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martes, 11 de abril de 2017

Fwd: Fw: Auroville (City of Dawn)

Auroville (City of Dawn) is an experimental township in Viluppuram district mostly in the state of Tamil NaduIndia with some parts in the Union Territory of Puducherry in South India. It was founded in 1968 by Mirra Alfassa (known as "the Mother") and designed by architect Roger Anger. As stated in Alfassa's first public message in 1965,

"Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity."

— Mirra Alfassa

Here is a video on Auroville
https://youtu.be/SxstZFC8Vms - Auroville Documentary - Journey to the City of Dawn

What is Auroville?

Auroville is a universal township in the making for a population of up to 50,000 people from around the world.
Image result for auroville experimental township

Image result for auroville experimental township

How did Auroville begin?

The concept of Auroville - an ideal township devoted to an experiment in human unity - came to the Mother as early as the 1930s. In the mid 1960s the Sri Aurobindo Society in Pondicherry proposed to Her that such a township should be started. She gave her blessings. The concept was then put before the Govt. of India, who gave their backing and took it to the General Assembly of UNESCO. In 1966 UNESCO passed a unanimous resolution commending it as a project of importance to the future of humanity, thereby giving their full encouragement.
Image result for How did Auroville begin?
Mirra Alfassa (known as "the Mother") who propounded the concept of a universal place irrespective of nationality for a universal township.

Why Auroville?

The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity – in diversity. Today Auroville is recognised as the first and only internationally endorsed ongoing experiment in human unity and transformation of consciousness, also concerned with - and practically researching into - sustainable living and the future culturalenvironmental , social and spiritual needs of mankind.
Image result for Why Auroville?

Image result for Why Auroville?

When did Auroville start?

On 28th February 1968 some 5,000 people assembled near the banyan tree at the centre of the future township for an inauguration ceremony attended by representatives of 124 nations, including all the States of India. The representatives brought with them some soil from their homeland, to be mixed in a white marble- clad, lotus-shaped urn, now sited at the focal point of the Amphitheatre. At the same time the Mother gave Auroville its 4-point Charter.
Image result for 28th February 1968 - start of Auroville

Where is Auroville?

Auroville is located in south India, mostly in the State of Tamil Nadu (some parts are in the State of Puducherry), a few kilometres inland from the Coromandel Coast, approx 150 kms south of Chennai (previously Madras) and 10 kms north of the town of Puducherry.
Image result for auroville in india map

The vision of Auroville in a model 2/5 by Nikhita Khurana
Image result for auroville in india map

Who are the Aurovilians?

They come from some 49 nations, from all age groups (from infancy to over eighty, averaging around 30), from all social classes, backgrounds and cultures, representing humanity as a whole. The population of the township is constantly growing, but currently stands at around 2,500 people, of whom approx one-third are Indian.
Related image

Overview of the city plan

The city layout The city layout

Peace Area

At the centre of the township lies the Peace Area, comprising the Matrimandir and its gardens, the amphitheatre with the Urn of Human Unity that contains the soil of 121 nations and 23 Indian states, and the project of a lake to help create an atmosphere of calm and serenity and to serve as a groundwater recharge area.
Image result for Auroville Peace Area

Image result for Auroville Peace Area

Industrial Zone

A 109-hectare area to the north of the Peace Area, the Industrial Zone, a zone for "green" industries, is focused on Auroville's efforts towards a self-supporting township. It will contain small and medium-scale industries, training centres, arts and crafts, and the city's administration.
Image result for Industrial area - auroville

Residential Zone

The largest of the four city zones, comprising of 189 hectares, the Residential Zone is bordered by parks on the north, south and west. Main access to the zone will be through the crown road with further traffic distribution via five radial roads that divide the zone into sectors of increasing densities. This zone wants to provide a well-adjusted habitat between individual and collective living. 55% of the area will be green and only 45% built surface, thereby creating an urban density balanced by nature.   
Image result for international zone auroville
Image result for Residential Zone auroville

International Zone

The International Zone, a zone of 74 hectares to the west of the Peace Area, will host national and cultural pavilions, grouped by continents. Its central focus is to create a living demonstration of human unity in diversity through the expression of the genius and contribution of each nation to humanity

Cultural Zone

Planned on a 93-hectare area, situated to the east of the Peace Area, the Cultural Zone will be a site for applied research in education and artistic expression. Facilities for cultural, educational, art and sports activities will be located in this zone.
Image result for Cultural Zone auroville

Green Belt

The city area with a radius of 1.25 km. will be surrounded by a Green Belt of 1.25 km width. As a zone for organic farms, dairies, orchards, forests, and wildlife areas, this belt will act as a barrier against urban encroachment, provide a variety of habitats for wildlife, and serve as a source for food, timber, medicines etc. and as a place for recreation.
Image result for organic farms of auroville  Image result for organic farms of auroville
Presently an area of 405 hectares, the Green Belt - though incomplete - stands as an example of successful transformation of wasteland into a vibrant eco-system. Its further planned extension with an additional 800 hectares will make it into a remarkable demonstration site for soil and water conservation, ground water recharge, and environmental restoration. As lungs for the entire township, it will complete the healing process that Auroville started several decades ago.

It is wonderful to note that there is such an international unique township in India.
Some say it is more so the lazy easygoing type of humans who enjoy living here - sort of the Hippie type of crowd. But it is a great concept of a free world of various nationalities living in communal harmony. Can't help expressing some outlandish expression here - With the way our BJP government is gradually letting out their hidden agenda of wanting a theocratic ancient Hindu Rashtra, all that is needed is for the RSS head Bhagwat to state that Auroville must be renamed as "Hindusthanville" or that every Aurovillian must know the national song "Vande Matharam" failing which the foreign nationals will have to be deported????" Of course in a democracy the courts and the constitutional rights will be there to save all humans, but these ethnic crackos want to cause social disharmony wherever they go.
Have a nice day friends.


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