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domingo, 26 de julio de 2015


SINGAPORE - posted 25th JULY 2015
MORE Question and Answers June 2015

♥ Continued .... Question and Answer Singapore 25th June 2015

Q: How do I determine that my heart is holding the "steering wheel" and not the mind.
A: When you use heart, there's no negativity. It's always positive. Anger, ego, expectations, disappointments, sorrow....all this is because the mind has somehow slipped into the "driver's seat". If you live by heart, you'll always be positive, you'll always be full of joy. If you find negativity in your life, the mind has somehow crept into the "driver's seat" and is taking the lead. If the heart is driving, you'll always be full of positivity, you'll always be full of joy under all circumstances, which are good or bad. If you live by heart, you'll always be full of joy. Don't blame others for your difficulty, your negativity. The cause of it is within you. Because you have ego, because you have expectations, because you have attachments arising out of mind...that is why you experience this negativity. Otherwise if you live only by heart you'll always be positive. 

A sage who was trying to save a scorpion, which was flowing in the river, was bitten by the scorpion itself. The disciple saw it, and asked, "Why are you trying to save the scorpion? It's biting and hurting you, stinging you." 
The sage said, "The scorpion is afraid that I might kill it. Out of fear,out of ignorance it's doing what it's doing. Let it do what it wants to do. My duty is that I've to save this creature; I don't want it to die because my heart says so. Even if it stings me, I don't care because of my heart, I must save the scorpion. 

If anyone living with the mind...first of all he would not have dared to save a scorpion. And if he saved it, and it's on the bank, he'd have taken the chappal (slipper) and beaten it's life out! 

Abraham Lincoln, the great President of America was once going for a meeting with his suit and boots. As he was going in a car, he saw a small piglet, stuck in the slush, squealing for help. Looking at the sight, Abraham Lincoln stopped the car, and got out of the car in the suit and boots he was wearing. He went all the way and pulled the piglet out of the slush, and saved it. 
The others asked, "Why do you need to go and do that? After all it's a pig, and you're the Prsident of the of America. Why did you do that for the sake of the piglet?" 
He said, "I did not do that for the sake of the piglet. I did it for my own sake. My heart would not have allowed me to move any further, ignoring the pain and the suffering of the creature. I did it for my sake." 

Heart always does through selflessness and positivity. It always think of others first before you. That's how you know, that it's heart. If any negativity creeps in, it means that somewhere the mind has made it's way. 

Q: What's the importance of rituals in our spiritual and daily lives? 
Answer: If the students don't come to the school at a certain time, or do not play together, or do not sit in the class together, and the teachers don't come to the respective classes and teach the respective lessons, then there'll be chaos. 
For those who need rules to keep them disciplined, rules are very important. Rituals are like that. When you're engaged in a work, an act of worship, head, hands, heart, all three should be engaged. 
Having body here, mind elsewhere and heart somewhere else, is not good to come to worship. Many of cannot do these three things together, most of the time. But through these rituals, it makes us do this. 
We tend to use our hands to offer our worship. We also have to chant the mantra to keep our head busy. You also have to feel the vibrations. When we repeat it and we do it in, we feel it in our hearts...the joy of doing it, worship. 
When all these three are there together, we're able to concentrate better, contemplate better. Without this, total engagement of all your senses, it's very difficult. If you sit here, your mind will be in the market. That's why rituals are important to keep the discipline. 
Dr Pillai would have told you to come at a certain time, to sit at a certain place, to ask questions in a certain way. If all of you suddenly start asking questions together, how can I answer? So there's the ritual...when the mike reaches you, you must ask the question. That helps you. 
But those who need this discipline, rituals are very important. But once you've grown out of it, you need not be disciplined anymore. You've reached the University, then you'll know what to do, nobody needs to come and tell you. You do most of your work, and then come to class, only to solve your doubts. Therefore rituals are important. But they should not be (followed blindly). 

I'll tell you a story... 
(Below is the summary of the story Swamy told to illustrate the point.) 
Once a pooja was being performed. All items were procured, including fruits and sweets. But there were many rats in the house that were running around and picking up the fruits and sweets. 
The man got wild, when his wife suggested getting a cat to frighten the rats. Now the cat was running around here and there. So the wife suggested getting a basket to contain the cat, while at the same time to frighten the rats. After many years the same pooja was being held in another house. All was ready and yet the pooja was not starting. Why so? He said he could not get a cat in the basket! 
Such blind rituals are of no use. You should know the purpose of why performing the ritual. Purpose is very, very important. Purpose is to keep your head, heart and hand completely engaged in doing what you're doing. It'll help you develop concentration. With concentration, you reach the next stage of contemplation. From contemplation you reach the stage of meditation. As you develop concentration, head, heart and hand, all three are important. At the level of contemplation, heart and head are important. At the level of meditation, only heart is important. 

Q: In today's world, there are too many distractions. So, how as a member of society and as a Bal Vikas teacher...what's the answer for more spirituality and more social acts where there's no distraction. 

In today's world, there are too many distractions. So, how as a member of society and as a Bal Vikas teacher...what's the answer for more spirituality and more social acts where there's no distraction. Distractions will always be there. You've to teach them (Bal Vikas). Like Snakes & Ladders game, there'll be snakes and there'll be ladders. If you miss the ladder and end up with a snake, you've got to go down all the way, and all your efforts will be wasted. 

Life is a game. Treat it as a challenge. Avoiding bad company. Avoiding bad visuals. Avoiding bad talking. All are like snakes. If you go through that you'll all you've gained so far. 

If you teach them with examples, they will learn.In Bal Vikas, make a big snakes and ladders. Call the snakes by one, one name....TV Channels, Bad Friends. Likewise, teach them the good things, as ladders, which will help them grow. 

But more importantly they'll only follow what the teacher is following. If the teacher is doing his job well, children will definitely follow. By not doing your job well...you teach the children in Bal Vikas not to watch too much TV, but the moment Bal Vikas starts the first thing you do is switch on the TV to see what the program is. Obviously they're going to see this. 

Children learn more by observing you than by listening to you. By your own actions you'll teach them even better. You've to restrain yourself first. Looking at you, they'll learn and they'll also avoid. 

Q: When times are good, it's very easy to remember Swamy, to remember His teachings. But when problems strikes us, this is when we tend to forget pretty much everything. Our minds become very crowded. And sometimes we behave in ways that Swamy will not be proud off. Can Swamy guide us, the youth to keep our minds always focussed on Swamy, be it good times or bad times. 

A: Don't call it bad times or good times. Don't be negative. Call them easy times and tough times. If you want to learn to drive a car, what do you do? You go and take a guru who will teach you how to drive a car. You get a car. And, where do you go? Not in the middle of a busy street. You go to an empty ground. Then you go in circles, round and round, till you get control over your car. When you are perfectly in control of the car, and you can handle it, then you take it to the biggest field. And you can take the traffic and other challenges on the road. 

By practicing to remember God in easy times, you'll be able to remember God even in tough times. Continuously practice to remember God. And knowing that whatever is happening is by His Will and by His Grace. If a difficult situation comes, it is God has already reduced it to a level in which I can bear. And, that's how He has only given me so much that will help me learn, and help me bear. 

Just as a mother blows over hot food, before feeding it to her child,so that the child is able to take the food at the right temperature. Does not end up burning it's mouth. 

Likewise, God reduces all your troubles and gives it to you only so much that you can bear. The other part is distraction. 

If you're constantly remembering God all the time and you believe that God is watching you every moment. Just the way you'll not behave in a particular way, here, because you believe Swamy is here watching us. And, in the same way you cannot behave anywhere else also. If you constantly remember God, during easy times, thinking that God is watching you, whatever good you're doing, you're happy that you're doing it for God. 

Similarly when there's a distraction, there's a tough challenge for the mind to choose between that which will take you closer to God and that will take you away. Remember God is still watching you. Can you do such a thing in front of Swamy's eyes? If you cannot do, then don't do. Discrimination and detachment. When you practice, you'll be able to attain. Mind is very, very difficult to control, but by practice and detachment, you'll be able to control this mind. 

Just like a new car or a new horse, it's very difficult to ride. But after some practice, you'l be able to control it and make it do the way you want it to behave. Practice alone is the key. 

Q: What is Sharanagathi. What does it really mean? And how will we achieve it 

Answer: What does Sharanagathi mean? No I, only Sai. If there's I, there's no Sai. If there's Sai, there's no I. As Swamy said, two drivers cannot be in the car. One driver, one passenger. Likewise, either you or Me. That is what is surrender. 

How do you develop surrender? You're all sitting here for quite a few hours. Are you consciously putting efforts to breathe? It's happening on it's own. The food is there, digesting on it's own. All the breakfast you've eaten is well digested, and you're ready for lunch. Did you put effort to digest the food? It happened on it's own. 

From the time you're born till now, your heart constantly beats all by itself, and does whatever is required to keep you alive. Did you make your heart start, or can you stop your heart? Everything inside you is happening by God's Will. and that is why you can do everything else you want to. 

You've engineers, you've doctors, you've lawyers, you've professionals, whomever you are. Whoever. You're able to be that because all these things God is taking care of within. If you constantly ponder on this thought, then you will surrender. Because you'll know there is nothing much that you can do. 

Just as a child sits on father's lap, holds the steering wheel and starts thinking that he's the one who is driving, that the child is the one who is driving. This is an illusion. Don't live in this illusion. It is God alone who is driving, this car of your life. Therefore if you constantly remember, it is very easy for you to surrender. 

You see, it's very simple. Our breath goes on chanting, "So-ham, So-ham". Inhalation and exhalation. "So" and "Ham" when you exhale. That means, "I am That, I am That". It's reminding you 31,600 times a day, that you're God, you're God. And it's God that's working through. Therefore if you constantly remember that, then you'll be completely surrendered to Him. 

And whenever your ego rises, and starts thinking it is the doer, sit down a while in a corner and breathe. And concentrate on your breath. Tell yourself that God alone is doing. If God decides to stop breathing through me even for a moment, can I continue to do whatever I'm doing? All my achievements, all my name, fame, all will fail in a moment. Think like this.

CROATIA - posted 23th JULY 2015
Question and Answers

♥ CROATIA - Part of an Interview 21.4.2015
After a short private conversation with one devotee, Swami said something important about women.

Swami "Worry is a disease that nobody can heal, and women are born with this disease. They like to worry more than anything else, even though they do not often have a reason for it. If you surrender, there are no worries. Only minds that do not surrender worry.

Swami speaks to two young girls
Swami, "What are you studying?"
L, "I'm at school."
Swami, "What class?"
L, "Seventh."
Swami, "What about her?"
J, "I'm going to IB Mathematics."
Swami, "Do you both go to the same school?"
J, "No." Swami, "You two have always known each other, why do not you go to the same school?"
J, "She is younger. We can't go to the same school."
Swami, "You will eventually go to the same school. Where's your mother?"
J, "Back there."
Swami, "She always takes care of you. Takes care of your friends. She asks too many questions, doesn't she? But only out of love for you. She (pointing at Jelena) does not like to be questioned. Parents need to know. If you immediately say, why are you asking me? Tell them wherever you go and whatever you do. That will satisfy her. Are you engaged in doing seva?"
J and L, "Sometimes."
Swami, "What seva?"
J, "Translation."
Swami, "All Croats are only doing translations? It's a good seva, but at a younger age you must do physical seva, which will involve your body, because your body is strong and can do physical work. So, do some seva that will help use your body well. Bend the body, bend the mind and the senses. If you use your body you will be able to control your emotions. So, young bodies should be used for seva after you grow a little more, like your mother, the body won't be able to do so much work. Then you can use your mind, which is still active. Using your mind you can do translations. When you get older, your body will be shivering all the time, and if you try to give prasadam to one person, you may end giving it to another - laughter - because you will not be able to control what your hands are doing. In such time your body cannot be used for seva.
In these times your mind will also become weak. So you might forget all you know and end up in a wrong place for seva. It will not be good, but at that point of time the heart will still be active. With life experience you can gain much love. Then you can do seva with the heart. You can love all people wherever you are. Love everyone with all your heart. Therefore it is a scope for doing seva in every moment of your life.
But you should do seva according to your age. Young people should do hard work, older people should use their intellect. They can teach people, train people, guide people, and finally when you are very old, you still have your heart that is full of love. You can give love to the one who need it. And although you will not be able to move around, just stay where you are and pray with love for everyone. See, you can do seva until the last moment of your life. Seva alone will take you to selfless love and this selfless love will teach you the truth.
Tigrett has learned 70%, but 30% more has to be learned. I am teaching him now. You see, everybody is learning. You are all young, but look at their age (points at Narasimha Murthy). Six days already they have travelled with me all over Italy. I am not tired because I have no body, I can go to any place at any time. But they have bodies, too big bodies and everybody is tired. They are travelling and talking and travelling and it goes on and on.
I told Narasimha Murthy, "I know it is difficult for you to travel for a long time, but before your body becomes unable to do so, let us finish as much work as possible. Then you can stay in Muddenahalli and people will come to you. Right now you have to travel. I said the same to Sreenivas and Tigrett. They all are doing so much work even at their age. They would like to retire and relax, but they have learned from me there is no retirement for me, so there is no retirement for them. Until we live we have to serve others and not give excuses that we are 'old' and such things."
Swami continued, "Now I will talk about my plan for Croatia. As the Avatar Sathya Sai I have a certain plan and a certain mission. I can't go out of India and travel to all these places, because many very poor Indians could not come to me for darshan. If I'm not there even one day they will be disappointed, having spent a lot of money to come to see me. So I decided that I have to stay in India and help the Indians. But as the next Avatar, my mission is to unite the whole world. In the next incarnation I will be travelling the world because there are people who can't come to India to see me, therefore we must set up ashrams in many countries.
See, when Narasimha Murthy wants to start a new school, the school may start only next year, but before the school starts the land needs to be bought, everything has be planned, constructed, approval has to be taken, permission secured. Only then can he start the school next year. All this homework has to be done before we start the work. For the next avatar, this is the homework we must do. It is not only the work outside us, but also the work within us, because school is not just a big building, school is not only about great teachers, school is about students who are hungry for knowledge. If a student does not want to learn, no matter what effort the teacher puts in he will not be able to teach a word. If there are students who want to learn, then there is a point in teaching.
So, I want to build an ashram here and you have to be prepared for the ashram. I have a plan. You will find a beautiful place on the hill, higher than other places around, and there will be build this ashram. There will be many activities inside the ashram, but most important think of it is for spiritual growth. There will be a place for conducting satsang, teaching the values to youth and children, and also some facilities to stay. That's my plan.
It will be outside of the city. You see, the city will grow and expand, and the ashram should be away from such places, because there is too much worldliness. When we talk about churches and temples in Indian towns, if you go to the Tirupathi temple you have to climb many steps. Even when you come to Puttaparthi at the beginning, there were no buses, trains or planes. You might wonder why God decides to stay in such a remote place? It is only then that the ones who really want will come there. Those who really want Him will make every effort. No pain is too great to reach Him. If it is too easy then devotees become too lazy. So, the ashram should be as far away as possible from the city.
T, "I want to ask Swami to bless this first draft of the eco-village - the future ashram.
Swami, "How far is the sea?"
T, "About 400 km. It is in the countryside."
Swami, "In the woods?"
T, "On a hill. In beautiful countryside."
Swami, "How much land is there?"
T, "About 15 hectares, 10 hectares are woods and bushes, we need to clean it."
Swami, "What about water?"
T, "The water is very clean, we have three wells, many more resources and a pure stream."
Swami, "What is the height (altitude)?"
T, "270 meters, but a small village above the place is higher. The view is breathtaking to Pozega, The Golden Valley. On the top of the hill I found a portal of cosmic sounds; planetary sounds."
Swami, "Invite some people (some senior members, 9 people), who will participate in the project and tomorrow we will talk about it at the Hypo Centre. What will happen will happen. It is happening for five years in your head, I know, I know. When you came to Puttaparthi last time you were thinking about the project. If you prepare the place for Swami there, Swami will come. First prepare the place and Swami will come. Not so, that Swami comes first, and then you create a place for me. It will happen, will happen. I'll tell you more details tomorrow. Now too many people, so many people, too many mouths. All are now very tired. Let them rest. I'll talk more tomorrow.
B, (leader of Veda Union group showed Swami a material printed with photos), "This is our work. These are all the places we have visited in the last five years, with great devotion and we are very grateful to You for Your guidance."
Swami, "Who told you to learn Vedas?"
B, "Swami, You did."
Swami, "I told you not only to learn Vedas, but also to teach others the Vedas. As long as you teach, your knowledge will grow. For birthday there will be a youth meeting. Youth from all over the world will come. You also bring your group."
B, "This November?"
Swami, "Yes, November! Youth are coming from all over the world. Bring your group."
B, "Yes, Swami!"
Swami, "You see, these people have learned to chant Rudram. I told them that Rudram will cleanse the world and they believed and learned Rudram. Chanting Rudram they contribute to world peace. Very happy. Rudram is such a powerful mantra. It has all the vibrations needed, for those who have no idea of spirituality, to the highest aspirants of spirituality; everyone's vibrations can be touched by Rudram.
I have said that the whole world is nothing but energy and vibrations. If the vibrations match, you are in peace and if they do not match, then it is noise. All the songs you sing, if all sing together in harmony, then it is music. Your voice, tone and sound should match then it sounds like music. If they do not match it sound like noise.
It is the same with the mind. When the mind is tuned into the divine, there is peace. If the mind is going on disturbing you then Rudram can lead to peace. Rudram is very powerful. It can save the world from many evils. Whether you understand its meaning or not, if you believe in it and chant it, you'll still have the benefits of it. In the same way that a doctor prescribes pills for your illness, even if you do not understand anything about the pill, you take them and you receive the benefit. It is even better if you understand what you're chanting. Teach more and more people. Tomorrow you will chant?"
B, "Yes, in the morning. With Your permission we will also chant in the afternoon when you enter into the hall."
Swami, "Chant it, chant it! Where's the other boy?"
B, "You mean V?"
Swami, "The one who was in Padua."
B, "He will arrive tomorrow. He is on his way now. He will spend the night here, and I'll meet him tomorrow at 7am and we will chant together."
Swami, "Very happy. As you can see, I have come before Samadhi day. Let them now have some rest (pointing to Narasimha Murthy, Srineevasa and Isaac Tigrett).

Before leaving the room Swami blessed some japamalas and other items and V thanked Him for curing her son. To ? who is chanting Vedas, she asked Him what is the best mantra for her. He said, "I am God! I am God! I am God!"
Swami (addressing T), "What do you call the ashram? It is not a good name.
T, "Now I call it 'Fairy's Whisper'."
Swami, "It is not a good name. Find a more spiritual name."
T, "Swami, can you tell me the name?"
Swami, "It would be better if it was called Ananda, Ananda Ashram."
T, "Swami, in 2010 You came to me in a dream and requested me to build an ashram."
Swami, "You'll build an ashram, Ananda Ashram. It will happen within five years, it will happen. All you need, you will get."
T, "I know that Swami."
Swami, "Tomorrow bring nine members of this group here. We'll talk more tomorrow."
T, "Sai Ram."
(Swami walked to the door)
Swami, "How many rooms in this house?"
V, "Six rooms."
Swami, "Where is Swami's room?"
V, "On the first floor,?Swami,"
Swami, "This is a temporary room for today. Where a permanent room? Six rooms and none for Swami?"
(Now there is a permanent room for Swami in M's house)
There was a conversation with Lakshmi in Telugu.
Swami (addresses V), "Where's your friend?"
V, "What friend? All are my friends"
Swami, "Where's your best friend? The one you are cooking with, and eating with, but never offering Swami any food!" Swami walks upstairsÉ.

SINGPORE - posted 23th JULY 2015
Question and Answers

♥ Singapore 25th Jun 2015 

Morning Session
What are Puranas?
Did it really happen or is it messages for humanity?
First and formost, the knowledge appeared to man as vedas. Vedas were directly transferred from the knowledge of God to the knowledge of saints and seers. They were not even written anywhere. They were in a language that was difficult to understand.

From the vedas, which was understood by those who were intellectuals, who were sages or were seers. It was not available to the common man. All those which was translated as the easier version of the vedas, was the upanishads. These were told in a story-like and told you the same truth in a different way, in a simpler way.

Then came puranas. Puranas are also stories. All this are 18 puranas, which are there. All these are stories of different gods and different devotees of God, to help you understand the same truth in a simple way.

Bhagavad Gita simplified the truth of the vedas. In a much, much simpler way, it said the same thing. It removed the complicated words, complicated ideas, complicated examples, and makes it very, very simple. Likewise the Bhaagawatham etc, all these are various puranas, the stories of various gods in a simpler way. But they do exist.

It's like this. For a primary school child , you cannot teach the truth the way you teach the University children. If you tell him the sun is having Hydrogen, and Helium, and this is a reaction and that's how they have this (flames) coming out. That is the truth. But a small mind cannot appreciate the truth. For a small mind you have to only say, sun is a ball of fire. Sun rises from the east and sets in the west. That's how they can understand. And because of God's sun the whole universe exists. That is the way you simplify and tell the thing to a smaller child.

When he grows up further, he learns a little more complicated truths; that the sun does not rise per se but it stays in the same place. The earth which revolves, and so days and nights happen.

To such a child if you tell that the sun does not rise as such, he'll not believe you, because he's is seeing it happening everyday, in front of his eyes. That's how when he grows up further from this time, you teach him Upanishads. When he grows up he really learns the Vedic truths. Vedic truths are the highest.

If I tell you now that I and Brahma are the same, you'll think that there's a person like Brahma who looks like Me. That is the highest Truth. The continuous Wisdom in Brahma. Tat Twam Asi...I and That are same. What do you understand is totally different. You'll not understand anything.

But if I teach you about the devotion of Hanuman to Rama. How Hanuman thought that he basically was servant of Lord. Then he became Jivatma, a part of the Lord. And, finally he understood that he and Rama are one and the same. The way to understand this truth that I and God are One, is to do service, and then through adoration, you develop...and thinking you're part of God, and finally to understand that you and God are one.

These Puranas are stories that help you understand the higher Truths in a simpler way. In fact after Puranas also, all these are translated into different languages by different poets. It came out as poems, as stories in a particular culture, in a particular language that will be understood by people.

For instance, Ramayana, now is written in many, many languages in many more simpler ways, so that the people of that language will understand.

Now if I don't come and talk to you in English, if I speak to you in Telegu, what will you understand of this Satsang? I've to make it the way you'll understand. That's how Puranas were formed by the sages. But they're stories.

Tomorrow you might read about Sathya Sai Charitra that is the story of the life of Sathya Sai. Thousand years down the line they'll not know if Sathya Sai existed or not, but due to these stories, they'll understand the existence of Sathya Sai. This is how the stories help people understand in a simple way.

SINGAPORE - posted 22nd JULY 2015
Question and Answers

♥ Singapore 25th Jun 2015 

How should an ideal woman be?
An ideal person leads his or her life in such a way that he/she constantly move towards God, not away from God. Do your duty as is asked of you at this point in time.
For a young girl the ideal is to learn the values, learn the education and develop devotion.
For a householder, if she's a wife, she must do the duty of a wife, and help the husband to walk on the path of dharma. Don't pressurise him to get coffee powder.

Many women have a lot of demands. They compare with other women in society and come with a huge list of things which they want their husbands to fulfill. The husband cannot and they take up jobs to fulfill it all by themselves. They leave their children behind to be at the mercy of uneducated caretakers.
Obviously they live in the shade of the caretakers, they'll become like the caretakers. They'll not become like you. Do your duty. Be an wife be an ideal wife and help your husband walk towards the path of dharma. Reduce your desires. Help your husband to earn well, and not be pressurised by the demands of the modern times, and take to wrong roots to earn their living. Such wealth will never stay. Will never give you joy and happiness. Bring up your children in a way that they are devoted to God. That they become ideal citizens.

Treat your parents as your God. Serve them, look after them. Don't abandon them just because they're old or it's difficult to look after them. As a daughter-in-law, treat your father and mother-in-law as your own father and mother, and they will also treat you as their own daughter. You take the first step. 
And you grow further, the children are grown-up, you become are a mother and you become a mother-in-law. Treat them the way you expect them to treat you. Then you grow further and the're settled, you must engage all your energies in serving the society.

From having two or three children, and having this narrow-minded feeling that's all is your relations, that's all your family. Expand. Then compare the whole world as your family. Let every child be your child. Every boy be your boy. And every girl be your girl. Not that every husband be your husband!

Everytime people change cars, people change houses, people change jobs, people change wives. That is not correct. Once we've vowed, we should stay together.

God gives husband and wife together for a particular purpose. As long as they are remain selfless, and think of the other more than their selves,life will be full of joy. Jesus first, others next, yourself last. Finally when you reach the stage of sanyasa, having served the society to all your capacity, you must only think of God, and merge in God.

At this point of time, whatever is needed of you, do that.

Let this be one guiding principle:
Whatever you think, you say or you do must take you closer towards God. Must take you, every single moment, every single day, you should march ahead towards God, not away from God. All that is selfless will take you towards God. All that is selfish will take you away from God.

UK - posted FRIDAY 10th JULY 2015
Excerpts from Swami's discourse at Dr. Girish Malhotra's residence London 26th August 2014

♥ Emailed to us from a loving Brother in response to the recent letter from Dr. Girish Malhotra

Today, in the UK, a few of you have gathered together here. Why? Because you want to be in the company of the Divine, and to run away from all that is worldly and transient. Every year, the people from UK would come to India and present a programme in front of Swami. Some of you might have been a part of those programmes - some as coordinators, some as organisers and some as the participants. Whenever they came, one prayer was always made to Me, "Swami come to our country." Little children would also tell Me, "Swami, please come to our country." And I would always say, "Yes, I am coming.I am coming. I will definitely come."

Today, Swami is here because you all have prayed for Him to come - as individuals and even collectively, as devotees. You may ask, why only a few of us are here today? Why not all the devotees from the UK?
One day all will be here, but it depends on who yearns more; he gets the opportunity first. Just as the child that is more hungry gets food first, those who are really hungry get to know Him more than the others. Not only devotees, the whole world will be at the Feet of Sai one day. You may witness it if you live long enough.
But today, I have decided to speak here with a few of you. Many of you might be thinking, "Why is it this way? Why not the other way of experiencing Him? Why can't I listen to Him?"
Definitely, you can. All of you have got a radio called the mind. Tune it correctly to the right station and you will get the call. Tuning is a little 'sadhana'. Having a calm and pure mind is like tuning into Swami's station. Then you can not only hear, but you can also see. Both audio and visual will be available to you. Therefore you must practice this act of calming and purifying your mind, and you will also experience it !

Here is a sample from Question & Answer session at the same venue:
Devotee: If a peaceful world has to emerge (the golden age), it seems there must also be a paradigm shift in the consciousness of all mankind. How will this take place?
Swami: Imagine if Swami also had not come as an Avatar in the 'kali yuga'; what would have been your mental state? YOU might also be one amidst so many there.
Swami has come and taken charge of changing and transforming people. He will continue to do so the way He is doing now, as well as in the next Avatar. He will continue to do it. Things will change! Every time an Avatar comes, there is a shift in people's feelings and emotions, from worldly to Divine. That will happen and continue to happen. But then, having said that, the world is made of duality.There will be darkness, there will be light. There will be cold; there will be heat. There will be people who are 'adharmic'; there will be people who are 'dharmic'.
Many people say, "The Golden Age should dawn!" What is the Golden Age? Not that one particular morning it will start happening. The day that your heart becomes golden, the world also becomes golden for you. The day your 'drishti', your vision changes, the 'shrishti', the world also changes for you. So you have to first change yourself, and that will help you see the world in golden light. The Golden Age for you is when you change!

A small example - the sun is rising and setting. That's what they say. In UK, it might be night presently;in the US, it might be day; in India, it might be morning. It could be different times in different countries. Because the earth is rotating, the sun is rising every moment somewhere or the other.
Every day a man gets transformed, the world becomes golden for him. Every moment there is a sunrise; likewise, every moment there is a transformation. And so when your heart changes, the world will change for you.
But Swami has taken charge and is looking after this. That is what My task is - transformation of the heart. It will happen with more energy and vigour in the coming years. That is enough. You have heard enough. You should digest all this and assimilate it. All that you have heard, and asked, and got answers for, you must go and practise. Only practice will give you real protection. Only talk will help nobody. It is only a waste of time and energy. We will have 'Arati' and after that, everybody shall have 'prasadam'.

Divine Discourse at Dr. Girish Malhotra's house in London on 26th August 2014.
For this discourse in full and other eighteen discourses pl. refer Sri Sathya Sai Uvacha - Part One

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