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Health Food Snacks From Sukshma Baba Discourses - SUNDAY 16-08-2015

Narasimha Murthy Talk notes:

♥ Swami is preparing the world, ashram, etc. for the advent of Prema Sai.
♥ The new mandir is being built. Swami told the architect to make it so it will hold 5,000 people. Swami appeared in a vision took the architect and showed him exactly what he wanted in the new building.
♥ Sai Baba said that it was not for him. It was for Prema Sai. All that he is doing is in preparation for Prema Sai who has already been born and will settle down here.
♥ He is building 108 flats now. There will be more. Eventually there will be 10 buildings of 1008 apartments.
♥ He is preparing the people of Karnataka. He is establishing schools, colleges, campuses and doing other projects here and around the world in preparation for the advent of Prema Sai.

END of Narasimha Murthy Talk notes

♥ START of Madhu talk notes Om Sri Sai Ram. We pray to Swami to give his message. Swami is seated here in an orange robe. I repeat as he speaks. 

The leeles of the glorious tales of the Lord are most amazing. They are the ones that reside in the man of devotion that can release us from samara. 

Embodiments of Love! This morning while at the conference of the Alumni, I asked them all to participate in service activities. God comes down in the world with different names and forms in the various ages. Whether Rama, Krishna or Sai incarnations the principle is the same. God comes down as a Human being with the sole objective to release man from the bondage of selfishness and lead man to the divine. The director of the universe comes down into the drama with a role for himself. He manifests himself to teach human beings. 

Currently Swami is building hospitals and schools where they are needed. My purpose is that of Rama, when He incarnated, demonstrated at all times the atma principle. For such a Rama can there be obstructions in His path? In the Drama of Rama, Rama gave a role to the monkeys. He pretended he could not succeed without them. He demonstrated the Atma principle; His utterances were of ultimate truths. Rama who protects the whole world, could he not protect his wife? 

The world is a Rama Drama. The ways of the Lord are amazing. In the Treta yuga he got the help of the monkeys. The role of the souls that played the boys and girls in Dwarka, were the monkeys from RamaÕs time. Rama had made the monkeys build the bridge across the ocean. 

You know at that time there were no stones available there. All the monkeys were to go to the Himalayas where the rocks were and brought the rocks to Sri Lanka. The name Rama was written on each rock and then dropped into the ocean. There were no cell phones or landlines then, it was not possible to tell the monkeys "donÕt bring any more rocks". The moment the moneys felt the bridge was completed the monkeys related the message to each other and the boulders were dropped on the way. 

There was one hill that was very happy to be used to build RamaÕs bridge, but then it got dropped. The mountain was sad that it wonÕt get the opportunity to serve Rama. The hill cried and prayed to Rama. Govardhana Mountain had a desire to touch the feet of Rama and get liberation. The hill prayed please liberate me. 

Rama returned as Krishna to fulfill the mountains prayer. The monkeys came back as the gopikas because of the merit earned as monkeys under Rama. They became close to him. When Krishna was leaving his childhood residence the gokipas cried and feel at his feet. DonÕt leave us and donÕt go. He spoke to them. During the Treta yuga you earned merit, when you come back again I will award you merit. These boys and girls came back as Sathya Sai Students. 

All of us have subtle relationships, heart to heart, eternally for many ages. You did not come because you wanted to. You All fulfilled the Divine Will. You have no tails today. Today you have degrees. There is no change in the relationship between you and me. These are leelas (sport) that God plays. In the past you helped as animals. In the Dwarka you were man and women. In the Kalki you will have to transform yourself into angels and help me. Give up your selfishness and help me. Put to good use the opportunities given to you. The merit earned from many lives has earned this opportunity. There are many monkeys here who are desirous of your opportunity. They think some day we were like them - monkeys too. Now these monkeys are aspiring to help. These monkeys will have an opportunity in the next yuga. 

Forty years ago a devotee invited me to his home. Swami when are you coming? He was no ordinary person. When are you coming? I come soon. I will not give a date, but I surely will come. I visited this devotee today, had lunch and returned. If I cannot forget the prayer of a hill how can I forget the prayer of a devotee. How I fulfill a prayer that depends on me. 

Have purity, patience and worship with perseverance. I will fulfill all of your desires at the right time. Service has to be in accordance with the times. If someone prays to Hanuman they wonÕt forget Rama. We sing about Rama with delight, Rama who lived ten thousand years ago. We also enjoy the leelas of Krishna and those that were close to Krishna like the Gopikas. Today you see only Radha and Krishna in temples. You do not see the Gopikes. Thousands of years in the future Sathya Sai will be remembered due to His devotees doing service. 

When I had a physical body it was easy to understand me. Currently, those with a pure heart and sacred mind can understand me and derive bliss from that. A sacred mind is filled with God. A pure heart loves everyone. Hands should serve all with love. Love should not be confined to the heart, through your hands you share love with everyone. My joyful command is that you fill your mind with the sacred name and through your hands serve, with love. All should participate in accordance with your talents. A singer should sing in a way that is blissful to devotees. A teacher should teach understanding and inspire wisdom. A lawyer should follow the rules of the land. And, an architect should plan a building that people want and desire. An engineer should build strong building to last years. Only through service can you cross the birth and death cycle and enjoy bliss. All your names will become immortal in the story of Sr. Sathya Sai. 

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

Health Food Snacks From Sukshma Baba Discourses - THURSDAY 13-08-2015

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. Swami is seated here in his chair wearing an ochre robe. I repeat as he speaks. 

What you think exists does not exist. You think that the world exists and God does not exist. There is no world at all only God exists. 

Embodiments of Divine Atma! The body which is made up of five elements is a limited instrument. In fact this body is made of matter, is inert, and is lifeless. But this inert matter plays, and sings because of the life principle. This life or light principle is the Human body, like a driver in a car. The driver keeps the car moving and it then looks like the car has life. If the driver exits from the car, the car stays in one place, and does not move. Once the car is moving we understand that the driver is in the car. The driver is no seen but you know the driver is there because the car is moving. Similarly, it is with the body. The life principle is the driver. 

For this driver there is also a master. The Atma is the master of the driver. The scriptures say that the body has five sheaths. They are: 
1. the food sheath (Annamaya Kosa). The body here is made up of matter and no consciousness. This is inert matter. 
2. the life principle (Pranamaya Kosa). You can see consciousness because of this light. 
3. the mind sheath (Manomaya Kosa) 
4. the intelligence sheath (Vijnanamaya Kosa) 
5. the bliss sheath (Anandamaya Kosa). 

Human learning can reach up to the fourth sheath. Human beings do not reach the fifth sheath. the bliss sheath. The ten senses make up the food sheath. For the body three unseen sheaths unite: the life, intelligence and prana. The mind sheath controls the life principle. Intelligence is above the mind. The intelligence, the fourth sheath, is not the final one. The fifth sheath is final one. 

The reason why man is subject to misery is because he forgets the fifth sheath and man is controlled by the fourth sheath. Man depends on the life, mind, and intelligence thus he is subject to difficulties. Bliss sheath transcends all four lower sheaths and goes beyond. What is bliss? Bliss is that which is permanent and full of joy. Because man is dependent on the four sheaths he gets temporary pleasure, but not bliss. Permanent joy is only from Bliss sheath. Man is struggling for joy and not obtaining it. Man struggles for temporary pleasure and is not putting in the effort for infinite joy. If you only put in joy you will find fulfillment in your lives. 

There are three kinds of bodies. 
1. the gross which is the food sheath 
2. the life principle which energizes the gross. Only then can the gross act 
3. the mind and intelligence. The mind and intelligence make up the subtle body of the personality. These three kinds of bodies make up the human personality. The body may die but the mind never dies. Your tendencies and memory remain with the mind. You can see the subtle body not with your physical eyes. Beyond the subtle body is the bliss sheath. The bliss sheath is part of God Himself. Like any human being the body can where many types of dresses. The atma wears many bodies. You must remove the sheaths to see God. Because you wear clothes no one can see your body. 

The Gross body is like a coat. The subtle body is like the shirt. We want to obtain the ultimate so you must go beyond the three bodies. Reduce body consciousness. Life principle should be used to help others. If you use life principle for selfishness you can't reach God. Use the gross body for service. Get rid of the body consciousness and help others. Only then you can move from I to We and develop the Divine. The mind and intelligence are connected to the body. Use all three to help others. All of the gifts of God are for helping others to reach God. The mind sheath can hide the truth. The mind is like a curtain and its threads. The thoughts are like threads. The mind is full of all kinds of thoughts. If you remove the threads the mind disappears. Develop positive thoughts. Positive thoughts are needed. To have positive thoughts you need positive company. If you have good company, you have good activities and it will follow that you will change your thoughts. When you get good thoughts you have good energy in your life body. Set right your mind-thoughts. Thoughts can change because of your company. Mind will utilize life energy to do good things. What you learn will accumulate in the intelligent sheath. What we put in our intelligent sheath remains for many lives. The body dies, but not the intelligent sheath. The life force dies but the mind and intelligence continue. They get into a new body and start a new life. 

When a baby is born parents want to know how intelligent their child is. They place many things in front of the child, such as toys and coins. Depending on the tendencies from previous birth the child will pick up the appropriate objects. When the child takes up a toy you know the child prefers playing to studying. The child just born picks up tendencies from previous lives and keeps them in the mind. The body changes but the tendencies remain. When the mind and intelligence is purified they have reached the bliss sheath. 

Elders sometimes tell us we are individual bodies. Therefore, we think that we are the body. When people tell you what you see is truth you believe it. This is wrong. Man has limitations. What you can see is limited. What we see is visible light. There are higher frequencies. We cannot see these. To say that these do not exist is not correct. Through instruments you can see what you cannot see with the naked eye. Sounds below a certain frequency can not be heard. But you can't say that they do not exist. Because of vision and listening capability you think you are limited. It is a mistake to think only what you see is truth. To believe what the body sees and hears is a mistake. It is a mistake in vision and a mistake in thinking. Vedas and scriptures all write about this. Our reality is formless nature. It is not connected to the gross body. It is connected to the bliss body. To experience Bliss you go beyond the four sheaths. Reduce body consciousness. Give up attachment and ego. Develop love for atma then you will know reality. 

In different yugas there were different actions required. In the Treta yuga penances was required to purify oneself. In Dwarka period japa was required to purify oneself. And, in the Kali yuga service is required to purify yourself. Purify now your mind through seva(service). Cross over Samsara by doing service to noble people. There are two wings of Sadana. One is chanting the name of God and the other is service activities. These will get rid of ego and attachment. The body must be used for service. The body and life force should be used to serve others. Purify the mind and intelligence by chanting God's names. Whatever service you do that speaks to you, do It in a way that gives joy to others. If you are a gifted speaker then use it to give joy to everyone. If you are gifted in music then sing with devotion and inspire devotion. If you are a teacher then explain the lessons properly to students. Engineers use your ability to build buildings. Doctors you get rid of disease. To do perfect service all four sheaths are important. Depending on your capabilities and talents get involved in service and you attain Divinity. Through service you get near to God, without it you will not get liberation. If we want to enjoy bliss use the four sheaths to serve others then you will be near God. You get strength when the body is energized by the life force. You purify your mind and intelligence by chanting the name of God. Bhakti is located in the heart and is bliss. Through these you get liberation.

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

Health Food Snacks From Sukshma Baba Discourses - SUNDAY 09-08-2015

♥ Om Sai Ram, Swami is seated here in a ochre robe. I repeat as He speaks. 

I don't reside in the hearts of yogis. I am in the hearts of devotees. 

Embodiments of love! Where chanting takes place the vision of the Divine can be experienced. The relationship between name and form no one can separate. Where there is a name there is also a form associated with it. 

We have a name for God, but where is the form for God, Vishnu said to Narada. Then Vishnu said in this Universe Earth is a big thing. It shelters men, beasts and birds. This Earth is the basis of all species of life. Narada acknowledged this. Then Vishnu said that the Earth is 1/3 land and 2/3 water. Vishnu said water is the bigger than land. Narada agreed. Vishnu said. Agastya drank all of the water in the ocean. Agastya is greater than anything else. Narada agreed. 

Narada said, Lord you are the greatest in the world. Vishnu said Krishna lived in the hearts of the Gopikis, therefore, the Gopiks were the greatest. Narada agreed. Then Vishnu said the devotees are the greatest because God manifests His leeles, because of them. Then Vishnu continues to say that the devotees are greater than God. 

Just because you claim to be a devotee doesn't mean you are one. Students have to put their lessons into practice. You are called a devotee only when you practice. For example. No one believes a student who has declared he has passed. Only the teacher can do it, after grading his answers will the teacher give marks. Devotees should know the inner meaning and practice it. Devotees are attached to God. They have to have faith , love and attachment for God. These make up devotion. People came from Singapore because of attachment to God. 

A rich man went on a pilgrimage. While on the pilgrimage he kept his money in a trunk. A servant joined him. It was night and dark and they wanted to rest. However, the rich man knew the bad habits of the servant. The rich man knew that the servant would steal, so the rich man kept the trunk close to him. While the rich man slept the servant looked for the keys to the trunk. He could not find the key and was tired so he went to bed. The rich man got up and told the servant to bring him his clothes from the trunk. The servant said the trunk is locked, so I can't give you your clothes. The rich man said the whole night you searched for the key and could not find it. Did you look under your own pillow? You have searched everwhere except under your pillow. 

Men look everywhere for God. They study, they do jnana, japa and pilgrimages. They do not look within themselves. Only by serving good people do you find God. God is within. The key is within you. Key is love and service is the lock. Put the key of love to the lock of service. When you turn the key of love the lock will be open. When you focus on the love of God and do service then you will realize God in the heart and you will see God in everyone. 

I am always here inside and outside. Ignorant people think that inside and outside are different. Break body consciousness then the outside and inside will merge. Service without love is no good. Service with love will reach God. An example was given. With a coin you have one side which has the symbol and the other side has the values. When you have both sides together you have true value. Similarly, Prema and service give the coin of life value. A worldly coin cannot purchase the love of God. Right service can achieve God. No attitude of mine and I can achieve God. When we think of we and others we are on the way to achieve God. So break body consciousness. Have less of self and become selfless. Have less of I and then have more of Sai. 

Sai means "See Always Inside". Search for God inside yourself. Get connected with God that is good company. Wherever my devotees sing I am there. Chant the name in the mind and put your hands in service. To the Singapore devotees He said, you have traveled a long way. You have heard good things. You can find me there in Singapore. Next time learn two mantras: All that I do is for God. Give up the desires for the results of your actions. Don't divide office work and service. Offer it all for God. All work is service. Wherever you are you can do service. Do everything for the love of God. That becomes service. Why are you doing a job? One reason is to nourish the body. We should nourish the body and use the body to help others. Develop intelligence. Whether you are a doctor or engineer or a lawyer, use these skills for the service of God. You need surplus love in your heart. Don't have expectations from your service. Once you practice this you will get bliss and experiences. If you have a plate and it is filled with food looking at it will not satisfy your hunger. You must eat and digest it and then get enjoyment. 

I am wherever you are. The Keys are under your pillow. Use the key of love with service and achieve Divinity. Do both and then get bliss. I bless that you can attain love and share it with everyone. My grace is there for all.

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

Health Food Snacks From Sukshma Baba Discourses - SUNDAY 02-08-2015

♥ Sai Ram. Swami is seated here in a beautiful orange robe. I repeat as He speaks. The life in this world is temporary. The youth we have is temporary. Wife and children are ephemeral. Three things are eternal and permanent: Sathya or truth, dharma or righteousness, and faith. 

Embodiments of Divine Love and Atma! Human beings from birth to death go after worldly pleasures of life that are not true. Afterwards, they finally die. Ask anyone why they do this. Their answer is I want to be happy, I want to earn wealth, and health, and get an education for my own joy. But after attaining these desires, their desires only multiply. From this world untruth is all you can attain. Life in this world and its relationships are related to the body and are not permanent. The body changes and is never eternal. Kumar loves sweets. When he eats the sweets he enjoys the juice and sweetness, so he continues eating them. For only a moment is there enjoyment. Before the sweet is even digested the sweet of joy disappears. The joy vanishes soon. If we eat many sweets without limit it becomes bitter. If more sweets are offered you will reject it because now the taste is bitter. The world is like that. You experience joy in the world. You think it is the great joy. You enjoy friendships. But only as long as the person treats you with love will you enjoy the relationship. When you stop doing what that person wants the joy stops. As long as you obey the commands of others that love is there. Once you refuse to do what they want bitterness steps in. Do one thing they don't like and the relationship with you is finished. Worldly friendships are unreliable. My relationship with you is not like that. If you obey me I am happy and if you don't listen then I still love you. However if you want to improve spiritually you must follow my advice. 

An example was given. Let's say a patient goes to the capable doctor with a particular illness, and the Dr. prescribes medicine, diet and exercise, if you want to get better you must follow all three. Normally only telling the Doctor your problem will not help. Therefore, follow my advice. Another example, a bank lady was to retire from her office and serve Swami. I can come only after birthday which was in three months. Swami said quit now and come. She said she had no way to do that. I inquired of her, don't you have some unused leave. And she did, she had three months. I told her to use the leave now and come here. She replied I have no doctor's note and I told her I will give her one. I told her to say I need three months of treatment from my job to get rid of my samsara. Only then will I be alright. This I must do in an ashram where I will get proper diet and medicine. She did follow my advice and was granted leave. The Chanting of the name was the medicine and the diet was service. If there's really joy in the worldly pleasures then why are you not happy? 

Another example: A bus passenger wants to travel by rickshaw, then once in the rickshaw she wants a car, then a car with a driver. Then you want a bigger car. The desires deep growing, everything is temporary. By obtaining desires you are not going to get true happiness. If you want to obtain joy do dharma. Food, fear, etc are common to animals and man. But dharma is for humans. Only following dharma will get you permanent joy. Dharma is to follow the truth, the eternal. Rules exist for driving. Such as in India you travel on the left and in the USA you travel on the right. Well, there are rules for dharma too. Dharma is to walk one's own path without hurting others. This is dharma. Dharma follows certain rules. Adharma has rules, such as selfish behavior and hurting others. 

Sita followed Dharma as long as she was close to Rama. The moment she was distracted by the golden deer Sita was distant from Rama. Let me give you an example of dharma. Rama was sent to the forest. Sita wanted to go, but Rama told her you grew up in a palace with comfort, you will not be able to survive in the forest. Then Rama's mother told Rama let me go with you to the forest. Rama said you have to follow your dharma and take care of your husband you cannot follow me. Sita as a response told Rama you preach one thing to mother and another to me. This is not right. If mother's dharma is to care for her husband then I must follow you in to the forest. Dharma is not changeable. Dharma is the same for all times, places and circumstance. Rama had to eventually give in. Entertainment is a worldly disease. God moves away. You cannot have Rama which is the object and worldly desires which is the reflection together. Where darkness is light can't be and where there is light darkness cannot be. You cannot have God and the world. People want to know why Swami won't talk to them when he talks to others. With I and mine you cannot have Sai. You want Swami, but you also want the world. In filling a vessel you can either fill it with water or fill it with air. If you fill half with water and half with air you will be lost in the world. You need determination. 

There are three types of devotees. The first devotee wants Sai to help them with their sorrow and misery. They have a body issue or mental despair. They pray to God to get rid of these difficulties. The second time wants more fame, authority and wealth. This is also a kind of disease. The third, is a spiritual aspirant. What they want is to know the truth about God. They investigate. Jnana is to practice. If you get the objectÐGod then you get the reflection which is the entire world. You should want God and God alone. What we do to attain God is dharma. You must do all you do as a desire to get God. It is fine to earn money, no problem but you should not use it only for your own greed, but for basic needs. Don't run after desires. Offer your surplus wealth to God, in that way there is nothing wrong. Whatever you do you do for God, This will give you bliss. It is illusion to go for happiness in this world. The doctor tells you not to eat sweets. Why, because he doesn't want you to get diabetes, cancer, asthma, and high blood pressure. There should be no real taste for this world. Repeat the name of Rama to cross over the world.

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

Health Food Snacks From Sukshma Baba Discourses - FRIDAY 31-07-2015

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. Swami is seated in a yellow robe. Yellow means wisdom or jnana. You can conquer an audience with scholarship. You can become a great hero who wins battles or be an emperor who rules an empire. You can give 1000 cows in charity. You can count all the stars in the universe. You can name all species in the universe. You can master scriptures. You can reach the Moon. But can you control your own mind and senses and realize your divinity and realize your purity. Embodiments of love, boys and girls today man loves all kinds of education and gets into the wrong path and suffers grief and sorrow because of arrogance. What is responsible for all this tragedy and sufferings, what causes all tragedy and wars? It is because of man's selfishness and self interest. This is the truth that Swami is telling us. Why is man doing bad things? Because of body consciousness! Peace is rare, weapons are fierce and there is so much lack of peace. But this is the situation now, so Baba has to come down to mankind to teach him the highest truths. Formless God comes down as man with form and teaches man. That is why the Guru is Shiva. Embodiments of Divinity, God manifests to show us our own Divinity. God is the Guru himself. You may be teaching Social studies or Science, but you are only a teacher and not a Guru. The Guru helps us get rid of body consciousness. Education develops body consciousness. Education does not help us diminish body consciousness. 

I am I. If you write on passport "I am I" will you be able to travel? You must write your form's name. Contradictions between word and action are not good. When you experience it you will not be able to speak. It is lip service when you do not experience it. Until you can answer I am I through experience truly you must give your name. There are two types of Maya. One is Vidya Maya and the other is Avidya Maya. You cannot separate God from the world or the World from God. The world is God and illusion. Illusion is in the world. Eyes that are filled with illusion cannot see God. A person with jaundice sees yellow. A mind filled with maya sees maya. A mind filled with devotion sees everything as God. Aviday is worldly education. Vidya teaches that within illusion is God. God and reflection are together in one place. When the sun moves in the sky, its shadow changes, but the object does not change. The object is permanent, but the shadow changes. Eternal god is present, but maya keeps changing. This body keeps changing from year to year from birth. You go from a child, to a boy, to man and then to an old man. This body changes with time. It is not permanent or truth. All actions based on the body are temporary and, therefore, not truth. The Mind is full of thoughts. It is an instrument. Sometimes it is sad and sometimes it is happy. The mind keeps changing therefore, it is not truth. You are not one person but three persons. One, the one you think you are - the body name and form. Second, what others think you are. The world looks at you character. The world decides your character from your behavior. It decides if you are bad or if you are a good person. Third, what you are ultimately, which is truth, which is atmic principle. A true guru teaches you about the atma. The one who teachers you spiritual information, is a guru. Hold the feet of the Guru. He will help you cross over difficulties and to cross over the cycle of birth and death. For example: You are studying different subjects in school. You will pass the examines only if you study well. You must study all subjects equally well. If you do not focus the mind on a subject you will not pass. If you study math and science and not English you might not pass English. You must know where is the exam, which subject is it, what time is it. The world is like an examination. You are born into school and you leave school only when you die. Sports and games are for the body. For the mind you have other subjects. If you fail any subject you will not get a certificate. Similarly with the examination of life, you must study the atma principle. If you do not pass the class you will be born and die repeatedly. If you want to cross over samsara (world) you must understand the atma. Love is the theory and service is the practical examination. If you do not practice how will you pass? All that has to do with the body is related to I and mine. That is the selfish principle. You must study the heart (bhakti), the head which is Buddhi, and the hand which is Shakti and synthesis the three. This will lead you to liberation. You need material education, but you should know the real destination. Use the body for helping to practice dharma. Use the mind for society. You have to serve society. You study to be a doctor. Be a doctor and do it well. If you are a teacher treat students well, and tell them the truth of their subjects. Transform the material into spirituality. Do being a doctor for love of God. It is wrong to think that spirituality and the world are different. Atma manifests as selfless love. When you practice you see it as all are one. Selfless love is required to experience I am I. God comes down to help you cross over birth and death, samsara. Teach spiritual education. When you practice love the students will absorb love. Don't practice hypocrisy. If children see this they will learn the same. What is in the heart should come through the lips. For children to be right you must check your character. You should not judge children. First you must know about their parents and their teachers. Good Dads and mothers and will have good children. Good teachers will create good students. Parents and teachers set the children straight. Indulal Shah started with Swami when he was 45 years old, now he is 95. He spent 50 years with me. He set the ball rolling. Because of his hard work the organization prospered. Indulal Shah practices what he preaches. Where there is real faith there is no fear. Indulal Shah has great faith. 

Swami continued to talk about Indulal Shah and his gift to the ashram. Swami mentioned that Indulal Shah was handing over all his property to the ashram for them to use as they wished. All he wanted was a small house here in the ashram. He wanted to do this himself so people won't misunderstand it when he left the earth and his children did it. Swami said to keep something for himself but he said no, my children will be taken care of by you, they will come too. Swami said where there is fearlessness there is selflessness. Why are we afraid of birth and death? Because we have body consciousness and I am the mind. Where there is light there is no darkness. Where there is faith there is no fear. 

Mother has form, but love has no form. Books have form, but knowledge has no form. Instruments have form, but music has no form. Devotee has form, but devotion has not form. Indulal Shah is leading an example with great faith. Divine consciousness can do this service. Mind depends on the Moon on full Moon day there is a reflection. Full moon day is when you diminish body consciousness and develop divine consciousness. I give my grace and blessing on all of you. . To all Veda students you should propagate the vedas throughout the whole world. You should understand the subtle meaning. Guru Purnima is to getting rid of darkness and fear. Know the subtle meaning of the Vedas. Divine wisdom comes from yogi's inspiration. I have students that is why I can do all this with faith and courage. All my students be ithey in Alika, Muddenahalli, Prashanti, etc should look after these things.

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.

Health Food Snacks From Sukshma Baba Discourses

♥ Om Sri Sai Ram. Swami is seated in a bright orange robe. 

I am not mind. I am neither the subconscious mine, I am not the intelligence or the intellect. And I am also not the ego. I am not the five elements: earth, water, fire, air or space. I am not any of these things. But I am the very embodiment of Shiva. Vedas declare the Truth that Mother is God, Father is God, teacher is God and that the guest is God. The Vedaa have stated this again and again that these are the truths. But it is your good fortunate that God Himself has become your mother, your father, your teacher and also your guest. In fact actually I am not the guest, you are the guest here. Guest comes and goes. But it is the host that stays here permanently and steadily. In the word Jagath there are two things One is ja and the second is gat. Jagath means that which is Coming and going. Coming and going is inescapable in this world. In the same way as in a movie pictures move on the screen, the screen is not affected or changing. Similarly all things that happen in the world do not change God. Adi Shankar declared this fundamental reality Truth is Anandaswarupa. Our scriptures declare that God alone is Satchitananda. Sat is that which is truth and ever permanent and over time there is no change and is one without a second. There is no change in the Truth. This body which keeps growing, then diminishes and then dies, cannot be the truth. Truth has not changed and is changeless. Adi Shankara is saying this body is ever changing over time and therefore, I am not the body. 

Chit is awareness. Jnana or awareness of wisdom is that which removes our ego, it removes the darkness of ignorance and lights the flame of love in our hearts. When you say wisdom or jnana it is not the worldly or material knowledge. That is only a lot of information and cannot be transformation. When we meet others we keep asking the question, Who are you? But we donÕt actually ask the question, Who am I. When you ask yourself the question, Who am I. then you find transformation. When you ask the question who are you, it is not going to bring any sacred change in you. True wisdom or jnana is that which you need not have to learn anything else. When you know your true reality then you will know that the whole world is your embodiment. And that kind of information is jnana or wisdom. 

There is only one truth and can be defined in many ways. In fact truth and wisdom or jnana are synonyms. To say I have a body and I have a family and all these worldly positions, is kind of ignorance. It cannot be wisdom. You look at the earth and you see that rivers flow and take different paths depending on the situation. Similarly God Himself becomes the jiva atma depending on the place. If you put river water in something it takes on the form of the vessel. Actually it takes on the form of the vessel. But its true nature is not the vessel. It is also a river. It is also a limb. Because it is away from the river, when it gets into the vessel, it takes the form of a vessel. When God manifests Himself as all the jiva atmas, the soul depending on the different situations, he behaves differently he also sees differences among people. If we base our lives on the vessel or the body we cannot understand truth. We can only quench the thirst when we base our lives on the pure sweet water in the vessel. 

When you ask a question, Who am I, the answer is I am not the body. I am not the mind, I am the Atma. The body with the ten senses keeps changing all the time; therefore it cannot be the truth. Adi Shankara said I am none of these senses, neither mind nor the conscious mind nor the intellect nor the ego. My truth nature is Sat Chit Ananda. He also taught one's true nature is Sat Chit Ananada. Sat is that changeless truth. Chit is awareness or wisdom. Though the atma takes different names and different forms, if you take it in its subtle way you realize that it is all the same. That wisdom is chit. Only when we attain chit and sat you find true bliss around us. It is that everyone is struggling for attachment and worldly pleasures, but no one is struggling to put in effort to realize the truth. When you want to realize joy with this temporary body and this "I" you only get what is a temporary pleasure. It cannot be permanent bliss. 

When you feel hungry and you eat food you get only temporary joy. But then after some time the hunger appears. Again you go through the grievance. Again you eat and get satisfaction. You keep doing this again and again and get temporary satisfaction from hunger. This is not permanent happiness. When you depend on the body you get only temporary pleasure and not ever permanent bliss. But it is declared that God is the embodiment of Bliss. Ananda is that which is every pure, ever wise, ever blissful. Hunger and satisfaction from food again and again is temporary, and the pleasures we get from the mind, happiness and sadness is also temporary. If someone praises you, you get excited. And when someone criticisms you, you despair. This is also temporary behavior. Being happy when someone adores you or when someone blames you, you feel sad. This is also a temporary thing. It is not a permanent joy. What is temporary cannot be God. Ego which is full of mine and I is always having worldly desires. When you are into only these worldly desires you will get only temporary happiness and not permanent bliss. All things of the body and mind experiences are temporary and therefore, cannot be eternal. When people ask this question: You know I am not this, I am not this, then what are you really. I am the Sat Chit Swarupa Aananda. You want to attain bliss then first you should get wisdom. Seeing unity in multiplicity that is wisdom. Everything depends on the inner essence. Inner essence is what flows equal in everyone. That is why I am always teaching you, "All are one be alike to everyone". It is the same truth that belongs to every scripture. Even in other religions it is the same truth. There is only one truth and scholars describe it differently. 

In the word Gurupurnama gu means darkness or ignorance. Guru is one who removes darkness or ignorance. When you remove this darkness by lighting the lamp of love that day is true Gurupurnama. And the moon shines with all sixteen qualities on a full moon day. The mind follows the moon. The eye comes from the Sun. There is a deep relationship between the moon and the mind. There is a relationship between the sun and the eye. But these eyes are not physical eyes. These are the wisdom eyes or the spiritual eyes. The eyes are equal to atma. The sun god loves everybody and keeps shining on everybody. He is melting away day by day but is giving joy and light and food to everyone. Because selflessness is true divinity therefore the sun itself can be compared to the atma. Mind is another word for the moon. 

This body which is made up of the elements, it bears the earth. The body bears the light principle. The relationship between the sun, moon and earth is the same relationship as the body, mind and atma. Because the sun shines the moon also shines. The moon is always full of darkness. The moon shines because it accepts the sunshine. The moon is also related to the earth. The moon keeps going around the earth. Therefore, there is a deep relationship between the mind and the body. They recognize the mind body relationship, but you donÕt recognize the atma relationship. When you reduce the body and the mind awareness goes towards God that becomes full moon day. Between the atma and the mind comes the body consciousness that is a New moon day. On Guru Purnama you have to understand the inner significance of this festival and practice it. The mind is responsible for bondage and liberation. When you put the mind towards the atma it shines with brilliance. When body consciousness comes between atma it is darkness. My real nature is satchitananda. When we come here on Guruponoma day we do bhajans. And eat well and dance. When you put my teachings into practice then it is Guru Poorima. In order to get rid of body consciousness service is very important. Serve everyone and then your ego will go. Only when we lose body consciousness will our mind shine with the atma. If you want to pass over the cycle of birth and death we do not merely do penance, or merely do study of scriptures. We must do seva. Then we can you cross over this ocean of samaras. You have to give up the ignorance of selfishness of mine and I and know that it is the atma. You pick up the journey of I to We and We to He. This is the divine path of Truth.

DISCLAIMER: Please remember these are jotted down notes, small healthy snacks to help US act as Gods (BE GOD) from the Discourse given by SUKSHMA BABA at Muddenahalli. This is NOT word for word or the full discourse. Nor do these NOTES convey the Divine Feeling or Divine Energy, in that moment, that is flowing in Abundance. If you want word for word, Heart to Heart, Divine Energy - go Within or attend these discourses. Enjoy the humble jottings.


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