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sábado, 16 de enero de 2016

Sukshma Baba Report175 7-1-16 Sathya77 KuchingTemple

Sukshma Baba Report175 7-1-16 Sathya77 KuchingTemple
Sukshma Baba Report 175  7-1-16 Sathya77 KuchingTemple

Sai Ram,
An early morning flight to Kuching was taken to prepare for Swami visiting Sai Love, his new residence which has been renovated for his presence by many volunteers spending many hours at this love task.
Sai Love was located at the end of a closed street with Tony Bongs house across the way with another house next to this house which will eventually become the bhajans center.
Sai Baba's room was upstairs where there were 2 other bedrooms with their own bathrooms. The stairs led directly to the main room where a Jhoola was set up wit h a carpet in front. Men on the left – woman on the right.
A good job was done
This was our first trip to Borneo Island which was a 1 3/4 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia has many wonderful features. These and more greeted me during this visit. The great amount of greenery, warm temperatures, the friendliest of the people was a continuation of what was found on the mainland.
Our lodging, Jinhold Service Apartments, where many visitors stayed was a surprise. The rooms was large. Each room had a lounge area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.
Swami had said that he would stay at Sai Love and also visit the ashram and the temple.
The Temple was in a mountainous area about 45 minute ride by highway to the starting point. This area was a tea plantation. Almost 200 years ago a small temple was built on a mountaintop, Matang Hill, to the Divine Mother – Mariamma Devi.
Mariamma Devi is considered an incarnation of Parvathi. There are many temples to her in South India and in a few in other countries. Mariamma Devi guided Hindu tea workers and others from India to build a temple for her. She had been protecting this entire region for thousands of years. It was time for a temple as the workers had no place to pray.
A small housing unit was built which eventually expanded to a better and larger one.
Tony Bong took it upon himself to see that the temple was improved and that there was better access to the mountaintop where it was located. After praying to Swami for help, the government fixed the road leading to this temple.
A regular car can drive only so far. A 4 wheel drive car was needed to go the rest of the way. The road was only wide enough for one car except in places where two cars can maneuver in a very tight manner. In places there were 90 degree turns while going upward. On one side was a high mountain and on the other side a steep slope downward. The entire area was covered with trees.
At the top was a temple that had been fixed a bit. The newest addition were concrete steps (about 50) leading from the parking area to the actual temple.
When Swami came to Sai Love, he gave his consent to go to the Temple. Swami said, "We need to pay our debt to the Devi, the Goddess who has been helping with all our work here. We must go and see Her today, as a mark of respect."
Baba also said that the next couple of days would be spent in contemplation and bliss. He urged everyone to make their gains permanent instead of it being superficial. Everyone should absorb the rain of Love.
The next day was a sacred auspicious day. Anything started on that day was bound to succeed. The work on the ashram would begin the next day when they do the bhoomi puja for the ashram.

Narasimha had previous urged us to be more humble having been blessed by Swami and to practice at all times being Selfless Love and Selfless Service.
Love is beyond law. Hearts open because of it.
We know that God exists.
Two buses and many cars went to the Temple  where the puja was performed.
Swami asked the devotees to chant Rudram as the priest commenced the puja. As the puja came to a close, He asked the priest "Where is Shiva?" (alluding to the fact that the temple had only the idols of the Goddess and Ganesha).

Even as the priest was thinking of a response Swami showed a lingam that had miraculously appeared and gave it to the priest saying it was Ardhalingeshwara (a form of Shiva – that is half Shiva and half Parvathi). The lingam reflected this in the dual white-black colors. He asked the priest to perform puja to the lingam everyday thereon.

As we left Swami told some people that is was supposed to rain that day but he had stopped it. Everyone was very happy.

In the evening, Hamish Ravindran reminded us that when Swami gives his word that something will be done, it will be done.

In 1984, he invited Sai Baba to come to Malaysia to attend a conference, he replied that he was unable to come at that time but that he surely will come in the future.

Last April on Swami first trip to Malaysia and to Sai Ananda, He talked about the 100 acre ashram where all sorts of activities will occur. It was his will.

On April 22 a donor came to Tony, who he and others around him did not know, to donate a hundred acres for the ashram. It was Leong Meng.

Hamish advice was to not worry about how or why it will happen. All we need to do was make ourselves available. The Lord will do everything. Heart to Heart.

He also shared a father – son story where at different times each turned negative where the other reprimanded. When they went into see Swami, he made it clear that he knew what had transpired.

Treat everyone with Love.

Sai says that you do my work and I will do yours.

Seize this opportunity.

Narasimha was next saying that the way to humble yourself was to have selfless love which leads to selfless service. We are temples of god. We are divine.

Swami is nothing but Love. He praised Tony Bong for his intense Love and Devotion to Sathya Sai Baba.

Relating to the Krishna photo, Only Arjuna saw the divine form of Krishna. Many thousands of people were around the chariot. No one else saw the vision.
No one can speak like Swami.

Unless you become like Sai, you can never become Sai.

Swami gave a discourse which Madhu transmitted in English while Jonathan translated it into Chinese.

Swami spoke about the importance of action and the inevitability of it in this world. Action is always associated with a reaction.

Sai described the interplay between action and reaction, which could sometimes be immediate or delayed. Even good actions constitute karma, and one would have to continue to take birth until the balance of karma is achieved.

Giving all a glimpse into the way to escape the cycle of birth and death, Swami lovingly explained that one should only engage in any action for the love of God, with the aim to please Him.

He said when one offers even the good deeds and its fruits to God, he is not taking on any new karma due to his good deeds.

He cautioned everyone to start early and not wait until one is old!

Swami said that one cannot understand Sai Baba by reading books or listening to discourses. One can only know Sai Baba by being Him.

He said, "I am the voice of truth within you. Have the courage to follow that, and you will meet Me, only to realize that there is only One. Thus, making this a journey from you to Yourself."

Some of the above was based on the official report in Sai Vrinda.
Jai Sai Ram  Jai Sai Ram  Jai Sai Ram  Jai  Sai Ram  Jai Sai Ram
As of now we expect that there will be Satsang with bhajans and discourse  at Muddenahalli on Sunday 17th but are uncertain about Thursday 21 and Sunday 23.
Sports Day will be held on 26 January 2016 in the morning in the stadium.  All cultural programs will be held in the evening in Premarutham on 26, 27, 28 and 29. On the morning of the 30th there will be Valedictory function.
Program Changes
Since Swami plans can change suddenly, we thought that it would be nice to be able to let people know when this happens. The plan is for people to be put into 3 groups covering the areas of Puttaparthi, Bangalore or Muddenahalli.
Below is a link which leads you to a form which is partly filled out for you to check off if you belong to one of the areas. 
This information will be collected into groups. When we receive information about a change of plans and maybe even some other info we will send it to everyone on these list.
Also, on the new form please write in your language preference. Everyone will continue to receive the report in English. If we are able to, we will send out an additional report in a second language such as Spanish or Chinese. First we want to see what the preferences are and proceed from there.
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Any question concerning accommodations in Sathya Sai Grama.
Contacting Us
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Be Good. Be Happy
Always Have Compassion
Sai Surya


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