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sábado, 22 de agosto de 2015

Conference in Naya Raipur WITH SWAMI and Photos

CONFERENCE in Sri Sathya Sai Sowbhagyam Naya Raipur WITH SWAMI

International conference on Development of healthcare in Chhattisgarh: 
The heart of India (Day One)

The venue for the conference was at Sri Sathya Sai Sowbhagyam which is divine edifice, an architectural marvel which houses many conference halls and a auditorium which has state of the art facility where it blends beauty with technology. This program was held at Dr. C Rajeshwari Auditorium, the conference commenced with welcoming Bhagawan and other dignitaries on to the dias and lighting the prema jothi by them. The inaugural address was made by Sri C Srinivas who inspired all doctors and gave clarion call to every one to be part of His mission and not to miss this rare opportunity to be part of this great mission of the Lord. 

The next speaker was Sri B N Narsimhamurthy who spoke with renewed vigor and was in his typical style which was filled with stories and anecdote from his life with Bhagawan. After which the crowd was blessed with divine discourse in which Swami highlighted on the giving free health care facilities to all the states in country without any discrimination. He also said that building hospitals is His work but that is not enough, therefore it is the duty of doctors (Swami's students studying/ studied medical), devotees and all others who get benefited by it should take care of it and take it forward to its ultimate goal. 

After the break there were 3 speakers who spoke on different topics, first one to speak was Dr Krishna Manohar the chief Cardiologist of SSSSH, Raipur who emphasized on heart transplant by giving the real life example of a cardiologist whose heart was transplanted to the needy. The second speaker was Dr Shaun shetty from CALIFORNIA who deliberated on how the science of pediatric cardiology developed. And the last speaker before the lunch was Sri Arvind Thayagarajan a new age scientists who was a student of Dr APJ and was inspired by him elaborated on the new technology available at the disposal of a medical professional and shared that for all the achievement and inventions the guiding force was non other than Swami. The highlight of this session was Bhagawan was present and listened to all the speakers of this session. 

In the afternoon after sumptuous lunch, the session continued. In this session all the speakers who spoke are Doctors of various caliber and who have achieved something in their respective field of study and practice. The various topics and ideas discussed in this session ranged from how a Doctor should be " Ideal Doctor " to how the process of health care can be give to poor and needy with " best practices and innovative ideas. The speakers are Dr Subramanian C and Dr Yogesh Sathe both of them are from SSSSH, Raipur. Followed by Dr Srinivas L and Dr Seethalakshmi, former director of medical education in Karnataka. After the food for thought from the above speakers, the food for heart was in waiting for all. It was called Gift of life from SSSS, where Kids who got this gift of life from this beautiful hospital of Bhagawan danced for a beautiful Bollywood number, which made every one in the auditorium to come to the edge of their seats and it was fascinating sight. In the end it was felt that if they can become like any one of us after what they under go in the hospital, why can't all the kids in the country who can also be treated and become like us and enjoy the same childhood has we did? 

After the tea break, it was time for some cultural events. The first one was Kathak dance from danseuse Smt Yasmin Singh and her trope, it was dance drama named Shaktiswaroopa which depicted the great Indian women of yore like sita, draupadi, mirabai and rani of jhansi showcasing the inner resolve, firmness and the fearlessness of women in the country. After which there was soulful renderation of music "Sur Sandhya" by Sri Sumeet Tappoo who rendered some of his original compositions and some famous Mira and Sai bhajans. 

The day concluded with Aarathi. All the delegates came out of the auditorium with enlightened mind and love filled heart and thinking of what is there in store for them in the next morning. 

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