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viernes, 31 de julio de 2015


Posted on: July 31, 2015

90th Birthday Special Audio offerings

A sign in a monastery read, 'Maintain Silence at all times. Speak only if it improves the silence.' Though wise and deep these words may be, one wonders how spoken words which are nothing but sounds, be facilitators of silence. But each of us, fortunate to have been through an ethereal experience called Darshan, can relate to this deep thought. We would sit in an all-engulfing silence waiting for Bhagawan to come. A still silence where even our thoughts would seem thundering loud. As we waited, oozing through the silence would come by a soft, melodious music - a bhajan being played on an instrument or a set of them, as though some heavenly artist was weaving it with his or her divine talent. That is when we felt it - even a sound can deepen silence. For with that music, our worries melted, questions faded and a tempestuous mind would become a tranquil temple.

Darshan Music - most often it would be an instrumental bhajan track that would be played even as Bhagawan would step out for granting Darshan. Even now listening to such music transports us to Prasanthi or Brindavan, to that moment of joyous anticipation. Even as we prepare to celebrate the 90th year of the Advent, we wish to make a humble effort to recreate that magic for all, though we know it can at best only be an attempt. Starting today we will offer to all our listeners an Instrumental Bhajan Track, specially composed for your listening joy, 
on every 23rd leading to the big one - 23 Nov 2015! These tracks will also be offered as a ringtone, which you can download.

We have heard Bhagawan declare many times that God is Bhavapriya - One who is pleased with the feeling. But how does one offer feelings to the Lord? Yes, there are many ways, and in fact the only common thing in all that we do, create or offer is the feelings orBhava. But yet, there are few means better to express one's feeling of devotion, than capturing it in a song. And a song not only can be an expression, but it can inspire those sublime feelings in those that listen to them too. So we at Radio Sai endeavour to offer to you every month of this glorious 90th year, along with the instrumental mentioned above, a special song too. These are not songs, but the love of all of us devotees, encapsulated in a song. 


15. Guru Meri Pooja - Guru Poornima Special

Posted on: 31 July, 2015

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Ik Onkaar Sat Nam Kartaa Purakh Nirbh-A-O Nirvair Akaal Moorat Ajoonee Saibhan Gur Parsad Jap

There is but one God. ​Truth is His Name, creative His personality and immortal His form. He is without fear, sans enmity, unborn and self-illumined. By the Guru's grace He is obtained. Embrace His meditation.

Aad Sach Jugad Sach. Hai Bhee Sach Nanak Hosee Bhee Sach

True i​n ​t​he ​p​rimal ​b​eginning. True ​t​hroughout ​t​he Ages, True He is even now and True He verily, shall be, O Nanak!

Guru Meri Puja Guru Gobind Guru Mera Par-Brahma Guru Bhagwant

Guru is my worship, Guru is My Lord, Guru is the Ultimate reality, The Beloved God.

Guru Mera Dev Alakh ahdev Sarvapuj Charan Guru Sev

Divine, Infinite, Mystical, such is my Guru, I humbly serve at Guru's Revered feet.

Guru Ka Darshan Deikh Deikh Jeewa Guru Ke Charan Toye Toye Peewan.

Beholding the Blessed Vision of the Guru's Darshan, I live. I wash the Guru's Feet, and drink-in this water.

Guru Mera Gyan Guru Hridaya Dhyan Guru Gopal Purak Bhagwan

Guru is my wisdom, dwells in my meditation, Guru is beloved eternal lord.

Vahe Guru Vahe Guru Vahe Guru Ji Bolo Satnam Satnam Satnam Ji Bolo
Nitya Nitya Japye Tere Nam Ji Bolo
Satnam Satnam Satnam Ji Bolo
Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ji Bolo
Nitya Nitya Japye Ram Nam Ji Bolo
Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Ji Bolo
Nitya Nitya Japye Krishna Nam Ji Bolo
Govinda Jai Jai Gopal Jai Jai
Radha Ramana Hari Govind Jai Jai

14. MAZE MAHER PANDHARI - Pandharpur is My Mother's Home

Posted on: 27 July, 2015

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Maze maher pandhari, ahe bheevarechya tiri

Pandhari (or Pandharpur, the abode of Vitthala) is my Mother's Home, it is on the banks of the river Bheema.

Bap ani aai mazi Vitthal Rakhumai

My Father and Mother are verily my Vitthala and Rakhumai

Pundlika rahe bandhu, tyachi khyati kai sangu

Pundalika (the great saint in memory of whom Vitthala has got the name Pundalika Varada) is my brother. Oh what can I say about his glorious acts and qualities!

Majhi bahin Chandrabhaga, karitase papabhanga

Chandrabhaga (river Bheema is also called Chandrabhaga) is my sister. A dip in her sacred waters washes away all sins.

Eka Janardani sharan, kari maherachi atwan

Eka (or Eknath, the composer of this song) surrenders at the lotus feet of his Guru and God. And remembers fondly his Mother's home.

Jai Jai Rama Krishna Hari 

13. Allah Ho Akbar

Posted on: 25 July, 2015

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"Allaho Akbar; La Illah Ill Allah" - this sacred formula signifies that God is the supreme sovereign; He is the undisputed, unexcelled Ruler of all Creation and He alone is worthy of worship. In the Bhagavad Gita too, Lord Krishna declares: "There is nothing higher than Me." Thus Islam and Hinduism convey the same message. The Holy Koran advises the followers of God to acquire self--confidence and place all burdens on Him. It instructs that one must have implicit faith in the power of God and recognise it every moment to lead a meaningful life. One must follow the path laid down by the Lord until the very end. The Holy Koran is to be looked upon as a guide for the same. It has to be revered and observed down to the very letter. This is the spiritual instruction observed by the followers of Islam. - Sathya Sai Vahini, Ch 23: 'Modes of Worship'.

12. Baba Jeevana Charitham

Posted on: 18 July, 2015

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Parimalam Parahitam Parama Paavanam
Baba Jeevana Charitham Divya Prema Bharitham

Fragrant, benevolent, supremely sacred
and saturated with Love Divine is the Life Story of Baba. 

Special Thanks to  Grade 5th and 6th girls of Smt. Easwarmma HIgh School for their melodious and sweet rendition. 


11. Govind Bolo Gopal Bolo

Posted on: 24 June, 2015

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Special Thanks to :

Sri ManiKrishna A on Slide Guitar
Sri Neelakandan P R on Flute
Sri Giridharan Subramaniam on Tabla



10. Buddha Mahaveera Yesu Sai

Posted on: 23 May, 2015

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9. "Aapastamba Sutramu"

Posted on: 06 May, 2015

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Special Thanks:

Violin: Sri Sayee Rakshith
Ghatam: Sri Sai Nath

Lyrics & Meaning:

Apasthamba suthramu Bharadwajasa gothramu
Born in the Apasthamba clan and Bharadwaja lineage

Sakaladevatha roopamu, Rathnakara vamshamu
The embodied form of all Gods and belonging to Rathnakara clan

Sai baba anu neevu Sai baba anu neevu 
You are Sai Baba, You are Sai Baba.

Jeevula broche devudu neevu Parthilo velasina sathyamu neevu 
You are the Almighty who protects all living beings; You are the Truth manifested in Parthi.

Koti poosalakokka kolki palke gani Neetu matala koti neradithadu 
His one word is worth of a crore pearls, and He certainly doesn't speak crores of glib words. 
(Swami is One of few words; every word is worth a priceless treasure)

Poolanni thecchi poojalu chesina mecchu konadu ma Sai 
Our Sai will not be pleased even if you bring flowers of all types and worship Him,

Hrudaya kamalamu arpinchinacho sadayudai grahiyinchu 
But He will accept with all His heart full of compassion, when we offer Him the hrudaya pushpam (the lotus of heart).

Nithya shanthidayi ma Sai 
Our Sai is the One who confers eternal peace.

Manasicchithanu prema mataladune kani 
He speaks whole heartedly, words which are suffused with love, but..

Utthi matalu palukadeppudu (Apasthamba suthramu...) 
He never indulges in empty rhetoric.   

Thana yadarthata thanu thappaga chanu gaani 
He conducts Himself in accordance with His own Reality

Yaduti thappula Baba yennaledu 
Baba cannot find faults in others.

Kalla kapatalu theliyani andarivadu 
He is the One who does not know falsehood and cunningness.

Yella jeevula thanavale yenchuvaadu 
He considers all beings as His own reflections

8. Eswaramma Bhajans Medley (Eswaramma Day Special)

Posted on: 01 May, 2015

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7. Buddham Saranam Gacchami Chant (Buddha Poornima Special)

Posted on: 01 May, 2015

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APRIL - The month of Aradhana Day

6. Hum Ko Tum Se Pyar Kitna

Posted on: 23 Apr, 2015

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MARCH - The month of Rama Navami
5. Ram Bhajan Kar Man - Special Audio Offerings on Sri Rama Navami - Download
Posted on: 26 Mar, 2015


4. Ramcharan Sukhdayee by Koustubh Pare - Special Audio Offerings on Sri Rama Navami -Download

Posted on: 26 Mar, 2015


3. Bhajare Rama Charan

Posted on: 23 Mar, 2015

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Special Thanks to: 
Sri Mandolin U. Rajesh and Sri Muthu Kumar (Tabla)

FEBRUARY - The month of Shivarathri

2. Om Namah Shivaya

Posted on: 23 Feb, 2015


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JANUARY - The year begins with a dedication to the Sadguru...

1. Guru Mahima Gao

Posted on: 23 Jan, 2015

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- Radio Sai Team

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