EL DESPERTAR SAI: Ananda Vahini - Issue Twenty One - April 28, 2016 Ananda Vahini - Issue Twenty One - April 28, 2016 - EL DESPERTAR SAI




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jueves, 28 de abril de 2016

Ananda Vahini - Issue Twenty One - April 28, 2016

Issue Twenty One - April 28, 2016
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"To know this truth, we must first know what is untruth; just like, to know what is light, we must know darkness; to know the heat, one must know what is cold. The whole effort is "Not about trying to be the truth, as you already are that. But, it is to not be what you are not. The spiritual path is to give up what you are not, to simply be what you are, which is natural to you. Just like a sculptor chisels out from the stone what is not the statue, and therefore what remains is the statue; you already are Divine! Cease to be what you are not, identification with the untruth of Body and Mind. Just like a person on discovering the buried treasure in his garden becomes rich and is free from poverty. Though the treasure was always His, it was just that he was unaware. Similarly, become aware of your reality and be free. Be selfless and fearless."                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Baba
With the Blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, we are delighted to present our twentieth first issue of Ananda Vahini. The weekly newsletter includes interesting musings and short excerpts from the week's events.

In this week's issue, we bring you stories from Bhagawan's current visit to Italy, Croatia and Greece

- Sathya Sai Grama Communications Team
Divine Visit – Cisternino, Italy – Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Indian food in Italy, became a norm! Thanks to the Indian Chef from Sweden, a hearty breakfast made its way to everyone's stomach. The agenda of the day was set by Bhagawan the previous evening. A visit to the Ashram land and of course, 'the pilgrimage' to San Giovanni Rotondo in Foggia to the place where San Padre Pio lived, and built institutions of healthcare.

Close to a 100 devotees had gathered at the stunningly serene and beautiful site of the 'to-be-built' Sai Prema Ashram. One small trulli structure exists, which was converted to Swami's room. The Lord entered amidst bhajans, blessing everyone gathered. As the room could accommodate only a handful, all the devotees sat outside, and Swami asked them to continue singing bhajans. The Lord spoke for over an hour to a few members of the Sai Prema Association.

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The Lord amidst His devotees in Cisternino, Italy

Divine Visit – Rome, Italy – Wednesday, April 20, 2016

After taking an early morning flight from Cisternino, Bhagawan's entourage along with Mr & Mrs Ampilio and Mr & Mrs Salvatore Iozza reached Rome at around 9 am. A loving welcome awaited the team by Brother Mario and others, who drove everyone straight to the house of Mrs Maria Buffa, who was to host Swami in her beautiful villa, North of Rome, amidst the picturesque nature. Swami had named her villa "Casa del Divino", The Divine Villa. Truly it was divine, for it was to house the Divine!

Swami who had come by the skyline (Akasha) was already there to meet the team! As everyone entered Casa del Divino, He went up the stairs to see the renovated rooms for the guests, and thereafter came down to His room. The room had put on a certain charm which wasn't there last year! Though it was Mrs Maria's room and perhaps the biggest in the Villa, she wholeheartedly offered it as a permanent residence of Swami, by making iterations that were needed to suit Swami's comfort, while she herself took up a small room on an upper floor. Swami was touched by this gesture and asked her, " Isn't it a problem for you to climb up another floor to your room?" She replied in her broken English, "Little problem". Swami smiled and said, "I will give you good health, so that you can climb up and down without any problem!" He was happy!  "Please let me only serve you till my last breath Swami", she prayed.

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Satsang in Progress in the Historic City of Rome

Divine Visit – Rome, Italy – Thursday, April 21, 2016

"Good Morning", said the elderly hostess Ms Maria Buffa, as she entered Swami's room along with the others to serve His breakfast.

"Good Morning", replied Swami playfully looking at the two elderly ladies, the hosts of Swami who were working tirelessly for the comfort of everyone.

Swami asked them, "Morning is good, but did you all have a good night? Did you rest well?"

The ladies said, "Yes Swami, we could get some sleep and rest." Swami who knew they had worked post mid night, and had woken up early to cook Indian breakfast for Swami, smiled and said, "Body is an instrument, a machine like a car, and needs to rest. To undertake the long journey of life, the body is the vehicle and must be maintained well, lest it should break down half way! Too much of rest is rust. But appropriate rest is best. Body is meant to serve and reach one's divine goal, but rest is also a part of the journey and is to be done so that you can serve better. Love gives all the energy to serve. Love feeds the soul as the food is for the body. It is inexhaustible energy

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Satsang in Rome, Italy
Bharathnatyam performed by Sister Claudia Kunti in the Divine presence

Divine Visit – Rome, Italy and Zagreb, Croatia
Friday, April 22, 2016

It was time to leave Italy after a wonderful eight days. As breakfast was served to Swami in the morning, the ladies walked into Swami's room, yet again wishing the Lord a very, "good morning Swami". He said, "In every 'good' there is God. If you spell Good as G,O,O,D there is G-O-D in it. All 'Good work' is 'God's work'. Good has no religion, so does God. It is for all. Good is the way that takes a person to God; a way of life!"

Bhagawan continued by saying, "Similarly 'I' is there in 'S-A-I'. Like the rivers that merge in the ocean and lose their individual identity as rivers, but become one with the ocean, so should the individual identity merge in Divine identity. 'Being' is lost in 'becoming'. Individual is lost in becoming the divine. But we are afraid of losing our individuality, and do not want to give up our petty desires, relations and possessions for the divine wealth. We are like flies that hover around the tumbler of sweet juice, wanting to taste it but afraid of falling in it and dying".

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Blissfully Soaking in the Lord's Presence

Divine Visit – Zagreb, Croatia – April 23, 2016

Zagreb, one of the most beautiful places, is Croatia's northwestern capital, distinguished by its 18th and 19th century Austro-Hungarian architecture. This 1000-year-old city is blessed with rich flora, and it is said, Zagreb is rife with a café culture rivaling Paris, and a cosmopolitan vibe akin to Prague. This war ravaged country is going through difficult times, but above all the people are humble, with a deep spiritual side to their personality. It was endearing to note that most citizens are aware of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, including the Government.

Everyone woke up to a cold morning, about 7 degrees! But nothing deterred the flurry of activities at the Mladen household, from early hours of the morning; breakfast, which was followed by a Trust meeting. Swami's entourage is always eager to see Swami's room, in every country. The devotion and love for the Lord is seen in every facet of the room, and in every country, the Lord does not miss to note His tastefully decorated abode!

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Satsang in Zagreb
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