there is Love, Peace, God, Bliss.
Joy and Bliss gets rid of Ego.
Do all necessary actions for the Love of God.
All is Yoga. Offer all to God. Do as Dharma.
We are a family with God as the Guru.
God gave us all this.
Together we move to God.
The duty of the parent is to see that the child develops devotion.
Teachers need to teach devotion with their studies.
Everything has devotion as part of it.
Love of God
Life is Joy and Bliss.
Enjoy Bliss.
Because his devotees suffered, he has built the Mandir/Hall which will
be completed on time. Inauguration is 18 November.
The power there will be great.
Take it. Spread it.
Many great scholars speaking there.
People from many countries will perform there.
We will also get instructed about other cultures.
Jai Sai Ram     Jai Sai Ram     Jai Sai Ram
There will be bhajans/discourse on November 5, 8, 12 and 15th.
If you want to do any type of Volunteer work in Muddenahalli
Cleaning help is needed to make the Premaamrutham Mandir and Sai Sannidhi – (new accommodation building) ready before the start of birthday celebrations.

The inauguration of Premaamrutham Mandir will be November18
Different types of volunteers are needed from November 13th. Accommodations will be provided in the tents (Sai Chaya).
World Youth Conference
On the occasion of Bhagawan Baba's 90th birthday on 23 November, a World Youth Meet has been organised from 19-21 November at Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli.  To Register:  wym2015.register@gmail.com
You can watch the conference and birthday events on live web streaming on
Video playback of the yagnas can be found on their website or on YouTube.
Accommodations  -   mdh.accm@gmail.com
Contacting Us
We want everyone to contact us at Sai Surya at SaiSurya@SukshmaBabaReport.Org
especially if it is concerning the Sukshma Baba Report.
You will continue to be able to use gdojai@yahoo.com.
We welcome any comments.
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Be Good. Be Happy
Always Have Compassion
Sai Surya



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