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viernes, 18 de marzo de 2016

Sukshma Baba Report 203 5-3-16 Sathya135 Mandya

Sai Ram

compartimos este informe desde Sai Surya, es hermoso el artículo y las fotos, y tiene además las fechas de viaje de Swami, y su Comitiva, desde hoy hasta el 6 de Abril.

Sathya Sai Baba will be in Singapore, Japan and Bali from 18 March to 26 March.

Swami will go to Dubai, United Kingdom., Netherlands and Munich, Germany from 30 March to 6 April.

Pueden traducir el artículo completo en Google. 
Gracias queridos hermanos.


Sukshma Baba Report 203  5-3-16 Sathya135 Mandya

Sai Ram

Usually we would have sent out separate Reports about the trip but since there was a delay, they were sent out in the Ananda Vahini.
What follows is the personal account of the writer.
It was a pleasant trip 3 hours south of Bangalore to Mandya. We were in sugar cane country. How sweet it was.
It was Friday early evening. Swami and his entourage were expected to have arrived in the afternoon. We decided to go to the Campus as the directions were unclear. After making a wrong turn we came to this campus which was surrounded by 100's, if not 1000's of acres of farmland.
We came not knowing what to expect in the way of a campus. When we stopped at the canteen building, we learned that Swami was on the way and was expected in about 15 minutes. We congratulated ourselves and gave thanks for our good fortune to arrive at such an opportune time.
The campus was hard to describe. Opposite the canteen area was a tented area where Saturday Afternoon program would take place. Further up the road were the dormitory and staff quarters. On our right was a new classroom and auditorium building that would be finished in June.
The campus was not what we expected with just a few buildings. It was obvious that soon this will be a first class campus in completion with the other first class campuses of the system.
The object of everyone's attention was the Siva Lingam buildings. We have never seen anything like it. On the hill above was the rebuilt Shiva Temple and below it was the new one.
It was a 2 story white building. The first floor was an open hall with a small room with a lingam within the enclosure. Boys were sitting there chanting. 
Behind this room was a much larger enclosure which went through the roof. Rising from the roof was a gigantic lingam – 36 feet high.
Facing this lingam was Nandi the Bull.  Very big and white.
The energy of this building has changed the vibration of the entire area for miles around.
The student that study here will be well prepared for Prema Sai.
On this higher level there was another building which had many steps leading to it.
When Swami came he went to the old Shiva Temple where priest were chanting. Swami walked around in the two small sections there before walking on the roof of the first building.
He spent a lot of time with the lingam and the Bull. After returning to the temple, Swami walked down the steps to the first floor where he listened to the chanting and walked around the small enclosure which contained a Shiva lingam and the big block.
After which, he returned to the second temple where chanting was continuing. After about 15 or more minutes. Swami decided to leave for his Sai House.
When we returned to our hotel, we struggled in the darkness following a car in front of us to find our way to the main road.
We talked about how much Grace it took for us to be present at such an event.
We are not sure about Saturday except that there was a puja planned.
Saturday was exciting. The campus had a procession for Swami as he went to the Old Shiva Temple which mantras and puja were taking place. Swami dedicated the renovated temple by cutting a ribbon and blessing the structure.
There is a cave there where the is a lingam which Swami Chennabasappa used to live a few hundred years ago. He prayed all the time to Shiva. When he was killed, he continued the ritual using his subtle body. 
Sai Baba blessed him, the lingam and the renovated structure before going over to the new temple to do the same. Prayers were said to a small lingam that was in an enclosure. Swami listened a while then blessed it by walking around it.
At one point, Swami walked around the big base of the large lingam.
Gratitude was expressed to the people who helped build the temples and other staff.
It was a morning where the energies of Shiva were released in a special way that will blessed the immediate area but will continue to grow until the surrounding areas are all covered.
The Campus will grow along with it.
In the afternoon, we met in a large tent where the dais was decorated beautify.
There were many speakers all of whom spoke in languages other than English.
When Swami spoke Madhu spoke in English and Narasimha translated into Kannanda.
All forms are Sai's. Truth, beauty, auspiciousness and bliss are some examples.
God always has these attributes.
When you look at a shadow, you can tell what the object is.
Since time immemorial, sages and others have tried to described God.
It cannot be done with words.
God is an experience.
Shiva is formless. Yet he assumed a form to bless us. He blessed us with a lingam which represents the universe. The lingam is formless with no beginning or end.
The lingam represents the form and the formless.
Man can understand physical form. God manifest in ways that man could appreciate and relate to such as Krishna, Rama, Sai Baba, etc.
Shiva is between the form and the formless.
On Shivaratri we worship all night.
We understand form but the formless is beyond the mind.
We have different levels of understanding depending on our spiritual progress. As we progress things which we did not understand become cleared. One level of explaining is used which changes to a different level as we progress.

Jai Sai Ram  Jai Sai Ram  Jai Sai Ram  Jai  Sai Ram  Jai Sai Ram

It was Sunday morning. A wonderful Friday night and Saturday has passed with blessing to all those who were there.
We were in our hotel room getting ready to leave. After taking a shower, we stepped down onto a small carpet which we did not know was there. It moved. We ended up on the floor lying on my back. My right neck vertebrae was on top of the bottom doorframe.
We realized immediately that Swami had intervened as we were able to move. There was no broken neck or neck injury outside of some pain. We were able to get up off the floor. There was pain in the lower right back and left elbow.
We put vihbuti on the neck and head. Prayed to Swami. Thankful.
We realized the seriousness of what could have happened.
The fall was cushioned by divine grace. Otherwise, we would not be here typing. We could have ended up paralyzed or broken neck injury resulting in bleeding.
A few hours later when we reached Muddenahalli, My neck pain was completely gone. The doctor said that we had no serious injuries but the body needed to heal from the experience.
That evening we thanked Sai Baba in person for saving my life.
Swami's grace is always with each of us. My life is dedicated to Sai Baba. There is no one else more important. We hope it is the same for each of you. Sai always knows what is going on and is always ready to bestow Love and Grace to all.

Sathya Sai Baba will be in Singapore, Japan and Bali from 18 March to 26 March.

Swami will go to Dubai, United Kingdom., Netherlands and Munich, Germany from 30 March to 6 April.

Program Changes
Since Swami plans can change suddenly, we thought that it would be nice to be able to let people know when this happens. The plan is for people to be put into 3 groups covering the areas of Puttaparthi, Bangalore or Muddenahalli.
Below is a link which leads you to a form which is partly filled out for you to check off if you belong to one of the areas. 
This information will be collected into groups. When we receive information about a change of plans and maybe even some other info we will send it to everyone on these list.
Also, on the new form please write in your language preference. Everyone will continue to receive the report in English. If we are able to, we will send out an additional report in a second language such as Spanish or Chinese. First we want to see what the preferences are and proceed from there.

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Video playback of the major functions can be found on YouTube.

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Be Good. Be Happy
Always Have Compassion
Sai Surya

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